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  1. ALL: Clip request
  2. AC160 Sample Footage
  3. AC160 Crazy Zoom footage of the ac160
  4. AC160 Pany AC-160 zoom and focus lunch test...
  5. AC130: Nice AC130 footage of a Ballet
  6. AC130: "behind my house" Short feature shot in the woods of Florida on Panasonic AG-AC130
  7. AC160 Timelapse
  8. AC130: Bombay Hook - First Footage
  9. AC160 first camera footage
  10. AC130: Production video of Chandelier collection
  11. AC160 my ac160 test footage
  12. AC130: Panasonic AG-AC130 / Harvest Printing Promotional Video
  13. AC130: Panasonic AG-AC130 put to the test in Night Club for Promotional video.
  14. AC130: Couture Fashion Week Video Footage Promo
  15. AC160 Timmy O'Neill on camera - shoulder mount, run&gun. love this camera.
  16. AC130: LIL JON Performance all filmed with PANASONIC AG-AC130
  17. AC160 Test Recording, Singers, 1080/24p 1/60, no lighting, open shutter, no zoom, gain 6
  18. AC160 Test. Indoor, 24p, room lighting only, gain at 12db, f2.4, distance 16 feet
  20. AC160 AC160 Motorcross Video
  21. AC160 carmina kamerkoor good audio
  22. AC160 Singers 1080/24p, shutter 1/48, f2.7, gain 6, 45 feet away
  23. AC130: My first footage
  24. AC160 VFR test - 1080 24p recordied at 60 fps.
  25. AC160 Rock Band Recording at club under constantly changing light conditions
  26. AC160 My 2012 Showreel
  27. AC160 Climbing footage with AC160
  28. AC160 Low Light Theatre Recording done at 1080/24p with gain 6 db
  29. AC130: Florida backyard. 1st test
  30. AC160 Series of 13 stage acts (drama federation quarterly event)
  31. AC160 Series of 13 stage acts (drama federation quarterly event)
  32. AC160 Two minutes on the Nivernais Canal in France.
  33. AC160 That looooonnnnnggggg zoom lens on the AC160
  34. AC160 Indoor Recordings, lots of backlight, on-camera Rode mic
  35. AC130: Official 2012 trans am mini documentary
  36. AC160 Music Theater AC160A
  37. AC160 Interval Recording
  38. AC160 Hudson Music Festival 2012, July/Aug - Youth Competition Finalists
  39. AC160 Galapagos Islands
  40. AC160 kinderhoogdag
  41. AC160 Opening Number Noelle Hannibal's "Ghosts of Broadway", Le Balcon, Old Montreal
  42. AC90: Low light footage of Boston
  43. AC90: Guns Across America - 2nd Amendment Rally - Denver Colorado 1/19/2013
  44. AC130: moon, plane crossed in front of it
  45. AC130: AC130 lowlight footage of Jazz Ensemble performing in a nightclub
  46. AC130: AC130 Outdoor Footage: Talent Competition shot on an early summer evening
  47. AC90: Good AG-AC90 Test Video
  48. AC130: Wedding Video shot with AG-AC130
  49. AC90: Impressive low light AC90 footage of Achtung Babies in concert
  50. AC160 My AC160 as a sports run and gun camera
  51. AC90: Sample lacrosse night game under stadium lights
  52. AC90: Ac90 ON WEDDING
  53. AC90: Skateboard Contest
  54. AC160 Sunset time laps
  55. AC160 Car racing video
  56. AC130: Beth Hart musicvideo contest entry
  57. AC130: Not Just a Sunday Afternoon
  58. AC160 Elephants, AC160 with After Effects Warp stabilizer in post.
  59. AC90: Revere Beach - Sand Sculpting event 2013
  60. AC160 Africa Wildlife Safari
  61. AC160 5 min news
  62. AC90: Santa Sppedo Run + some New Year's Eve videos
  63. AC90: PAX EAST 2014 - Cosplay
  64. AC90: Las Vegas at night
  65. AC160 AC160 Promotional Travel Video
  66. AC90: World Naked Bike Ride 2014
  67. AC90: Behind the scenes of "Black Mass" starring Johnny Depp
  68. AC160 Slo Mo test on Panasonic Ag-Ac160A
  69. AC90: Time Square, Ney York.
  70. AC90: Behind the scenes of "In My Mind" staring Arthur Wahlberg
  71. AC90: Video I shot of multiple young performers
  72. AC160 Opera Recording - Some stage areass have poor lighting
  73. AC90: Pride (Lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender) Parade 2015
  74. AC90: Nassim Young Dragon - Martial Arts Demonstration
  75. AC90: Manuel Soares painting an Azores Seascape
  76. AC90: Indigenous Peoples Day - Native American Festival - October 10 - 12 , 2015
  77. AC90: New Year's videos around Boston
  78. AC90: New England International Auto Show 2016
  79. AC90: Chinese Lunar New Year 2016 Lion Dances in Boston
  80. AC90: Red Bull Flugtag Boston! August 20, 2016
  81. AC90: 3rd Annual Lantern Festival - Chinatown Boston 2016
  82. AC90: Boston Cup - Outdoor car show. Includes a ton of new and classic cars.