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  1. Help for New Advertisement
  2. some advise Pls
  3. Is it professional to have a family member(s) in your film?
  4. The Germans are (not yet) coming - directors perspective.
  5. The Screen Director
  6. Set Lingo
  7. what can I use for powder to get shine off actor's face
  8. Opera vocal???
  9. Directing style?
  10. Young director - looking for any helpful tips of what to do and what not to do!
  11. What is this style of shot called?
  12. Witholding vital plot information from actors.
  13. Any tips while working with actors in an improv setting?
  14. Coverage, yes or no?
  15. Painful Failure - My First Time Directing!
  16. How important is continuity to you?
  17. Questions about getting started
  18. 2012 Woodstock Film Festival CALL FOR ENTRIES
  19. This short film landed the dude a major motion picture directing gig.
  20. Should I make a Webseries?
  21. Non union pay.
  22. Acting or directing, which one is more practical for a career?
  23. Old Actors.
  24. Director of new sci-fi comedy noir 'Iron Sky', doing a Q&A on Reddit.
  25. Free Production Software
  26. [UPDATE} My Current Project Using Improv as the basis for Script Creation
  27. Finding producers
  28. Project Management
  29. One man films...
  30. How do I direct a reality show?
  31. Looking for music video director (London, UK)
  32. Looking for videograpers interested in R&B music in London, NYC, LA etc
  33. Shot List and Call Sheet software or templates
  34. Clooney, Brooks, Plummer, Waltz, Oldman, Nolte -- THR Roundtable
  35. Best director commentaries?
  36. Make moive of nothing
  37. What Have you been/are/will you be working on?
  38. Enough Bowing Before Actors: Take Time to get Actors Who Trust The Director!
  39. The medium of a Web Series
  40. What would you do if....
  41. interesting doscussion about film and advertsing
  42. Actors wanting to be producers....
  43. I got a D-List Actor now what?
  44. Can you direct and DP at the same time? ( for a indie feature)
  45. Great New Podcast on Directing Commercials
  46. Is this a marketable casting choice of actor for a thriller?
  47. Paying someone on one project, then no pay (meals only) on next project - Reasonable?
  48. They want to use my camera...do I get a percentage?
  49. Can a SAG member act in a non-SAG film if its his/her OWN film?
  50. Choosing a style.
  51. Hiring actors
  52. Need some feedback for a war film/drama,
  53. How do devote 100% of your time to your movie
  54. Actor's Agents/Assistants/Escorts on set?
  55. Where to hold auditions in Toronto.
  56. Places to hold auditions in San Jose, CA??
  57. Casting, but you don't have funding yet?
  58. minimum crew size for $30,000 - 50,000 indie ?
  59. Demolishing the Fourth Wall...
  60. Which comes first, editing or music composing?
  61. Casting, Editing : who is ultimate decider ?
  62. Short film vs. Feature?
  63. Reasonable compensation for actors?
  64. Any good corporate videos out there?
  65. Is Vzaar as good as it seems?
  66. So I have this great idea for a movie...
  67. Actors / filmmakers wanted
  68. Indie Feature Film Budget Question
  69. Named talent
  70. William Friedkin is doing an AMA on reddit right now.
  71. Question about the theater.
  72. Vision
  73. For those who don't direct full time... (Side Career/Work)
  74. What went wrong on your first serious shoot?
  75. Industry Standard Proper Staffing
  76. Rehearsal Schedule
  77. Does this sound like a good directing approach?
  78. Footage of directors working
  79. Directing children
  80. Actors .. how to get more screen time!
  81. Directing Actors for Voice Over, and rates?
  82. At What Point Do You Stop Taking Feedback?
  83. What are people thinking???
  84. What kind of director do you want to be?
  85. Do you do hardcore meticulous prepping or do u just throw elements together directing
  86. Sex scenes without nudity-question about actors
  87. Rare hour-long audio interview with Kubrick from November 1966.
  88. Is directing an acquired skill or a gift you're born with?
  89. A question about showreels
  90. Shooting a 7000 mile walk - and keeping it interesting
  91. Actor/Writer Looking for Directors in London Area Looking to Collaborate
  92. How to make actresses feel safe?
  93. Best way to shoot a short cafe sceane
  94. Will this type of filmmaking bore modern audiences?
  95. HD screen capture on Macbook???
  96. First Director's Reel
  97. Casting Films
  98. Is it wrong to cast one person over another based on their looks?
  99. Cheap Place to Hold Auditions & Rehearsal in the South Bay Area, CA?
  100. tutorial on blocking and staging
  101. SAG actor wants to work on my non-union student project?
  102. Is it uncommon to cast somebody based solely on their reel without an audition?
  103. Criminal Record Check for Crew?
  104. casting for silent film
  105. Casting with Breakdown Express and Actor's Access
  106. Ed Lachman: You Canít Shoot Everything and Create the Story Later
  107. Help, Shia Labeouf got me thinking!
  108. Oscar Producer/B Moive Producer - the Crossover
  109. Opening titles in a short film
  110. 35-minute interview with director John Hillcoat
  111. Essay-based narratives
  112. Kazan on Directing
  113. Directing fear
  114. Alfred Hitchcock - Masters of Cinema (Complete Interview from 1972)
  115. Hour-long panel with the Coen Brothers: "Where and How to Begin a Film"
  116. Berlin Doc Skyline Poll !
  117. Need a DIRECTOR in NY or NJ
  118. Question for Actors and Directors alike
  119. Filmmaker interview
  120. Follow-up e-mails from actors on auditions?
  121. Rian Johnson (Brick, Looper) doing an AMA on Reddit
  122. Ben Affleck: NO APOLOGIES. NO REGRETS. NO B******T.
  123. Dividing Up Net Points
  124. Nudity and casting
  125. Have you ever told another director that you like their work as another director?
  126. How do you cover yourself for cancellations when hiring equipment/booking locations?
  127. As a director how to you celebrate finishing a production?
  128. Should a director be interested more in screenwriting or cinematography?
  129. Half-hour interview with writer\director Martin McDonagh
  130. "Shot Designer" by Hollywood Camera Work /mobile, ipad & desktop etc
  131. Short Film from Guatemala
  132. Directing Celebrities (Carmelo Anthony Ad)
  133. Can you include photography into your showreel?
  134. Do you grade your own films?
  135. Quick Clip (shot with T2i)
  136. Directors and Actors Alike: How Important is Realism to You when filming?
  137. Casting for Romantic Chemistry
  138. How do you handle the constant disappointment?
  139. Office Location for Shooting in the Bay Area?
  140. Handling an Actor Trying to Direct?
  141. Casting database software?
  142. Anyone Ever...
  143. How this scene was shot
  144. (Pre) Production online course or book?
  145. Casting and directing someone really overweight...advice?
  146. Do you think this actress is wasting my time?
  147. Check out my 2012 Demo Reel
  148. Did you reach your goals for 2012 as a director? What's your plan for 2013?
  149. Performer License Ag needed for use of video of music performance or...?
  150. How do I get people to want to work on a controversial film?
  151. Giving actors the script, Pre Audtiion
  152. Book about directing television
  153. location scouting: best websites?
  154. Free/Cheap iPhone apps for Directors
  155. spreadsheet for LLC bookkeeping / accounting ?
  156. Seeking a Director
  157. How long from conception to shooting the film ?
  158. EXT. CHURCH (? legality)
  159. Tips or advice for a first time Director
  160. Where to find talent (actors)?
  161. Filming in a Cemetery
  162. micro indie: SAG, Fi-Core, or non-union ?
  163. payroll : outsource, commercial software, or DIY spreadsheet ?
  164. what do directors wear?
  165. 10 questions to test (your belief systems) about being a Director.
  166. Stuntmen
  167. How important is it to LIVE in LA?
  168. Cost of Food?
  169. LA Times Director's Roundtable 2012
  170. Will directing my own movie at age 16 help me in the long run at all?
  171. How to aviod racism when casting a particular role?
  172. How do you fill spare time during a shoot?
  173. First Auditions - several questions
  174. Acting in Student Films
  175. Save your good ideas, or just go for it?
  176. Actors...best time to audition?
  177. Is there any benefit of doing a "mock" trailer for a future feature film?
  178. What salary would first time indie feature director demand?
  179. Casting without a completed script
  180. liability insurance ? (where to buy it?)
  181. Breakdown Services - multiple simultaneous logins?
  182. Recommend a DIRECTORS BAG
  183. LLC or not, for micro budget indie ?
  184. cost of editor, sound editor for micro indie ?
  185. How long before shooting dates do you audition actors?
  186. Director's Production Journal
  187. How do you tell a client they have no idea what they're doing?
  188. Where to find a film camera?
  189. Directing Reel 2013
  190. Danny Boyle AMA on Reddit right now
  191. Round table with six of the gals ..
  192. Question about paying actors.
  193. If you suspended your SAG/AFTRA membership, would their rules still apply to you?
  194. Auditions per cast Hollywood role?
  195. Favorite John Hurt film performances
  196. RIP Actor Richard Griffiths
  197. SHOOTING HORROR, Need some TIPS on building suspense, and creating a scary scene.
  198. For low budget features - Do you pay your *entire* cast/crew or only some of them?
  199. First Real short video
  200. Looking for feedback - feature script
  201. Do you have all of your cast meet each other before the shoot?
  202. What actors think before auditions...
  203. acting due to lens?
  204. Getting directing jobs
  205. 1st MV shot on a KOWA B&H w/ MKiii
  206. Using a SAG ULB agreement
  207. My First Feature
  208. LLC or LP that is the question?
  209. Where to find actors in England?
  210. Funniest Music Video I've seen in years!
  211. SHORT: Plunged
  212. Should I move to LA?
  213. Short Screenplays
  214. How the Deals are done - Must listen to this
  215. Music video and narrative: Do they complement each other?
  216. Male Actor is Making a Kissing Scene Too Sexual...
  217. Shooting schedules?
  218. The Heller Approach
  219. Transformers 4
  220. New York'er needing material?
  221. genital cover for women ?
  222. David Fincher blocking & planning FIGHT CLUB
  223. 1st Director Reel
  224. James Cameron and Alfonso Cuaron interview each other
  225. David Lowery's frame commentary for ATBS.
  226. Scene Re-Creation from Soderbergh's film SEX, LIES, AND VIDEOTAPE
  227. How to keep your cast and crew dedicated?
  228. SAG ULB - Do you have to be a LLC, DBA or etc?
  229. Where To Hire An Actress
  230. Looking for second-level film schools
  231. How NOT to treat your actors.
  232. When do you know you've cast a dedicated actor?
  233. KIckstarter Question - How to attach a name actor before raising the money?
  234. Rosemary's Baby - Polanski and Farrow
  235. Should I give this actor feedback
  236. When not to direct?
  237. Horror movie. one actor.
  238. Talks by the Director on Forbidden Ground an indie Feature Sold Globally
  239. A few short scripts looking for a home
  240. Free 4K Short Movie Production Offer in Ireland.
  241. Filming a Fight Scene Workshop
  242. Have you ever dealt with someone trying to steal your credit?
  243. Help with Production Binder
  244. Time Flip
  245. Nonunion using SAG actors
  246. How can I cast a fat girl that gets made fun of without actually hurting her?
  247. Accept this artistic challenge and ill do what I can to make you a star
  248. More super cool Interviews with industry peeps
  249. Modern Black & Whites
  250. Visual Vocabulary