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  1. DVD case sleeve (printing)
  2. how to add an attachment to posts
  3. Any logomaniacs want to take a stab?
  4. Logo without background in DVD Studio Pro?
  5. sizes for dvd cases
  6. playing around
  7. Does photoshop have some kind of DVD case template?
  8. video overlays.
  9. Does photoshop have any kind of cc tool like colorista or looks?
  10. Cropping a composition... removing a boom mic
  11. Using actions
  12. Anyone can tell me this font?
  13. How to smooth edges
  14. Ben Folds - Adelaide Music Video - Made With PS7
  15. How to make a Banner?
  16. A simple question?
  17. How can I get this look or the cartooning effect
  18. Can you use Photoshop to color correct video?
  19. Photoshop to AE problem.
  20. Moving picture??
  21. Attaching fonts in Windows
  22. Need help matching a painting to real life pics
  23. Photoshop woes
  24. Render Node??
  25. Tire Shine
  26. Looks Great in PS, Washed out when Saved
  27. Help - Contact Sheet to Mesh together 400+ photos...
  28. Writr Tablet advice....
  29. mike d video photoshop foos!!
  30. altering an image
  31. Exporting work as a Jpeg file...
  32. Unable to use the motion tab with PSD files in FCP
  33. DVD covers and Photoshop elements
  34. Photoshop quickie
  35. acquiring handwriting
  36. Menu options are highlighted for some reason?
  37. Great Technique: Resize to Poster
  38. diffuse glow is glowing dark
  39. Video adjustments without image sequences - here's how...
  40. The day the earth stopped turning
  41. Layer Selection
  42. Need Help!
  43. Diary of the dead Cam. pov
  44. Simple Photoshop text tool question!!!
  45. cropping an image/resolution loss
  46. before and after...
  47. HD frames into photoshop
  48. Background
  49. text over image...
  50. Background for Myspace
  51. Can someone recommend a good PS training book?
  52. Text onto textured surface??
  53. Quick question, does PS CS3 have track mattes?
  54. 720 60 slo mo
  55. Need logo help!!!!!
  56. TV safe line dimensions?
  57. Cheers to PS for Photomerge
  58. New Laptop time
  59. font that is chinese looking
  60. Un-install cs3 problem
  61. what have you done?
  62. Need help creating simulated PC desktop
  63. Need Major Help Creating an Animated Logo For this
  64. Size matters..
  65. How much would you pay for these animated logos?
  66. Book: Scott Kelby's 7 Point System (PS CS3)
  67. Multiple PSD's to One PDF?
  68. Your opinion on this graphic
  69. quaetion reg. manipulating a shot in PS- ur help pls
  70. Can someone work magic on this? Or is it useless?
  71. Lab Color Question
  72. doing water mark/batch pics
  73. Grunge / Splatter Effect
  74. How can I make this more like a watermark?
  75. mini DV tape disaster
  76. General Help PS Help Thread
  77. printing from photoshop?
  78. Change Multiple Font Colors at Once
  79. Photoshop blur background
  80. Award Feathers
  81. applying levels to all frames?
  82. You Suck at Photoshop
  83. Losing the beatles
  84. blemish on an actors nose
  85. Magicbullet for photoshop?
  86. flourishes
  87. Image brought into Video template jagged edges
  88. buttons in photoshop menus?
  89. Working with Images in Illustrator
  90. Anyone used photoshop to paint in background plates?
  91. stupid question.. what size to make a JPG for a flyer?
  92. Exporting
  93. Rust Metal Text
  94. aaah photoshop!
  95. How to blend 2 images?
  96. How modify a 2D image in 3D (for perspective)
  97. 70 Horror, Blood and Gore Photoshop Effects and Brushes
  98. creating a newspaper clipping
  99. Grunnge Movie Posters
  100. My first mock-up poster.
  101. Help -slash- is there a way to fix these photo imperfections?
  102. Web Photo Gallery
  103. Poster for feature film DRAWING WITH CHALK
  104. blemish remover
  105. Footloose (and fancy free)
  106. weird signs in new photoshop
  107. Creating a timelapse on PS3?
  108. Website Logo Design Help
  109. Destruction of Property
  110. How to create this Pride and Glory Logo
  111. Sharp and smooth edged text ? How to ?
  112. Photoshop elements HELP!!!
  113. Demo Test 100% Photoshop Color Corection
  114. planetphotoshop.com
  115. quick help making matte or mask
  116. Getting Photos from the Scanner into FCP: Best Process
  117. Skin tones from movie posters
  118. 3rds Guides?
  119. Golden Number Script
  120. First Destructive Photoshop Edit :)
  121. How to Recreate Barack Obama Posters
  122. Can't change brush sizes??
  123. Removing reflections
  124. ATTN: ARTISTS! Indie Movie Poster Contest!
  125. Photoshop file broswer tab always points to the wrong directory...
  126. photoshop color profiles
  127. How to accomplish this sort of color correction
  128. Replacing white BG on technical drawing
  129. Screen grabs from FCP to Photoshop
  130. "Official DVXFest Participant" font
  131. Problem with .psd in FCP
  132. Do the newer versions of Photoshop have vector text in them ?
  133. Actions Actions ACTIONS!!!
  134. Just starting in PS
  135. Help with printer
  136. Data entry and photoshop?
  137. How to change the font color of photoshop tool menus
  138. How to fix typeface from old newspaper clips
  139. Polaroid Dust & Scratch Removal Mac
  140. Photoshop tutorials
  141. Converting widescreen to 4:3 in CS3?
  142. New to FotoShop... what do you think?
  143. Wacom
  144. How close is GIMP to PS?
  145. Photoshop refuses to screen capture
  146. Unhappy w Photoshop diffusion filters
  147. Troubles with picture quality
  148. 2:35:1 aspect ratio photographs
  149. My photoshop color practice
  150. Clicking a layer that won't move/select ?
  151. Photoshop CS4 Trial Version
  152. Virtual Tours
  153. Quickie Noob Question: Batching, what's going wrong?
  154. Buying Photoshop !.....Standard or Elements ?
  155. Intuos4 Pen Tablet
  156. Photoshop CS4 won't open JPEGS anymre! Help!
  157. Finally in the 21st Century
  158. Quick Question on Texture
  159. Title safe grid in 64 bit CS4?
  160. adobe illustrator
  161. How to remove lens smudge on video clip
  162. Content-Aware Fill sneak peek
  163. What to buy?? Need some help
  164. Fluid Mask
  165. Node based photoshop.
  166. Help with High Resolution Export
  167. hmm.. stupid Illustrator / Photoshop question re: transparency
  168. Noob question about shrinking layers
  169. changing aspect ratio
  170. Embedding fonts in PDF
  171. is it possible to turn on anchor points permanently???
  172. Intuos 4 tablet: which size???
  173. old LucisArt install?
  174. Cant Figure Out How To Do This
  175. TWAIN plugin
  176. GoogleSketch>PS>AE -- hangup in PS
  177. Uprezzing images
  178. can someone color separate graphics so i can make screen stencils ?
  179. How to save a file in a editable letter
  180. Adobe Lightroom Doesnt Show Exif Info In Detail...
  181. Photoshop .psd files wont delete...wont save after working on images.
  182. Maya grabs to photoshop.
  183. Photoshop-Trying to print HD video pics from Photoshop CS for MAC-NEED HELP
  184. Film Age rating????
  185. background for lower third with a gradient
  186. How break down clips into frames modify in photoshop then reassembly
  187. picture disappear after crop
  188. Simple Photoshop or Illustrator question
  189. Photoshop pic
  190. Panoramic video??
  191. Simple PS problem...
  192. Search didn't find this.
  193. Light Glimmer/Aqua Effect in Photoshop?
  194. Who wants to have some PS fun???
  195. How to colour correct nature to give it fantasy feel?
  196. Video tutorial to get cinema look photoshop
  197. Printing DVD covers?
  198. Got Scammed on Adobe CS5 Web Premium
  199. Print ad too dark. Advice?
  200. DVD Template for Photoshop
  201. Digital Tablets
  202. Photoshop file size to use in Final Cut Express
  203. Tattoo Removal from video in PS CS5
  204. Opening TIFF files with alpha.
  205. best Photoshop file format for animating and compositing photos in a doc-film???
  206. best mac compatible software for upscaling photos
  207. Applying effects to the entire footage instead of just a frame?
  208. Who's Bored and Wants to do a clean up job on my logo??
  209. A Creative Graphic Artist
  210. Importing a Premiere timeline or project into Photoshop?
  211. Playing in PS.....can't seem to match it.
  212. PS & LR Colour Space
  213. Lightroom 4.3 %.NEF Import problem
  214. Best Alternative to Photoshop CS6
  215. How about this for a Photoshop trick?
  216. PS Action to "increment frame number"
  217. If you online right now-
  218. Friendly 1 week PS challenge.
  219. I want to expand an image and adjust the detail.
  220. Photoshop & Illustrator - still no visual keyboard shortcut window???