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  1. The Official "Next Fest" Idea Submission Thread
  2. Student Video Contest: What Makes Your Campus Green?
  3. A little help here?
  4. General Discussion & Previous DVXuser Fests
  5. Demo Reel 2012
  6. GoPro Partners with Technicolor to Incorporate CineStyle™ into GoPro’s new Protune™
  7. shooting video alongside stills at weddings?
  8. Heineken Final
  9. for all of the professionals
  10. How do I get access to a news van and News camera?? Indie film maker
  11. Career in Filmmaking? Is it viable?
  12. two events tonight
  13. Any Indie Filmmakers Interested in a "Indie Film Studio Complex" in Eastern Ohio?
  14. Ready for the tv shows airing tonight
  15. Please recommend what equip
  16. Berkey system at it again! RED SCARLET rig
  17. Site for film tips and tricks
  18. Indie Filmaker User group in London
  19. Best bang for your buck for a camera
  20. Problem with Canon 50mm FD 1.4 Aperature
  21. WTS New Numark Mixdeck Quad Universal 4-Channel DJ System.....$500
  22. Looking for an editor in Austin to share our new office
  23. Attention New York Filmmakers -- screen your film for free this Saturday!
  24. Sick of my T2I , looking for alternative suggestions
  25. How do people with absolutely terrible music video resumes, get in contact with...
  26. Please vote for me at the NexTV Web Series Competition
  27. "Amber" - A Kickstarter Promotion for an Action/Drama about Human Trafficking
  28. Film & Entertainment Insurance
  29. Slow Motion 1 Trillion FPS
  30. Practical analysis of the GC-PX10AC HD camera according to one machine
  31. What is the best camera for me? Around $2000
  32. What camera is used here?
  33. who beckons her to a room
  34. More mysteries begin
  35. A little girl - or an apparition
  36. Better to remain
  37. Can some one answere this?
  38. Scanning in film with a flatbed scanner
  39. Commercial Shoot
  40. I wish I could compose for more films
  41. Need some advice, unsure of which direction to take
  42. Fantastic service from Hocus Focus UK
  43. Next Fest?
  44. Where or how to practice photography? and other questions
  45. Advice on some direction
  46. Share your opinion on movie availability and piracy!
  47. My comedy attempt
  48. Why does a vendor need additional insurance for?
  49. Just new
  50. Licensing classical music
  51. This Weeding Video company is taking other companies Videos and saying it is theirs!
  52. "Leader, front, and back pads"
  53. Royalty Free Footage of Vietnam War?
  54. Difference between 2 core and quad core?
  55. Seperating the art of Storytelling from the tools we use to tell them.
  56. Rental houses in SLC?
  57. RAW Footage Charge
  58. Get paid before or after for a AC or 1st AC?
  59. Which 4k Camera to Buy? Stock Footage Shooting
  60. Leads on industrial clients in NYC?
  61. Creating Documentary About the Syrian Refugee Crisis in Jordan - we need your help!
  62. Hackintosh
  63. ProRes on ipad
  64. Equipment Listings at Website?
  65. Canadians using USA post offices
  66. Co-working spaces for film in NYC?
  67. Adobe AE purchase
  68. International Short Experimental Movie, looking for help
  69. Question about equipment versus:
  70. Help!
  71. Urgent -Out of Focus footage
  72. Don’t ever let airline baggage handlers take your camera gear
  73. Where can I find a contract template for an Annual Gig?
  74. Liability Insurance etc...
  75. Critique My Student Work
  76. End Credit Test
  77. I Uploaded The Theme Music for The Perfect Letter
  78. Low Light
  79. What is this camera man using to create such a steady shot?
  80. EDM Festival Videographers Paid Skype
  81. 2017 wishmas list
  82. May lens test
  83. What Should I Charge?
  84. Buying a Used Camera
  85. cleaning out some of my digital cameras (what should stay and what should go)
  86. Shooting in high heated area (150F) - is it possible? (lenses fog up)
  87. Selling a educational license of my Documentary
  89. Phone APP to find photo locations wherever I am??? Is there one???
  90. Carl Zeiss Jena Biotar 1.4/50mm on Canon or Nikon?
  91. Looking for a over the head video camera/camera for my youtube show
  92. Sigma 12-24mm ART - how do you like it???
  93. wardrobe?
  94. Export Settings for "Stock" Video
  95. Rates for certain production services abroad