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  1. Lighting Decision Opinions Please
  2. B&H Impact light kit
  3. Lanternlock China Balls: Opinions?
  4. Books like "Reflections: 21 Cinematographers at Work"
  5. Softbox and Flashlight?
  6. matte or gloss background finish
  7. What's the inner diameter of a grip head?
  8. Low noise CFL lights for Studio Use
  9. help choosing a light
  10. Case for 1x1 LED lightpanels?
  11. Best on camera light for Prosumer camcorders and HDslr's?
  12. Lighting Solutions Forest
  13. Hard light and snoot/spot effects with fluorescent
  14. How would you shoot this?
  15. green screen ?s
  16. Arri Lighting Kits - ENG - News room setup
  17. best flourescent kit for rental company
  18. Has any tried this dual temperature 1000 LED
  19. lighting a 20X20 eefx or chroma-key.com green screen...
  20. Gel kit/set for matching daylight and light effects?
  21. Lighting in the rain?
  22. Dimmed lighting - an intensive scene
  23. Lighting a scene set in a dark room?
  24. On Camera LED lights
  25. Cases for Coolights?
  26. Kino Foto-Flo 400 vs Kino Flo 4Bank
  27. Practical Volt/Amp/Lighting Help
  28. How to Use Analogue Light Meter?
  29. Flolights kit tested
  30. I need tips on how to properly light an interview with a black BG
  31. Any good Starter lighting kits
  32. Best Way To Use Fresnels?
  33. Looking for some examples of light intensity in lux
  34. Methods for "smoking up" an exterior.
  35. Best lighting kit for $1500-2000
  36. Shooting outside bar at night.
  37. HELP! Can't identify maker on 2K softlight
  38. Bardwell & Mcalister Baby Spotlight 1K light is that same as B&M 1K 'Keg Lite'?
  39. Need Help rewiring a Desisti Leonardo 1K
  40. Buying lights. Please reply ASAP!
  41. Advice on Lighting a Small Space for an Indoor Scene?
  42. Coollights.biz Light Stands?
  43. Having trouble replicating a lighting style???
  44. rotolight 48-a
  45. DIY scrims for outside use
  46. Best affordable greenscreen kit. Care to suggest any?
  47. LA lighting rentals - any suggestions?
  48. Quick Help with Extension Cord Wattage Question
  49. I need to piece together a light kit
  50. light repair tutorial?
  51. Would these leds be enough?
  52. Lighting setup help
  53. Cheap LED?
  54. eBay Lighting Kit?
  55. Free Web Extras to new edition of Harry Box Book "Set Lighting Technicians Handbook"
  56. I need brands for lights.
  57. LED on-cam light - too cool
  58. Light temperature
  59. Interfit Flo-lights 5000k vs. 5600k
  60. Picture references of basic Lights and Names
  61. lighting design for a set
  62. what are those giant softbox down lights called?
  63. List of my Coollights.biz basic kit. Advice needed
  64. 1 C-Stand instead of 1 light stand?
  65. Z96 LED or Bescor 50/100 light on the HMC150
  66. packing light stand case?
  67. Portable/Battery Outdoor light?
  68. On Site Lights
  69. Traveling with LitePanels Flypak.
  70. What movie(s) would you recommend for beginners learning lighting?
  71. Is $1800 too high for this used Arri light kit?
  72. ephoto LEDs
  74. Professional lighting setups
  75. noir horizontal blinds lighting
  76. LED battery power?
  77. Small Portable Generators
  78. Exposure natural scenes?
  79. matching the sun
  80. Tungsten to Daylight Gel + Lowel Pro Light 250watt
  81. Constructing a Lighting Grid
  82. Where to rent lights in Charlotte?
  83. Please recommend Lighting for large event
  84. Lighting a TV
  85. Custom White Balance for mixed (Flos and Tungsten) light setups??
  86. General lighting kit for specific look...
  87. Almost perfect on-cam fill light?
  88. tubes for my Mole R Biax2
  89. ArriLight?
  90. Litepanels LED Fresnel: good as a key light?
  91. Lighting a Talk Show Studio - Any thoughts?
  92. Shooting in a small office room(white walls, ugly even flourescent light above) HELP!
  93. Lighting for TV Screens (shoot this friday!)
  94. considering LED and Flo mixed kit
  95. Off screen lightning.
  96. How to measure colour temperature
  97. LED Bi-Color in 3200K does need minus green correction filter?
  98. Lighting a nightclub or a dancing scene...
  99. New Litepanels Bi-Color Clone ... ?
  100. Need to rent a portable generator for lights...
  101. Cheating
  102. Client wants a Hype Williams lighting style. How do you achieve this?
  103. Moving light patterns
  104. Lighting two people riding bikes
  105. Recreating a scene from On The Waterfront for lighting class. NEED HELP!
  106. Using Lowel Kits for Skiing/Snowboarding instead of Work Lights?
  107. What's the best way to light a green screen with just a 3 point setup?
  108. Making a bathroom look like a nightclub.
  109. Need quick help with outdoor lighting. (Overhead Scrims)
  110. Phasing out of incandescent lighting in 2012
  111. Music Video in the desert
  112. Black lights inside a Kino Flo housing...
  113. Basic white balance card questions
  114. Mixing LED lights from diff manufacturers
  115. How would you light this?
  116. Do I need Special Bulbs?
  117. 183 LED Light
  118. CFL's
  119. Sun light window
  120. Lighting/Grip in Olso Norway - rental
  121. Night shoot under sodium?
  122. Cool Lights problem-and solution
  123. Lighting for Web interview show (black background)
  124. Buying a cheap kit
  125. Specific Lights for a Specific Project
  126. Cheap source for CFL's? Specifically looking for extra compact, extra high wattage
  127. Ever use these Flouro. Worklights
  128. transport cases for china lanterns...
  129. Lighting in moving car (night)
  130. Lighting for a restaurant dinner scene?
  131. Lighting advice for night shoot under street lights
  132. Trying to get a light overhead SAFELY
  133. Shadow & Light Workshop NYC?
  134. Light suggestions/Softboxes
  135. Problems with Flo 3200K bulbs and green color shift (custom White Balance)
  136. Interfit lights?
  137. 1K Fresnels Now
  138. Reducing reflection and glare?
  139. How to get this look
  140. Do you know of a LED version of the lowel iLight?
  141. Stinger / Extention cords for Lighting... Gauge/length/watts?
  142. Comer LED light at Wedding Reception
  143. Amazing photos. Translate into film?
  144. Learning to light cinematic.
  145. All softbox lighting.
  146. Recommendations for a Light Kit
  147. coolights LED 600 users-i need your opinion!
  148. Need thoughts on the light kit I'm thinking of building please
  149. Dedolight Ledzilla and Litepanels SOLA ENG
  150. Cheap Video Lighting with Photo Flood Lights
  151. Lighting a tiny, rustic country house interior
  152. How to avoid the "strobing" looking from LED accent lights in my shot
  153. Lighting for outdoors?
  154. Please recommend Light for lighting backgrounds during interviews
  155. Makeup/powder for basic 3-point lighting setup
  156. Can anyone identify this light/type of light
  157. Red Head Lights
  158. par38 cdm lighting
  159. Filming in room with windows
  160. Bescor LED Lights - too good to be true?
  161. Diffuse Light in Music Video
  162. Coollights 1.2 HMI v Chinise knockoffs
  163. Music Video Lighting for Fashion/Glamour type stylized aesthetic
  164. How do you carry your practicals?
  165. LED Lights for an indoor look?
  166. are we about to see cheap useable led lighting?
  167. Ceiling bounce
  168. Photographer new to the video world. Arrilite is good?
  169. The new Barry Green lighting DVD
  170. lighting actress with dedolight & smoke machine
  171. Would 2 DIVA 400's be enough to light this shot?
  172. what are your views on lighting with photoflood lights?
  173. Rigging multiple CFLs
  174. BTS Pictures of flags/cutters/nets in action?
  175. what do you think of this lighting?
  176. what light bulbs for diy light
  177. LEDs by Academy of Motion Picture Arts & Sciences
  178. 1980s trip lightning
  179. where can i get lighting to do this
  180. Another 'how was this scene lit?'
  181. Indoor Lighting Help
  182. Lighting trick of the movies...
  183. Reality Show Interview Lighting
  184. Cl-led600
  185. Does anyone know what this device is called
  186. Softbox for the redhead light
  187. The Cheap LED Lights Shootout.
  188. mic stands as light stands
  189. DIY lights with these bulbs? 2X 35W HID Xenon
  190. Anyone try the new Arri LED Fresnels yet?
  191. camera light that can work well off camera too
  192. any 2k recomendations?
  193. Pricing error on the Interfit Stellar 750X
  194. Chroma Key Suit under difficult conditions
  195. Bardwell and McALister Spotlight
  196. Recommendations for Lighting ~ $2000
  197. 110v to 240v transformers?
  198. Looking for Information About Electrecity...
  199. Where can I buy replacement parts for my lights?
  200. New to Filmmaking, but not lighting
  201. Lighting advice for tabletop stop motion
  202. Blue gels
  203. Follow Exposure for Cine Lenses?
  204. Where to buy stingers and what to look for?
  205. Kino Flo Barfly 400 or Diva Lite 400 for AF100 and GH2???
  206. New to Lighting -- LED or Redheads???
  207. White Balancing When No Colors In The Scene Are To Be Pure White
  208. Which parking deck practical lighting is better to shoot under?
  209. Keeping Subject and Window looking outside both exposed
  210. Lighting up an actor when the sun is behind them?
  211. It's lightings for this thread
  212. Need a Lighting case is Kata Palms Good?
  213. Lighting and Camera Test
  214. Can I use this as a giant fill reflector outdoors?
  215. Low budget color correction suite; Monitors? Lighting... Is this worth trying?
  216. Help on lighting tricks
  217. 2 Different Lighting Situations, 1 Lowel DV Creator 44 Kit to use
  218. Lighting parts supplier in Los Angeles
  219. CoolLights 1200 LED Bi-Color Light
  220. Mobile Lighting
  221. Help on lighting a dinner scene in a dark restaurant?
  222. Litepanels 1x1 vs Cool lights 600
  223. Lighting for an inexperienced crew
  224. Lighting White Background
  225. High power LED light for video?
  226. I need help w/ doing this kind of lighting & where to get what I need to do it asap.
  227. Fluorescent Softbox... Britek or PBL Studio Flo 7 ?
  228. Help me light a low light scene
  229. Manfrotto Superclamp
  230. Health and Safety with lighting a bathroom scene.
  231. Thoughts on the Interfit Super Cool lite-9
  232. The Best On-Camera LED Light
  233. fluorescent light ballast attachment?
  234. Cigarette lighter as a source?
  235. hard panel nd filter for windows
  236. Killer Lowe's Grip find, $9.99
  237. Westcott lighting kit
  238. Kino Flo Diva or Flolight for talking head interviews???
  239. First lighting kit - High Contrast/Product lighting - Recommendations?
  240. Using LED 3 Light Kit for Interviews- Please Chime In
  241. Source 4
  242. best way to ND a window
  243. Anybody know anything on this Quartz Lighting kit?
  244. 3 x DEDO lights OR kino lights for DVD behind the scenes interview...
  245. JieTu HMI
  246. I need help finding a really directional light.
  247. boom stand
  248. Help from the experts is needed...and appreciated
  249. crude background patterns from a broad light?
  250. can someone identify the true difference in these kits?