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  1. HPX250: HPX 250 at the pumpkin patch
  2. HPX250: First day with HPX250
  3. HPX250: HPX250 at the Beach
  4. HPX250: Somewhereinthewoods there is some new footage...
  5. HPX250: Buzzards Pans Sunset Low Light
  6. HPX250: Auto Focus Tracking on the HPX250 and HMC150
  7. HPX250: A nice color graded HPX250 Test
  8. HPX250: And some more HPX250 footage via Vimeo
  9. HPX250: Short sports doc shot 80% on hpx250 first shoot since getting rid of canon 7d
  10. HPX250: HPX250 Test Footage from Texas Media
  11. HPX250: buying from globalmediapro online shop
  12. HPX250: ZipperCam! Testing technique to fly through the woods...
  13. HPX250: Take a look at this
  14. HPX250: HPX250 preps for upcoming national park shoot - interesting results
  15. HPX250: Val Di Sole World Cup - Mountain Biking
  16. HPX250: First footage of a Childrens play.
  17. HPX250: Theater show shooting performance
  18. HPX250: Ozark River Mini-doc shot with HPX250.
  19. HPX250: Short Doco with my HPX250
  20. HPX250: HPX250 lens test
  21. HPX250: Miami Hood
  22. HPX250: test DVCPRO-HD
  23. HPX250: Discovery (Science Channel) Show shot with HPX250 aired May 26th
  24. HPX250: HPX250 vs Canon XLH1 ?
  25. HPX250: Live Stage Music in not so great lighting but still very happy with my 250
  26. HPX250: HPX 250 AVC Intra 100 vs Nikon D810 recoording Plores 422 HQ
  27. HPX250: HPX250 AVC Intra 100 1080/60i action sports videos