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  18. ALL: Thanks for the Forum dvxuser
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  27. AC160 "Audiobug" AC 160
  28. ALL: Anyone know where the Panasonic AC-160 & AC-130 Factory is located?
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  35. AC160 Follow Focus not practical?
  36. AC130: Let's try another comparison, how about the Canon XF100 versus the Panny AC130
  37. AC160 Is the AC160 sensor basically the same as Sony's NX5U's 3 chip sensor?
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  39. AC130: 130 Accessories
  40. ALL: Headphone Delay one of three design "Features" which are a pain!!!
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  43. ALL: 130/160 owners, can you test the auto focus of the camera.
  44. AC160 Ac160 external time code jam?
  45. AC160 Looking for a shoulder mount/stabilizer for AC160
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  47. ALL: AC130/160 for Television show?
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  50. AC160 Ag-ac120en ??
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  62. AC160 1080 60p cometh
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  64. ALL: Any 130/160 owners willing to volunteer for a camera test?
  65. OTHER: Here is a link to the brochure for the more affordable AG-AC120
  66. ALL: Hard Case
  67. AC160 Timelapse ac160
  68. OTHER: AC160/130 timecode sync with HMC150
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  84. AC160 Depth of field and rolling shutter
  85. AC160 AC160 book
  86. AC160 My new AC-160
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  93. AC160 I cannot believe what I have just watched!!
  94. AC160 Please add to firmware BEEP SOUND for sound's notification switching to REC and STOP
  95. AC160 How can I see current number of a written down scene (during shooting) LIMIT 900!!??
  96. AC160 How can I state current status of mode "FOCUS ASSIST" (ON or OFF)
  97. AC130: AC130 1080/60p
  98. AC160 Senseless names of files in DV - mode
  99. AC160 Low sensitivity of a microphone input
  100. AC130: Time Code Runs while in Pause?
  101. AC160 Optical Stabilize
  102. AC130: AC130 for $3395.
  103. ALL: DV widescreen?
  104. ALL: Can Anyone Explain Why Face Detection Autofocus Requires that Auto-Iris be used?
  105. AC160 For those of you who use the auto-focus...
  106. ALL: Anyone use an AC130/160 and a Canon XA10
  107. AC160 Mounting Wireless Receiver onto AC-160
  108. AC160 shutter speed
  109. AC160 LCD display - Iris Meter confusion
  110. AC160 live recording & avchd recording
  111. AC160 in camera settings for the ac160
  112. AC160 Camera guard for Panni 160
  113. AC160 which codec is better
  114. AC160 vector scope
  115. ALL: Setting your cam against the sunlight in VFR or time lapse
  116. AC160 Zoom rocker or zoom ring?
  117. ALL: Headphone jack volume
  118. AC160 field & production monitors
  119. AC160 AG-AC160 Thoughts, questions, concerns, time-stamp
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  121. AC160 REQ: Original files from camera
  122. ALL: Thread for suggested modifications if Panasonic was to make a AC130B/160B
  123. AC160 Barry Green scene file
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  126. AC160 Auto Tracking Whitebalance ATW
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  138. AC130: Please get this thread out of "other"!
  139. AC160 Baseplate for AC160
  140. AC160 User of Menu\Operation\Delete
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  142. ALL: Using either an AG-AF100 or GH2 as second camera with AC130
  143. AC130: AC130 footage looks video-y?
  144. AC130: AC130 not available in Canada?
  145. AC160 Memory Card differences
  146. AC160 24p vs 25p
  147. AC160 Are these gears big enough for AC160 lens?
  148. AC130: Vignetting - is this inherent?
  149. AC130: Pumping gain in camera vs. post production software (FCP)
  150. AC130: Frequent Card Errors During Formatting
  151. AC160 Error message ac160 stop recording (DATA ERROR)
  152. ALL: Ice Show, shoot at 1080 60i or 720 60P?
  153. AC160 Test Recording with my new AC160
  154. AC160 Two MAJOR problems I had with AVCHD footage on my computer
  155. AC160 Need help from AC 160 EJ (PAL) owner
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  157. AC130: Battery Drains ???
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  159. AC130: Barry Green 130/160 Book
  160. AC130: Audio Channel Limiters???
  161. AC160 best camera settings to output to dvd
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  163. ALL: Curious about AC130/160 sales relative to AF100
  164. AC130: LCD Monitor colour with Scene Files
  165. AC130: AC130 autofocus is REALLY useless at any zoom setting except wide!!
  166. AC160 Mount Sennheiser 416 to built-in on-camera shock mount AG-AC160
  167. ALL: Battery question
  168. AC160 Adjusting the shutter speed - synchro scan
  169. AC160 my little review and thoughts on getting the ac160 in to my collection
  170. AC160 my AC160 HDMI output have horrible ghosting problem
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  172. AC160 exporting in pp5.5
  173. AC130: Just got done importing DV AVI footage from Camera, AVI Files sound distorted in FCP
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  175. AC160 Shoot at 1440 x 1080?
  176. AC130: Scene files
  177. ALL: AC130a and 160A announced with upgrade available to current owners
  178. AC160 "Control Data Error"--Major Problems with Data on AC 160
  179. AC160 ATW locked vs manual WB
  180. AC160 An error in the 160
  181. AC130: Buy or wait?
  182. ALL: Loving my 130 for theatrical use!
  183. AC160 When will the update 1080/50p-60p for 160?
  184. ALL: How to name clips in sequence
  185. AC160 Slow down
  186. AC160 Firmware update 1.23 24.04.2012 for 160 already available
  187. AC160 AC160 rental in LA?
  188. AC160 trying to encode for dvd
  189. AC160 Sharing scenes settings
  190. AC130: NLE makes a glitch when camera closes the file and starting the next file.
  191. AC160 Comparison AC160 1080/24p versus 1080/60p (firmware update)
  192. AC160 SanDisk 64GB SDXC Memory Card Ultra Class 10 UHS-I
  193. AC130: AC130 vs Canon XA10
  194. ALL: What raincover for AC160?
  195. AC130: Extra Mod to LCD Loupe on my cameras
  196. AC130: Ordered new one!!
  197. AC160 Avccam Viewer can't copy files in PS mode
  198. AC160 Convert to Shoulder Mount or Buy a Stabilizer
  199. AC160 Viewfinder for lcd Pana 160
  200. AC130: What frame rate is better for a dance show, 720 at 60P or 1080 at 60i?
  201. AC160 Scene files no longer accessible
  202. ALL: Panasonic please add x1.5 digital zoom to the future update!!!!!!!!
  203. AC130: Ghost Effect (Urgent Help)
  204. AC160 Best method for matching AC160 with Canon DSLRs?
  205. AC160 the infamous focus issues
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  209. ALL: AC130 & AC160 Firmware upgrade dilemma
  210. AC130: DVRigPro HD
  211. AC130: AC130 without viewfinder
  212. ALL: Shooting HD for SD Output
  213. AC160 Upgrading from HMC150 to AC160 or HPX250...
  214. ALL: how to setup to match gh2 or a 5dmk3?
  215. AC160 PREREC Mode
  216. AC160 A convert from Sony- new 160a on the way!
  217. ALL: Focusing Upgrades - Call back mid-June
  218. ALL: Please post any test videos of the new updated 130/160 focus issues
  219. AC130: ag ac 130/160 how does it handle highlights?
  220. AC130: Controlling exposre seamlessly??
  221. AC130: Is the Ac-130 really that good for run 'n gun???
  222. AC160 Making the most of your AC 130/160
  223. AC160 Recommended theatrical settings for 130/160
  224. AC160 Regarding frame rates- what happens if?
  225. AC160 New to HD
  226. AC160 Just received a new AC160-A yesterday
  227. ALL: How do I mount a wireless mic on this thing?
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  229. AC130: Can't Turn on Manual Focus
  230. AC160 4:2:0 vs 4:1:1 when color matching?
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  245. AC160 which format for dvd
  246. AC160 Can you ID this battery bracket?
  247. AC130: The relay system
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