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  1. 720p uprez methods
  2. FCP to Windows Media HD?
  3. Where are you putting, storing, viewing your footage?
  4. Ann: New Mac P2 offload software. Beta testers needed....
  5. hvx hard drive?
  6. P2 card not switching over?
  7. Error in importing .mxf files into FCP
  8. P2 backup & file redundancy
  9. P2 Cards in a Mac Laptop
  10. Recording HD straight to computer
  11. Open P2 files on a PowerBook G4
  12. Write or Copy To p2 Card - mac or pc
  13. Erasing P2 on Powerbook? Auto Erase on Cam?
  14. Card Time Different Modes
  15. Workflow in FCP shooting 720p24pN editing in SD timeline
  16. How to film black and White w/ HVX200?
  17. Importing into Avid Adrenaline on a Mac
  18. P2 PC slot and FW at same time
  19. Panasonic HVX200 workflow questions. Used to DVCAM.
  20. Any closer to 720p apple support on HVX200E ?
  21. Firestore FS-100 and 720 PN recording
  22. HVX200 testing and shooting
  23. Anybody hiring P2 store and cards ? (UK)
  24. PowerBook P2 speeds
  25. P2 Card memory swap, is esata out possible?
  26. P2 crashing powerbook
  27. Small Well Made Firewire Drive Enclosure $35.00
  28. Looking for clip splitter software
  29. HVX200 and Aerials
  30. Does new Macbook pro have PCMCIA slot for P2 cards?
  31. pcmcia card readers ?
  32. HVX / AVID Xpress DVCPROHD Digital Cut
  33. P2 Workflow...from P2 to organization in project file
  34. import mxf
  35. 1080pa
  36. How can I edit 720/25P PAL HD footage from HVX200 & JVC?
  37. 720p/25p & 720p/25pn?
  38. Editing HVX 1080
  39. Real-time HDV monitoring with Waveform
  40. Film Out Pricing Question
  41. P2 Store: 15 4Gig Cards = 7.5 8Gig Cards?
  42. problem archiving P2 content to DVD on Mac
  43. Which software can do direct capture on PC?
  44. Tracking P2 File Names
  45. My Situation w/ P2 Cards
  46. Unexplained Weirdness on my P2 backups
  47. FCP sequence settings
  48. MXO Matrox DVI to HD
  49. Shot mark info
  50. HVX200 to MacBook Pro via USB transfer question
  51. Dumb tape question.
  52. What are the min specs for a laptop?
  53. HVX + Premiere Pro/Raylight Workflow
  54. 24p + 24pn in FCP
  55. What workflow should I choose?
  56. Working well with P2 and PBG4
  57. External capture/storage?
  58. Avid Xpress Pro HD Editing
  59. 720p 25 DVCPro HD in FCP???
  60. Avid Liquid and HVX
  61. Capture HD Direct to FCP>Use assets On Mac + PC
  62. PC versus Mac gamma for Web delivery
  63. what is:
  64. P2 cards in PBG4, mounting issues
  65. Client gave me some 24pNative footage....
  66. Issue: No info on external video feed!!!
  67. fs-100 & hvx200 issues
  68. LTO catching on ( Frameblender Post )
  69. Testing Workflow
  70. To edit DVCPRO25 / 50 /100 on a PC .. which NLE ?
  71. Would you trust your work to a rev drive?
  72. HD Workflow
  73. Decision! Decision!
  74. Watching dailies.
  75. P2 Card to G4 PowerBook Question
  76. 24p vs NTSC Timeline
  77. Avid Xpress HD workflow problems, HELP NEEDED ASAP
  78. Macbook Pro: 5400 RPM or 7200 RPM
  79. n00b p2 question
  80. SD DVD from P2 DVCPRO HD 720p 24n
  81. P2 card can not be modified message on Mac. Help!!
  82. Dell LTO-2 Drives on Macs?
  83. P2 file names.
  84. Some Initial FCP 5.1 Oddities
  85. Filming at 1080 and downconverting to SD (Workflow help!)
  86. Adventures in HVX200 workflow with my MacBook Pro and Final Cut Studio
  87. No FS-100 need to go plan B
  88. MXF file into Avid Xpress pro, Need Help....
  89. Downloading P2store to laptop, taking long time
  90. P2 driver download needed
  91. 8 gig cards to DVD?
  92. New Workflow From Apple
  93. Raylight, Canopus, questions and more...
  94. Hardrive Size for 720P feauture vs. 1080P feature
  95. My current P2 workflow
  96. Mac Mini Recording w/battery?
  97. More On My G5/FCP 5.1 Oddities
  98. Use laptop top as P2 drive for PC
  99. .mov files captured in fcp
  100. Can HVX act like a deck?
  101. New PC laptop - Need Help!
  102. FCP MXF convert to universal DVCpro50 quicktime?
  103. HVX + 24 hours
  104. Importing files from FCP into quicktime files
  105. Best way to see footage real time in FCP
  106. Two HVX's for a 300 hour documentary
  107. Loop recording, continuous recording
  108. P2 Cards in Sony Laptop
  109. USB PCMCIA Reader
  110. Should I upgrade?
  111. Ideal Budget Setup for Independent Film. How far am I ?
  112. Erasing P2 files (locked files)
  113. HD Log and 720Pn PAL
  114. P2 footage not showing up
  115. workflow from p2 to HDD to Nitris (mac based)
  116. Rev Pro.... Possible Archive method
  117. Final Cut P2 Import feature
  118. building a pc for editing
  119. HD Log Anyone using it?
  120. Samsung DLP HL-S5087W
  121. rebuilding lastclip.txt?
  122. HOW MUCH RAM for PB G4
  123. Step by step workflow guide for HVX200 and Firestore FS-100 shooting 720 24p (link)
  124. Fs100/Avid HD workflow
  125. direct capture to sata
  126. I am going crazy
  127. 1080i/24p Kona SD Final Cut 5 confusion
  128. hvx 200 files into after effects.
  129. FileMaker Database for MXF
  130. RayLight Tutorial
  131. P2 to Cardbus
  132. Any Postproduction suggestions?
  133. Transferring MXF files from camera to external hard drive
  134. Exporting From Fcp At Full Res
  135. Uprez HVX mini-DV to HD for Disc. Channels?
  136. Reconnecting Media in FCP?
  137. DVCPROHD 720p 25PN in FCP 5?
  138. Sequence Settings & Export from FCP
  139. MXF Files in AVID playing half speed?
  140. Powerbook G4 Emergency ---- Help
  141. Getting from HVX to a variety of local HD affiliates
  142. SD Output
  143. Dancing Cards
  144. Final Cut Express HD
  145. Record SD to Camera From S Video
  146. Cards for MacBook Pro
  147. P2 clip names
  148. Multiple realtime streams
  149. P2 Store Offload
  150. 60p to 30p?
  151. Aspect HD + Premiere Pro export options?...
  152. problems with final cut
  153. P2 workflow: deleting clips
  154. P2 Store Transfer to Mac...
  155. Goin' to Madagascar...workflow please?
  157. Ann: New Windows P2 offload software
  158. 1080 24P Workflow Setup
  159. FS-100+HD Log 25P 50FPS Workflow...
  160. Documentary script templates
  161. FCP's DVCPRO HD Codec not readable on a PC?
  162. Which workflow is popular when working on MXF in FCP?
  163. DVC Pro HD on Powerbook
  164. P2 Card not mounting to Powerbook-- need help fast.
  165. RAID setup
  166. Possible to Restore lastclip.txt?
  167. problems with advanced pulldown
  168. P2 convert to HDV?
  169. workflow: HVX+DVX.
  170. Recording HD straight to computer -- for the PC
  171. Barry? Corrupt XML Files?
  172. Lacie+ibook+4gP2+7mins=happy studio workflow
  173. FS-100 QuickStart Guide Now Available
  174. help! Shot in 720p 24p but avid adrenaline nogo!
  175. Hvx workflow suggestions needed
  176. How to View MXF files on PC?
  177. Split clips and P2 Viewer
  178. Exporting MOV files from Premiere Pro/Aspect HD?
  179. Can you use the Cintre DATASync USB 2.0 OTG to record from the HVX
  180. Virtual 16GB Card
  181. Dealing with long takes in FCP
  182. MBP using BootCamp or Parallels
  183. Importing FS-100 clips - where are the thumbnails?
  184. Archieve of DVCpro50 Footage
  185. Burning into dvd
  186. A workflow tutorial?
  187. AVID HVX workflow report....
  188. The next step after shooting it...
  189. DVCPRO 50 Standard Def edits in AVID?
  191. How To Backup (or "Offline") Your Video Files
  192. Apple Compressor and wrong Aspect Ratio
  193. P2 workflow for Avid XpressPro HD on a PC
  194. slow motion in camera?
  195. 24p or 24pn
  196. Cheapo Offloading....
  197. chosing and formating External hard drives
  198. HVX200 with tape only?
  199. Rejoining split clips in FCP?
  200. Do you guys like the P2 store?
  201. Transfer from PB to HD with FCP
  202. Exporting 2.35:1
  203. Hvx Rental- Mac User
  204. Post Issues... Need Help BADLY!
  205. MXF to After Effects
  206. Can not make AVID + MXF files play, export, re-encode. Help!
  207. Shot 24pn/Edit 720p/24p in FCP/need to output to tape
  208. Why Bother with In/Out Points?
  209. Best Workflow?
  210. Possibility of using Firewire Hard Drive with HVX?
  211. Cineform Prefs settings for HVX
  212. AVID Xpress + Mac workflow
  213. macbook closed while capturing?
  214. User Buttons
  215. Bad, corrupted P2 Clip
  216. 4x p2 8gb and 2x HVX200. Workflow Help plz.
  217. pc laptop
  218. Cineform connect, premiere pro 2 porbs, Help
  219. I think my camera shot the same Filename twice!
  220. FS-100 1080i to DVCPro50 Tape
  221. Sudden Appearance of Glitches in FCP
  222. HVX /P2/POWERBOOK 720p 24pn?
  223. Save MXF or just Import into FCP?
  224. SYNC music video 24pn?
  225. FS-100 Work Flow with MacBook
  226. P2 insertion... computer slows/hangs for almost a minute
  227. Transfer AVID sequence to P2 card?
  228. P2 driver - How?
  229. Best Downconversion Option for Beta
  230. is p2 to FCP lossless ?
  231. Menu rotation
  232. How do you view MXF files on WinXP computer?
  233. Logging in FCP
  234. Storage Solution?
  235. Using HVX as a DV Deck... Output timecode?
  236. 29.98 v. 23.97fps DVDs
  237. HVX200E Question
  238. FCP Project format question...
  239. Raylight Tip - (for people with 2 or more computers)
  240. Recording HD straight to laptop with FCP 4.5 ?
  241. Large image file transfers site pando.com
  242. PAL 720 in FCP
  243. Can I easily mix HVX and Varicam footage
  244. When Anamorphic in FCP studio
  245. tape or p2??
  246. Another FCP Export Question...
  247. Scene Clip Span Two P2 Media
  248. Best Encoding Software & Why?
  249. offloading p2 into powerbook
  250. USB OTG Users...Anyone? Curious...