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  22. anybody using MLUTs for monitoring?
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  30. Cine-ei
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  48. Better late than never :)
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  60. So, the state of things in 2014
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  62. the worst test footage you've ever seen
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  70. Haiti - Colleagues in Care FTG
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  100. Goodbye everybody, I've got to go (F65)
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  105. Just saw Planet Terror
  106. Viewfinder Power?
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  111. F65: Lucy - feature film
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  123. How do you transport your cameras?
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  125. Lisa IBN - Sony F35 + O7Q + Ultraprimes - great doc work
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  128. Power Questions
  129. Letus Color Temp & ND Fader
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  136. Christopher Norman "Sacrifice" (Music video, F35 + Phantom)
  137. Sensitivity
  138. Dre Trav - Rare Flowers (Music Video w/ Sony F35)
  139. Crash/Low Cost B Cam?
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  148. Optar or Sony Cinealta lens
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  153. which SSD's are you using?
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  165. Baseplate options
  166. Alexa 4:3 Plus $4,150.00
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  176. New varicam?
  177. new reel
  178. 7Q+ F35 422 50p
  179. 7Q+ Accessories ???
  181. F65: Tomorrowland (Full Trailer)
  182. Alexa sxt why they can and we can’t?
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  184. F/Nikon mount lenses
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  189. Sony F35 Modding
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  191. DCIM DCI3 color profile
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  193. PIX-E recorders
  194. The Genesis, by the way...
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  198. F65: Lucy - I loved how it looked
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  200. Hi guys! i need your help!
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  218. My new DoP site
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  222. F23?
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