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  1. Redlake N3 / IDT NR3
  2. Production value VS. shot quality.
  3. Digital photography - how ISO works?
  4. What kind of lens would I need for this?
  5. Canon Vixia HF M40 & Mics
  6. RED Test Footage
  7. Should I back up my original camera files?
  8. ActionProducts Voodoo line for Blackmagic Cinema Camera
  9. Blackmagic Cinema Camera with MFT micro 4/3 mount announced!
  10. Suggestions for quality prosumer HD cam/wireless & shotgun mic for circa $2k!
  11. Youtube suggestions
  12. Don't know where to begin!
  13. Beginner Help! Best Cam for Short Film
  14. Archiving Videos
  15. Help choosing the right camera from my list provided?
  16. Best Camera/Camcorder for an absolute beginner?
  17. The Flamingo 3D premieres on YouTube
  18. Question about RED's HDRx: why don't people use it?
  19. Alternative for Steadicam flyer or Zephyr?
  20. Steadicam flyer or Zephyr? Where to buy outside of ebay...?
  21. What's the website that tells what camera a movie was shot on?
  22. D16 Bolex
  23. Interested in an Ikonoskop A-Cam DII
  24. Stupid question lorrycam?
  25. Grading in REDLOGFILM vs Gamma3
  26. How to find a team/ people to work with?
  27. Negotiating a video editing fee with an up coming reality show
  28. Pocket Cinema
  29. Which one for pics and video? Canon EOS 6D or Nikon D600 or Nikon D7100
  30. Starscape /star trail time lapse attempt
  31. Question about a P+S Technik Lens & Viewfinder compatibility
  32. Newb Question about Video
  33. Footage Help: Home-ish vs. Film-ish
  34. Editing with videopad
  35. Help me pick an ending song for my next movie
  36. Help me build my video rig
  37. Need URGENT RED Epic / Pro Res encoding advice
  38. Need some advice on Light setup
  39. Red Scarlet music video 3k 48fps - 24p
  40. Sweet...
  41. Help for choosing cameras (for videos)
  42. Calling a lot of camera owners! Sony/Panasonic/Canon/etc
  43. How to "kick the tyres" of a used camcorder before buying?
  44. Looking for camera with shallow depth of field and NO recording limit?
  45. Camera for wedding
  46. New Camera Choice Quandary
  47. Having a tough time deciding between BMCC vs 5D Mark III
  48. manual exposure question
  49. Is my audio as bad as they say it is?
  50. New d16 footage
  51. Good slow-mo camera?
  52. Should I go for 4k?
  53. Alien Astronauts
  54. Hello from Texas
  55. If buying gear from scratch with a blank check, what would you get?
  56. Confused on SD cards
  57. A good stabilizer
  58. Help Me Chose Which 4k Camera to buy for Videvo.net
  59. Woo Hoo! My Digital Bolex shipped yesterday.
  60. Hello! First videography camera? C100/FS100
  61. Odyssey 7Q Users - Official Thread
  62. Digital Bolex in American Cinematographer Magazine
  63. Pentax 645Z Medium Format w/ video recording
  64. Aja Cion lens adapter
  65. Convergent Design Ships Odyssey7, New Firmware for Odyssey7 & Odyssey7Q on Monday
  66. Convergent - design new site re-registering procedure?
  67. Overall, best "Mid-Range" Camera for Video
  68. Video: Introducing the Odyssey7
  69. Digital Bolex 2k DCI Cinemascope format sample
  70. Odyssey7 & Odyssey7Q August 2014 Firmware Update
  71. Odyssey 7Q error message
  72. Axiom Beta: Open Source, user upgradable, 4K camera first run only 2650
  73. CION still in the running vs FS7
  74. Cion mounts
  75. Odyssey7 & Odyssey7Q event at BandPro on Thursday
  76. Odyssey7 & Odyssey7Q October 2014 Firmware Update
  77. Odyssey7 & 7Q Video for firmware update
  78. Digital Bolex update
  79. Odyssey at the BandPro One World event
  80. Introducing the Odyssey7Q+ from Convergent Design
  81. Odyssey7Q+ video: In The Garden Of The Gods
  82. Odyssey7Q+ will support 4K 10-bit over HDMI
  83. Convergent Design Ships the New Odyssey7Q+
  84. oOdyssey7/7Q/7Q+ December 2014 Firmware Released
  85. Cion shipping
  86. Odyssey 7q and the EDL feature
  87. Odyssey7Q+ Special Promotion and other news
  88. Geoff Boyle tests the Digital Bolex
  89. AJA CION Test Footage
  90. Mitch Gross-Prores 4444
  91. Odyssey 7Q & Phantom Flex Questions
  92. Burning in Luts?
  93. 7q loyalty prgram and international customers
  94. Demo lens?
  95. Any idea what this pixelation is from? Digital Bolex sensor
  96. JVC GY-LS300 Why is there not more Buzz about this camera?
  97. Convergent Design: Looking Forward & Moving Ahead
  98. Odyssey 7Q /FS700/A7s multi stream problem
  99. Odyssey7Q+ event with Sneak Peek at new functions
  100. Odyssey 7Q SSD transfer device, which one is the best/fastest?
  101. Convergent Design - Firmware 5.10.100 for Odyssey7, Odyssey7Q and Odyssey7Q+
  102. GH4 on a Odyssey 7Q
  103. New Sound Devices Pix recorders pricing?
  104. Assignment: Odyssey
  105. Convergent Design NAB '15 Announcements
  106. Convergent Design NAB '15 Preview Video
  107. On Odyssey Firmware Update
  108. Odyssey RAW Bundle upgrade
  109. 7Q+ not detecting A7s on startup?
  110. Odyssey7Q+ Free SSD Promotion to End May 31st
  111. Cion Pricing $4995
  112. Odyssey Firmware 2015.5
  113. Arri Alexa Mini, a quick test in studio. Backstage.
  114. PMW-F5 Exposure Index vs. Odyssey 7Q+ Exposure Tools
  115. Cion Review
  116. Cion test footage
  117. Next update?
  118. Sticking an iPad screen protector onto the O7Q
  119. Odyssey SSD Announcement
  120. shogun supporting the fs700 raw to prores dnxhr
  121. Odyssey Firmware 2015.7
  122. Odyssey New Firmware 2015.8 - High Speed Apple ProRes and Color Vectorscope
  123. Small HD502 v.2 and Odyssey 7Q+ v.15.08 compatibility issue?
  124. ***Odyssey 7Q+ or Atomos Shogun with Blackmagic URSA for UHD
  125. Stuck in the Slow Lane?
  126. Let's discuss Odyssey's LUTs for FS700
  127. Pix E5
  128. Music video shot on Cion...
  129. Odyssey Firmware Patch Release v2015.8 (1098)
  130. Odyssey 7Q High Speed ProRes Test
  131. BIG EXPLOSION, FS700 + Odyssey7Q, 240fps Apple ProRes(HQ)
  132. Shogun questions
  133. You need four Odyssey 7Q+ recorders for your 8K camera
  134. DJI ZENMUSE X5 Series -
  135. Looking for a beginners camera to film my travels. What should I buy?
  136. Odyssey owners -- some issues -- do you have them too?
  137. toyed with a demo aja cion and i liked it!
  138. Cion in Rhode Island
  139. I make Firewood.
  140. CD Apollo
  141. Leica SL 4K 10bit out - anyone have footage?
  142. Odyssey Firmware 2015.11
  143. Convergent Design Apollo Launches!! $220 discount this weekend only!
  144. Premiere CC - Graphic card - 4K Raw
  145. Odyssey7Q+ Factory Sale, only $1795 for a limited time
  146. January 2016 firmware for Odyssey and Apollo
  147. Fujifilm cameras for video?
  148. Apollo & Odyssey firmware 2016.01
  149. Odyssey 7Q+ - What do you need to be able to shoot..
  150. Scarlet-w #93
  151. DNxHD/DNxHR on O7Q
  152. F/S NEW Samsung Galaxy S7 edge 64gb Unlocked...$990
  153. PTZ HD 1080 SECURITY CAMERA to record /stream , any negative or positive thoughts?
  154. M43 to C-Mount for Digital Bolex (off-label?)
  155. Odyssey 7Q Analog audio with HDMI video recording
  156. Odyssey 7Q cage/ SDI & power protection
  157. Apollo Anne v. Sad Sack Sam
  158. "An Entanglement" Short Film Shot Using the CD O7Q + FS700 and Finished in 4K
  159. Apollo & Odyssey firmware 2016.06
  160. Odyssey 7Q+ both RAW and Apollo option
  161. Convergent delivery country restrictions
  162. 7Q with C300 M2 - what options do I have?
  163. Does anyone have testfootage of Digital Bolex 1.5
  164. File naming on Odyssey - same as on camera?
  165. Apollo and the Benefits of A/V ALIGN
  166. Odyssey 7Q+ - Skip Frames Function
  167. Odyssey technical notice
  168. Odyssey 7Q+ SSD reader from the box - is it POS?
  169. IBC Special: $500 Off Apollo Option, Limited Time Offer
  170. Convergent Design TITAN
  171. Best HDMI for A7s + Odyssey 7Q+?
  172. Odyssey/Apollo firmware 2016.10
  173. Odyssey/Apollo Black Friday sale
  174. Kinefinity TERRA 6K finally arrived in Europe
  175. CD 7q (not the +) hooked to a roland vr50 hd
  176. It is worth it (C500 still worth it today) article Cinema 5D Listen CD!
  177. Cancun - Shot on Kinefinity Terra 6K
  178. Z-Cam E1 from Z Camera - Firmware
  179. Convergent Design Raw Bundle is now on Sale, $495 (USD)
  180. Sony FS 700R Dual 4K Recording with Odyssey 7Q+
  181. Kinefinity TERRA 5K global - anyone?
  182. Convergent Design Support Phone Number
  183. Convergent Design - New Firmware - Avid DNxHD and Varicam LT 240 fps Raw Support
  184. Odyssey7Q+ & Alexa SXT - Matching File Names
  185. F3 and 7Q
  186. Convergent Design & Samsung 860 SSDs
  187. Philip Bloom interviewed about the new Kinefinity Terra 4K camera
  188. Odyssey 7Q+ Power display issue
  189. Z Cam E2 crazy specs
  190. Kinefinity MAVO first look
  191. Fuji XT3 10 bit 4k 60p
  193. Convergent Design Odyssey 7Q+ Price increase to $2195?
  194. Fuji XT3 music video