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  1. Shooting News Footage in Small Local Town
  2. HVX and the desert
  3. Filming in two weeks need help.
  4. tripod (budget 200$)
  5. DVX and high temperature
  6. Releases from someone other than the person being interviewed
  7. Mojados through the night.
  8. Lawrence Lessig
  9. Citizen Journalism at War
  10. Help with Yemba translation - Cameroon
  11. Getting footage from TV for a doc
  12. Clip from our squatter doc
  13. Posted signs
  14. Best Worst Movie Documentary
  15. Where to get free stock footage?
  16. Motorcycle Journey
  17. 24p Or not to 24p
  18. Best Short Documentary Festivals?
  19. Best Workflow for Interpretation
  20. Finding Cheap Stock ootage from Iran
  21. Hybrid camera - stills & video at the same time
  22. Web video
  23. "The Boy from Out of This World"
  24. another release question--do i have to pay to make it legal??
  25. I have been asked to make a doc. What to ask in the first meeting with the producer?
  26. How do I calculate the time involved in the logging/editing phase of a music doc?
  27. help for Documentary/ one person crew /panasonic DVX100B
  28. questions "Born into brothel"
  29. a documentary film trailer
  30. "The Vinyl Frontier" Trailer
  31. Hidden Cam Reactions and Releases...
  32. When do I need Releases (Specific, Indie Rock Doc)?
  33. Chequebook Journalism.
  34. The One Man Doco Crew - An Article
  35. How much pre-production involvement is too much to ask of the subjects?
  36. Rebel With a Cause - Isara doc - Official Announcement
  37. internet source footage
  38. video journalism tips & stock footage royalty free
  39. Tough Cameras
  40. Grant work sample - feedback please!
  41. Help on Reality Series Budget
  42. Tips on shooting a documentary style roadmovie
  43. scanning images-dpi? frame size? sd? hd? final cut pro? whew!!!
  44. HIPAA and Doctor Interviews
  45. World's Oldest Sword Swallower...
  46. Best settings for a documentary
  47. Interviewing in Silhouette
  48. Extreme documentary
  49. Deployed Soldier needs Docmentary Advice
  50. one person behind camera and on camera
  51. Licensing Theatre
  52. Need help deciding on camera for Iraq documentary
  53. budget sample for documentary
  54. What camera(s) used for "Darwin's Nightmare"?
  55. Looking for a documentary outline and guide
  56. DVD's for Lighting, Audio etc.
  57. Second Camera Suggestions?
  58. Shooting web content.
  59. Documentary Info
  60. Documentary Frustration (permits)
  61. Making a doc without direct interviews?
  62. Are Issues possible w/ India Customs DVX100a?
  63. "Making Of Doc." - Creating Your Own?
  64. camera/equipment recommendations for round-the-world documentary
  65. my fantastic voyage
  66. Providing Questions to Interviewee
  67. Shooting b-roll
  68. miniDV tape vs. HDD for around-the-world documentary?
  69. Verite
  70. How to film Photos
  71. Documentary shooting with the HVX
  72. Graduation Video Questions
  73. Editor for documentary
  74. Blurring out faces/brandnames for Indie Documentary question
  75. Documentary Work?
  76. Why do we make docs, anyway?
  77. Preparing Answers To Interview Questions In Advance?
  78. Shooters in Traverse City July31-Aug1
  79. Shooters and Production Asst. needed in Traverse City July31-Aug1
  80. Basic documentary tips with the DVX
  81. Forest service use permits
  82. More Distribution for Documentaries
  83. I Am Not Creative, What Should I Do?
  84. Shooting my first documentary
  85. Finding people for your documentary?
  86. give me some feedback please
  87. Need some help with my Budget
  88. suggested frame rate for documentary?
  89. Any low cost solutions for Producers to Communicate with Interviewers?
  90. new name here....
  91. Live Action lighting help
  92. How much should i charge
  93. Jersey State Police Officers run. How much?
  94. Lighting a stage for keynote speaker
  95. US-Pakistan exchange (technology and cultural) need interview help
  96. From quick job to Documentary
  97. Bicycle race: What shots would you want to see?
  98. One Cam Wedding
  99. Looking for HVX 200
  100. Picture movement- Photoshop and FCP
  101. Cute Girl
  102. Displaying a release sign for large event
  103. Seminar...
  104. I need help streaming LIVE
  105. Documentary on the LSD drug and culture?
  106. **Health seminar pricing** HELP!
  107. Aftereffects of Photoshop
  108. Live Events!
  109. Filming Computer Monitors - Apple Displays
  110. boxing
  111. What to charge when you are first starting out?
  112. Blackburst Tapes
  113. Shooting at public events
  114. Filming Short Independent Documentary in France
  115. Audio at a live event, help if you can!
  116. Shooting documentary got a few questions
  117. Filming A Hurricane!
  118. Filming in Central Asia
  119. running long cord at wedding.
  120. wedding placement
  121. Advice/Comments for Promotional Video
  122. Recommend Hip-Hop Documentary
  123. Shooting a Doc on a Comedian this weekend
  124. Does anyone know where I can get satellite photos?
  125. Music club promotion video
  126. Event at Night Help
  127. What type of mic for interviews?
  128. proposal for a poetic documentary
  129. Need advice shooting rock show
  130. wedding fps
  131. Fresh Films National Gaurd Doc Program
  132. Deployed Soldier needs Documentary help (Post Prod)
  133. Newbie feedback for "Band Camp" package
  134. Budget for a documentary
  135. copywrite issue for educational dvd
  136. Signs in public shots
  137. Tips for a new documentary producer
  138. how do I add photographs?
  139. tokyo gear rental
  140. My latest nigthclub video from a party in San Jose
  141. How much should I charge?
  142. Rough demo for new doc
  143. 1st Documentary, Larger than Life Subject
  144. Over modulation problems
  145. Making a teleprompter..what software to use?
  146. What is a good on camera light kit?
  147. Where to view tasteful title sequences/lower thirds online?
  148. Litepanels for Crowds: Mini, Micro or neither?
  149. Live switching ideas?
  150. How to find funding?
  151. Legal Music in my Videos
  152. Portable Live switcher
  153. Mixing footage from HV20 and HVX
  154. Any good documentary books?
  155. HD Camera with SD Switcher?
  156. Documentary I shot
  157. Shooting a music video questions
  158. Filming choir concerts?
  159. Shooting outdoor hunt
  160. Documentary Trailer Concept (INPUT NEEDED)
  161. Short Documentary
  162. Wigmore Hall Video request
  163. New Music Documentary
  164. is this a good doc?
  165. Annuals live on the Interface
  166. What should the "Doc" look be?
  167. Shooting in an empty(working) High School
  168. Most efficient way to do multicam Doco Interview
  169. Protecting your story ideas
  170. Need stock footage and Sound Effects
  171. car show event
  172. I'd Rather Fly - Documentary
  173. I really need some help, please - Stuck on documentary story
  174. need to acquire footage
  175. "The Fray"
  176. Wedding videography question - How much is too much?
  177. Wedding Clip - Banff Chic: The Hiro Nakamura Mashup
  178. Collaborate With Me On Documentary?
  179. Shooting a Live Show for Comedy Central
  180. Multi Camera Shoot
  181. Back stage at the Grammys
  182. Finding subjects
  183. Feedback Please: The Voice of Harlem: General Election 2008 (my 1st doc short)
  184. Looking for suggestions
  185. falconry docu.
  186. ???Shooting a cage fight
  187. Setup for live event
  188. Foreign Language VO
  189. Permissions for Graduation recording?
  190. What is the average Videography Fee?
  191. Documentary Release Form Question
  192. co-producer wanted for documentary in Iraq.
  193. looking for doc collaborator on Thoreau project
  194. Live Multicam Concert Production
  195. Comedy sketch group.
  196. Aerial Documentary
  197. Street Children Photographer Documentary
  198. Twin Groves
  199. wedding footage of 3rd lower and background
  200. Documentary Pros out there?
  201. Documentary Questions
  202. Release Forms Impossible
  203. Bluegrass Documentary In The Works
  204. Quick Thank you.
  205. On-camera lighting for a nightclub?
  206. Surviving the grind
  207. No mixer/switcher ONLY MONITORING
  208. Fixer Ethiopis
  209. Some Crazy Rave I did...
  210. tourvideo for a band
  211. Shooting in Ethiopia
  212. Shooting in Kenya
  213. camera/software advice for kids show
  214. About to go up in a plane
  215. Cameras on the wing!
  216. 2-Day tour
  217. Shooting my first wedding on Saturday
  218. hi im new and i have a ? about cams
  219. Stressful when you're trying to do everything. Anyone??
  220. So now I've shot my first wedding and reception
  221. Best Audio for Concert?
  222. May Need Filmaker in D.C.
  223. What are some great new doc series I should watch?
  224. Documentary Clip - Traveling Campus Preacher
  225. Doc Clip: Drag Queens of Key West
  226. Symphonic Concert experiences?
  227. Camera placement and audio tips for filming a performance?
  228. 2 cameras, 2 different colors in footage. Now what?
  229. Life Jazz Performance
  230. Principal in my film just passed away
  231. Copyright Question
  232. Docci Pilot
  233. Thinking outside the box
  234. Traveling to South Africa looking for tips
  235. Check out my first wedding video....
  236. Need release for using someone's video clips in doc
  237. Football - Doc
  238. Road Hazard Perception Production
  239. Need angle ideas
  240. Freelance contract
  241. Where do docs go?
  242. video mixer and camera advice
  243. Place in Dallas, TX to rent Sony EX1/EX3 cameras?
  244. Advice on Pricing a job PLEASE
  245. Looking for videographer in Florida for Jan 9!
  246. Help with Sony Anycast
  247. video diary type cameras for a doc
  248. Do I need release forms?
  249. Mocumentary Laws
  250. Making Video of a Memorial Service - Any Special Considerations?