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  1. Directing porn?
  2. co-directing credit
  3. follow your gut or your heart?
  4. Favorite commercial & music video directors?
  5. Best way to do one scene in two days?
  6. Directing Inside A Car
  7. orphanage location ?
  8. Financing question
  9. new website to show of my work
  10. Forest location
  11. What kind of direction did Nurse Ratched receive?
  12. Techno Music in movies
  13. Directors outsourcing VFX Q
  14. Shutter Speed / Value / On shooting
  15. Questions Regarding Blocking
  16. Tour video - is this a good idea?
  17. How do you guys manage to find time to shoot features?
  18. Michael Mann's "Heat" scene breakdown
  19. Frameforge vs Storyboard Quick/Artist
  20. Need advice in picking representation
  21. Film budgeting - Where to find good templates?
  22. Shooting Signs...
  23. What factors determine if you're able to shoot in public locations?
  24. Securing a coffee shop location
  25. Music in a feature film
  26. Anyone rented from BudgetVideo ? (I dont work for them)
  27. What are set fees: Producer or Executive Producer
  28. Ever had to deal with an actor that wants to be a director?
  29. What is technical motivation?
  30. How to be a director.
  31. Shooting in public - do I need releases for everything?
  32. Good Project Management Websites
  33. Directing reality TV show
  34. How much trouble if Guerilla footage ever seen?
  35. What does a director do at a table reading?
  36. teaching 7th graders...
  37. Any DGA Directors here?
  38. TV Reality Show Filming questions
  39. what to charge...
  40. Strategies for larger casts.
  41. Help
  42. How can I become the next JJ Abrams
  43. Press conference scene
  44. Tripod or Stabilizer?
  45. Visual Effects Supervisor
  46. Where/How should I hold auditions?
  47. Is Gold Fold The Only AD Wallet Maker?
  48. How do I get people willing to work for free with me?
  49. Campfire scene... Where to shoot it?
  50. Character - Who are they?
  51. Directing Actors
  52. Restaurant scene
  53. FrameForge
  54. an example of a shot...
  55. shaky camera: love or hate?
  56. First Feature Film is 85% done, almost there!
  57. In music videos, do you just blast the song on a stereo to synch the song?
  58. Hiring Name Actors
  59. Is there a central place to find all Film Contest
  60. Limiting myself to commercials a bad idea?
  61. Shooting on a public beach
  62. need some constructive criticism
  63. Maine Workshops. Anyone been?
  64. Any Tips on How to Audition Actors with Minimal Dialog?
  65. Jason Reitman Interview - Good stuff
  66. Filmmaking - is a monitor essential?
  67. Director's Tip: Imagining music score as influence for camera movement
  68. Casting Directors - co$t ?
  69. Advice on cutting a Reel
  70. LA: actors for short films, SAG?
  71. advice of dealing with a "Know it all" writer
  72. On making a period piece
  73. Phillip Seymour Hoffman talks about his directorial debut
  74. Aspiring Director
  75. Technology and Directing
  76. Dealing with a difficult actor
  77. Seeking MIcro Budget Feature advice
  78. Horror Film School Vol. 1: George Romero
  79. Check out the teaser for my short film
  80. DVD film school
  81. Urgent: Nice Idea wanted for Studio
  82. Looking for Ideas for Film Festival
  83. Need some criticisms on my incomplete short film before it is finalized
  84. Walking out on jobs
  85. Shooting with airsoft guns without orange tips
  86. Watch and critique my first short film
  87. child actor (laws, etc) ?
  88. Where you guys ever intimidated when you started out?
  89. Copyright Questions
  90. Watch and critique a commercial I did
  91. Location Permit
  92. Looking for background footage
  93. Director showreel format
  94. How do you handle payment for gigs?
  95. How should I shoot this?
  96. A simple request from an editor...
  97. For sale;Yamaha 01V96 V2 Digital Mixer,Roland G-70 76-key Arranger Keyboard,Pioneer
  98. Finding representation
  99. How hands on should you be?
  100. directing
  101. Film School video tutorials that document the making of an award winning film!
  102. Your Story?
  103. ATTN music video directors what are your rates?
  104. Where to find directors for possible hire
  105. Need advice on formatting a TV show pitch
  106. Help to shoot a bullet hit victim falling to ground in wide shot?
  107. How far would you go to get actors cry?
  108. Tron Sequel
  109. Digital Cinema Filmmaker's Course DVDs -- worth the $ ?
  110. Learning to direct....
  111. DIY Feature budget examples
  112. 2010 Director Roundtable
  113. Directing my first music video..looking for advice.
  114. How much to charge for "viral music video/promo"?
  115. Are there any directors out there telling stories?
  116. Help with short film
  117. Good interview with David Fincher - must read
  118. salary on 300k film
  119. Lighting seems a time killer if you direct as well
  120. Push Push Theater's Directing/Acting workshops
  121. Music video
  122. Best genre to start in?
  123. Actors/Crew: "Employees" or "Independent Contractors" ? (short film)
  124. First Timer Needing Some Advice
  125. Directed a few things, now how to market yourself?
  126. Selling a Spec Commercial
  127. Teaser for my short movie, 'Monster'
  128. Darren Aronofsky's Recommended Reading List
  129. Indie Slate magazine -- #issues/year?
  130. Feedback please.
  131. Do several short shorts, or one longer short?
  132. question rights/ownership to footage you shoot
  133. storyboards: do you do your own or hire someone?
  134. The Hitchcock and Truffaut Tapes
  135. Interesting, director caught "borrowing"
  136. Are you guys friends w/ other directors? Can you be friends w/ other directors?
  137. stupid driving question lol!
  138. DIY Craft Service for one location feature
  139. How do you make a film?
  140. Directing
  141. Learning to Direct - a Critique Opportunity
  142. Have you ever turned down a directing job? If so why?
  143. How to deal with scriptwriter who is against changes!
  144. how to create a reality show?
  145. My new video
  146. Casting: Southern Actors
  147. How to find a directing job before you get an agent
  148. Books on directing actors
  149. Best Script Supervision Software?
  150. Dissolves
  151. Shoe Leather
  152. The King's Speech
  153. Stealing a motel location
  154. How to get name talent!
  155. Necessities
  156. Looking for a Director
  157. Vietnam War Teaser (graphic images) View at your own risk.
  158. Dp Trouble
  159. Releases on crowd recruited for video
  160. Hollywood Camera Works training seminars?
  161. Great Important information for the Aspiring Filmmakers
  162. First feature genre
  163. My Last Day - Short 5D Film Shot in Boston
  164. first shot at directing a music video
  165. Input / Criticism Needed
  166. what's your filmography ... ?
  167. Directors vs. Writers -- emergency, help!
  168. How Important Are Certain Crew Positions on a Microbudget Indie?
  169. At which point should you stop taking other jobs and focus on directing?
  170. Director's Responsibility with Budgets?
  171. Need Opinions on an issue with co-writer
  172. Step or guidelines to become a great Producer?
  173. Question for directors RE: music
  174. Working with Sound Crew
  175. Making independent film in USA when I am a foreigner
  176. Making a DCP (Digital Cinema Package)
  177. Breakfast Fuel
  178. advice on creating interesting establishing shots
  179. is a makeup artist a necessity?
  180. Taking A Different Path To Becoming Director
  181. A great interview with coppola.
  182. Trying to fit a 6 minute story line into 3 minutes (Music Video)
  183. Outstanding article on JJ Abrams
  184. how many pages to schedule for a day?
  185. Corporate Video Planning
  186. significance of co-directing credit?
  187. Would you shoot on a busy street without permission ?
  188. If you shoot your first short would you choose a more unconventional script ?
  189. Directing a corporate interview (solo gig)
  190. Insurance for 4 day shot ?
  191. Methods and System Suggestions for Directing
  192. One shot Music Video
  193. Final Freshmen Film Feedback
  194. Clapperboard - Confused about letters.. need help
  195. PROBLEM/SOLUTION: Directing Decisions!
  196. Why has this song been speeded up?
  197. What did JJ Abrams say to her?
  198. Based on a screenplay, how to set up a shot?
  199. Bigger budget music video than I'm used to. Don't have a clue what to do?
  200. what is the best direction you have ever given on a set to an actor?
  201. How to pitch a movie
  202. Holding auditions in theater/bar unprofessional?
  203. Music Videos - how to make shoot good lip syncing
  204. Is it worth movie to L.A.?
  205. So... how do YOU handle criticism?
  206. Tips for Working With Bad Actors?
  207. what is your goal for 2011 as a director?
  208. Monte Hellman on shooting his feature film with the Canon 5D
  209. 5 things that went wrong during production. Please share.
  210. Where to find a DP and other crew?
  211. Book recommendations for producing?
  212. How much power does a Director have over the screenplay?
  213. Are directors ever 100% satisfied with their films?
  214. 20+ videos to edit in a month
  215. what is the law for EFP
  216. Objectives
  217. Pleas have a look at my showreel
  218. how to show that it is too cold
  219. Finding Actors...
  220. What do you look for in a composer reel?
  221. Filming a Scene with a band
  222. I'm looking for movies with LONGER TAKES like these...help?
  223. It actually causes me pain to do this...
  224. Levels of Identification
  225. Question about using green screen to fix this error.
  226. How to choreograph a fight scene
  227. Morphing between still image sequences to video
  228. Need tips for directing a prize car giveaway...
  229. Does the Director have the right to kick off the EP from the set
  230. Where to live? (for producing/directing indie)
  231. Subjective Value
  232. Slow-Mo scene?
  233. actor wants contract
  234. How many films / projects do you direct a year currently in 2011 Anno Domini
  235. Pilot Script Contract
  236. Should I do this to get an RED Scarlet X??
  237. What words are allowed by the MPAA for a PG-13 Rating?
  238. Short film question
  239. How much gore should I show for this type of story?
  240. Director seeking help
  241. trailer for very indy feature i wrote/directed that screened recently
  242. Do you direct with a tons of description and background or just a few words?
  243. PC storyboard software
  244. What's Nolan got?
  245. Camera shot moves through wall
  246. Hollywood director answering questions
  247. How do REAL directors and editors deal with continuity in these cases?
  248. Trying to deliver a certain type of video for client
  249. my experience making my first low-budget feature
  250. Obsession with "The Industry"...