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  1. Help help general error in fcp7 help!
  2. moving CS5.5 from one pc to another?
  3. Converting 30p to 24p
  4. Adobe CS6 Trials
  5. Cineform Neoscene maintain source format/progressive?
  6. Avid editor looking at Final Cut Pro x
  7. Build a computer or buy a HP workstation
  8. whats the best way to render FCP videos for Youtube to get best quality
  9. H.264 vs X264 ??
  10. Compressor 3 convert 60i to 24P from DVX100 cam audio out of sync!
  11. Any way to remove lens smudges in post?
  12. Vimeo - Audio sync errors! Am I the only one?
  13. 24 fps or 25fps for a PAL DVD
  14. How is it done - Plugin or prowess?
  15. The old "universal" encoders, Why not continue
  16. Syncing 2 cameras with different frame rates (23.976, 29.97) in PluralEyes (Premiere)
  17. How to sync multiple video clips to one audio clip with Plural Eyes / FCP7
  18. Which NLE are you using or migrating to?
  19. Ridiculous file sizes for Graded clips.
  20. upgrading from Intel I7 960 to I7 3930k?
  21. Premiere Pro CS5.5 filling up my s†artup disc on Mac OSX 10.6
  22. my reasons for moving away from apple
  23. FCP X vs Premiere Pro
  24. Retina Mac Book Pros
  25. Encoding/Burning- How The Heck To Do It?
  26. Corel - best file format for editing in Corel
  27. AJA T-Tap availability delayed another month
  28. Smoke
  29. Using the Magic Bullets plugin from Avid in different program
  30. Mac Pro: How will this be for 1080p premiere and after effects cs5 work?
  31. Any simple movie title maker + program for scrolling credit with video clips?
  32. Editing And Color Calibration ?
  33. 1080i to DVD questions
  34. how to get AVCHD footage from hard drive into FCP 7 project
  35. Help Please, different stuff in the same project
  36. To good to be true add for MC5.5 on ebay?
  37. Exporting MXF files in Premiere Pro CS6 - I need your help!
  38. Best software and hardware for professional, mid-level editing?
  39. Can different NLE's work together?
  40. Benchmark Tests: Adobe Premiere Pro CS6 vs. Apple Final Cut Pro X
  41. Large fcp sequence export.
  42. Is Final Cut Really, REALLY a Requirement for Editors?
  43. How to ensure perfect contrast/color levels on your computer monitor?
  44. Apple link dead. Alternative download for ProApps QuickTime Codecs v1.0.1?
  45. Question about focusing sound.
  46. Colorista presets on Premiere?
  47. Timecode and sequence / shot generators - slow renders?
  48. Shuttle control for Avid
  49. FCP Batch Export to WMV using Flip4Mac produces document files
  50. Need Custom Laptop for Adobe Premiere
  51. Best way to render/export content created in Vegas to burn Blu Ray in CS6 Prod Prem
  52. 24-27" Computer Monitor
  53. Choppy mpeg4 video
  54. 27" WQHD (2560x1440) S-IPS LED monitor for only $430 on 08\21
  55. DXV 16x9 squeezed out help
  56. Help: Premiere Pro CS6 Audio Drop.
  57. Z820 Experiences: Quadro 5000 + dual Zeon 6-core processors
  58. .FILM Files
  59. I need some help... I recorded multicam with different frame rates
  60. ADVICE NEEDED, Editing Mixed Codex - Panasonic, Go Pros, Sony & Canon. 1 project !!!
  61. Editing postproduction based on Avid
  62. Premiere Pro CS5 + 5D = 24, 23.976 or 23.98?
  63. Is Final Cut 7 dead?
  64. 5dtoRGB doesn't "see" footage on SD card
  65. Three Cameras... Zero Workflow (t2i, HMC 150, GoPro)
  66. video card advice
  67. 13in macbook pro for video?
  68. Upgraded to a I7 3930K.. not too impressed.
  69. Re: GT 630 w/ 4GB vs GTX 295 w/ 896MB - H.264 Export
  70. MBP Retina questions
  71. Burning a hd movie in full quality to dvd.
  72. Re: After Effects // Rotobrush
  73. DVCPROHD 50i codec missing to create DVD
  74. DVD with no audio on some computers?
  75. Hacking your pc to accept more RAM?
  76. I got noise in my title sequence letters.
  77. AJA vs Blackmagic Design for Thunderbolt Broadcast monitoring
  78. FCP7 Studio Easy Set-UP/AV Settings for Sony F3 Media
  79. Adobe effects cs5.5 slowing down issue
  80. PluralEyes 3
  81. HDR video help please
  82. Yikes: DV Tape out the YING-YANG !!
  83. Compressor
  84. Need some advice
  85. Better image digitizing minidv using high-end capture device vs a DV deck??
  86. iMac 2.5ghz vs 2.7 vs mini? My MBP just died!
  87. How do I color correct for YouTube?
  88. Interlaced lines on 720p hdtv footage edited in premiere pro cs5
  89. Re: ProRes Proxy vs AVCHD
  90. Encore CS5 M2t Audio problem
  91. Encore
  92. 4k Storage Solutions
  93. bringing in a new editor, need some advice
  94. FCP 7 please help ASAP!
  95. Ivy Bridge processor-based laptop for 4K/4.5K editing and color correcting/grading
  96. Color correction solutions on imac (mini displayport)
  97. Cloud Atlas, an editing masterclass
  98. Which used MacPro for FinalCut X?
  99. 15" MBPr vs 15" MBP
  100. my prediction - cloud based editing
  101. My daughters first edit
  102. Q re: Digitizing 4-track reels for use in FCPX
  103. Export Settings Final Cut Express
  104. Spyder Xpress vs X-Rite Display which one to buy for both mac/pc
  105. Need help playing and editing giant .mov files!
  106. Anybody here ever use VNC for remote video editing?
  107. Question about pluralyeyes
  108. How much can colour grading save this (pic included)
  109. I have Finalcut Pro X, do I need Pluraleyes. (re: Pluraleyes/Videomic Pro deal)
  110. Which AMD Processor Do You Have? Do You like it?
  111. Building Workstation, for editing, compositing, some 3d stuff, and audio
  112. Fcp 7 help!
  113. AE export for PAL television with HD broadcast signal?
  114. Audio editor advice?
  115. Dumb newbie questions re:NLE Hardware for Adobe
  116. Blu ray Authoring software for OSX?
  117. Importing to Davinci Resolve Lite
  118. Running VEGAS on a PC laptop, no Thunderbolt Vaio?
  119. Magic Bullet Looks Issue
  120. Infomation on colour correction needed
  121. upgrading video card for 3 monitors question...
  122. VLC/Media player show .mov files darker than they are. Once exported, they look fine
  123. What's going on here? Check out the difference (Premiere H.264.mp4; VLC VS WMP)
  124. CS5 and adobe audition?
  125. Is cut and paste possible without re-encoding?
  126. FCP7, FCPX, PP CS6, Avid:which NLE allows you to assign the most keyboard shortcuts??
  127. Missing sound between video clips in Premiere Elements 10
  128. Upgrading Intel i3 in mid 2010 iMac to i7 for FCP7, Premiere, and AE
  129. Avid, FCPX, PPro
  130. is the macbook pro retina not powerful enough to run Davinci resolve Lite?
  131. DaVinci Resolve: video scope reference levels to % instead of numbers?
  132. Memory question
  133. Davinci resolve lite export issue
  134. Huge difference VLC player / Media player...
  135. FCPX to MC6 or Premiere
  136. Windows Editing with Prores? Possible?
  137. iMac Fusion Drive for editing?
  138. Computer crashes during export
  139. FCP7, FCPX, PPCS6, MC6 - which NLE is best suited for a long form documentary?
  140. Encoding HDV project to ".mov" with h.264 w/ 10 Mbps bitrate - suggestions?
  141. At what point do you hand your film to the colourist?
  142. Can't get original GH2 audio in sync in Vegas
  143. 30p For DVD or Blu ray?
  144. Is a 13" MBP good enough for FCP7 & X?
  145. Best settings for importing/exporting GH2 footage
  146. FCP 7 doesn't recognise all of my footage.
  147. 32bpc...
  148. High CPU Usage Warning
  149. How to record from computer to VHS?
  150. Just Curious
  151. Maintaining Quality Control...
  152. Weird Premiere Pro CS6 Problem! Help!!
  153. Widescreen - Adobe Premiere Pro CS6
  154. Conforming 60 fps Adobe Premiere Pro CS6
  155. AE RAW import error from GH3
  156. Cineform to Premiere Pro CS6
  157. m4v File PRoblem OSX
  158. Audition 3.0 with premiere cs5.0.3
  159. Just watched my film on a TV and it looked strange...
  160. Premiere or FCP X on Macbook Pro?
  161. Can I get opinions on this production monitor
  162. Question about monitor calibration
  163. mov 50i to 24p pulldown help.
  164. Converting MXF files without losing any data?
  165. Cuda Supported Mac Card, speed benefits
  166. Need a good low cost video editor
  167. recommend "affordable" client viewing monitor for 17"mbp + fcp7?
  168. Magic Bullet - best 'looks' software for Premiere?
  169. Premiere Pro Cs6 & Final Cut Pro X compatibility with canon video files?
  170. Avid MC: Timeline specs for NTSC HD Broadcast spot with 23.976 footage + animation?
  171. Davinci resolve round tripping and file format to export
  172. Can i make a blu-ray in After Effects
  173. RippleTraining FCPX course recommendation for a PremierePro user
  174. Blu-rays come out over sharped, aliased?
  175. iMovie codecs
  176. Davinci Resolve 10
  177. Thunderbolt Raid Pegasus R6 vs Areca arc-8050
  178. So, what kind of external had drives can be used for editing?
  179. 7200rpm usb powered 2TB HD?
  180. HD Monitoring on iMac - is TB to HDMI enough? Or sth like Blackmagic Ultra needed?
  181. Audition: can't hear right channel ?
  182. Using Vimeo for your final video
  183. Exporting HDV files
  184. Pro Tools and patches? (for editing and scoring music?)
  185. Is this VHS or SVHS?
  186. Premiere as a tool in the job market?
  187. Need help opening a project on multiple machines...
  188. FCPX to Resolve - ingest & proxies
  189. Color Grade Technique Question?
  190. How do I import a whole movie into Adobe Audition?
  191. Production Digital workflows / Some questions (not sure where to post this)
  192. SHELL V-POWER NITRO+ made in vegas
  193. First PC - cant figure out wireless situation
  194. Neumann Films Cinematic Presets- Need to know who used this & what Picture style used
  195. Music rights
  196. Laptop Editors... Gear/Accessories for easier movement/Internal or External hardrive
  197. Editing setup for DSLR feature post production.... HELP!!!
  198. 1080p to DVD motion issue advice?
  199. 1080p 25fps to NTSC DVD and Bluray - more stuck than a stick, in sticky glue.
  200. My (potential) Wold of Pain!
  201. What's the best settings for exporting a final copy of your movie in Premiere Pro?
  202. H264 vs Prores
  203. GoPro 120fps footage and Twixtor: Is 120fps x4 slower?
  204. Please Help Me with Premiere Pro Scratch Disks
  205. FCP quit unexpectedly at startup every time.
  206. iMac - Paper weight to editing suite - HELP PLEASE
  207. Failed XML export in Premier Pro CS6
  208. Fixing camera mic sound advice needed
  209. How to batch edit lots of clips and export each clip individually?
  210. What is THE BEST motion stabilizer?
  211. A few questions regarding workflow with varying resolutions and frame rates
  212. mVintage... it's slow!
  213. 5D RAW > raw2dng > lightroom > premier
  214. Adobe ACE Exam (Premiere CS6)
  215. Using MPEG-2 in 1080p24 video
  216. Can you save footage if the battery dies while filming?
  217. Getting videos ready for TV broadcasting? (staying "broadcast legal")
  218. DCP workflow, looking for advice
  219. Animation Layered On Top OF Video?
  220. Virrual Dub Deflicker?
  221. Encore CS5 media offline??
  223. Time Lapse with Quicktime 7
  224. Is After Effects changing my C100 footage?
  225. Editing with Premiere (PC), but need to edit files on a HFS+ formatted drive!
  226. Can you render pure white? (#FFFFF or 255,255,255)
  227. Needed; Matrox MXO driver version
  228. Need good Backup software
  229. Premiere: Unable to export XML
  230. 35MM anamorphic film workflow
  231. Should I upgrade or just get a new computer?
  232. Upcoming Keynote
  233. Disapointed with GPU acceleration gains in PP CS6...
  234. GoPro Studio 2.0 released
  235. Premiere CS6 multicam: So slowwww??
  236. Should I buy an extra 'normal' HDD, or an SSD?
  237. General advice for building an editing computer.
  238. Audio of out sync in Windows Media Player. Not with VLC ...
  239. "Leader, front, and back pads"
  240. What type of external drive to use for editing? USB/Thunderbolt/FireWire
  241. Sony HDV/1080i/PAL footage -> NTSC 1080p Pro Res...how?
  242. Mac Mini Suite
  243. Stabilization on Final Cut X not working
  244. Sony Vegas and PC or FCP and Mac?
  245. From HDD to SSD - Migration
  246. Combine After Effects and Premiere Pro
  247. srt, what's the best way to make subtitles?
  248. Jam Packs for Garageband: Got any you want to sell?
  249. Garageband Duplicate Entries: How to delete?
  250. Unusual logging problem FCP7