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  1. New Canon HD camera?
  2. Canon XL H1
  3. No sd on new hd cam?
  4. XL H1 HD-SDI 4:2:2 Color with Blackmagic
  5. Canon Xl-h1
  6. congrats
  7. Any Word on UK release date??
  8. 24f?
  9. Canon's own DVRack......
  10. lens?
  11. Whoa. Sony, Panny, and now Canon? Which ONE?
  12. Price?
  13. So Who is the XL-H1 aimed at??
  14. how to edit 24f
  15. What deck???
  16. CCD question
  17. HD-SDI options on the XLH1
  18. no one will buy this camera at 9k
  19. No full sized CCD's
  20. Still no decent LCD screen?
  21. GL3 Speculation?
  22. XL H1 'closes' the new market
  23. XL H1 auto focus
  24. Canon Germany: XL H1 records 1080/25p progressive!
  25. You know what Canon, IT'S OVER !!!
  26. footage
  27. Canon Hdv Deck?
  28. XL Lense Compatibility
  29. Two GL3 models?
  30. VideoMaker
  31. Canon XLH1 to HDD
  32. Question 4 Barry
  33. The H1 is here right now at Birns
  34. Hands-on test of the XL H1 (in French)
  35. Dvinfo.net Footage
  36. Canon XL-H1 prototype at RESfest Los Angeles
  37. External P2
  38. Lens resolution for 1/3 sensor
  39. XL-H1 video Demonstration online from Resfest Chicago
  40. XL-1 softened images
  41. Deck Issues update?
  42. Canon 24FPS Article
  43. Walter Graff on the H1
  44. HDV questıon and h1
  45. Canon XL-H2!
  46. HD-SDI output to SDI DigiBeta
  47. HDV SOS - LA Only
  48. HDCAM decks
  49. 35mm included
  50. xl h1 in Santa Barbara.
  51. Any H1 studio config suggestions??
  52. Who makes Canon's still camera CCDs?
  53. EOS EF L Series Glass
  54. H1 Release Date
  55. Century Wide Angle
  56. My theory on the XL H1 Price
  57. PDF brochure
  58. Manual and brochure for download now!
  59. XL H1+EF Adaptor + !4mm Prime = Low budget Heaven?
  60. Can you spare me some copper, me brothers...
  61. The H1 Arrived Here At Birns
  62. Want an opinion
  63. Had a great time at Birns & Sawyer today with the XLH1 and HVX200 demo
  64. Geeting H1
  65. Self-made Viewfinder?
  66. Uncompressed HD via HD SDI
  67. any tape recorder that works with XL H1 24f ???
  68. Canon XL-H1 meets Sony F900
  69. XLH1 footage has alot of room from grading! A frame posted.
  70. wide angle
  71. Is the XL H1 lens any better than the XL2s?
  72. I posted XLH1 frames from my Birns & Sawyer shoot from last month...
  73. Frame mode?
  74. Some Low Light H1 clips...
  75. Some H1 cityscape shots...
  76. 1st Canon H1 seminar at Birns & Sawyer
  77. Another Clip of Graded XLH1 Footage for you download
  78. And about that? [avoiding blowlights]
  79. Anyone have Link to German MAg test of XLH1?
  80. A comparison between the H1 and Z1u tells a lot about res!
  81. XL H1 Pal -NTSC
  82. XL-H1 Selective Color Test
  83. DOF w/20x lens vs. HVX200
  84. capturing HD-SDI output
  85. Some XL H1 dolly footage
  86. Here's What Scott Billups Thinks Of The Canon Xlh1..
  87. Working with 24F in Final Cut Pro till native support arrives
  88. What's the Best price found for a XLH1?
  89. Uncompressed Frame from H1
  90. H1 720p Slow motion clip
  91. Frames from XLH1 tests done by Scott Billups. The results are a WOW!
  92. uncompressed HD file to HD-SDI recording test
  93. XL-H1 in SD
  94. Sdi
  95. H1 Seminar At Birns & Sawyer
  96. XL-H1, Koni 3 and SDI capture
  97. Super Confused - Which Camera?
  98. Elton
  99. Why was my Firestore with XLH1 question deleted?
  100. New XL-H1 Overcrank 720p clip
  101. XL-H1 w/XL2 16X Manual Lens Footage
  102. XL-H1 color test
  103. XL-H1 retimed BMX clip
  104. XL-H1 frame grab
  105. My Xlh1 Footage For You To Download And See.
  106. L.A. Night - Available Light Test
  107. Starters guide to xl-h1
  108. More XL-H1 retimed footage:
  109. Black & White XLH1 clips in 24P HD Cinematography to Download!
  110. H1 - Full Moon & Cloud Timelapse Test
  111. The BOX, an idea for having real HD at a low price
  112. Time Code?
  113. Is the XL H1 4:2:2
  114. Talkin' FCP HDV Workaround/Intermediate Codecs...or, Graeme Nattress was right! Duh!!
  115. Realm// Xlh1 Presets
  116. XLH1 HD-SDI Output to a laptop?
  117. A workflow for 24P extraction from 24F
  118. Selling My Xlh1- Three Weeks Old $7,800! Local Buyers Please!
  119. Realm// Firestore FS-4 HD Basics.
  120. XL-H1 Green Screen Footage
  121. A clue to how Canon gets itís progressive mode? MAYBE!
  122. Canon XL H1 > SDI > Wafian superior to F900!
  123. I think XL H1 20x has red line problem
  124. Advice please.I need help.
  125. show my H1 (PAL) from China
  126. FCP 5.1 adds some support for XLH1
  127. 3x LENS PROBLEMS.
  128. XLH1 Grabs
  129. XL H1 Slow Motion?
  130. XL-H1 Undercrank clip...
  131. Here are Frames from testing today!
  132. Raw H1 SDI to DVCPROHD clips for U all to test...
  133. The longest camera. Ever.
  134. Downconverted HDV does yield 4:2:2 or 4:4:4 SD
  135. How is 24f?
  136. xl-h2
  137. Realm// Letus35 Xlh1
  138. Hey Pappas!!!
  139. What options are there for those that don't want to use the camera as a deck?
  140. What exactly does 24f do?
  141. how to check running time of used h1
  142. XL H1 not compatible with Avid and Apple?
  143. Why hide the "other camera" section?
  144. Realm// Letus35XL - XLH1 tests.
  145. please post more footage!
  146. Canon XL H1 First Impressions
  147. Sold My Canon Xlh1 To Director Kief Davidson Today!
  148. XLH1 Footage
  149. Some thoughts on chromatic aberration and the stock H1 lens
  150. 1244mm 35mm equivalent lens!
  151. Lots of new XLH1 footage!
  152. Even more XLH1 Footage!
  153. great deal on XL1 @ B&H
  154. best application to view m2t files?!?
  155. Advantage of seperate lenses?
  156. H1 pickup shots for F900 feature...
  157. Snoqualmie Falls footage
  158. cant record progressive in SD mode?
  159. HL H1 vs HVX comparisons? Hellp!
  160. Black and white footage
  161. Snoqualmie Falls Footage (non-political thread version)
  162. Standard Def XLH1 footage
  163. New Black and White Stills
  164. XL-H1 "Overcrank"--It's getting better
  165. disjecta! any new thoughts?
  166. XLH1 starting to make noise...
  167. the constant gardener
  168. XLH1 in San Francisco North Bay?
  169. Century Optics .7x fits xlh1?
  170. 1080
  171. Potential Xl H1 purchase
  172. EF lens on XLh1
  173. Poll info for CANON users
  174. weddings
  175. g35
  176. Behind the scenes footage
  177. XLH1 rental
  178. What nonlinair software programe can handel 24f?
  179. 24f
  180. New LetusXL35 Version 2 footage
  181. Sharapova and Japanese commercial
  182. John Benton's new footage
  183. Looking for about 10 seconds of uncompressed xlh1 footage
  184. 4:2:0 Chroma smooth plugin for FCP?
  185. 24F playbeck?
  186. SD Image Quality: Canon XL2 Vs Canon XLH1
  187. Does the XL H1 play FX1 tapes?
  188. Units Sold
  189. canon xl h1 and hvx200 sd 24p-f miC
  190. "Run-and-Gun" Doc w/XL-H1
  191. 3d philips
  192. andromeda
  193. Premiere export to tape 24F/25F? Gotta be a way!
  194. Yellowstone
  195. Chroma aberrations... no one else sees this?
  196. How would this compare to cineform???
  197. 4th frame dupped?
  198. Canon new 6x Wide-Zoom Lens Footage...
  199. New Music Video!
  200. XL H1 undercranking for ghostllike effect
  201. New Music Video director's Cut
  202. where to rent an H1 in the Bay Area
  203. LCD HD question
  204. Macgregor's new XL-H1 short film...
  205. DVmultirig
  206. How reliable has your H1 been?
  207. TV shows shot with the H1 in 24f?
  208. xlh1 xlr port settings
  209. Adding filters to xl h1?
  210. R&B Music Video Stills
  211. "More Music Video" Rough Copy
  212. Video Back Up and Running
  213. Selling my XLH1
  214. Rap Video Extreme Teaser (I'll leave the link up)
  215. Hello Dolly
  216. Will a letus fit a canon xl h1?
  217. Looking for a training workshop
  218. The view out my window right now
  219. Snow
  220. Snow Part Two - in-camera BW
  221. Storm
  222. XLH1 Rental
  223. Canon XL H1 movie (The Signal) sold for 2.3 million!!!! WOW
  224. New Rap Video Teaser
  225. Capturing footage
  226. Capturing footage problem in Final Cut?
  227. XL H1 at Wikipedia
  228. 50i Canon Playback on Sony HDV@50i PAL
  229. XLH1 Sony incompatibility
  230. Canon XL H1
  231. lens for film look
  232. Edgemere - amatuer on the H1
  233. Xl-H2 release date- very soon!
  234. no XL-H1 replacement at NAB?
  235. Archiving HDV footage
  236. B&H lowers XL-H1 price again
  237. New R&B Music Video
  238. Checking hours on canon xl h1
  239. The new 6x XL HD lens...and a few others`
  240. wedding
  241. Name movies that are shot on canon h1
  242. SGPro Rev2, XL-H1
  243. connecting 2 monitors to XL H1 - help-
  244. Here's Another One :: 8 minute HD trailer - XL-H1 (you might like this one) *smile*
  245. the Amazon
  246. low lights
  247. L series 35mm lenses
  248. 60 Cycle Wave Issue
  249. NTSC Input?
  250. Canon XL H2 how I want it!