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  1. dvxuser and FS700 forum
  2. FS body Camcorder with full-frame sensor
  3. Nex7
  4. Re: NEX5N + External Monitor = Reduction in Overheating?
  5. Re: NEX7 / NEX5N Audio Controls / Mic in?
  6. Help. Sony FS100 firmware update.
  7. NEX-VG900 and VG30
  8. FS700 Delays
  9. Zunow 11-16mm f2.8 emount lens
  10. Iris blades visible with kit lens18-200
  11. Something super secret will be unveiled on Wednesday
  12. Sony NEX EA-50 test footage: Concerns expressed over autofocus performance
  13. A99
  14. FF VG900 hands-on !
  15. La-ea3
  16. Nex just got great
  17. Will NEW SEL18200PZ 18-200mm Power Zoom E-mount lens work with Sony fs700??
  18. Where's my Sony E mount 16-50 2.8 ????
  19. Chinese EF adaptor with electronic iris control for Sony E-Mount
  20. VG900 AF with FF lenses slower than f3.5??
  21. Just goofin at the park. playing with 60fps/24 timeline stuff
  22. Differences between FS100, VG900 and A99
  23. Oh Nooo......4K at 1K FPS
  24. Re: Sony Alpha DSLR for Video
  25. Anyone used the Sigma 17-50 2.8 OS lens?
  26. Need advice on which camera for Event/Wedding videography.
  27. Canon EF-S vs. Sony Alpha lenses for FS700?
  28. FS-700 with RM1BP Remote Commander
  29. pix220i as monitor
  30. If You Could Pick 3-5 Lenses...
  31. Price of NEX5R is exorbitant
  32. FS700 in Central florida?
  33. FS700 Gear Kit
  34. Buying Dilemma - Please help me decide on three cameras
  35. What filters live on your lenses?
  36. Hoya UV filters - differences?
  37. The Rising
  38. Super Slow Motion (60+ fps) is amazing... Are there any alternatives?
  39. Sony VG900 and A99 at Texas Media Systems TODAY at 3:30 in Austin
  40. A99 promo
  41. F5 on Oct 30th
  42. Nex-7 nokton f0.95 25mm
  43. Sony SLT-A99
  44. Sony 85mm f/2.8 Alpha vs. Tamron SP 90mm f/2.8 (for FS700)
  45. FS700 Documentary plus Water Footage
  46. FS700 in F Series Announcement
  47. Sony NEX E-Mount Live Internet TV Show (CameraDiner)
  48. FS700 Documentary in post production- Sample Footage
  49. Manually adjust gain with FS700?
  50. VG900 or A99 for mainly video work with some stills thrown in?
  51. FS700 surf video
  52. Sony NEX-VG900 Shipping! Texas Media Systems
  53. What do FX and FH stand for on FS700?
  54. FS cameras, Metabones 1 vs Metabones 2
  55. Nex 5n (wedding guest)
  56. A99 discussion
  57. sony on board monitor lag... why doesn't this seem bother anybody??
  58. NEX 5R for Video?
  59. Retrieve NEXFS700 video after recording via software
  60. sony nex6 overheat
  61. Hyperdeck Shuttle 2 now does ProRes.
  62. FS700 shutter speed in footage (via FCP)
  63. Last scene button stopped working...
  64. ZEISS Compact Prime VS. low Budget Sony Lens on FS700
  65. Zeiss 85mm causing black screen on FS700
  66. Sony NEX-EA50UH in stock at B&H
  67. Sony fs700 multi rig swimmer shoot
  68. E.C. & Sony event -NYC December 6, 2012 - See the new PMW-F5 in Action
  69. Metabones V2 doesn't seem to fit properly
  70. Unofficial Music Video Shot On NEX5N
  71. SEL18-200PZ 11x E-mount Servo Zoom Lens- When and how much ?
  72. Sony FS700 and Large Telephoto Lenses
  73. FS-700 Picture Profile for Night
  74. NEX-FS700 Workflow Interface Pics.
  75. Sony fs700 high flyin dirt bike movie
  76. Flat picture style 240fps skateboarding in Barcelona with canon lenses
  77. Sony NEX-EA50 download original media card from music video shoot: 130MB
  78. remote record start/stop for FS700 (crane shooting)
  79. Sony NEX-EA50 1080 60p workflow with FCP 7: Two free convertors to use
  80. Sennheiser EW100 G3, FS700 interference issue
  81. sony NX 5 (video camera): Auto White Balance, manual apeture (Iris)?
  82. sony nex 7/6/5r/5n video shooters: media = overheating?
  83. Image Quality of Sony HXR-NX5U NXCAM vs Sony NEX-EA50 ?
  84. Anyone in LA can rent a LA-EA2 adapter and alpha zoom lens?
  85. My search for a new camera begins here, experienced NEX-FS700 & PMW-200 users welcome
  86. Some aerial shots on a NEX-5N
  87. Just bought a NEX-5, any recommendations?
  88. Mark a clip or index marker while shooting
  89. New Short Film - shot at night with available light on Nex5n
  90. Anyone use the Metabones Mark 2 with latest firmware: Green Power mode?
  91. Chinese Steadicam Stabilizer - Laing M-02
  92. 90sec short - Shot on FS100
  93. DRO (dynamic range optimisation in move mode)
  94. Show off your Sony E-Mount Rig
  95. FS100 Newbie question
  96. Quick Comparison of the Picture Profiles on the NEX-5N
  97. FS100 Workflow Details
  98. Problems with some lighting conditions
  99. Blue Angels/CrossFit piece shot on Nex5n
  100. (UK) Just bought a EA50 .. but want to sell the servo zoom lens!
  101. Can anybody point to footage which doesn't have the sony look?
  102. DNxHD vs AVCHD and workflows
  103. Monitor for Fs100,mine is dead, looking to buy new one
  104. Samurai DNxHD more contrasty than AVCHD...
  105. NEX-EA50UH and FCPX......please help.
  106. Is any one using the NEX-EA50UH.
  107. Any Miami Users?
  108. New Project- Omerica Organic (mix of FS-100 and 700)
  109. FS700 RAW available in July (2013):
  110. FS100/700 Starting Lens Kit - thouhgts
  111. 70-200mm f/2.8
  112. Sony FS100 help
  113. Matching the NEX-EA50 to the FS700
  114. Nex 5r ....any users ?
  115. Some questiones about NEX cameras (focus peaking, video quality, Minolta adapter)
  116. Matching FS100 to RED footage
  117. Epic VS FS100
  118. NEX Camera Workflow
  119. External HD's for AVCHD footage storage?
  120. Choices for glass in 2013?
  121. Another How-To-Change-My-Picture-Profiles-Thread
  122. vg 30 and canon xf 100
  123. Documentary about the Little 500 using the FS100 + Speed Booster
  124. Fusilli A short movie made while testing a lens
  125. FS100 and V-Locks question
  126. Laing M-02 Stabilizer
  127. Hong Kong stop-over: a short movie
  128. FS100 / FS700 Ball mount or Center Column Tripod
  129. Introduction, New Member, and a question about lenses....
  130. Sony FS700 Test with post-production and heavy grading
  131. Teaser trailer to my post apocalyptic film, shot on FS100
  132. The making of Coldplay LIVE 2012 Concert Film shot on Sony Nex Cameras
  133. FS700 Slow Motion Function. Can Someone Explain This For Me?
  134. FS700 Out In The Elements for Adventure/Travel Show?
  135. FS700 video - Skateboard Spot, but not your usual.
  136. NEW Convergent Designs OLED 7" monitor / RAW recorder
  137. Laing M02 + FS700 Stabilizer in Action!
  138. Question - Samyang Lens on FS700. Do I need an adapter for full frame?
  139. New music video shot on FS700 and 5D Mark II- lighting helps them work togther
  140. New camera advice, NEX EA50U?
  141. Sony FS700 Corrupt MTS Files! Help!
  142. FS700 vs. C300 vs. C100 with ER
  143. FS 700 Windsurfing Clip with some water shots
  144. First Look at the Phantom Flex 4K - Shoot up to 1000fps in 4K
  145. metabones speed booster with Tokina 11-16 dx
  146. Which profile
  147. Epic mini-doc about Ultra Music Festival - NEX5n, Metabones Speedbooster
  148. Mft Vogtlander 25mm 0.95 lense on the fs700
  149. Can Zeiss ZF Nikon mount lenses work on the metabones speed boost?
  150. Is Speedgrade support AVCHD natively?
  151. FS700 Included Mic on a Boompole?
  152. The Kitchen feature film shot on FS100
  153. HDMI monitor for NEX7 under us$400?
  154. Aerial Video of Surfing - Shot on a Sony
  155. Can I use my Tokina 11-16mm with my FS700 & Speed Booster
  156. completely manual fisheye zoom or ultra wide angle zoom?
  157. new Sigma glass looks interesting...18-35mm 1.8 constant
  158. Rig suggestion for FS700
  159. NEX + speedbooster + Sigma 18-35mm f1.8?
  160. Underwater housing with the Nex 5n?
  161. In stock: metabones speed booster
  162. New chinese Nikon - NEX - speedbooster, $200
  163. FS100 for event/Wedding films Picture profile recommendation
  164. FS700 / FS100 Shoulder rig - filming taller people.
  165. Low contrast / ultra contrast filters with the NEX series?
  166. 16-70(ish?)mm lens for FS700
  167. $199 focal reducer speed booster adapter Pentax PK K to Sony NEX 3 5 6 7 FS700 FS100
  168. NEX and Chinese Canon AF Adapter Problems
  169. How ro calibrate ikan 5" monitor?
  170. NX5U and Ninja 2
  171. Memory stick less prone to overheat?
  172. Base frame rate for slow motion on FS700
  173. FS700 toggling zebras between 75/100 IRE
  174. Anyone try the SEL 10-88 f4?
  175. Shoulder Rig for Events Filming
  176. quick shot with nex-5n
  177. Fs700 footage stutter issue, dropped frames?
  178. Small Space, big windows.
  179. eos to nex booster problems on tokina and tamron glass
  180. Leica-M lenses on FS100
  181. Sony NEX VG 900
  182. NX5U clamp mounted on the handle ??
  184. Overlay picture for match frames
  185. Lenses for FS700
  186. FS700 Slow Motion + High Shutter
  187. Movcam grip relocator for fs700, how to attach
  188. Review: Viltrox EF to NEX Smartadapter
  189. Rainbow Imaging M42 adapter interferes with lens rear element (review)
  190. FS700 Footage looks like it is stuttering?
  191. FS700 shooting LCD monitors
  192. FS700 + Flicker Free Lighting
  193. Sony NEX-VG10 + Super Takumar Super Multi Coated 50mm f1.4 test
  194. Laing Steadicam Dynamic Balancing
  195. Tokina 12-24mm for Indoors
  196. A wide, fast lens with AF support?
  197. FS100 external monitor question
  198. Almost bought an NEX-EA50
  199. Looking for a digital camera with composite out put plzzzz !!!!!???????
  200. What do you guys think of Alphatron evf?
  201. FS700, Short film for the SyFy Channel
  202. Cineform Question???
  203. Best Camera for Vlogging | NEX5R
  204. Looking up for NX5e spare lcd panel.
  205. Some Audio Questions on the VG30
  206. FS100 would not turn off
  207. Another set of FS 100 MUSIC Videos'
  208. Sony FS 100 - Some (techinical) questions
  209. Odyssey 7Q: LUT for Sony FS700 SLog2 ?
  210. Odyssey 7Q: aftermarket SSDs ?
  211. How to make myselfe rain cover for fs100
  212. Wide Range Zoom on Metabones
  213. Starter rig for FS100
  214. I bought a Speedbooster, couldn't help but put it against the res chart...
  215. Klong - a short movie
  216. Someone beat us to it... 4K camera for under $4,000
  217. Sony Modern Alernative to Canon XF300?
  218. Difference between Cinema DNG and RAW
  219. Shaving my Leitz Leica-R lenses for use with the SpeedBooster
  220. FS700 codec
  221. Noisey footage with sony fs700
  222. Speed Booster test wide open 85mm 1.2 on FS700
  223. NX5 in a Coma
  224. One Shot
  225. New E-mount Lenses
  226. New Sony 4K Camera
  227. Speedbooster and Canon 24-70 focusing issue
  228. Batter charger panic
  229. Who Owns a VG30??? I have audio questions?
  230. NEXBombshell SemiOPro ILC /Alpha 7000 E-mount IBIS & Z-Shift
  231. First day shooting with new FS700. Ungraded footage + Question
  232. New SONY NEX-FS700R & NEX-FS700RH Premiere at IBC
  233. NEX-6 - Thoroughly impressed
  234. Rokinon 85mm T1.5 Cine Lens - Not recognized on NEX 5-R
  235. FS100 video shot with G-Log Ultimate Profile
  236. v3.0.1 Firmware update - does it need to go back again after v3.0
  237. SONY FS700 coupled with IFR5/ R5...ideal set up for run n' gun style
  238. Odyssey 7Q - loupe?
  239. Re: Fraudulent FS100 ebay listing: 300967531453
  240. BH Photo Invoice // ORDER: 361653220, CUSTOMER CODE: 55276453
  241. SONY FS100 FUTURE FIRMWARE? (are Sony giving up on our little s35 low light warrior?
  242. Metabones Vs Chinese Cheaper Versions on Ebay
  243. Slow Mo Video Booth with the FS700
  244. Best workflow for regular to slow motion mid clip?
  245. MX-5 Miata thrashed in super slow motion! Share your slow motion vehicle shots!
  246. Short Shot on FS100 with metabones adapter and Canon EF Lenses
  247. FS700 + Speedbooster users, get in here!
  248. Stepping up the sound for the FS100, advice appreciated!
  249. Market Value?
  250. My Sigma 18-35 1.8 just found a friend...