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  1. Key light out of memory?!
  2. Camera in water effect?
  3. Opening Titles - Graphics Design?
  4. I need a favor...
  5. Can After Effects do this?
  6. Humbly asking forum members for help
  7. Having an issue with Colorista II, any ideas???
  8. Webpage Capture Tool // Screen Video Capture Tool Recommendations
  9. IFX's Piranha for Mac & Linux
  10. Sound mixing board to use with Final Cut Pro 7
  11. Paul Aresu Technique
  12. Can anyone tell me how to do this transition effect?
  13. Need some help with a VFX dissolve (white flashing, burnt in image)
  14. Smoke Masking effect......
  15. Slow motion video synchs with song... how?
  16. Facial Motion Capture in After Effects (example)
  17. Letters and words going crazy!
  18. Making Background Black - Separating Object
  19. Colorghear for After Effects
  20. Having a problem with rotoscoping in AE.
  21. VFX: Deer Being Shot
  22. Fixing dark light in post
  23. Colour Grading for Weddings
  24. Can I make clouds look like sunlight?
  25. Need help blending stop frame - Showing Short to crew on Sunday evening!
  26. Image animation.
  27. Fractal Animations, heavy on the filters!
  28. Black magic dual link dvi question
  29. Mask/rendering issues
  30. Motion Capture thecnique-step by step
  31. SMALL VFX BOUTIQUE - Crashdown Studio - opening up for DVX USERs
  32. Where to find old film look/flares?
  33. Dvd menu problem
  34. Color Correct workflow question for Divinci Resolve
  35. Help! Can anyone find this plugin/transition?
  36. How did the do this?
  37. Converting 30p > 60p - Best methods of interpolation?
  38. Clear text over video
  39. Breaking Bad
  40. Dynamic Linking and Multi Cam - Stumped
  41. Recommendation on color correction software
  42. Los Angeles: CO2 SQUIBS
  43. How to achieve this mirror effect...
  44. A Call to Blender Users & 3D Artists - Help Produce a Live-Action Short Film!
  45. Denoiser - how important is it?
  46. "Web first grading" Conversion to Broadcast as a "budget solution"?
  47. Slit Effect
  48. ***Is there anything else out there?
  49. Another 'how was this done' thread - chairlift video
  50. slowmoVideo for Windows (Slow-Motion program)
  51. Zooming and panning around a big picture (AE Question)
  52. Slow Motion Playback
  53. how much of this is green screen / after effects?
  54. How does Sportscenter does it?
  55. Y'CbCr or RGB color grading
  56. "Stop motion effect"
  57. Floating point AE render for Premiere
  58. Dark Energy v Neat Video
  59. Who want to help me stabilise a 5 second piece of footage?
  60. Anyone work in a studio for an election gig?
  61. Question about srgb/adobe rgb
  62. Issue with moving effects between AE and Premiere
  63. shooting miniature stop motion for green screen: RAW or jpeg???
  64. Help with noise reduction
  65. Is color grading really necessary on making a good movie?
  66. Light correction
  67. Digitally wetting down a road
  68. Post/Effects software package?
  69. 3d max alpha shadow Vray
  70. I composited a chin creature out of my wife for Gangnam Style
  71. Help. Adding light to a stop light
  72. Green screen / Chroma Key question
  73. After Effects Rendering Slow.
  74. Remove actor from video and place them into a new video?
  75. How do I create this effect?
  76. WIll After Effects CS5 projects be compatible with CS6?
  77. K-lite codec pack question
  78. 3D LIght Source - After Effects
  79. Help with VFX Corrections
  80. Need to levitate and spin an iPhone...
  81. On set keying
  82. montage difficulty advice
  83. I need your help!!!!
  84. What's the cheapest way to Live Chromakey the Component output of the HVX-200?
  85. 3d max Pf source question
  86. What does 'lossless' mean in After Effects's movie making format?
  87. New Intro-What you think?
  88. Magic Bullet Denoiser II time remapping issue
  89. How could i reverse this watch face in After Effects without reversing the whole shot
  90. Zombie effect?
  91. AE equivalent to PS Luminance mask.
  92. After Effects - 3D Camera Tracking Issue
  93. NEF & Camera Raw
  94. Morph Effect - old, but still cool
  95. First project on Resolve Lite 9 any advice?
  96. ***best text software***
  97. question for the ae pros.....
  98. Can't output an AVI from SpeedGrade above 4gb?
  99. Animation Framerate
  100. What is the term for this type of color correction?
  101. AE ErrorMessages-'plug-in "Picasso.aex"/"Scripting.aex" could not be loaded (127)'
  102. Graphic Artist / Crackerjack Photoshop'er Needed...
  103. Color grading.
  104. System and Speed-Up Tips. (Add yours here)
  105. Broadcast font size
  106. looking for live chromakey software to use with BM UltraStudio 3D
  107. What's the best way to import chromakey info into 3dsMAx?
  108. color correcting in Final Cut 7
  109. Best way to do this "trace" effect?
  110. Anaglyph 3D to Polarized (native) 3D
  111. How could I pull off hand animation?
  112. FREE light leaks and film grain
  113. how can I get DaVinci Resolve to display % reference levels instead of "1023"
  114. How the heck is this done
  115. film convert
  116. Spy Satellite Footage
  117. Rotorscoping Genius Required! $$
  118. Editing/Color Suite, all 18% grey with 5600k lighting
  119. Intro Autodesk Maya and After Effects - Joel Fiorentino
  120. Where can I find this transition wipe?
  121. Inserting my own copy into AE Template
  122. DNR that allows separate luma and chroma control?
  123. How do I remove lipstick from talents teeth?!!
  124. cost of visual effects?
  125. Tracking movement of Chroma area?
  126. Amazing Magnum Ad - how did they do it?
  127. Slo mo from 24 fps footage
  128. Any idea how this effect is achieved?
  129. Old school VHS Effect
  130. After effects aspect ratio
  131. scanning old photos to use in a documentary, PPP?
  132. Blender Help Please
  133. After Effects Wiggle Presets?
  134. Good Color Correction for GH2 Footage
  135. Imagine Dragons
  136. Removing smudge on lens thats shows up on video
  137. Kickstarter to bring HitFilm to the Mac
  138. It is incredible what special effects folks can do
  139. After Effects 4K Title & Animation Issue
  140. Introducing Panolapse - adding panning motion to timelapses
  141. Nvidia Quadro FX 4000 2GB - Good for Post Production ?
  142. Need help with this effect!!
  143. DVDvideo luma levels
  144. Red Giuant Denoiser II ver. 1.4 supports GPU
  145. Need help getting a good VHS look
  146. Actual events disclaimer
  147. Getting Started with After Effects - FREE Tutorial Series
  148. Is this special effects guy the write guy for the job?
  149. Particle Video Effects - FREE!
  150. Linked Comp Renders are SO SLOW!
  151. Creating Two Hour Intro to AE Class - What would you teach?
  152. How did you learn, really learn After Effects
  153. Skin softening
  154. The Question VFX Showcase
  155. Was this done with After Effects?
  156. 1080p or 4k: Stop-motion & Timelapse Project
  157. Can this be done in After Effects?
  158. Hitfilm 2 Ultimate is now out for Mac!
  159. Exporting/rendering out from AE - external vs internal harddrive
  160. I need a shiny star...
  161. 20 Playful Motion Graphic Elements (Pre-Rendered)
  162. Question about Sin City Effect (sort of)
  163. after effects 16 bit default
  164. Need some helping creating riiple/wave effect on a mesh.
  165. first 12 sec of Evidence (2013)-How They made it
  166. HOW have they get this storm effect?
  167. Getting better keys
  168. What VFX would you outsource ?
  169. The Wolf of Wall Street vfx highlights
  170. ESPN Circles/Arrows
  171. Apple Motion Tunnel - Welcoming and Pleasant Texture?
  172. Awesome post production made by one man in 3 weeks
  173. scan slides for video
  174. man of steel dc logo intro...
  175. Where to find emerging VFX artists to help with a few shots for a zombie short?
  176. in search of a best value big screen display (playback) monitor
  177. Create a 3-d animation out of a existing city
  178. Is a named VFX shot just one angle or multiple?
  179. Exporting to VHS to get that 80s TV look
  180. Understanding and disambiguation of gamma correction (dear god help please)
  181. How is this used for compositing?
  182. anyone use/know red giant's toonit?
  183. Davinci resolve lite 10 crashing at startup
  184. Dreamy kaleidoscope effect
  185. Difference between Davinci Resolve and Magic Bullet Looks
  186. Can these 3D techniques be done on indie level?
  187. Is white balance a thing of the past?
  188. Opinions on 30p optical flow convert to 48p?
  189. Heads up, Red Giant Universe turns off multiprocessing
  190. source video of lightning to trigger opacity of white solid?
  191. Pan & Zoom in 4K Clips on 1080 Timeline in Premiere Pro
  192. Cheaper alternative to After Effects (especially if you want to create slow-mo)?
  193. inpainting vidoe someware to remove objects/ cars/ people
  194. Key framing motion to a motion tracked 2d image?
  195. Film Convert and ImpulZ
  196. Eyes a bit dark.
  197. Newbluefx titler pro 3 vs 2 worth the upgrade?
  198. Converting 25p footage with audio to 24p
  199. Is there a poor man's 4k monitor... don't have 22k
  200. Group buy: Neat video - noise and grain video filter
  201. Red Giant's Instant 4k any reviews on it...
  202. tricky coloring situation in Speedgrade...
  203. Realistic ripple effect
  204. Stars
  205. Twixtor issues
  206. Project Animal
  207. Snowpiercer Look or Color Correction or Lut
  208. Chvrches - Under The Tide effects
  209. Natron: Open Source Node Based Compositing
  210. Question about video intros/animations
  211. Black Magic Fusion 7 for Free
  212. Getting started with Motion Graphics
  213. My 2014 VFX Reel
  214. After effects precomps
  215. Color correction/grading tools and workflow questions
  216. Files conversion questions
  217. Intermediate codec questions
  218. Logo Help (test samples)
  219. What´s the best footage stabilizer?
  220. What's a creative way to edit old pro Football games online?
  221. How to export with prores codec from Photoshop?
  222. Adobe After Effects Encode render script?
  223. Aliasing of a png graphic
  224. Blending modes in Davinci Resolve?
  225. Davinci Resolve and GH4
  226. Updated Animation / GFX Reel
  227. Opinions needed on this pc build
  228. Anyone use Nuke?
  229. AE + Trapcode Suite or C4D, Nuke, Maya?
  230. 1080P on DVD?
  231. Outlining Graphics, allowed?
  232. can anyone recomend a good transition pack for Premiere?
  233. Any actual flash frame elements available to buy or download?
  234. How can i do this photo reveal?
  235. My new explainer animation work
  236. Fusion 8 Studio and/or Cinema4D R17 Studio
  237. Upscale an AE Template from 720 to 1080p?
  238. Fonts.... what's hot nowaday ?
  239. Daz 3D
  240. Does anybody use Nuke?
  241. Mac Pro or HP Z840?
  242. after effects course on mac. SHould i take it if i have a PC?
  243. Quadro M6000 for Resolve
  244. Good Transitions
  245. Anyone have Twixtor
  246. Workforce for video editing
  247. Positioning Nodes in Blackmagic Fusion
  248. Neat Video: How do I "lessen" its effect?
  249. BizonBOX 2 eGPU for Mac
  250. Titan X vs. Quadro M6000 in multi-GPU setup