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  1. Supermicro MOBO based custom PC?
  2. Removing shine from face in After Effects?
  3. Which Color Space to use in After Effects?
  4. What editing skills or tricks do i need to do something like this?
  5. Good source of templates ?
  6. Keying and compositing in Nuke-- free tutorial and template
  7. AE - Any way to retain text extrusion in pre-comp?
  8. How was this video done? (Where are you now? Skrillex)
  9. AE artists doing animation?
  10. bullets hitting trees
  11. How to tint everything but skintones
  12. GoAnimate and Alternatives
  13. How was this video made?
  14. How hard is C4D to learn? What resources are good for training?
  15. laptop
  16. Source for FREE looping backgrounds?
  17. 2D Animations
  18. Keeping a tracked mask still in after effects??
  19. Alternative alpha channel codec with smaller file sizes?
  20. Premiere Pro to After Effects workflow question
  21. Clean Up and Beauty Reels
  22. HELP: After Effects is exporting wrong sized frames.
  23. Nodes vs Layers
  24. Invisibility Cloaking Effect?
  25. Building a virtual set for AE
  26. Motion Graphics/Compositing Demoreel
  27. How are these things done? What do I have to learn?
  28. beam with discontinued effect?
  29. Evolution of IT - UltraHD (Personal Work)
  30. My Working Process (Personal Work)
  31. 1n Test l Personal Work for a contest
  32. Growing Architecture
  33. Eye - After Effects / Cinema4D Experiments
  34. SKILZ l 2D / 3D l Motion Graphics
  35. Introducing: Fiesta Preset
  36. Stardust l 3D Particle System for After Effects
  37. Rain Scene - Cinema 4D Tutorial ( + Project Files )
  38. Houdini - C4D - Octane Procedural / Tests
  39. An useful Video Explainers Toolkit
  40. How was this done? Looks like magic to me
  41. Transform Basic Footage into a Layered Mix of 3D Renders [ After Effects ]
  42. Futuristic HUD Wave - After Effects Tutorial [ + .aep project ]
  43. Egg Shatter Tutorial in Cinema 4D R18
  44. Movecraft Demo Reel [ + Project Files ]
  45. Motion Freebie: Bonecrusher - Free Flat Animation Toolkit
  46. iPhone 5 l Cinema 4D Model - Octane Scene [ + Project Files ]
  47. Motion TV: PROJECT:33
  48. Indian / Bollywood CGI - VFX (Awesomeness)
  49. Let me introduce to you: Mosaic
  50. anyone using Viddyoze?
  51. Green screening quote/bid?
  52. Changing talent shirt color
  53. The Power of Like
  54. video into a photograph effect help
  55. Help ametuer split screen amd slide
  56. Porter and Ware Showreel 2017
  57. combine 60i and 24p into a single project and retain motion cadence of both
  58. Green Screen / Spokesmodel video needs help/ideas!
  59. Youtube Vloggers
  60. Need Compositing FEEDBACK on Scene
  61. HELP! Fixing Rolling Horizontal Bands Due to LED Lights at Wedding with Flicker Free
  62. 4K Dust, Particles, Motes, Powder
  63. Lightsabers and Rig Removal with Free Software
  64. Tips for blending horror makeup prosthetics to skin in Adobe After Effects?
  65. VR footage in flatscreen
  66. Incorporating Flash Elements into Sports Video
  67. Volcano Eruption Tutorial
  68. HD Videos with old footages treatment.
  69. Looking for easy way to make blocky video game characters
  70. Anamorphic look
  71. Old Crappy LED Light Rolling Bands Footage