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  1. Suggestions on transferring tape to hard drive backup in te field?
  2. 2 Camera coverage of conference - Advice Needed
  3. Live event with video + screen
  4. music video test with MTV30p setting
  5. Live Concert Multicam (sorta)
  6. Wild Animals
  7. How Many Interview Subjects for Doc?
  8. Off to Russia tomorrow! Coming soon "Politics, Sex and Vodka"
  9. Walkies...
  10. Ragbrai 2009 - In IOWA
  11. My Documentary Series, Uncovering Oklahoma. Wanting advice.
  12. Water Related issues
  13. Filming children legal issues in Australia?
  14. Something to help with live events
  15. First Finished Music Video
  16. EJ Hughes Documentary LA Premier
  17. Documentary roots
  18. Filmmaker Documentary
  19. Documentary filmakers died in Africa today.
  20. filming a live phone conversation... how should I do it?
  21. My first wedding video made me a better filmmaker
  22. Wedding Highlights Reel
  23. Software For Transcribing Interviews
  24. Looking for public domain "Berlin Wall Fall" and some other historical footage.
  25. Colour Correcting live music that uses coloured lighting
  26. Shooting a Piece in a Club
  27. Great opportunity, looking for advice
  28. Wedding Clip
  29. HPX300 vs HPX170 vs HM700L7XT vs EX1 for Documentary Promo with Stuff Blowing Up
  30. USTREAM.TV vs?
  31. Best Doc Style Film Camera
  32. 07.02.09 Black Saturday documentary
  33. Idea Camp BTS
  34. video clip - preacher documentary
  35. First Bat Mitzvah Film
  36. Shooting a Wedding with the DVX 100B
  37. Capturing Streaming Web News Clips for Doc
  38. What exactly do "throw" and "cable run" mean?
  39. Wedding Live Stream
  40. Zooming in on document
  41. Advice wanted: live video beamed @ other location
  42. Shooting a Marathon Race experience?
  43. Advice on how much to charge
  44. How do you log footage?
  45. Tribute Film
  46. One-camera shoot of live performances
  47. Audio Advice for Live Conference
  48. Royalty Free Music - Your Input Needed
  49. 720 60p music video
  50. Shooting in Rainforest Environment. Advice needed
  51. Credit. What did I earn? Advice needed.
  52. breakdancing event
  53. Documentaries about the dot.com boom
  54. How to find exclusivity agreement for show concept
  55. Very Specific Stock Footage for Theatre
  56. The Gossip
  57. Equipment for live mixing?
  58. Tegan & Sara
  59. Doco Capture on the Road
  60. Tally System
  61. Concert/Band Audio Recording
  62. Paying for an inerview?
  63. Anyone Have Workflow Ideas for Photo Marketing?
  64. Most complicated lighting set up to date.
  65. Shooting in the dark at a lighted stage
  66. What cameras do discovery and such channels shoot their documentaries on ?
  67. HD over 1000ft?
  68. Live Broadcast Headsets
  69. Contract for interviews
  70. "Large" Local Music Festival - 8 Camera Live Shoot, live feed via internet
  71. Additional Gear Recommendations
  72. 6 or 7 3G-SDI inputs on a PC
  73. ~ NEW BsaintMedia Demo Reel 2009 ~
  74. Advice requested for shooting outdoors, in the cold.
  75. suggestions for remote cameras and switcher
  76. traveling abroad questions
  77. Rental house in Washington
  78. Do you prefer translated voice overs or subtitles?
  79. Movie Magic Budgeting template for Docs?
  80. Need advice - Shooting Documentary, Time Crunch
  81. Questions on Filming a Classroom
  82. Behind the Scenes Credits...?
  83. My First Documentary - Lessons Learned
  84. Film/Video area release forms?
  85. How to Film a Talk Show Pilot
  86. Pre-pro - " In my Shoes "
  87. How to Film Spring Break...
  88. DC LIVE-Gannin Arnold, Guest Drew Hester and Host Terry Bozzio
  89. Discussion panel w/audience
  90. Camcorder to VGA male
  91. Historical footage and the documentary
  92. Live performance one-camera
  93. Help finding name of documentary
  94. Save an IMMENSE time Transcribing
  95. Scott MTV70 Manual
  96. New to Documentary film making
  97. V-R70DP_Users Manual
  98. Live concert shoot, tips, tricks, basics, fundamentals
  99. Indoor Basketball Court questions
  100. reel of live band footage
  101. Great Opportunity! Multi Cam Live Concert Shoot..NEED ALOT OF HELP
  102. 3 cameras live switching problem
  103. 5D/7D Wedding
  104. Legal issue? Copywrite on historical photo
  105. Logistics of Documentary Production
  106. Any good books on shooting documentaries?
  107. Any tips on image permission?
  108. Panasonic AG-MX70P and Mac
  109. question.... what do you call fill shots?
  110. Where can I find grants to fund documentary work?
  111. Videographer/Editor here. How much should I charge?
  112. Suggestion of Contracts to use
  113. How can I get HQ Full HD capture screen video for documentary?
  114. 3 bands filmed... 1 night... using only 1 EX1...
  115. Farewell concert clip: My first 2-cam shoot
  116. z5u vs z7u for documentary
  117. Lawsuit Against a Filmmaker Documentary
  118. what would you chose to older prosumer or newer consumer
  119. Doc Mix in 2.0 or 5.1 ?
  120. Releases
  121. Documentary Documents
  122. Camera choice
  123. Which is better? justin.tv or ustream.tv
  124. Need help with a piece I'm working on
  125. Matt Finlin's Below New York
  126. Camera Rental Websites
  127. Glidecam at Wedding
  128. Software used to log footage for documentary - AVCHD workflow
  129. 1st Live Band Shoot- Looking for Feedback
  130. Production links?
  131. Need advice for green screen interviews
  132. Camera buying advice
  133. New here
  134. Coachsurfing doco
  135. Need a good song for 50 years old birthday slideshow!
  136. Lollapalooza 2010
  137. Covering Live Event For The First Time
  138. Shooting a short sports documentary
  139. Philips Cinema - Parallel Lines - Film making competition
  140. Recording Good Sound at Reception Using Zoom H2 (video demo)
  141. Sennheiser G3 Wireless Mic - displays CHARGE?
  142. Three Cameras, one operator
  143. Military Stock Photos - Public Domain (where can I find them?)
  144. Certificate of Insurance
  145. High School Festivals?
  146. Tilting
  147. Travel Concerns ... Again - Case for DVX
  148. Sennheiser - Frequency Band
  149. Please check out our Movie Poster - Please give us your opinion
  150. First Wedding Gig
  151. lavalier on groom and bride question
  152. What Mic should I use (LIve Event)
  153. Shooting an indie wrestling show for B-roll
  154. Documentary advise needed
  155. Short documentaries - SD or HD?
  156. Getting the rights to a person's story
  157. Media Managment for Long Form Projects
  158. Shooting in public - releases, signs, etc.
  159. Short Documentary in Brazil Advice
  160. Best Doc/Cable TV/Shorts Camera
  161. I've got a gig, i've got the gear, and i've got a client-Now I need a price
  162. Wedding DVD Cases
  163. Pulling audio from the DJ's soundboard.
  164. Need advice on how to make an engaging speech/presentation:
  165. Seeking Fellow Practitioners - Live Events
  166. Camera Buying Advice and More
  167. What does your wedding assistant do?
  168. Cheapest pro-am camera with live feed?
  169. t2i and ??? for weddings?
  170. Where to submit my documentery
  171. Copyrighted Live Performance Slash Documentary.Artist is Resisting Distribution
  172. driving 200ft video cable
  173. Rights issue with Retrospective Documentary
  174. Frame rate question
  175. Shooting in Canada
  176. best gear for shooting docs
  177. Wedding Highlights film
  178. Scoreboard for Basketball?
  179. Shooting live music events using 4 cameras
  180. Wedding Audio Nightmare, please help.
  181. Quick Documentary Question
  182. Help needed with AG-HMX100 mixer
  183. Travel Doc with the 7D
  184. Ideal gear for run-n-gun doc
  185. Used camera buying advice for weddings.
  186. Portable small stage
  187. Please Help with control room set up.
  188. Music Video
  189. Demo 2010
  190. Looking for a few mature viewers and comments - rough cut of Politics, Sex and Vodka
  191. Best camera for hidden camera stuff? Best hidden camera setups?
  192. My First Doc As A Film Student.
  193. What do your wedding videos look like?
  194. "High-End" event filming
  195. Suzy Solar rocks flames Central
  196. Unauthorized documentaries
  197. Film School
  198. Applying Effects to Live switcher event - Need suggestions!!
  199. Whats a white egg studio called ?
  200. Need help with live switching for event/live streaming
  201. Steve Aoki - Party Degree Events - 20/20 Tallahassee
  202. Dance on Camera Festival in NYC
  203. Live Electronic music performances
  204. Can I get some help getting started please?
  205. Where to rent an Edirol V-8 in LA?
  206. Camera selection - High end depositions
  207. My First Doc
  208. Man Strips Naked In Church Before Wedding Shoot
  209. Alesis USB Mixer/Flash Encoder Problems
  210. HotDocs in Toronto-Who's attending?
  211. Laser Insurance????
  212. Non interested subjects, continue project? Anyone been through this?
  213. Shooting Periphery live with six cameras advice?
  214. How do you like to shoot interviews?
  215. Getting access - how do you make the pitch?
  216. Urgent: looking for BRoll of 9/11- World trade center
  217. Wedding video prices?
  218. Need an intercom system
  219. Shooting in Europe-what to expect
  220. Filming in Wales
  221. Firefighters Marry Atop the Empire State Building on Valentine's Day
  222. Legal Stuff for a Music Video
  223. Live Production
  224. Planning documentary, need help/advice
  225. Transition time to read a document
  226. Need filming & Production for an event (possible series)
  227. Urgent - Looking for Videgraphy Crew for corporate event
  228. Youtube downloads.... help needed.
  229. I need your help!!!
  230. Help! Some buget minded choices for a first-timer (wedding videography questions)
  231. minimum gear standards for pro documentary production
  232. First dynamic live broadcast, need new equipment, please help!!
  233. documentary production house looking for the right camcorder
  234. How do you all going about finding client when first starting off.
  235. Editing time?
  236. Documentary Kit for China
  237. 720/50p or 60p digital cinema
  238. First time doc for theatrical distribution, would appreciate advice on gear
  239. New go-to camera for docs?
  240. Having the camera turned on you...
  241. "Directing" your subjects
  242. Friend asked me to shoot her wedding - bad idea?
  243. filming in LAX
  244. Outdoor - Wildlife - Landscape
  245. 5 camera set-up to live feed
  246. Getting The Story Flowing...
  247. Live Streaming of Events over 4G?, etc.
  248. Off to Asia for month...
  249. Short Doc - Molossia:Nation in the Desert
  250. Wiz Khalifa at The Bamboozle 4/30/11