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  1. NEX FS 100 footage thread and links
  2. The FS100 - A different perspective.
  3. Solving the FFS100 ND Issue
  4. FS100: Petition to Sony
  5. FS100 kitted out
  6. FS100 vs. F3
  7. Place your bets - FS100 arrival
  8. Is there any official test of the prototype FS100 regarding 10-bit output?
  9. most informative .
  10. Thank you, moderators, for starting this forum
  11. Sony NEX-FS100 Presentation - Juan Matrinez (Notes on Video)
  12. FS100 available for rent in LA for $400 a day?
  13. Best place to pre-order Sony cameras (FS100)?
  14. no negative gain?
  15. Upcoming hands-on comparison of F3, FS100 and AF100 from Philip Bloom
  16. Sony F3 and FS100 Comparison
  17. difference between fs100 sensor, 5d mk2 and af100?
  18. FS100 available end of May for $4,999 body only ($5,599 with lens)
  19. An hour-long presentation by Sony at NAB 2011 on the FS100 (Juan Martinez)
  20. Birger Engineering EF/E Mount adaptor
  21. FS100 available for PreOrder on BH!
  22. APS-C Lenses and the FS100
  23. Comments on P. Bloom Test
  24. Re: NEX-FS100 Microphone
  25. Upside-down FS100 thread
  26. This may explain the FS-100's great low light performance.
  27. Out of pure curiosity..
  28. Lenses?
  29. AF100 or FS100... Decisions, decisions!
  30. Bower Canon Adapter
  31. Lenses wit Optical image stabilisation and autofocus support
  32. Best dumb (non-electrical) E-mount to EOS experience?
  33. Re: BHPhotoVideo/SageMax Protection Plan Warranty
  34. Which adapter is best for Nikon F mount lenses?
  35. 8-Bit Issue
  36. FS100 HDMI embedded TC
  37. Re: Profits
  38. Rigging your FS100
  39. future-proofing the fs100?
  40. UK Dealer (20/05/11)
  41. HXR-FMU128 Flash Memory seems overpriced
  42. Zeiss CP.2
  43. Re: Anton Bauer ElipZ 10K battery vs Sony NP-F970
  44. White Balance Limitation ?
  45. FS100 Resolution
  46. FS100 for dummies
  47. stepping up to cine lenses without blowing the bank account
  48. Batteries for the FS100....
  49. MTF services pl mount adapter question
  50. HDMI out to Monitor and External Recorder
  51. Re: NEX-FS100 SHIPPED!
  52. Hot mirrors for FS100 in daylight
  53. RAW FS100 Footage?
  54. Idea for solving missing ND problem.
  55. Let's talk ND filter
  56. US MODEL: NEX-FS100 no longer able to ship outside of United States!!!
  57. DC power in on the FS100?
  58. Re: Canon FD Lenses
  59. Is anyone considering Camera Insurance?
  60. Abel Cine Measures Sensitivity & DR
  61. FS-100 Accessories
  62. Re: Shipment Delayed?
  63. FS100 Australian Availability
  64. Ah so it does do 4:4:4 uncompressed output
  65. OK you knew it was coming 4:4:4 vs 10 bit
  66. Hotrod Cameras E-mount to PL
  67. Help to find rotating plate support -rail- for
  68. My Sony FS100 Experience
  69. Sony FS100 vs EX1R vs NX5U
  70. Ships today
  71. Get your FS100? Post up here.
  72. Re: External Touch Screen?
  73. FS100 Europe US price diference
  74. FS-100 SIGMA Lenses with OS Image Stabilization
  75. B&h nexfs100uk - in stock, order sent to warehouse purlator ground!!!
  76. 30db night footage noiseless. prores download.
  77. Hey FS100 new owner, please post the user manual!
  78. Re: FS100 vs VG10 sensor size
  79. FS100 flight on a Hexakopter
  80. AVCHD in cam vs. Prores HQ capture via HDMI
  81. FS-100 Picture Profiles
  82. FS-100 Footage: EastSide Food Park
  83. TC jamming
  84. Re: ISO Standard #: 12232:2006
  85. Timecode for dummies
  86. Re: Found MORE NEX-FS100 Footage!
  87. Sony 16mm f2.8 E Mount lens.
  88. FS100 1080p resolution vs GH2 720p
  89. with or w/o lens... that is the question
  90. Re: VG10 successor to be announced July 2011
  91. Let's see that 120fps baby!
  92. Anyone in Manhattan with an e mount lens?
  93. Plastic quality
  94. Re: FS100 Operating Manual Uploaded!
  95. 3D Lut Processing
  96. Can you mark a good take?
  97. New $250 Sony 30mm f3.5 Macro E Mount lens
  98. FS100 shoot in DC
  99. Sdhc cards
  100. Simultaneous output - HDMI, Component AND AV-Output?
  101. Re: Shoot without lens?
  102. One Week with the FS100...
  103. Some footage...
  104. FS100UK Shipping?
  105. Sensor cleaning. What's your solution?
  106. Fader ND Filter question...
  107. B&H Prepay customers--regarding Sony 12 month warranty
  108. I want it but I think I need some advice
  109. Berkey System Top Plate for FS-100
  110. Accessory shoe plate
  111. Let the accessories begin
  112. My FS100 Handle Replacement...
  113. Re: Uploading 1080@60p AVCHD to YouTube?
  114. Re: Manual Gain on side panel?
  115. Rolling Shutter effect @ 720@60p?
  116. S&Q Recording - 1fps
  117. Show your rigs
  118. Re: Anyone asking you guys for a shooting permit?
  119. Some grabs from todays testshooting
  120. Couple of Questions...
  121. Weight limit on the E Mount?
  122. Footage with models. Lots of over and under/over-cranking.
  123. FS100 footage Log & Transfer times
  124. FS100 with Canon Lenses
  125. ACVHD content management for MACs
  126. Support for FS100 kitted to rock cine style
  127. Bavaria Rain - first shots with the FS100
  128. Sony Nex Fs100 and Panasonic GH2 Test. Pushing the Grade..
  129. B&H Status Update
  130. After Hours - Short Test Clip...
  131. Would the FS100 cut in well with my EX3 footage?
  132. Should I sell my af100 for the Sony fs100.
  133. Sony Fs100 and Panasonic GH2 Rolling Shutter Test.
  134. Cause of Rolling Shutter = My Computer
  135. VLC Player - Can't detect Audio Track
  136. Lens mount play?
  137. Sony FS100 - frame rate and shutter speed tests
  138. FMU128 or Atomos Ninja?
  139. Ha ha, I told me so... a cautionary tale
  140. Kit lens - no focus assist?
  141. Music video shot with the FS100 & 5D Mark II
  142. Is there a Mac version of the AVCHD Cam utility?
  143. Re: Vancouver Canucks Riot - Reflections Footage
  144. Sony NEX-FS100 rig with cinemartin : street videos
  145. I did it....
  146. Some "test" footage
  147. FS100 post workflow.
  148. Chrosziel mattebox adapter for FS100
  149. Canon mount for fs100
  150. 1080p60 Workflow help...
  151. FS100 porn
  152. Sony NEX-FS100 Super 35mm Camcorder Trailer Aliasing at 02:00
  153. Anyone in PAL land buying an FS100 from USA?
  154. FS100 Rolling Shutter performance...
  155. I have no clue what lenses to get for the FS100
  156. Sony FS100 Tone Mapping!!! (HDR
  157. Best fader-ND
  158. Fs100 + rayxar 50mm F/0.75
  159. Accessory shoe plate
  160. Recording to SD Card vs HXR-FMU128 vs External Recorder vs Rolling Shutter
  161. AVC rears it's ugly head.
  162. Low Light test footage brought back to life in post
  163. $3,700 AF100 or $5,000 FS100?
  164. "Locking" HDMI Cables
  165. First Sony FS100 footage
  166. Sony Nex FS100 Color graded sample footage
  167. New FS-100 evaluation and video.
  168. Super slow motion test
  169. Importing an FS100 to Europe (Sweden)?
  170. FS100 Video "Soleil's Spring"
  171. Which memory cards?
  172. FS100 hanging over open water
  173. FS100 dynamic range, not as much as expected ¿?
  174. Would a Samyang/Pro-Optic/Rokinon/Bower/whatever 8mm f/3.5 fisheye (Nikon) vignette?
  175. Knee DR and yellow blotches..
  176. Another test video....
  177. Someone got an FS100 in Canada?
  178. Sony FS100 Color grading with Cineform conversion and First light
  179. FS100 and LA7200 1.33x anamorphic adapter
  180. Anyone seen and Oct19 to Sony adapter for the FS100
  181. Sony FS100 and red tint
  182. Japanese availability/street price?
  183. focal length and FOV using different lenses
  184. FS-100 w OptiTek PL and baseplate
  185. LA-Ea1 adapter problem
  186. aliasing and moire?
  187. Stock Loupe Modificstion
  188. Looking for Canon EF to NEX E mount adapter
  189. FS100 & Lens adapters
  190. Harley Davidson commercial footage shot w/FS100
  191. A Silly Question About ND Filter Order
  192. FS100 batteries???
  193. Effects of a cheap lens adapter on the Fs100
  194. Owners in canada! I need a dumb EOS - NEX adapter for monday! HELP ME
  195. FS100 footage on a big screen
  196. Is there anyway to use 1080p60?
  197. ND-filtering for the FS100EK: advise needed...
  198. Slim HDMI cables
  199. Features aside, which camera looks better? AF100 or FS100
  200. Any Information or rumors on availability of Birger NEX mount for Canon EF-S lenses
  201. ALIASING: 7D vs FS100 vs AF100.
  202. Stock microphone
  203. White Balance Preset and Memory A/B look different at same temperature
  204. T/C reverts back from Free Run to Rec Run
  205. Motion “Judder” on the FS100 and other cameras at low frame rates (Alister Chapman)
  206. Confusion about resolution
  207. Auto Knee?
  208. FS-100/Heliopan depth of field/evaluation video
  209. The FS100 and BMD's new Hyperdeck
  210. questions - 30p, expanded focus or peaking via external HDMI
  211. How to Setup FS100 + nanoFlash 1080p24
  212. Kitting up affordably: stuff you have that works. SHARE LINKS HERE-
  213. FS100 Firmware wish list
  214. Idiot's Guide to the Sony FS100
  215. FS100 presentation
  216. Crop factor: FS100 vs. 7D
  217. Random thought
  218. Atomos Ninja value when used with FS-100?
  219. FS100: Canon and Nikon lens mounts, and adjustable ND filter (vimeo)
  220. Upcoming 4:4:4 Recorders
  221. Dead pixel already!
  222. FS-100 / Atomos Ninja & Faux Handheld HDR
  223. Anton Bauer compatibility for FS100?
  224. Comparing noise of FS100 and 60D
  225. FS100 Smooth slow rec CRAZY 200 fps!!!
  226. Clearing cards from Sony FS100
  227. Kipon EOS to NEX
  228. FS-100 greenscreening
  229. color grading fs100 footage in fcp
  230. Buy FS100 or Rent RED MX ?
  231. FS100 vs Steadicam Pilot... will it fly?
  232. White Balance for Dummies
  233. Grabs from a national radio image film
  234. Acoustic Music Video / Radiohead, Codex Cover Also Frame Grabs
  235. FS100 and Ninja: Yes, No, Maybe?
  236. Bit rates & quality of recording query
  237. What bag are you using for your FS100 kit?
  238. Some issues with HDMI out to monitors
  239. The Kit Lens is Underrated...
  240. Test of 35mm lenses on SonyFs100
  241. Sony E mount 16mm and wide angle converter
  242. Rumor of sony´s new alpha to nex slt adapter
  243. What made you decide upon the FS100 over the AF100?
  244. Redrock AF100 kit on FS100
  245. sony ALFA TO E MOUNT electronic adaptor
  246. How to bypass Sony's prohibited sales across borders...
  247. Nice lens/accessory round up from abelcine
  248. Great FS 100 skin tones.
  249. Advice on Nikon glass sought...
  250. Steadishot questions