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  1. With a grain of salt...
  2. question about releasing actor's reels
  3. AFTRA and its implications
  4. Low Budget Short Suggestions
  5. What location is best for this scene?
  6. band performance for music video
  7. whos call?
  8. Cutting a Teaser Trailer
  9. Directing: art imitating life
  10. multiple location dilemma
  11. How personal does your work get?
  12. Music for films
  13. Director's screenplay
  14. Rehearsing
  15. Director's 2-picture deal
  16. Musice video direction vs. film direction
  17. Disorganised record labels!
  18. Credit Cards
  19. Using A Gun In A Movie
  20. Airsoft Guns
  21. Casting dead people
  22. Are Storyboards Really Necessary?
  23. Power Cut Scene
  24. Need Cast & Crew
  25. where to start?
  26. How to handle cancer on screen.
  27. Zombie Movie
  28. James Gunn writer/director Slither Dawn of The Dead, Scooby Doo
  29. Do you PAY your actors for a feature?
  30. Permits in Toronto
  31. Working with Actors
  32. How would you shoot this AMBULANCE IN MOTION shot?
  33. 2 very odd issue i seem to be having
  34. Graying hair
  35. Shots in Order
  36. Type of camrea I have and if its a problem
  37. Music Video Ideas For Me?
  38. Repeated Complex Shot
  39. What should I look for in a producer?
  40. Shooting live band on stage for scene in short film...
  41. Breaks while shooting short scenes
  42. Does anybody here mix handheld with steady shots?
  43. music rights
  44. Ever had to chop your film down in Length?
  45. Is this an unprofessional casting?
  46. Film School
  47. Casting and schedules
  48. Slate sequence
  49. Low-Budget Feature - Best ways to save money -- Worst pitfalls to avoid
  50. Talent Pool
  51. Same Shot Twice?
  52. Where to rent a generator in LA?
  53. Direct & DP?
  54. How I did it...
  55. Post your casting calls
  56. Live interview with Director Michael Lembeck
  57. Live Concert Production
  58. Production companies for everyone
  59. NYC Student Film Permit
  60. how much would you pay for a short script?
  61. Any Film students in NYC?
  62. Actors and bios
  63. Directing wanting help on music copyright issue
  64. Has Anybody Ever Shot A Feature Over an Extended Schedule?
  65. Director talking while shooting
  66. What on earth does "motivation" really mean???
  67. Student-Directed Aquafresh Spot
  68. Background music in coverage
  69. Producers
  70. Residential Locations
  71. Prop Wedding Rings
  72. Ridley Scott on Method Acting
  73. Advice on cutting down length of Feature
  74. How to hold auditions
  75. Directing tips for begginer
  76. Proper Format for Director's Blocking on Screenplay and Storyboard
  77. Help with directing hordes of zombies?
  78. Do you have contracts for your actors?
  79. Is "Independent TV" An Oxymoron?
  80. Looking for a film noir motel room
  81. Becoming a 2nd unit director
  82. Parallel Action Suggestions?
  83. Release forms. Help! Any other forms, paperwork, required by distributors?
  84. Director's reel and resume
  85. Making film with NO script NO actors NO planning...
  86. Using the pc game The Movies for animatics?
  87. Explaining blocking
  88. What are some 'simple' jobs that support directing?
  89. IMDB help. Where to get started as a first time Director.
  90. Directing Kids
  91. Auditions
  92. Holy FREE brilliant animatics program Batman!
  93. Might Green Screen Be Cheaper Than Locations?
  94. Nice quote from the late great Jason Robards...
  95. Short Film Script for Sale to Directors
  96. Buy A Script, Write Your Own Script, Or Hire A Writer?
  97. Good book and DVD about PRODUCTION (help pro director to plan and shoot quickly)
  98. A REAL short-11 pages and One location for sale!
  99. Silhouette Effects
  100. Film festival for commercial spots
  101. Need a person with camers in NY
  102. Need a underground parking lot for scene in LA
  103. okay Kind of Stumped
  104. Adaptable screenwriter available....
  105. RE: Blocking tips, please help...
  106. Character description / auditioning
  107. about storyboard
  108. A question for students studying camera
  109. best way to direct a argument scene?
  110. Process of slating...(not sure where else to post this)
  111. not a good start when everyone is laughing during a horror shoot.. lol
  112. Studying in the US
  113. Do you have LIABILITY INSURANCE when filming?
  114. anyone renting their HVX in NYC? short film....
  115. TV and Film Festivals
  116. Putting together a short film (questions)
  117. Film Festivals
  118. licensing?
  119. DIY (Literally) Film
  120. Speech Pacing question
  121. What if there really was Free Stock Video
  122. Lesson I learned....
  123. Directing actors who primarily work on stage
  124. Zak's Guide to Auditioning Your Actors
  125. technical treatment
  126. Dealing with No-Shows (or deadbeats)
  127. 25 page short over one weekend.
  128. I'm doing my first casting call... suggestions?
  129. Antics 3.1 special
  130. Communicating camera timing with crew
  131. liability insurance
  132. NYFA 8 week workshop
  133. Working with a casting director
  134. How do you spot a good director?
  135. Need help for a small video
  136. Quentin Tarantino's First A.D live interview
  137. best format for editing videos
  138. Videography/Directing Resumes
  139. Bad day today...what would you do?
  140. 61.Cannes Film Festival!!
  141. RIP Sydney Pollack
  142. Location permits, Help Please!
  143. Advice on how to cope with medical emergencies...
  144. How are you financing your films?
  145. Short film to market feature script
  146. Other filmmaking communities/blogs?
  147. Suggestions for a 24 year old lead actor
  148. Travelling
  149. I just fired an 8-year-old. I'm going to hell!!!
  150. Shotlist Creation Process?
  151. SAG actors and non-SAG
  152. Filmaka New Contest
  153. Dare2direct.com
  154. Technical Knowledge
  155. SAG actors question
  156. Unofficial music videos
  157. Body parts needed for horror film
  158. Finding actors who will work for free
  159. Need an LA Filmmaker / Director
  160. Filming my first documentary
  161. Need a filmmaker
  162. My short film
  163. I want to direct a music video...
  164. anyone want to share their actor contacts?
  165. grindhouse / exploitation films
  166. how to get inexperienced actors to project their voice
  167. Building characters
  168. Acting forum poll
  169. Actors trying to take over my role, director!!!
  170. Feature Film; filming skyscrapers, skyscrapers, government buildings, schools, houses
  171. Who Likes to Stick to Just One Genre?
  172. Putting Together a Crew
  173. Anybody looking for an Indiana Jones style action flik?
  174. Using Sag Talent
  175. Makeup, does a Drama film really need it? Can I take role as makeup artist?
  176. Finding A or B actors? Hunt them down on IMBD best method? Call agencies?
  177. Cost of renting backlot at studios
  178. Switching majors
  179. I Need A Little Help
  180. Freelance TV directing Pay???
  181. Directing first professional short
  182. Horror Feature Available for Purchase
  183. Charismatic actors
  184. Industry Magazines, News, and Secrets
  185. Frame by Frame with a Bad Boys 1 Action Scene
  186. Highschool Students First Film
  187. Help with opening scene
  188. Another Copyright Question. Using video games, or controllers in a film without permi
  189. Has anyone ever shot in the rain?
  190. Where to go from here--
  191. Grant to shoot a feature
  192. Anybody know what an executive summary is
  193. Interviewing your DP
  194. Getting a QUICK celebrity cameo
  195. Cisco Film-Making Contest
  196. Director's Monitor
  197. Buying a short script -- logistics ?
  198. General Approach on a Music Video
  199. Scripts through actor's websites instead of agents
  200. Collaboration for serious projects
  201. Free clients giving me pain.
  202. Pheonix - Run Run Run
  203. Location: ask or don't ask ?
  204. Question about Director's pay.
  205. Canadian Film Centre
  206. Directors looking for Scripts for Festivals
  207. Live interview with Director of new Heather Graham, Jerry O'Connell movie
  208. film financing 101 - from investors, to financial brokers
  209. Places to hold auditions in L.A.
  210. Standard Demo Reel for Directors?
  211. Talking with multiple actors about roles
  212. universal pics casing department
  213. My DP has lost his mind ...
  214. How to make a wire system to hold actor, as if flying, or links to how movie stunts ?
  215. DVD extras with Editing features
  216. Questions from professors
  217. comments on a first video
  218. Directing Behind the Scenes
  219. Duties of an AD
  220. Shooting Elevator Scenes
  221. Cheap domain hosts for official movie websites? Yahoo or tripod?
  222. working with Fire
  223. Commercial Advice, Help, Direction, Dangers, Don't Do's...etc.
  224. Giant director's lens?
  225. Lipsyncing v. Actual Singing for music video
  226. Using video games in my movies
  227. Help with Nudity in a Sex Scene
  228. Getting options for editing
  229. Shot List for AD
  230. Upcoming live interview with writer/director James Gunn
  231. Don't be bullied... A lesson from the field.
  232. Hey Need help with a music video treatment with a budget of 5 grand
  233. How does one make directing a full time job?
  234. Client Testimonials?
  235. Directing Actors Privately or Publically
  236. Actors who breach contract
  237. Is producing a good pathway for directing?
  238. Interesting comment from Sidney Pollack
  239. The etiquette of asking strangers for money
  240. 4 movies that Spielberg watches
  241. cinematographer to director
  242. going from no budegt to mid 5 figure budget
  243. Extras crossing in the foreground
  244. Directors that shoot a high number of takes
  245. The look of Independent Film
  246. Directing dilemma I've got myself in
  247. double action-what software ?? help please
  248. Lined script
  249. Production Design books
  250. Tarkovski's message to us