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  1. Jail Interviews
  2. Artist Interview - first in a series (critiques welcomed)
  3. Setup for video blogging on YouTube channel
  4. Seeking a great and cheap rental company near dallas area.
  5. The worst case scenario happened to me
  6. affordable prosumer camcorder upgrade for docs
  7. Where to find BIG wedding music?
  8. Equipment recommendations for in-car interviews?
  9. How far can you go with 'fair use'?
  10. Camera shading in a broadcast environment
  11. The one man wedding challenge! What do you do?
  12. New Business Opportunity?
  13. Best small sized camera for documentary style shooting.?
  14. What is this Lower Third???
  15. Equipment for filming wildlife
  16. Can you critique this for me?
  17. Natgeotv: JFK the Final Hours - source material, post-production?
  18. Is the client always right?
  19. When approaching narrations for a documentary ....
  20. Music rights question
  21. Ultra Short Documentary series - Just Humans‏
  22. High FPS ENG-style camera?
  23. help researching for a doc
  24. avoiding wobbles?
  25. Advice on doing 1st Interview? With cancer patient?
  26. Database For Documentrary Films?
  27. First documentary - feedback/reactions welcomed
  28. Short profile film
  29. Will 1/30 shutter flicker problems be evident on LCD?
  30. Another which camera question!
  31. Licensing footage.net vs. going straight through nbc, abc, cnn
  32. First doc. Getting edit organized question.
  33. written documentation
  34. So happy to be part of the Documentary "Manny, The Movie" Manny Pacquaio Documentary
  35. BTS Video rates.
  36. Filming inside of a cleanroom. Possible?
  37. Interview: intercutting direct-to-camera and off camera eyelines?
  38. Shooting in Germany
  39. green screen in a documentary
  40. anyone ever interview young teens? if so, what did you learn?
  41. Editing technique for missing footage! Help!!
  42. Korean translator in Germany
  43. Learning documentary filmmaking - courses and classes?
  44. Chris Kenneally Interview: The Making of "Side By Side" Documentary (video)
  45. Hitchhiking documentary, looking for 1-2man crew
  46. Documentary Community in New York City area?
  47. Mobile Video Production Studio Setup. I need your input Please.......
  48. What to expect when shooting a web series?
  49. Proper credits for consulting/camera/motion graphics work on documentary
  50. My first documentary.
  51. Under the Skin and copyright
  52. Chasing 200 - breaking glass ceilings and land speed records.
  53. Current most popular camera choice for live event (talk) shooting?
  54. Making your Interviewee comfortable
  55. Short Doc: "KING SOLOMON" - Portrait of a NYC Subway Drummer
  56. Number one girl - Travel short Doc
  57. Feedback on short doc sequence
  58. Advice needed for busy multi camera shoot
  59. Producer, executive producer and the rights of the movie question
  60. Traveling with gear help?
  61. Feedback on short doc - "Clipped Wings"
  62. Release needed to use pic or film clip of the dead?
  63. Best documentary lens -Canon 70-200 F4 or 70-300?
  64. Corporate video. Help!
  65. Audio Levels for Doc Formats
  66. looking for a low cost E&O insurance...any idea?
  67. Shooting live retreat in Chuch,please advice how to nail cinematography wise
  68. Mount Kilimanjaro
  69. IRELAND: timelapses and landscapes - UHD documentary film
  70. Manual focus or Auto focus
  71. Old footage, new film
  72. doc reel testing: 'visual storytelling' critiques welcomed
  73. What kind of tricks have you used to handle photographers caught in event footage?
  74. what lets me get the most words across faster: subtitles or narration?
  75. Long road trip documentary file storage?
  76. The ethics of charity documentaries, and how much control you take as the filmmaker?
  77. change - Mini-Documentary (all news reel footage)
  78. Promo film for my small, local videography business. Feedback please!
  79. A Fresh Aesthetic
  80. Is this camera good enough for documentary work up to 720p?
  81. Using a low budget Mini drone w HD camera?
  82. Filming a medical operation.
  83. Hunting in the Mexican Jungle
  84. Releases
  85. Releasing a doco on YouTube - what is the appropriate length?
  86. Looking for suggestions for a <$2,000 camera for docs and short films
  87. Affordable HDMI capture devices for live streaming.
  88. Filmmaker: a diary by george lucas
  89. archival footage for documentary
  90. Freelancers - when's your busiest time of year?
  91. Stuck on an edit. Help review my docu style commercial video so far!
  92. Documentary Film on Bullfighting in Spain
  93. Am I right in thinking this no-op interview setup is a bad idea?
  94. Change
  95. documentary shot on 14 different camera is 7 years.
  96. irelands wild river BBC2
  97. Verbatim vs grammar - how to rules for subtitles
  98. Is the Sony A7S good for Event Videography??
  99. GH3 with Beacktek MCC2
  100. How to ask question during interviews?
  101. How to charge for a long term project/travel documentary?
  102. Is Stillmotion's MUSE program really worth the $$? A pilot asks some tough questions
  103. Map and historical picture of IIWW
  104. Interviewing self-conscious/shy people?
  105. Fair Use? for Health Documentary
  106. Been asked to film corporate video and need help with interview questions
  107. Documentary (Coming and Going) C300
  108. Pedal South - the documentary
  109. Round the world yacht trip documentory
  110. background music..when are you using it?
  111. "Al Jazeera America to close: A loss for creative shooter"
  112. transfer 16mm & 8mm film to digital-recommendations?
  113. Best camera setup for interviews? DSLR's or something else?
  114. Any advice for filming characters who speak different language?
  115. Hyperediting
  116. Filming at NAB 2016 - camera gear questions
  117. Anyone ever shoot in rural Pakistan?
  118. Equipment rental in Thailand
  119. Early 2000's Hip-Hop: Then & Now (Mini-Doc)
  120. How long should it take to film a documentary?
  121. Looking for versatile camera
  122. Filming doc interviews in my rented apt: Do I need a release from landlord?
  123. Best Documentary Camera
  124. I'm being told to shoot GH4 for theatrical release feature doc.
  125. Inspiration: Looking for Documentary Films which handle still photography
  126. Getting started in the documentary world
  127. Budget Recommendations
  128. Monopod for verite/run and gun?
  129. Raise The Volume Charity Event Video
  130. Great course for doc editing
  131. Wow! One of the most amazing docs I've ever seen: I'll Sleep When I'm Dead
  132. Is this the place?
  133. Talking Heads?
  134. nature B-roll for documentary film
  135. What does, "Off the record" exactly imply for a documentary film?
  136. Need Some Advice
  137. While filming so many with Cancer, I ended up diagnosed....so I created this....
  138. I doubt that many of you will be surprised by this
  139. film credits
  140. Idea for practice documentaries
  141. Feedback wanted for my short documentary "Eriswil",
  142. Liability insurance?
  143. Filming Trauma in the 14th Most Violent City in America.
  144. One man banding out in the field advice?
  145. Documentary feature with recreations
  146. to scan or to photograph
  147. Call and Response Documentary Film type
  148. Editing advice for feature segment of a larger show
  149. What are your experiences and recommendations on Kickstarter vs Indiegogo, vs ???
  150. Flashdrives labels
  151. Police Officer Shot - Trauma in THE SWEETEST LAND
  152. fees for documentary interview subjects
  153. Zoom H4n for wedding toast
  154. What to wear to a Protest?
  155. Suggested shutter speed for sports recruiting skills video?
  156. keeping gnats and insects away from lens?
  157. Subject suddenly no longer wants to be in film
  158. Syncing timecode across several different cameras
  159. Equipment for live streaming boadcast (HDMI switch) suggestions?
  160. Requirements for Netflix Audio?
  161. Remote subtitling shared editing platform recomendations
  162. doing a documentary with my iPhone X - please recommend microphone and tripod etc...
  163. Live switching advice
  165. Is doc length relevant anymore?
  166. Any advice about possibly partnering with a Cancer Org for our documentary?
  167. Tips, Samples of Doc outlines/scripts
  168. Acquisition guidelines for various networks?
  169. Multi-cam live streaming gear on a budget
  170. The Search For 10-Seconds Of Missing Indigenous History
  171. Sports documentary
  172. My feature documentary "In Between The Pictures" now free to watch on vimeo
  173. Production Insurance + Hiring a 1st Amendment / Civil Rights Attorney
  174. College Student Bravely Films on Sexual Assault...almost too bravely .
  175. Form a new LLC or use an existing one?