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  1. C100: One Focal Length
  2. C100: Locking HDMI for Ninja 2?
  3. C100: how much do you charge per hour for freelancing with c100 ?
  4. C100: grip relocator / bracket - options?
  5. C300: Juan De La Cruz - filmed with C100 / C300
  6. C100: C100 C300 C500 Firmware Update Schedule and Information
  7. C100: Color grading C-log
  8. C500: Canon 35MM T1.5 Cinema Prime $5200 ETA Dec 2013: Texas Media Systems
  9. C100: C-log over WDR for Film Convert?
  10. C100: b4 zoom lens, input please
  11. C100: Expected Hours of Operation from your C100
  12. C300: shoulderrig for C300
  13. C300: Music video I shot with C300 "the Fox"
  14. C300: What is the best C300 settings/custom profiles to eliminate green skin tones??
  15. 1DC: Can the "1D-C user thread" prefix be change from C500 to 1DC?
  16. C100: Identifying 50i footage in Premiere Pro
  17. 1DC: Z400 UltraColor CRI 95 LED light review, shot on 1D C
  18. C100: Canon Updates it's CPS program for Cinema EOS Owners
  19. C300: Canon CN-E Primes compared to 70-200/2.8 II L IS?
  20. C100: Promo video for Sudden Combat
  21. C100: Iphone 5S will shoots 120fps@720, but my $6000 "Cinema" camera does not....
  22. C100: when do expect an EOS cinema update?
  23. C100: C100 with telephoto lenses
  24. 1DC: 1DC cleared for Tier 1 productions by EBU
  25. C100: External Mic
  26. C100: Good Outdoor Mic
  27. 1DC: Will EF-S 17-55mm f/2.8 IS USM work on 1d c in S35?
  28. C100: c100 with ninja 2 Post Workflow using Adobe CC
  29. C100: Lowlight and slowdown shots
  30. C100: 24p shown as 47.95fps
  31. C100: Ninja 2 - 29.97fps and resolution showing 1888x1062
  32. C100: Lanparte, Genus, Chrosziel or Zacuto follow focus?
  33. C100: Field Monitor Recommendation
  34. C100: C100 and ninja 2 splitting files
  35. C100: Re: Fraudulent C100 ebay listing: 370899101095
  36. C100: What it means to be an Altar Server, filmed with the C100
  37. C100: What HDMI cable and HD are you using with c100
  38. C100: 24P in Europe
  39. C100: c100 shoulder rig
  40. C100: Grading C100 Footage
  41. C100: Lcdvf & c100
  42. C100: LCD color not true?
  43. C100: any tool to identify the difference between 25f (PsF) and 50i footage on Windows PC?!
  44. C300: C300 Dynamic Range
  45. C100: A little astronomy with the c100, iso20k
  46. C100: Ninja 2 and Zacuto EVF options
  47. C100: Shooting SD With C100 & Atomos Ninja 2/Blade
  48. C100: C100 Battery Life
  49. C300: Zacuto Z-Drive and grip relocator
  50. C300: Frame Grabs From C300 C Log Before & After Grade.
  51. C100: Canon 70-200 f4L IS USM - stabilization?
  52. C100: C100 and C300 similar power?
  53. C100: Wedding with C100 (ceremony + GH2)
  54. C100: C100 + Atomos Blade with the Connect H2S: HDMI to HD-SDI
  55. C100: Canon C300 & C100 Training Workshops at DV Expo Sept 25 & 26 in Los Angeles
  56. C100: dumb question. outputing C100 SDI signal (converting from HDMI) through BNC to TV
  57. C100: HDMI output not working. Help?!
  58. C100: Video I shot for the Amercian College of Cardiology
  59. C100: External power, 8.4v vs dummy adapter
  60. C100: Attaching Ninja2 to the cold shoe of c100
  61. C100: Adjust color on C100 screen?
  62. C100: PL adapter for the C100
  63. C100: Knee setting not affecting the picture (at all)
  64. C100: Which Canon DSLR matches C100 for 2nd Interview Angle?
  65. C100: Commercial on a C100 + Ninja 2
  66. C100: C100 over cranked to 20k and cleaned up in post. Amazing performance
  67. C100: Canon C100 Lens EF Rebates & Cinema Package Discounts $800-$9000: Texas Media Systems
  68. C100: C100 avchd and Premiere Import Conversion
  69. C100: Problem filming Car LED lights
  70. 1DC: 1d c head/tripod suggestions
  71. 1DC: Starting Sigma 18-35 on 1d c thread
  72. C100: Cyberbullying Spots. Used Both The C100 and C300.
  73. C100: C100 connection problems to Ninja 2
  74. C100: Please critique my simple birthday video
  75. C100: GTA V Midnight Release
  76. C100: Walk to Class
  77. C100: Event shooting: built-in or external microphone?
  78. C100: Please Explain Difference Between the Two Models of 70-200 Zoom
  79. C100: C100, 30 PF full stop lighter compared to 24 PF, 24P
  80. C100: Tripod Advice
  81. C100: FD lenses on C100 & C300
  82. C100: Slider recommendations
  83. C100: Cinema EOS baseplate recommendation
  84. C100: SD cards
  85. C100: Frisbee Trick Shot Video - Canon 15-85mm
  86. 1DC: Short Film: The Dead Don't Starve.
  87. 1DC: Hot off the presses! Zeiss 55mm f/1.4 Otus Distagon T* Lens for Canon EF Mount
  88. C100: Rokinon 16mm on C100
  89. C300: Aja Ki Pro Quad 4K/QuadHD/2K/HD Solid State Recorder ; works well with C300/ C500
  90. C100: Recommendation for Studio Monitor, around 17"
  91. C100: C100 for a Red MX
  92. C100: Atomos Ninja 2 and Canon C100 Setup Guide Texas Media Systems
  93. C100: SLR Magic HyperPrime CINE Lenses
  94. C100: Zacuto EVF + C100 - magnification, how?
  95. C100: Strange duplicate files?
  96. C100: Has Anyone Engraved ID on a 70-200 or Other Expensive Lens?
  97. C100: Cambodian Wedding Ceremony shot with the C100
  98. C100: Using c100 with slider first time
  99. C100: C100 and A-Box?
  100. C100: New Sigma 24-105mm F4 DG OS HSM lens
  101. C100: Short christmas film shot with the C100
  102. C100: my beloved C100 shoulder rig
  103. C300: Rain cover advice. CamRade, Porta-Brace, other?
  104. C100: Samyang/Rokinon Cine Lenses - any dogs?
  105. C100: First Wedding Edit with the Sigma 18-35!
  106. C100: Lanc cable - alternatives?
  107. C100: Atomos Samurai Blade : does it worth it ?
  108. C100: C100 - Cinematic Wedding Trailer
  109. C500: can i use my nikon lenses in c500 pl mount ?
  110. C100: Wide angle opinions
  111. C100: my C100 records about 6 *STILL FRAMES*at beginning of each clip. anyone know why?
  112. C300: Dream... A new EOS C camera with RAW, high framerate, 12b and greater dynamic range?
  113. C100: Maxinutrition Mantra TVC with the C100
  114. C100: Do you clipwrap? or keep original mts and folder structure?
  115. C300: c300 Kickstarter Vid
  116. C100: FCX importing and ediiting
  117. C100: What size SDHC cards do you use?
  118. C100: Critique my 1 minute personal C100 film!
  119. C100: C100, with kinoflo lights
  120. C300: Investigates. News promo shot with Sigma 18-35, Rokinon and Canon lenses. Plus a Jib!
  121. C100: Sharpness on Log footage
  122. C300: "Shooting with 18 Cameras: The Making of The Short Game" Filmmaker Magazine
  123. C100: Is there room in the world for an SD card hdmi prores/dnxhd mini recorder?
  124. C100: First Wedding
  125. C100: HDMI Audio?
  126. C100: Take a break and watch a fish.
  127. C100: C100 Owner/Op Reel
  128. C100: Lanc Remote Compatibility
  129. C300: Major issue with malfunctioning camera
  130. C100: DP4 Owners: Any way to get Magnification into the EVF?
  131. C100: C100/Ninja 2 Nature film "Their Last Days"
  132. C100: HDMI Locking NINJA2
  133. C100: No audio while viewing avchd files via windows media player?
  134. C100: Documentary camera reel
  135. C100: Coming from a HPX250
  136. C100: 35mm 1.4 - Sigma or Samyang?
  137. C100: Canon Live Learning: Joe Simon Utilizing the EOS C100 for Wedding & Event Production
  138. C100: C100 downsized to 70p in Premiere
  139. C100: C100 questions
  140. C100: Profiles test for download.
  141. C100: Slow motion in low light, wedding trailer
  142. C100: Suggestions for a one man Jib for the C100
  143. C100: Love this camera
  144. C300: HBO's "Life According to Sam" filmed on Canon C300
  145. C100: Mixing C100 and Gh3
  146. C100: C100 + Canon 50mm f/1.2 = Magic Flares
  147. C100: Audio settings: Limiter vs attenuator vs trimming
  148. 1DC: Can 1DC auto switch cards?
  149. C100: Telephoto lens options?
  150. C100: Oops... phantom power on when sennheiser wireless mic plugged in...
  151. C100: C100 sharpness :)
  152. C100: C100 EVF option
  153. C100: Greens showing as blue?
  154. C300: Shooting Polo
  155. C100: Canon.. is november
  156. C100: c100 auto focus upgrade
  157. C100: This Could Be A Big Deal : C100 Dual Pixel AutoFocus Upgrade from Canon...
  158. C100: How to copy CP for modifying
  159. C100: CP button don't work when in pre-rec mode
  160. C100: C100 Wedding Highlight - Feedback Plz!
  161. C300: Weather News Image Promo "Weather Signs"
  162. C100: Color correction and noise reduction
  163. C100: Vertical lines in underexpose area
  164. C300: C300 crews needed Whitegate UK, Darmstadt Germany, Rio de Janeiro, and Sydney
  165. C100: Canon 18 - 135mm thoughts?
  166. C300: Canon C300 on 60 Minutes
  167. C100: c100 native editing in Adobe Premiere
  168. C100: Custom C-log profile / grading test
  169. C100: 70-200mm f2.8 II L IS wonkiness
  170. C100: AF on 70-200 2.8 during slider interview: Would it help?
  171. C300: New Cinema EOS Firmware is now available
  172. C100: Mutated Nature
  173. C100: Firmware update available (NOV 2013)
  174. C100: C100 ISO up to 80,000 tests & old firmware comparisions
  175. C300: Question about exposure metering on the C300
  176. C300: Operator lessons/technique (books or videos)?
  177. C500: "Michael Apted Directing 4K Documentary About Canon Optics" The Hollywood Reporter
  178. C500: Canon C500 Firmware Update Now Available: Texas Media Systems
  179. C100: Shoulder Rig ?
  180. C300: Canon C300 Firmware Version has been discontinued
  181. C100: New Magnification Feature
  182. C100: Introducing My Coffin: Shoulder Rig Quick Draw Safety Case
  183. C100: Firmware Upgrade & AF: Please Explain
  184. C100: Is the 2.35:1 marker ACTUALLY 2.39:1?
  185. 1DC: Canon 1DC 4K Video from Untitled Film Works: Canon Master Darren Jew
  186. C300: 1st time night filming outside, need advice!
  187. C300: Switching quickly to slow motion
  188. C100: Profile Pickle
  189. C100: C100>Ninja2 recorded 24p camera feed at 29.97
  190. C100: Canon C100 Pic from Ben Mahoney Productions: "Mail Order Girlfriends Arrived"
  191. C100: Kinotehnik LCD VF BM fits C100
  192. C300: EBay compact flash cards & batteries
  193. C100: Anyone use Porta Brace Rain Cover?
  194. C100: Improving on camera sound
  195. C100: Two C100 interview video: "Sudan Relief Fund"
  196. C100: Shooting with C-log
  197. C100: Screen grabs from today using C-log
  198. C100: Canon 17-55 f2.8 vs Sigma 18-35 f1.8
  199. C300: Tilta C100/300/500 Rig
  200. C100: Firmware update
  201. C100: Petrol LCD Hood for C100
  202. C100: Loving the Zeiss 50mm makro so far
  203. C300: V-Mount Power Solution for C300?
  204. C300: Data issue on cf card
  205. 1DC: The Digital Picture Sigma 24-105mm OS preview
  206. C300: Canon C300 Firmware Version Available Nov 27 8PM EST Texas Media Systems
  207. C100: Rode Videomic Go
  208. C300: Canon's Surprise firmware feature not mentioned
  209. C300: Buying used camera on Ebay
  210. C300: SanDisk Extreme C.F. Cards
  211. C300: 24p and sound out of sync? need help
  212. C100: C100 and Ninja 2 - ProRes or ProRes LT?
  213. C300: Firmware update question: Auto-iris or 32% IRE rule???
  214. C100: Cyber Monday Canon C100 Kit-
  215. C100: autofocus issues since latest firmware: looking for responses
  216. C100: Can't install firmware
  217. C100: Multiple Clip issue with Atomos Samurai Blade
  218. C300: Call of Duty Fan Film
  219. C300: C300 with 19mm Studio Shoulder Mount - Too tall?
  220. C300: Underwater Bag
  221. C300: C300 Wide Dr
  222. C300: Directors monitor
  223. C100: Atomos Special Promotion
  224. 1DC: Homeland DP David Klein used Canon 1DC on tonight's episode
  225. C300: no handle, no issue?
  226. C100: Franklin Street Best Cinematography 2013 Buffalo 48 Hour Film Project
  227. 1DC: 1DC Disappointment
  228. C100: Canon 24mm 2.8 IS Worth It??
  229. C100: Audio recording: HELP!
  230. C100: C100 Moire!
  231. C100: C100 connected to a video switcher.
  232. C100: Which lenses for AF firmware upgrade?
  233. C300: Portable Grey Cards - Use them?
  234. C100: Heavy lens support
  235. 1DC: Canon 1DC Software Downloads, New Versions
  236. C100: LCD & Viewfinder Settings
  237. C100: Petrol PA1018 Deca Mini Hood
  238. C100: Does Anyone with a Tilta Base Plate and a 100 or 300 use Follow Focus Wheels? (Erik?)
  239. C300: MXF player?
  240. C100: Kung Fu Vampire - Nightmare Walkin' - Music Video
  241. C100: Love Canon 50mm f/1.2 on my C100
  242. C100: Good Deal for C100 ? Manfrotto 504 HD,546bk tripod kit-ebaylink enclosed
  243. C100: No aperture control on Tamron lens
  244. C100: ISO 80,000 with new firmware
  245. C100: 50Hz Shutter Speed Question
  246. C100: Canon 24-105 EF IS USM, NOT IMPRESSED AT ALL WITH IT
  247. C300: Canon C300 & Canon Cameras Dominate PBS POV's 2013 Doc Filmmaking Equipment Survey
  248. C300: Canon Cinema Primes ?
  249. C300: C300 hard case
  250. C100: Is C100 AVCHD fully support by FCPx 10.1 release?