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  1. Silicon Imaging SI-1920HDVR Camera
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  36. News - Announcement @next November 2nd + new sub-forum @cinematography.com forums etc
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  39. tell me about this camera!
  40. Reverse Psychology
  41. Fluid Head for Mini
  42. grainy image in the "Abigail" footage
  43. Frame Rates
  44. Film out quality
  45. Vegas workflow
  46. Computer Requirments for editing
  47. C Mount Primes
  48. My Mini 2K is here!
  49. New York, Toronto, and Orlando SI/CineForm Hands-On Seminars
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  54. Blood: A Butcher's Tale !!
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  68. Thirst (feature)
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  79. www.ffractall.com - Our new english translated website!
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