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  1. FCP to Premiere crossover projects
  2. FCPX When?
  3. Fcp x is now out!
  4. Upgrade before FCPX...
  5. Final Cut Pro X from a music video editor POV?
  6. FCP X Manual?
  7. Graphic Card Suggestions...
  8. Which Graphics Card for us 2008 Mac Pros?
  9. Motion 5: stuttery playback when creating animated arrow
  10. FCPX help and answers
  11. Better check your APP STORE if you bought FCP X.
  12. Send FCX feedback to apple here:
  13. Is FCPX automatically applying a LUT to my CineStyle 5D footage?
  14. FCP X - Manuals, Tutorials, Resources Collection
  15. Apple probably needs to do some damage control, Now.
  16. Fcp x slower than 7 ????
  17. FCP X: not what I was expecting
  18. Anyone switching from FCP
  19. Podcast...this i believe is the hard reality of FCP X
  20. Did Apple Hide App Store Reviews???
  21. Email Exchange with Randy Ubillos, FCP X Designer
  22. Apple is giving me my money back...
  23. That's it for me - Project work disappeared...
  24. My conspiracy theory about FCPX
  25. What Apple's approach towards Final Cut and its legacy users means for its future.
  26. Slow Down On Jumping off the ship...
  27. Hit em where it counts and go for the refund on FCPX...hear me out.
  28. Let's be honest FCP was ALWAYS targeted for prosumers.
  29. Apple Final Cut Pro X Released
  30. I never liked FCP now...
  31. Request to Apple: Reinstate FCP7/FCS3 NOW...and until FCP X is pro ready
  32. Send FCP X complaints here...
  33. The Future of Final Cut Pro X
  35. 'Awesome"azation of technology in a Brave New World
  36. FCP X "Trial"?
  37. If FCP X were a WWII weapon what would Patton say?
  38. FCP X is growing on me a little...
  39. NYT Pogue Post Sums Up FCPX Nicely
  40. Some Solutions To Some Common Issues in Final Cut Pro X
  41. Does Final Cut Pro X have a serial number?
  42. FCP X - Training
  43. Questions and concerns...
  44. FCPX - The iMovie Legacy
  45. Motion 5 Doesn't let FCP 7 Launch
  46. Motion 5 appears more pro than FCP X, or am I wrong?
  47. Very positive about FCPX, and Thunderbolt future.
  48. Nice List of FCPX Reference from Mark Spencer
  49. Transcoding to an external drive in FCPX?
  50. My Solution
  51. Should FCPX have it's own section separate to "Final Cut Studio".
  52. Is Apple Trying to Provoke People?
  53. Dual Boot For A While . . . Then We'll See
  54. Help? Importing footage from GH1 to FCPX?
  55. Michael Wohl: Original FCP Architect chimes in on FCP X
  56. What does the guy who led the original FCP revolution think of FCP X?
  57. Final Cut Pro X Petition
  58. Apples answers to most questions
  59. 3D video and FCP X
  60. Not Syncing!
  61. Color Correction-using curves or LUT's
  62. GH1 in FCPX
  63. AE warp Stabilizer 'better' than FCPX stabilization?
  64. Bezier curve adjust keyframes-Time Remapping or 'Ken Burns' fx?
  65. MTS Workaround
  66. Sanity in the FCPX Debacle
  67. FCP X and Ripple Training.
  68. Event Library disappears after restarting
  69. Offline edit with FCP X?
  70. Is Python the future of Final Cut Pro X workflow & XML Import/Exports?
  71. How can you edit audio in FCP X?
  72. Fcp x question
  73. I like it.
  74. "It is just like changing every single gas station to hydrogen overnight."
  75. Firewire is to legacy FCP as Thunderbolt is to FCP X.
  76. FCPX may be my main editor soon, a first for FCP
  77. Apple Motion vs Adobe After Effects-features comparison
  78. can't find FCP X keyboard shortcuts for ripple edit...
  79. Best Training
  80. FCP X SDK released
  81. Install FCPx on new partion?
  82. Events are what was previously thought of as...
  83. new-final-cut-pro-xdcam plugin
  84. Switching from Final Cut to Adobe. My main concern: No high end Native Editing Codec
  85. The future of shared storage on the Apple platform
  86. Bringing My Custom Compressor 3 Settings and Destinations to Compressor 4
  87. FCPX mulitple suites question...
  88. ProApps Quicktime Codecs
  89. A POSITIVE take on FCP X
  90. FCPX troubleshoot: Making a blade cut hinders timeline playback
  91. audio problems in FCP X...audio fades no keyboard shortcut???
  92. FCP X: what happened to "Fit to Fill"???
  93. Archiving solutions?
  94. Request to Split the FCP X Forum
  95. Might we talk about what is GOOD in FCPX
  96. Slow Motion in FCP X
  97. Matrox MX02 support for FCPX Pro Monitoring coming
  98. MacProVideo Tutorial with Michael Wohl
  99. Why when i mark In and Out point they disappear?
  100. Staying aboard the FCP X train...
  101. Rumor: FCP7 project import via XML coming
  102. FCP X setting for slower computers?? 2009 MBP?
  103. Blue screen
  104. For those with Ripple Training: Coolest Learnings or "aha's!"
  105. FCP X wishlist (the obvious excluded)
  106. Former Shake Product Designer: Apple Doesn't Care About Pro Market
  107. Apple responds with an FCPX FAQ
  108. How to un-install Final Cut Pro X ?
  109. Music video workflow?
  110. Titles - mixed fonts?
  111. My thoughts on the new FINAL CUT PRO X (video)
  112. Great Comprehensive video on FCPX/Motion/Compressor Feature set
  113. FCP X: is it not possible to keyframe the Ken Burns affect???
  114. FCP X: how do you make sub clips???
  115. Adding transitions to text?
  116. If you really want out...
  117. FCP X Advice needed: Organizing Metadata Keywords for WWII doc-film
  118. Conspiracy Theory
  119. FCP X: what are the most urgently needed keyboard shortcuts???
  120. FCPX and SmoothCam?
  121. Any way to automatically detect audio peaks in FCPX?
  122. Help with Audio. Simple questions but I'm in a rush.
  123. Einstein talks about FCPX.
  124. A couple of improvements I would like Apple to implement
  125. FCP X: rewind / fast forward stuttering issue at 4x and 8x
  126. Can transitions only be placed on the primary storyline?
  127. Imagine
  128. X makes perfect sense from a business standpoint.
  129. Avid vs Adobe
  130. My ambivalence about FCP-X
  131. Imported P2 footage error
  132. Changing resolutions?
  133. Pogue on FCP-X
  134. Audio Vanishing
  135. FCP7 site licenses, FCPX EDL, XML, XSAN soon!
  136. Audio sync with FCPX, ZoomH4n and DSLR
  137. FCPX Megatest - 9 Day Bicycle Challenge
  138. Simple Audio Edit Question
  139. opening FCP7 files in Adobe
  140. BMX Video - Shot with iPhone4 edited with FCPX for fun
  141. basic audio questions and J + L cuts
  142. Motion 5 integration is actually damn impressive
  143. Matrox Adds Tape Capture/Output, Monitoring Solutions for Final Cut Pro X & Compresso
  144. Question about optimized media
  145. Lacie Drive wont appear in events browser
  146. Another FCPX theory
  147. Is it possible to do a "fit to fill edit" in FCP X???
  148. FCPX, the 1980 software battles all over again
  149. FCPX and 1st Gen Mac Pro 2006 question.
  150. Anyone tried real Audio Plugins?
  151. FCP X is network blind?
  152. Display to external monitor on Mac Book Pro
  153. FCP X is driving me CRAZY...
  154. POLL: Which NLE will be the "industry standard" a year from now?
  155. Crumplepop blog - their thoughts on FCPX
  156. Anyone on Lion yet to see if that helps FCP X work better?
  157. Project stuck in 25 fps, should be 24p
  158. HELP! Final Cut Pro X Editing with Transitions.
  159. Which other software or Plugin with Match Color Fuction as FCPX?
  160. FCP X's major weakness?
  161. DVX 24pA footage in AVI format
  162. How To Crop Corners? (Garbage Matte?)
  163. Problem importing from canon xha1 to fcpx
  164. no strobe effect in FCP X???
  165. 3 way Color correction FCPX - eye dropper - whites/mid/black color picker -
  166. Color Profile Issues with FCP X
  167. Free templates for FCP X
  168. FCX with network users - SOLVED!
  169. how does proxy media work?
  170. Final Cut Pro X: A Look From Past to Present to Future (Complete Footage)
  171. FCP X DIY Effects by me :)
  172. SSD Firewire Drive for FCPX
  173. FCP X MXF convert?
  174. The weirdest bug ever!
  175. Some RED Footage graded and edited on FCP X
  176. Quick question about editing with the Canon 60d and Final Cut Pro X. Please Help!
  177. FCP7 review by a FCPX user
  178. Still Durations?
  179. FCP X quick green screen test
  180. FCP X Crashes - 2008 Macbook Pro
  181. New Mac Mini Screams with FCP X!!
  182. audio question
  183. Free Templates For FCP X
  184. text entry is crazy slow!
  185. FCP 7 or Apple studio back on the market again
  186. Convert wmvto mov and create video looping
  187. Issue with External Drive in FCPX
  188. FCPX Hack for G5s
  189. Working FCP7 with FCPX installed -- can't export
  190. Background Noise Removal problem in FCPX.
  191. FCP X 10.1 Released - Trial Version Available As Well
  192. Switched to FCPX - A continuing commentary on FCPX
  193. Starting first project in FCPX on MBP. Need some advice.
  194. Connected clip moving bug
  195. Monitor support
  196. FCPX on new partition w/o an OS???
  197. Newby alert. Some basic questions about process.
  198. What a Sad Day
  199. Guidance
  200. Huge problems with FCPX and OSX 10.7.2
  201. new iMac
  202. Moving projects between computers
  203. Sharing and Linking Parameters in Motion
  204. Need advice on correct order of editing
  205. having to reboot fcpx about a dozen times a day cutting a trailer!!
  206. Stabilization (Smoothcam) on FCPX
  207. AVCHD Playback Stutter Problem after Importing
  208. Multicam Editing in FCP.X..sort of
  209. Teaser cut on FCP X with RED Footage
  210. Automatic Duck Supports FCP X, and is now FREE!
  211. Fixed The Built-In Gaussin Blur
  212. Spinning beachball never ending in project panel
  213. Synchronise one big audio clip with multiple video clips
  214. FCPX 8 point garbage matte RT
  215. Is This Normal? Importing footage into fcpx taking extremely long!
  216. Dramatic loss of image quality with FCPX?
  217. Professional Tape Ingest/Output for FCP X
  218. FCP X keyboard
  219. (Noob Question) Automatic Audio Leveler?
  220. Audio out of sync
  221. MacBook okay?
  222. How fast is FCP X
  223. FCP X and???
  224. Anyone Seen This? Warning Icon Preventing Export From FCPX
  225. 24p?
  226. How to use Magic Bullet in FCP X
  227. FCP X 10.0.2 Update Available
  228. Blurring Out Logos in FCPX
  229. Audition in FCPX
  230. Drop Shadow in FCPX?
  231. mac pro fcp x users: u change your graphic card?
  232. Can't scroll event, projects stuck
  233. Anyone certified in FCPX yet?
  234. Global effects controls?
  235. Beta testing of a new plugin for Final Cut (7/X)
  236. fcpx - free trial crippled?
  237. Flash animation
  238. FCP 6 in same partition as FCP X
  239. LaCie Thunderbolt drive and Compressor 4
  240. Installing FCP 7 AFTER installing FCPX
  241. FCPX naming conventions/terminology???
  242. Plural Eyes For FCP X Released - Public Beta
  243. Move a Final Cut Pro X Project to Final Cut Pro 7 - New Utility Released
  244. Recommended External Hard Drive for editing?
  245. Problem capturing DV tape in Final Cut Pro X from Panasonic HVX200
  246. trouble importing Tape from HVX200A to FCP X
  247. first music video I did in FCPX
  248. Tonal Range
  249. Premiere Pro captures?
  250. Exporting to quicktime problem/glitch