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  1. Using a 35mm adapter
  2. Seeking advice on xh-a1 purchase
  3. Playing .m2t Files on a Mac
  4. Shamless Self-Promotion (A1 vid)
  5. Translation Document File?
  6. Short film - XH-A1
  7. A1s presets and trim tips
  8. To preset or not?
  9. Hindu Ceremony Highlight Clip
  10. Possibly easy answer?
  11. Panasonic Anamorphic vs. Canon wd-h72?
  12. Issues capturing 24p in cineform and editing in premiere cs2
  13. canon XH A1s
  14. What kind of polarizer circular or linear?
  15. 24F support in Premier Pro CS4
  16. When to use 30f?
  17. XH-A1 Problem / Casette eject ?
  18. What am I doing wrong?
  19. On The Run, Prelude One
  20. AutoFocus or Infinity?
  21. dust specs in viewfinder
  22. Avoiding blow-outs...
  23. Better Eyecup for A1/G1
  24. sony HVR mrc1 with my Canon xha1 and having time code problem
  25. Shooting on the XH-A1
  26. what deck do you use?
  27. Still Frame from XH-A1
  28. Chupacabra: The Short
  29. XH-A1 Rig Video
  30. XH-A1 Alternative?
  31. lines in my image
  32. Good sound mixer?
  33. Is this normal? Noise or dead pixel
  34. 25F jerky motion
  35. Shooting Vegas MinimotoSX this weekend. neeed help!
  36. Aspect Guide display on Component out
  37. GL2 better than XH A1?
  38. CS4 HDV 24p Capture Issues
  39. first test footage xh-a1 24p low light test
  40. I love my XH-A1
  41. Vibrant colors
  42. xh-a1 is dead
  43. Not getting vibrant image
  44. super VIBRANT Preset
  45. Sound off sync
  46. More noise? Xh-A1 or Hv30?
  47. Free remote control for XHA1
  48. Tripod for XH-A1 with Additions
  49. A short flick about a freestyle rollerblading contest shot with A1.
  50. Zoom lock on A1?
  51. Shoulder mount/rig for XHA1s with 35mm adaptor
  52. shooting with florescent lights
  53. HD and SD on same MiniDV tape?
  54. Tapes for the A1?
  55. New Sock-Loupe for our camera
  56. Time remapping?
  57. New "Heaven Hill" video shot with the XH-A1
  58. The Orchestra-Dance Over Anaheim shot with XH-A1 and SgBlade
  59. Cheap importing device - help?
  60. Export Issue.....HELP!!
  61. Car Mount
  62. Using an XHA1 and two HV30's w/ multicam...need help
  63. How to match A1 with the 5D Mark II?
  64. Where can I digitise 25fps tapes?
  65. Sceen Display info disappear during Recording
  66. Canon xha1 display problems
  67. Has anybody tried the Sock Loupe on their A1?
  68. First Wedding Upload
  69. Photo Session using XH-A1 and HV30
  70. Totally New to All This....
  71. Which cables for XH-A1 to IKAN V8000HDe?
  72. My New XH-A1s Photos
  73. Joel Timothy - "Too Much Smoke Not Enough Fire" shot with 2 XH-A1s and 1 HV-30
  74. Exotic car video shot on Xh-A1s
  75. 30f... I know it goes on a 60i timeline, but how do I export?
  76. Sennheiser = Hammer
  77. Bogan HDV501 or HDV503 for XH-A1s?
  78. Leasing...
  79. Ahh Sound humming
  80. Attaching to a microscope
  81. Canon XH-A1 film has festival premiere at Breckenridge, CO.
  82. canon xh - a1 repair recomendations
  83. XHA1 VCR Mode Problem
  84. preset to match Sony HC9
  85. Slow motion
  86. XH-A1 Firewire Problems
  87. Help me spend some money
  88. Shooting a T.V. without a green-screen.
  89. Xh a1
  90. XH-A1s and FCE 3.5 issue
  91. A1 Audio Q's:
  92. Urgent filter help.
  93. Phantom Power Turning Off and On
  94. How do i check the total hours used the Canon Xh A1
  95. Which HDV Tapes do you use?
  96. XH-A1 Green Screen Music Video
  97. date/time displayed
  98. Tape Mechanism makes a "grinding" noise
  99. score! XH-A1 for $2200
  100. which cable for the a1
  101. Letus Extreme for XHA1
  102. editing tip
  103. Canon help?!?!
  104. Dead pixel on A1-Cost of repair?
  105. Audio Off Sync
  106. AVCHD to DVD
  107. Canon xh a1 tape head
  108. Which Camera to Get?
  109. New film shot on A1 Without Life.. (A Test of Surrealist Filmmaking)
  110. 3 Questions. They include the Canon 500D and the Canon HX A1
  111. Preset for blueish tone
  112. battery stuck in xha1s
  113. century optics fisheye for xh a1
  114. Canon XH A1 + SG Blade Photoshow
  115. XH A1 & Premiere Pro CS4
  116. flutter at 24 fps
  117. Menu Fault & Repair Problems
  118. (City Lights) and Advice
  119. Letus Xtreme footage on the big screen?
  120. Flowpod or SteddiePod?
  121. Matrox MX02 Mini, CS4 and XHA1s
  122. Question, please help
  123. Shoe Mount Size
  124. best frame rate to use on xh-a1?
  125. Top 10 Finalist in Contest Using XH A1
  126. A1 Music Video - The Boy and His Machine
  127. some canon xh-a1s observations
  128. Quick vid with the XHA1
  129. Hard case for A1
  130. Low Light XHA1
  131. WA - RedEye or Century
  132. Selling my Firestore FS-C 60GB
  133. Xha1 + Sgblade
  134. Question on zoom speeds
  135. Using XH A1 as a transfer source...
  136. Catalina Vacation: a humbling video...focus?
  137. Broken Mic
  138. Tapeless options for XH-A1?
  139. My first shots with XH-A1
  140. Timefest - never submitted film
  141. tripod upgrade
  142. No budget hiphop video with the XH A1...!
  143. Focus Pulling
  144. My custom made case for my XH-A1
  145. Wedding Demo
  146. XH-A1 Menu layout / map?
  147. Xh-A1 and FS-4 HD 60GB
  148. best audio configuration on xh-a1s
  149. Can I shoot 60fps with the Canon XH-A1S
  150. New to audio
  151. Histogram on LCD?
  152. Wind Turbines shot on XH-A1
  153. XHA1 LCD Screen replacement cost
  154. WD-H72 Mattebox
  155. Dropped frames at beginning of tapes
  156. pushing the slow mo
  157. Canon XHA1 cinematography tutorials on youtube!
  158. Capturing with the XHA1 w/o deck
  159. A1s to hdmi computer monitor?
  160. 3rd Party Batteries
  161. 24 f capture into fcp studio help!
  162. Mistake? Should i sell it?
  163. recording with the magnification button?
  164. Button is Stuck. Please Help
  165. XH-A1(s) Model Experience
  166. Selling my XHA1
  167. Using the onboard mic and an XLR.
  168. Mixing modes on the same tape
  169. Monitor and DV multirig pro
  170. XH A1 2.35:1 Shooting Tips
  171. 24f, low light, and other random questions
  172. Wireless Mic for Interviews
  173. 24fps vs 60i
  174. My XH-A1 footage/videos
  175. Canon XH-A1
  176. Xh-G1 35mm Help
  177. XH-A1 for Sale
  178. XHA1 to GH-1
  179. FCP/XHa1 Capture Problems
  180. loose onboard mike head
  181. Best settings for Night Club lighting
  182. XH-A1 Capture Problem (Video slower than Audio)
  183. Questions about spotlight setting
  184. Stock XH-A1 Battery Life
  185. My recent XH-A1 Documentary
  186. The Way Home (Church, Family, XH-A1)
  187. Canon Xh-a1 (with Sgpro DOF) adapter footage
  188. XHA1 & Premiere quality issues. NEED HELP!
  189. flickering/overexposed footage shooting outdoors
  190. ISO/ASA/EI rating for the XH-A1
  191. Shooting with Letus and XHA1 in low light
  192. Capturing footage with a Macbook Pro...
  193. Canon A1 vs XL H1
  194. Music Video
  195. XHA1 not powering on...
  196. Help findig "total hours" on XH A1.
  197. Thank you.
  198. New Web Series shot with 2 XHA1's
  199. XH A1S Filming Night Shots
  200. Serious Problem w/ A1 still images.
  201. Canon XX-XX
  202. FS4 Pro HD 100Gb for sale
  203. tiny, cheap monitor for image flipping A1?
  204. Pulldown removal of 24F footage
  205. Xha1s sound/ tape deck
  206. XH-A1 Spare Parts for Sale
  207. Repairing small lens scratch?
  208. Canon custom presets explained
  209. Resolution of Imported HD video
  210. Freshwater Sport Fishing Docu (XH-A1)
  211. Date and Time Displayed on playback
  212. my xh a1 wont start
  213. Fast sports setting - what would you of done differently
  214. My $2000 budget
  215. Once and for all...!
  216. wide angle adapter
  217. Feature length doc shot on xh-a1
  218. For those of you with a Redrock M2...
  219. The Lowestoft Christmas Swim
  220. Can't capture footage to FCP!!!
  221. New Music Video trailer
  222. XHA1s Display,Peaking and Magnifying buttons not working
  223. Canon Xh A1 + After Effects - Problem
  224. Xh-a1 add ons for next level.
  225. XHA1 Audio Feature Film Quality is it possible???
  226. Canon XHA1 batteries??
  227. Canon Presents
  228. xh-a1 vs xh-a1s preset difference?
  229. Firestore FS-C battery life?
  230. Easy question...?
  231. Indie Slider for my XHA1
  232. New Music Video Shot on XH-A1
  233. shes cutting clips up randomly......
  234. lenses choices
  235. Looking into getting a 35mm Adapter
  236. XH-A1 infinity focus blurred
  237. Urban, short video with music
  238. A1 and SDHC
  239. Significant artifacting problem
  240. xha1s club settings?
  241. 24F, stabilization and focus
  242. A1 and Light Meter Calibration
  243. XHA1 and Final Cut Capture Presets
  244. Will the XH A1 support non proprietory Firewire HD?
  245. A1 tape playback problems
  246. XH A1 wide adapter
  247. xh a1 mic problems
  248. audio set up
  249. xh a1 import problem
  250. Audio distortion