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  1. Varicam pricing
  2. Varicam 35 Help/Forum?
  3. Varicam Super 35 frame grabs
  4. S35 Varicam Grabs / Posts / Clips (coming)
  5. Varicam Super 35 - my first 4K AVC-Ultra 4:4:4 short test
  6. Varicam Short - Going Back
  7. Understanding New Varicam 4K Dual ISO
  8. VaricamLT: Panasonic VariCam LT
  9. Panasonic VariCam LT Specs Revealed
  10. VariCam LT Low Light Footage
  11. VariCam LT Financing Options Now Available, 0% 90 Days No Payments
  12. Do LUTs exist for the Varicam's Film-Rec Curve?
  13. Varicam LT & New Blackmagic design viewfinder combo
  14. Varicam lt hard case
  15. Varicam 35 and LT forum is here!
  16. VaricamLT: Varicam LT First Impressions
  17. Getting high (ISO) on MTV's "Mary + Jane"
  18. VaricamLT: Post with 2K LT files
  19. Codecs
  20. Type 3 Metadata
  21. VaricamLT: Varicam LT Firmware Update schedule
  22. VaricamLT: "Field testing the Panasonic Varicam LT: a hands-on review for solo shooters"
  23. VaricamLT: Abel's new LT scene files available
  24. VaricamLT: ABLE CINE VARICAM LT Scene Files
  25. Varicam LT / looking for ungraded Vlog Stills
  26. VaricamLT: Visit to Panasonic, Osaka with the VaricamLT team
  27. VaricamLT: Short infrared test.
  28. VaricamLT: LT Firmware update scheduled 19 July
  29. VaricamLT: Newbie questions
  30. VaricamLT: 3.0 Firmware now available.
  31. VaricamLT: Mic Attachments?
  32. VaricamLT: Battery Belt clip solution
  33. VaricamLT: Contax adapter
  34. How does 1080p 444 look on this cam?
  35. What about the other Varicam Models?
  36. interesting camera shootout
  37. Little Ambient Video I Shot On My Varicam With My Rex Rabbit
  38. VaricamLT: Help with a few Varicam LT settings
  39. VaricamLT: Ingesting Media Workflow
  40. Questions about my Varicam 27
  41. VaricamLT: Video: VariCam LT Infrared Footage, I.R. Filter Removed
  42. How To: Speed Ramp with Varicam 27 & KiPro Mini
  43. VaricamLT: Horizontal line on Varicam LT
  44. How Can I check if my Varicam has the latest software installed?
  45. is Film-Rec a LOG capture or Rec.709
  46. VaricamLT: Varicam LT, Scarlet-W or something else?
  47. Varicam35: Bad Santa 2
  48. NEW Varicam Pure
  49. Ursa Mini 4.6k to Varicam LT upgrade.
  50. VARICAM LT Raw Firmware
  51. VaricamLT: Setting up the Varicam LT and suggestions for future firmware
  52. Varicam35: Possible to use LT EF mount on V35?
  53. VaricamLT: Shooting a 10 minute single take short with LT
  54. VaricamLT: Selling my LT
  55. Varicam won't mount to tripod with rod adapter
  56. VaricamLT: Audio output via SDI and Odyssey 7Q audio issue
  57. Any other Varicam HDC27 users out there ?
  58. VaricamLT: Open Iris FA
  59. VaricamLT: Varicam LT for Solo Owner-Operator?
  60. Critical Firmware update - VariCam35 (Do before 1 December 2016)
  61. VaricamLT: EF lenses compatible with Varicam LT
  62. VaricamLT: Converging Beams
  63. VaricamLT: FCPX 10.3 Supports LT Codec
  64. VariCam35 and LT Owner Operators Location Map - Add Yourself!
  65. I believe my camera body was once owned by Able Cine Tech
  66. Premiere Pro 2017 and LT Codec
  67. Old Panasonic Varicam LUT?????
  68. Dynamic Range Stetching in Varicam s35/LT
  69. VARICAM LT Package rebates $4500
  70. Varicam LT raw samples
  71. VaricamLT: Black Friday sale for Odyssey options
  72. Noticing strange motion with Varicam & KiProMini
  73. Quick Questions
  74. VaricamLT: VariCam LT Software (Firmware) Update Data
  75. Memory Of Linda -- Shot On Varicam LT
  76. VaricamLT: Metadata Display in Davinci Resolve
  77. What happened to VaricamUser.com?
  78. WHICH OLD P2 cards will work in the New Varicams
  79. VaricamLT: Fast turnaround.
  80. SD Lenses that would work with Varicam 720p?
  81. Slow Motion Snow & Varicam
  82. VaricamLT: Odyssey 7Q and Varicam LT output
  83. VaricamLT: SDI out 2 quit working.
  84. Art Film shot on HDC27HP Varicam & Go Pro Hero 5 Black
  85. NEW PBS Nature Documentary Shot on Varicam HDC27
  86. Looking for Varicam branded Shirts and Hats
  87. VaricamLT: New Varicam LT Firmware 5.0 Coming Feb 6
  88. VaricamLT: Varicam LT - First impressions
  89. Speed booster for the LT?
  90. New cash rebate
  91. VaricamLT: Raw to prores
  92. HDC27 Varicam Upres to 4K Test.
  93. Poor performance from Varicam LT at ISO 5000 using AVC Intra-LT codec
  94. Amazing Performace from HDC27H Varicam & Pro35 Today!
  95. Varicam ROP App
  96. Battery Solutions for Varicam LT
  97. Varicam35: Shooting "Cassandra French's Finishing School"
  98. VaricamLT: 为什么他拍的夜晚画面如此洁净?
  99. VaricamLT: Panasonic VariCam LT + Sigma Cine Zooms 18-35mm and 50-100mm real world short test
  100. I've create a folder full of LUTs made for Film Rec Gamma
  101. Only Stereo Mics work with the VaricamLT
  102. VaricamLT: Dumb E-mount adapter for the LT?
  103. Varicam 27H: little video of snowstorm in Chicago
  104. VaricamLT: Wireless HD for the Varicam LT
  105. Steps I should take to get flattest and widest dynamic range from Varicam HDC27
  106. VaricamLT: I'm back
  107. Varicam HS or LT for wildlife and sports productions
  108. Varicam Mini ?
  109. VaricamLT: Additional Lens Mounts for the Varicam LT
  110. Varicam35: Netflix show "13 Reasons Why" Shot on Varicam 35
  111. Better Call Saul?
  112. Varicam Questions
  113. Varicam LT IR pollution - Clean Blacks.
  114. EVA1: Panasonic AU-EVA1! Announcement and latest updates
  115. VaricamLT: 2K240p RAW coming for VariCam LT
  116. VaricamLT: Selecting different color profiles is changing ISO automatically
  117. Future Test: Old Tech (Varicam H) vs New Tech (LUMIX G7)
  118. VaricamLT: 2k444, no VFR?
  119. Varicam LT ROP App and WIFI Dongle
  120. Can you unscrew the focus hooks on the LT?
  121. VaricamLT: Can the Varicam LT Record to the Shogun Inferno Without P2 cards in camera?
  122. San Francisco Bay Area Varicam Owners
  123. 2K AVC Intra vs. Prores
  124. VaricamLT: Varicam Audio in Premiere CC
  125. VaricamLT: LT in the Rain
  126. VaricamLT: on the latest series-- "Ryan Hansen Solves Crimes on Television"
  127. EVA1 Dual ISO Speculation
  128. VaricamLT: Questions and Feature Requests for the Varicam LT
  129. EVA1: Brief Chat with Taka Mitsu, Chief Engineer on the EVA1
  130. VaricamLT: New LT firmware is out.
  131. Varicam Forum heading is changing
  132. VaricamLT: Luts for LT
  133. VaricamLT: EF Mount with Wireless Follow Focus
  134. VaricamLT: P-Tap Fuse
  135. Camera not powering up. P-tap mounted wrong way round.
  136. Varicam 35 vs Varicam LT Questions
  137. Locking Nikon - EF Mount?
  138. VaricamLT: New type of external recorder for LT (and other cameras)?
  139. VaricamLT: once again, high ISO to the rescue
  140. VaricamLT: Monitor compatibility in 4k
  141. VaricamLT: 5-Pin XLR Mic
  142. VaricamLT: Lightweight zooms
  143. VaricamLT: Fujinon Cabrio 20-120 Record Button not working?
  144. EVA1: EVA1 8/3/17 Press Release and Specifications
  145. EVA1: Hands on with working EVA1 Updated for Day 2 shooting.
  146. VaricamLT: VariCam LT and GH5 side by side test shots, V-log, 120 FPS
  147. VaricamLT: Varicam Footage Thread
  148. VaricamLT: Varicam LT Demo Footage
  149. Solar Eclipse Footage From Varicam H
  150. EVA1: Your proxy hands on the EVA1
  151. EVA1: Screenings & hands-on
  152. AVC Intra-LT and Resolve 14
  153. EVA1: My EVA1 FILM...
  154. Panasonic AG-UX90 vs Sony PXW-X70
  155. VaricamLT: Shot on Varicam LT: Ryan Hansen Solves Crimes on Television
  156. EVA1: C100 Mark II vs. Sony FS5 or Canon C200 or Panasonic AU-EVA1
  157. Varicam, EVA1 and Professional Imaging support in Canada
  158. EVA1: New EVA1 footage is here
  159. VaricamLT: General Odyssey 7Q question: grid pattern
  160. EVA1: Panasonic EVA1 in Austin Tonight 6-9PM at AFS Cinema
  161. Varicam HDC27H not getting any signal to Nanoflash.
  162. Atomos Shogun Inferno new firmware & Varicam LT
  163. Aurora Borealis in real time with the Varicam LT
  164. HBO's "The Deuce" shot on Varicam 35
  165. Glass for EVA-1
  166. Is the AJ HPX3700 Varicam finally dead?
  167. EVA1: Are you ugrading to, or buying the EVA1 ?
  168. EVA1: Anyone Received Notice Regarding Delivery of your EVA1?
  169. EVA1 as B-Cam to Varicam LT
  170. VaricamLT: Workflow for shooting anamorphic with the LT for a 2K DCI delivery
  171. don't forget to register your EVA1
  172. EVA1: Recommended EVF for EVA?
  173. EVA1 User Tips and Tricks
  174. EVA1 feature requests / future updates.
  175. EVA1: EVA1 User Footage Compilation
  176. EVA1: EVA1 4k variable frame rate 10 bit?
  177. Lens Adapter for HPX170
  178. EVA1: Wooden Camera to offer PL mount modification kit for EVA1
  179. EVA1: New Master Information Thread for the EVA1
  180. EVA1: Hard to edit files
  181. EVA1 - Ursa Mini pro comparison
  182. EVA1: EVA1 Grip Improvement Update & Serial #'s of EVA1 Camera Requiring New Grips
  183. Mounting C Mount lenses on a B4 Varicam
  184. EVA1: My vlog got fancy, shot it in vlog! :-P
  185. EVA1: EVA 1 Headphone Jack high-frequency noise
  186. EVA1: Need info on matching EVA/GH4/GH5 on multicam shoots
  187. EVA1: Panasonic EVA1 Availability at Texas Media Systems
  188. entail / EVA1
  189. Varicam LT vs EVA
  190. EVA1: Your EVA1 tips and tricks
  191. Good Deals on the EVA1 - UK
  192. EVA1: EF mount - max weight
  193. EVA1: Information about scene files?
  194. VaricamLT: Lost another SDI output
  195. Question
  196. Recommended kit for the EVA1
  197. EVA 1 No Iris Control With Canon Lens
  198. EVA1: EVA1 and Canon 18-80mm autofocus issue
  199. EVA1: Test footage: slow-mo and golf
  200. VaricamLT: Cinema5D : Is the Panasonic Varicam LT a Game-Changer?
  201. EVA1: Quirks or issues, anyone?
  202. 1.4x crop in the EVA 1
  203. No Waveform, Zebras or Peaking Without LCD Attached
  204. EVA1: EVA1 and the Canon EF-S 17-55/2,8 IS
  205. EVA1: Panasonic EVA1 0% Promo Increased to 24 Months Texas Media Systems
  206. VaricamLT: LDS (Lens Data System), does it work?
  207. EVA1: Zacuto Recoil Rig VS...?
  208. EVA1: New firmware
  209. HELP: Clean SDI to Atomos with Panasonic EVA-1
  210. EVA1: Focus Peaking "Invalid" after One Push Auto Focus
  211. Varicam35: Panasonic V-Log LUT doesn't look right in FCP X - is this a bug in FCP X or the VC-HS
  212. Varicam LT Proxy Attach Error in Adobe
  213. EVA1: Accurate V-Log-Exposure and Clipping values
  214. Safely Removing Sun Shade from EVA
  215. Kinotehnik Viewfinder for EVA-1
  216. VaricamLT: Strange issue in clip
  217. EVA1: Rain Cover for EVA1
  218. EVA1 Scene Files/Gamma Types
  219. Shooting VLOG with 709 monitor lut on?
  220. EVA1 lcd monitor a little dark
  221. Canon zoom 24-70 2.8 issue?
  222. Peaking and zebra
  223. Where do you get your VLOG luts?
  224. EVA1: Couple questions for owners
  225. EVA1: Panasonic EVA1 Video Series with Mitch Gross
  226. Exposing for hlg gamma
  227. EVA1: Finding a Gimbal for the EVA1
  228. Panasonic au-eva1 test footage
  229. EVA1: Eva1 test footage graded for hdr
  230. EVA1: Odyssey 7Q+/SDI Out Questions
  231. New EVA1 Review
  232. Idea for Panasonic Camera Accessory
  233. EVA1: High speed on Atomos/Odyssey7q
  234. EVA1: V60 SDXC cards
  235. VaricamLT: Firmware bug
  236. Will this sony card be ok to use with eva1?
  237. EVA1: Price drop in UK?
  238. VaricamLT: Owners Input / Experiences
  239. Slo-mo recording options
  240. EVA1 Firmware question
  241. EVA1: Opinions / Thoughts from those who switched to EVA 1 from Canon C100 mk i / ii
  242. EVA-1 Super16 window mode?
  243. EVA1 and Canon 10-22
  244. EVA1: New firmware install tutorial & 2.02 version test footage
  245. EVA1: Differences between Long GOP and All I
  246. EVA1: Barry's new EVA1 book
  247. Atomos and FCP support ProRes RAW for EVA1 and VariCam LT - press release
  248. EVA1: Panasonic EVA1 Just Approved for Netflix
  249. EVA1: Eva1 240 fps slow motion test
  250. EVA1: Atomos Ninja V - RAW via HDMI?