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  1. Advice on Day for Night lighting?
  2. Internship in Los Angeles
  3. Tough shoot in a 8x10 room
  4. Gel Order Changes Color?
  5. Red Flare?
  6. Kubrick & natural lighting
  7. Why has the zoom changed over the decades?
  8. What is this type of transition called?
  9. Are you born with talent or can you learn it?
  10. Composition Length for Web
  11. Daytime Woods and Nighttime Barn - Tips?
  12. Scrim Flag Fabric
  13. Lighting R&B performance + interview
  14. Low Light help
  15. Does anybody know what camera was used to shoot BBC's "Wonders of the Universe" ?
  16. Magenta screen for compositing
  17. Lighting TV Studio...
  18. True 1080p vs Native 1080p
  19. Another 'how was this lit'? (Mulberry 'Skirt')
  20. Shooting a recording studio commercial
  21. can you hook up an apple monitor to a RED and use it as an external monitor?
  22. Zacuto Revenge of the Great Camera Shootout 2012 : Part 1
  23. Question
  24. Can someone teach me about GoPro cameras please?
  25. Flicker free HMI meaning?
  26. ASC Member who's never shoot film... How long?
  27. 48 hour film shot list?
  28. Matte Box and ND Grads
  29. How Do Anamorphic Lenses Work?
  30. Lighting under those long grocery store flourescents
  31. Lighting a Bedroom
  32. My first GoPro HD Hero video - underwater
  33. Finding Jobs
  34. Excellent Spot. Right up our alley.
  35. Lighting and stage set up for Filming Slo-mo Drop of Water using 7D??
  36. Daytime Exteriors - Keeping Them From Not Looking Budgetless
  37. Shooting Outside, in the Sun
  38. help with the electronics side of a DIY motoized timelapse dolly/slider
  39. How do I get the yellow-orange sunlight effect?
  40. Portable Appropriate Lighting for outdoors...
  41. Can you give me some lighting suggestions?
  42. Making Lighting flashes (with a DSLR)
  43. Making a camera fly on a quadcopter / RC helicopter
  44. Gel / ND Windows (on a frame?)
  45. Small Cameras Roundup
  46. I present to you...the "how would you light it?" quiz, devised by iamWZA
  47. Backlit Music Video
  48. Achieving the current naturalistic music video look?
  49. First time lapse video GoPro Hd Hero
  50. GoPro HD hero cycling time lapse
  51. Shooting scenes in different cities/countries spoiling continuity?
  52. Coolest. Thing. Ever.
  53. Is 720p acceptable for cinema projection?
  54. Large standing translucent diffusion screens - where to buy?
  55. Slow-mo cameras
  56. Christopher Nolan crossing the 180 degree line?
  57. Filming Jet Ski scene = Tips & Suggestions?
  58. Slow Motion Golf Shot
  59. Best DSLR for filmmaking ($3,000-$4,000 or under) ?
  60. Shooting Interior of a Moving Car tips?
  61. Cycling time lapse attempt 2
  62. Underwater cinematography - tutorial for indie & low budget filmmakers
  63. Scorsese and Almendros: New York Stories
  64. Quick Question: Demo Reel (Combining in one)
  65. Name that movie.
  66. Fantastic 30 minute interview with Roger Deakins.
  67. High Speed photography or slo mo on a budget...
  68. Live Multicam Shooting and Setup
  69. Davinci resolve +new macbook pro + HD
  70. Light Meter
  71. Simulate undercranking with a DSLR?
  72. AbelCine Workshops -- Atlanta & Miami Roadshow
  73. How is this achieved?
  74. Giving Clients Footage - Acceptable or Big No No?
  75. Dark Knight BTS lighting setup...
  76. Silhouette Technique
  77. A couple questions when it comes to slating....
  78. What should I do when mixing two types of camera(Cmos and 3ccd)?
  79. Advantages/disadvantages of using one zoom lens instead of primes for entire shoot
  80. Getting The Best Skin Tone
  81. AbelCine Workshops - Miami
  82. Shooting for Vertical - 5D Mk II -> iPad?
  83. Keep and ask for partial refund or return?
  84. Lighting a Hallway
  85. The art of lens flares
  86. Best way to film this kind of music video?
  87. The Dark Knight Rises, lighting how-to?
  88. How to shoot ipod style silhouettes of dancers (full body), without a greenscreen ?
  89. MUSIC VIDEO Look - How to?
  90. Bokeh Look
  91. What happened to the theatrical look?
  92. lighting women in hard light
  93. 500mm cinematography test
  94. Cameras Options
  95. DIY video tutorial on motorized slider and dolly
  96. 40-minute interview with Wally Pfister.
  97. Tail Slating
  98. how to get a monochromatic look?
  99. A lil' Pulp Fiction Composition Analysis (get PHOTOGRAPHY books)!
  100. Candlelight
  101. Cinematographer Style
  102. Riskiest thing you've done to get a shot?
  103. Dissect setup in this scene
  104. Quick theory question
  105. Super16mm Ghosting/Frame Blending Problem!
  106. Is this lighting possible?
  107. Background for interviews
  108. Shoot From/On Powerboat?
  109. Shooting For Overscan?
  110. what aspect ratio is this?
  111. What would you have done differently?
  112. tricks/techniques for getting coverage?
  113. Anybody see Total Recall?
  114. A little reminder to mind and respect our audio counterparts....
  115. Which cam for outdoor beauty shots
  116. Rotating camera mount
  117. 28 Days Later...
  118. real estate video lighting
  119. White balance every shot or every scene?
  120. Thoughts on working with true 24 fps?
  121. Awesome stop motion :Dark KnightFall
  122. Achieving subtle, soft lighting.
  123. Grading tutorials & tips for this look?
  124. matching color temps for a 5600 cool light LED to 3200 Arri
  125. High def captured at sd?
  126. Stacking filters and gels
  127. Is shooting at 1/30 shutter, a good idea?
  128. Quoting Help: How much would you charge for this? 220
  129. Best looking documentaries
  130. Does anyone here have experience with Sabre LED's? Are they worth the money?
  131. What kind of light is this?
  132. Is this the Rosco Litepad?
  133. New Cinematography reel, fresh from the edit!
  134. Shooting a Daytime scene on GH2? Nd filter or Polarizer when I need both?
  135. Lazy Cinematography?
  136. Lighting with fire.
  137. Any opinions on Next Lites?
  138. Flat profiles with 8-bit cameras?
  139. How to rent gear properly?
  140. Pricing?
  141. Scene Lit with LEDs and a practical, which to balance?
  142. Rent or own... times have changed, have you?
  143. Super 35mm Depth of Field Charts?
  144. Makeshift "pursuit camera systems" rig
  145. Wedding Cinematography - First time pretty much running solo
  146. Unwanted shadows on wall
  147. Fascinating example of the difference lighting makes.
  148. I can't tell the difference between primes and zooms and how primes are 'better'.
  149. Question about lighting this night scene.
  150. Sherlock Holmes 2 (Forest Scene) - How?
  151. Mannequin head with realistic skin tones for lighting practice?
  152. ---Live Performance Coverage
  153. Editing for dubstep.
  154. A couple random questions for you ACs out there
  155. Hi, looking for some movie making books with illustrations, and how to's. Any ideas
  156. Whats mounted on Hunger Games cameras?
  157. Great and humorous review of C300
  158. Vertigo effect like lateral using timelaps
  159. movie making books are mostly nonsense
  160. Vilmos says, "Learn to light"!
  161. Lightning Effect
  162. Slow-motion
  163. Vilmos Zsigmond: We Need to Educate Film Students That it Takes Time to Light
  164. The looks and color grading
  165. Color Calibrating my TV
  166. who pays for bulbs on long rental?
  167. What are some cool uses for the iPad with cinematography.
  168. Filming from boat
  169. Corporate video inspiration needed
  170. Off Brand V Mount or Gold Mount style Batteries
  171. whats 45 degrees on the dvx100a?
  172. MOTIVATED color grading in my next short-- thoughts , please?
  173. Anamorphic vs Spherical
  174. vehicle for start and stop filming along a road.
  175. Wildlife cinematography
  176. On Set waveform and histogram display
  177. IMDB Page
  178. How many cameras do DP's and Directors usually need/use to film a dialogue scene???
  179. where to get discontinued film stocks - for the love of god!!
  180. For scenes with alot of movement and dialogue do Directors ever use Punch ins???
  181. I have a 7D and T2I... i was going for a professional camcorder now...any suggestions
  182. over exposure in shots
  183. Dumb Question About Image Circle
  184. How do I get the blue sunlight Gladiator look?
  185. How to use a slider?
  186. Green screen with simultaneous cameras
  187. from 35mm to dcp - how do they rob us of our innocence
  188. Fuji announces film stock production to end in 2013
  189. Camera Movement help
  190. Full frame vs. 2/3 CCD
  191. looking for a lightweight tripod dolly
  192. Color Correction Advice
  193. The New Sekonic Touch Screen Light Meter
  194. Recording lighting notes
  195. The Line Between What the Client Wants And What Is Bad
  196. Hook and release
  197. Underwater Cinematographers?
  198. Where can i find royalty free or low cost HD aerial footage?
  199. Will these LED's flicker?
  200. Using 85ND's and a tungsten WB outdoors
  201. Okay, I have not lit anything like this before...
  202. Are there any ways to lower sound volumes?
  203. Shutter Speed In Relation to FPS
  204. motorized sliders?
  205. Help to support this short horror film I'm not only DP'ing, but also co-wrote!
  206. fps choice 25p vs 30p (PAL) for run and gun shooting
  207. Advice for Shots from Helicopter/Float Plane
  208. Best Camera for $1500?
  209. 4k for moonlight in the desert?
  210. Destroyed 3 Iphone 5's for the sake of cinematography
  211. Making a Swimming Pool look like an Ocean
  212. "Key & Peele" Season Two
  213. Multi Cam Setup for Church Meeting in School
  214. Best Practices When Quoting Cinematography ReShoot Costs ?
  215. Ridley Scott "blown away" with the RED Epic
  216. The very first Steadicam shot in a feature film, ever
  217. Advice for a mugging/robbery scene
  218. What Would be a Good Study?
  219. Moderating from Qingdao, China
  220. Can someone explain LUT like I'm five?
  221. Why is daylight measured as 5600K and tungsten at 3200k?
  222. Talk me through your methods
  223. Filming in Low Light Arcade
  224. Talking heads style
  225. To letterbox or not?
  226. Lighting a "Dark" Scene and filming with a DSLR?
  227. Reflector = Need help how to properly use outdoors
  228. faking long exposures in motion?
  229. film student here; clip from a film I DP'd on
  230. creature test shot 1
  231. Are follow focus necessary?
  232. creature test shot 2
  233. Lighting a beach sunrise
  234. Lighting subject in interior of car at night
  235. Shutter Speed Vs Shutter Angle
  236. Light Rays, Smoke, Fog
  237. Like opal but quiet?
  238. R.I.P. Harris Savides
  239. Sodium Vapour Lights
  240. Interview Lighting from IBM video
  241. Light strategies when dealing with fluorescent ambient
  242. American Cinematographer March 1922
  243. Larg soft light sources for night exteriors in windy conditions?
  244. What kind of diffusion?
  245. Cucalorus design
  246. How Much Are We Worth? By John Leezer, ASC
  247. Lighting a green screen on a tight budget
  248. filming straight up into the stars
  249. On-Camera Diffusion Lighting
  250. emulate sunrise