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  1. Software for converting/logging/tagging footage for easy editing?
  2. anyone pull public domain footage from library of congress?
  3. Advice/Equipment recommendations for shooting a doc in Brazil
  4. Shooting Doc/Travel program and need some advice
  5. Different Kinds of BNC
  6. HD-SDI Issue
  7. storm chasing camcorder recommendation?
  8. Private funding versus funding programs, selling your doc.
  9. Stock footage for personal reel
  10. Aspect ratios for docs
  11. Anyone used the Director's Guild low budget documentary contract?
  12. Release forms
  13. Question about micing up the bride & priest during wedding ceremony...
  14. Maloof Money Cup 2011: Pro Finals
  15. (Graphic Footage on Recovery - seeking advice.
  16. Using an LCD TV as an interview background
  17. Any experience with news standups/segment production?
  18. I want to shoot a documentary, need some advice.
  19. Basic broadcast camera with SDI-OUT in $2,000 range
  20. What gear do I need to improve this web series?
  21. Need Tips On Filming A Live Debate Show Similar To "The View."
  22. Live event mixing, general and audio questions ATEM Television Studio
  23. Will the Zoom H2 Mic suffice for a simple documentary/promo video home studio ?
  24. How to make a low-budget doc (guide)
  25. Pictures in film
  26. Protecting Cameras from the Elements?
  27. recording video skype
  28. Broadcast Pix for live gaming tournament?
  29. Channel 4 Documentary "Life Of Rhyme" - Coming August 2011.
  30. best way to guide a documentary
  31. !!HELP!! - How to Mic up event THIS Saturday - 1970s PA system!
  32. What do you use to edit a full-length doc (computer/software)?
  33. Question on live streaming broadcast in San Diego - concerning unions
  34. New York Film School
  35. Motorsport: Drifting Event
  36. Two camera live web streaming for corporate launch, recommendations?
  37. Short News Gun-n-run Experiment GH2/Rode VMP UK anti cuts rally UK
  38. Help with Live Streaming + Video Mixing
  39. low budget documentary making blog -- up and running
  40. How Do You Set Up Your Timeline? Audio Elements for Documentary
  41. Long Record Times in the style of DEADLIEST CATCH?
  42. How to make niche/subcultural films resonate.
  43. Music production Group/Band looking for filmmakers/ videographers to team up and work
  44. Should I worry about copyrighted music?
  45. If you had $5000 for a camera package
  46. Obscuring or hiding people's identities
  47. For man on the street inteviews, should I use a lav or handheld mic?
  48. Interviews, Release forms, and the Law?
  49. Best portable hardware for interviewing people while travelling.
  50. First wedding in a week Help and advice?
  51. Need working visa to do a interview in Canada?
  52. Talent release responsibility
  53. What is the best camera for live events interviews (pocket size with external mic)?
  54. What Percentage Should I offer Talent in my Documentary?
  55. Colour Correcting Wedding Footage
  56. Rules For Shooting A Jewish Wedding
  57. Documentary Copyright and Trademark Question
  58. Wedding Trouble
  59. BlackMagic Design ATEM Television Studio Switcher
  60. Advice for travel
  61. Weddings with a single camera?
  62. LIGHTWEIGHT gear for a documentary?
  63. Multi-Camera White balance for theatre dance?
  64. first 7d doc shoot on sunday-what do i need to know?
  65. need a mountable tablet to Broadcast live from sports on p2 hpx300
  66. Looking for stock footage for documentary
  67. Frame Rate advice..24P 30P 1080i ?
  68. Build Your Ultimate Documentary Camera...
  69. Replacing Sony HVR-A1
  70. Our church needs a stationary camera.. suggestions?
  71. Documentary Funding in the UK
  72. Provide Your Own Mic for Wedding Toasts
  73. Interview/Documentary setup - the subject talking points
  74. Capturing Powerpoint and Video together
  75. Dance/theater contract and selling advice
  76. documentary advice required
  77. DP help: Live event cinematography - Where to put which cameras & why?
  78. Organizing and editing a large project
  79. Ingesting large amounts of avchd
  80. Events EFP prduction
  81. vidblaster Lantency
  82. White balance for concert
  83. Royalty Free Footage Of Hitler?
  84. Stabilizing camera on horseback/donkey cart
  85. How to add lower thirds and graphics to Live production with a LVS 400
  86. Shooting a documentary in a nursing home in South Korean Mountains
  87. HMC 150 vs AF100
  88. How to work for Discovery Channel
  89. New Academy rule makes it much harder for docs to be considered for an Oscar.
  90. Documentary about The Digital revolution
  91. recording event-videos with led-banding problems
  92. Q: Long Shooting Days and Head Cleaning?
  93. Live Streaming - anyone doing this for clients and making money?
  94. How to Organize/Label Raw Footage/Dailies - Metadata Etc.
  95. How can i distribute my documentary film to channels in a profitable fashion?
  96. Shooting documentary solo suggestions...
  97. Do Documentaries have to have speaking through it?
  98. How much would this cost?
  99. A bumpy shot
  100. Documentary Cameras
  101. Extras Needed: Filmmaking Hell
  102. Legal issues
  103. Any Documentary Organization of Canada members?
  104. I am producing a Doc.
  105. Wireless lav mic with good bang for the buck?
  106. Unauthorized Documentary
  107. set up for a live stream
  108. Where to Shoot Infomercial (5min Book Introduction)
  109. Sony, Canon, Panasonic or Mix for Wedding Video Kit.
  110. UFO/reincarnation cult documentary
  111. Need to record a remote interview
  112. Going to Norway
  113. Motion GFX and composer looking to help with doco work.
  114. Need Info. Urgently On Basic Prod. Liability Insurance/Yearly Rates vs. Short Terms
  115. Planning a documentary
  116. What would you say
  117. LLC Startup New York State - Need Advice/Cost Info/Experience
  118. Hiring a narrator for documentary film
  119. Release forms needed for ambient audio??
  120. Looking to make my first short film/documentary -- Need some advice
  121. How well would the Black Magic Cinema Camera (BMCC) work for making documentaries?
  122. Is my GH2 good enough for professional documentary work? (Help the new guy!)
  123. Found a topic I want to do a documentary about, but there's at least one documentary
  124. Event video and any handheld tips?
  125. Two useful resources for doc-makers submitting to festivals
  126. Snowy Mountain Climb Documentary - Camera Advice?
  127. Subtitle formatting with name/title key
  128. Lens Kit for Documentary Style Shooting
  129. Equipment for documentary about traveling
  130. Panasonic HMX100 vs Sony MCS-8M
  131. From which angles i should shot a concert?
  132. For submitting Blu-ray discs to festivals, is it a bad idea to use LTH discs?
  133. Copyright questions!
  134. Call for Entries: Big Sky Documentary Film Festival 2013
  135. Jerky movement from Manfrotto Monopod w/ Pana AF100
  136. Anyone want to help offer feedback on a rough cut of my film?
  137. Gary Barlow: On Her Majesty's Service - What camera was it shot on, anyone know?
  138. Weddings - What do people typically deliver?
  139. Whats better for run-n-gun solo documentary: Canon XA10 or Panny GH2?
  140. Client concern over documentary title
  141. Font usage in non commercial projects
  142. Tips for a small documentary
  143. Help on choosing a camera to film backpacking Europe.
  144. WLTF: Vancouver/Burnaby based videographer with angling interest for Documentary
  145. Good books on documentary making
  146. Starting Documentary - Need Suggestions/Opinions -- Please
  147. Ramadan Documentary Film Project
  148. Questions for Solo Docu in Haiti
  149. Crime-Centered Documentary project in Dallas, TX
  150. Is a deadcat necessary for recording sound outdoors?
  151. Are Permissions Needed To Use National Monuments or Public Buildiings In Productions?
  152. General advice needed for a trip to Kenya and my first "documentary" type shoot.
  153. To complete or not to complete - that is the question...
  154. Price to film video interview/portflio
  155. Thermal Imaging Cameras and Night Vision Cameras from BBC The Dark documentary ???
  156. The Bubble film looking for stock footage
  157. Advice on shooting 30 min doc on a fire traing course
  158. Documentary Pre-Production
  159. Documentary Film on Buddhism in America shot with Hacked GH2, AF100, HMC150
  160. Surfboard shaper doc shot on Epic and Scarlet
  161. Filming a online show for a Rock Festival
  162. Best Camera to Use? Best Areas to shoot film Documenting someone's Life
  163. The Use of Music in Documentaries
  164. is it generally OK to use the exterior of a commercial store with the store name?
  165. Documentary for Cambridge Film Festival
  166. Does anyone know what camera Caroline Quentons A Passage to India was shot on please?
  167. Artmoving school
  168. DSLR vs. Camcorder for documentary?
  169. My documentary and feedback
  170. Need help with a workflow...
  171. First attempt at video-journalism and first edit in FCPX (moving from FCP7)
  172. Lost in Translation
  173. POV Documentary advice needed.
  174. Learning material
  175. Just did a video of a missionary from our church... advice?
  176. Trade Show Videography
  177. Fair use?
  178. Doc shot with a DSLR?
  179. help with finding a music
  180. Shooting Video production at College Basketball Games
  181. Using DSLR and ENG Camera For Production
  182. A Bicycle-powered Documentary: Touring North America
  183. I spent two weeks in Africa and did a little video for my church...
  184. Question about approaching a many interview project..
  185. Sneak Peek of Future Documentary. Feedback on shots?
  186. Non-Profit budgeting
  187. Gearing up for doc
  188. What to Film at a Bar Mitzvah?
  189. Questions to those of you who hire editors to edit wedding films for your business...
  190. Starting my first feature-length doc and could use all the advice I can get
  191. HELP ASAP! French language Talent release form?
  192. HD video switcher accessories
  193. A Contest
  194. wedding Question
  195. International trip and insurance
  196. Body-worn spy camera recommendations?
  197. Planning before filming (1st timer)
  198. Taking advantage of two camera bodies (using a B-camera)
  199. The 3000-mile Interrotron
  200. Studio Liability for Weddings
  201. Film your snow experiences this winter for a new documentary.
  202. Please Critique my Video
  203. Shooting a resort wedding in CanCun Mexico. Any tips?
  204. Just blown away whilst watching the BBC's Africa...
  205. Band recording session diary video
  206. Please critique my video
  207. Lazy Ant Documentary
  208. A film about the music industry.
  209. First time Doc questions
  210. Exclusive Wedding Hall
  211. Do quality doco lenses exist for S35 documentary?
  212. E & O Insurance
  213. Need honest advice
  214. Help! Ugly bar effect, even at 1/30 sec shutter speed!?
  215. Last month I filmed a small doc in Ghana
  216. How important is the 'broadcast standard'?
  217. Severe weather shooting
  218. Tom's Kitchen - Mini-doc
  219. Paradise City Full Documentary Released
  220. Best interview app on iPad???
  221. How to add cinematic touch to ordinary situations
  222. Award Winning Documentary, "A Sister's Call"
  223. What I really do in this biz ..
  224. What Are Your Favorite Recent Documentaries?
  225. Short NY Docs
  226. Filming an Event on US Forestry Land
  227. My first subject documentary
  228. Short Documentary
  229. Help with a commercial for local community center
  230. Question about Drug USe
  231. People of Tarlabasi , Istanbul
  232. Licensing News Footage
  233. Sturdy travel tripod with smooth pan for documentary work
  234. Shooting a Documentary in Italy...
  235. Delete this post
  236. Music Picked Up From Local Enviorment
  237. Question about treatments
  238. Live music shot with XHA1
  239. Rough Cut Notes
  240. Buskers festival documentary/promo video
  241. Making a training DVD
  242. Best Lens for Interviews
  243. Best Microphone for Interviews
  244. First interview piece
  245. A gunshot to the head...
  246. Recommendations on a good lawyer to look over your documentary
  247. The Magnetist, a short documentary about cassette tape obsession, Shot with GH2
  248. Recommendations for a live streaming setup
  249. Seeking liability insurance...any suggestions?
  250. Best Industry for Feature-Length Documentaries: NY or LA ?