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  1. Why no "Screen Grabs/Footage" section for the FS100?
  2. Merlin with FS-100
  3. Filming with a 2:35:1 Aspect Ratio with the FS100
  4. Connecting to a Mac
  5. Monitors
  6. 3x crop mode on the FS 100?
  7. Adjusting aperture on Sony NEX 18-200mm stock lens and on Nikon Lenses
  8. Tamron 18-250mm F3.5-6.3 Thoughts?
  9. Smooth Slow Mo is...
  10. NEX mount
  11. PL to E Mount - Who's got one?
  12. EOS to Nex E Adapter
  13. Sony NEXFS100UK; NEXFS100U; ?
  14. Anyone tried PL primes yet?
  15. Using the Rotolight with the FS100
  16. Vintage Nikon primes I found... Should I buy??
  17. Manfrotto 701HDV Tripod with Sony FS100?
  18. PAL FS100 to get 24P and 60P via firmware, per Phillip Bloom post...
  19. Sound Clipping (newb)
  20. Change Lens = Change Black Balance ?!
  21. Initial tests with the FS100 & Atomos Ninja
  22. Sony FS100 and Timecode with PP CS5.5
  23. Pink artifacts at hard contrast junctions
  24. RPZ's on FS100 experiment.
  25. Canon FD adapter
  26. a week with the FS-100
  27. Sensor reflection
  28. Could a laser kill sensor in an FS100?
  29. Genus Matte Box + 4x4 NDS or variable ND?
  30. Re: Sennheiser EW112 G3 on Input 2
  31. Generic batteries - which ones work
  32. Ablecine posts thier FS100 scene files
  33. lens suppot for nikon 80-200
  34. Default Profile Pictures with FS100
  35. Has anyone used Canon FD lenses on their Sony fs100?
  36. would you trust a top handle?
  37. How do I record sound in S & Q (slow motion) mode?
  38. Manual Iris Control: Loud clicking sound and flashing aperture
  39. Is the camera viable for weddings/run and gun?
  40. Follow focus I got off Ebay... (15mm rail fit)
  41. Re: Lens Adapter - Crop Factor?
  42. Can I adapt an EX3 lens to the FS100 ?
  43. Adapting EF Lenses
  44. Re: Proper Canon EF to E-Mount Adapter for fisheye lens with fixed hood?
  45. Lens options for FS100 on a Steadicam
  46. Re: S&Q Mode vs DSLR Timelapse
  47. Re: 2-Channel LCPM not showing up as separate tracks in Premiere Pro CS5.5
  48. Anyone using Nikon 28-70 w/Novoflex or other adapte 2 lb. lens-needs extra support ?
  49. Cine Alta?
  50. Sony FS100 Firmware Fix Wishlist
  51. rig recommendations (CPM film tools? genus?)
  52. Sony nex-fs100 essentials!!! Top-handle & base-plate solution - very hot!!!
  53. FS100 video "A Tribute to the SGblade"
  54. Tiffen T1
  55. Proper exposure workflow
  56. Arri ultra primes
  57. LCD setting: bright or normal?
  58. any suggestions for monitor, viewfinder, rig system, matte box etc. for FS 100?
  59. Help: I have a "silly" question about MTS frame rates
  60. Color Matrix in the FS-100?
  61. Lenses and Focus on FS100 with adapters
  62. FS-100 or AF-100 to Color Match with Canon XF-300?
  63. Mounting FS100 as a Drive on a Mac ?
  64. FS-100 doesn't control iris on Sony 24-70 mm Zeiss Vario Sonnar lens
  65. FS100 Going to Haiti
  66. Sony FS100 AVCHD holds better in color grading than anything else
  67. Final Cut Log & Transfer?
  68. Overcranked footage wont show up or ingest into FCP 7.0 via Log and Transfer
  69. Histogram + peaking will not appear on small hd hdmi monitor
  70. New Music Video shot on FS100
  71. ND and Coatings
  72. 1080p60 and prores?
  73. Another Dynamic Range Test
  74. BlackMagic Hypershuttle vs. FS100 AVCHD
  75. Moon Harvest - FS100 Low Light Glory
  76. Leica M-Mount
  77. Disassembly of LCD viewfinder tube
  78. FS100 Video 'Red Rocks Amphitheatre'
  79. Large SDI monitors under $2000?
  80. Which Miller tripod should I get? Budget up to $2500.
  81. About to take the plunge
  82. FS-100 Post Workflow (60p) problems
  83. Pearstone BPS-F975, shows 100% all the time
  84. HDMI to HD-SDI converter
  85. FS-100 1080 60p: Is there an external recorder that can record it?
  86. Audio feedback while using HDMI out for external monitor?
  87. FS100 and Nanoflash
  88. FS100 and Zacuto EVF?
  89. First tests: it's not THAT sensitive
  90. Short Horror for 'ABC's of Death' - 'T is for Talk' shot on FS100
  91. New Canon to E-mount adapter with build in iris
  92. Matching the FS100 with EX1 and EX3
  93. Shotgun microphone for FS100 - ECM-x1 enough or sony Ecm-672?
  94. FS100 into a MacBookPro for live shooting?
  95. Just Received my FS100,
  96. No Timecode with Log and Transfer in FCP?
  97. Did a lot of crazy stuff with the FS100
  98. Lens options for FS100
  99. ND Filtering: How do you do it?
  100. Lens Baby Tilt Transformer
  101. Newbie ready to purchase Sony NEX-FS100 - Need answers
  102. is the Nano Flash working fully with the Fs-100 yet?
  103. "Matching" FS-100, Panny Hpx 170 and Canon 5DmkII
  104. SmallHD DP6 Power Oprions: What are you using?
  105. Any 4:4:4 8bit samples out there?
  106. Buying a FS-100 Tmr (Nikon/Canon Lens)
  107. FS100 Video
  108. Damn just won two Iscoramas on Ebay
  109. FS100 vs AG20
  110. Berkey baseplate on the way...
  111. nanoFlash+FS100: mounitng options?
  112. sonyLA-EA2 nex to alpha adapter
  113. FS100 second camera
  114. Signal output & Pulldown - straight from the horses mouth
  115. why no love for fs100 footage??
  116. Rain covers for the FS100?
  117. Re: NEW E-Mount Native Lenses (including Zeiss 24mm/f1.8)!!!!!!!
  118. you want a camera with that lens?
  119. Factory PPs: oversaturated Red everyone?
  120. Footage splitted into 2GB pieces
  121. Engadget review
  122. Music video shot with FS100 and Sony EX1
  123. wide-angle lenses for the NEX-FS100
  124. FS100 on a steadicam pilot?
  125. New Music Video Shot on FS-100!
  126. Anyone try to remove the LCD yet?
  127. Glidecam HD1000 or HD2000?
  128. Here comes the bride - gotta love that 35mm/4.1 Samyang/Rokinon
  129. FS100 with F1.4 or F1.8 lens vs Hacked GH2 with F0.95 or F1.2 lesn in low light?
  130. Opinions? Am I getting the right stuff?
  131. Where you do you buy old lenses?
  132. FS100 looks so video-ish
  133. Affordable Slider Recommendations for FS100
  134. Sony FS100 lens contest
  135. FS100 LCD loupe
  136. Best wide angle zoom
  137. FS100 and A77 - Same image quality?
  138. shoulder strap recommendation
  139. "AREA WAS ADJUSTED" on screen message?
  140. Back to basic question: which zoom lens?
  141. LA-EA1 Alpha Mount Adapter Firmware Update...?
  142. FS100 for 3500 from SLRHUT. Scam?
  143. Shoulder mount FS100 without EVF or monitor?
  144. Correcting the effects of camera flashes on footage?
  145. Looking for a minimalistic matte box, or universal lens hood...
  146. Meta-data, inc. GPS, in Premiere?
  147. Accessories to make Atlas 10 FLT "Versatile"
  148. Does a FS100 Shoulder Strap Exist?
  149. FS100 only outputs in SD on Atomos Ninja
  150. Any thoughts?
  151. Fast Transcode? - record off camera in the office ?
  152. Sony FS100 divides long clips and doesnt record audio at end of clip. Help?
  153. Bizarre audio problem with my FS100
  154. Pixelated render in Premiere CS5
  155. New Yorkers remember 9/11 a few shots with the Nex FS100
  156. Canon EOS adapter from MTF Services at Sony booth, IBC
  157. Manual "film-style" lens for Sony E mount
  158. Sony FS100 & Konova Slider
  159. "Dog Soldiers" Teaser shot on a Sony FS-100
  160. WWII Histotainment Program - shot on the FS100
  161. Shooting outside w/ FS100
  162. Recommended Tripods and Heads to Support 35" Atlas 10
  163. Action, Music video, FS-100 & CP2
  164. Picture Presets for Flesh Tone
  165. Saturated Color Highlights
  166. FS-100 Audio out-of-sync (transcoded footage)
  167. Shooting Black and White on FS-100
  168. First problems...
  169. Anybody wanna sell your kit lens?
  170. The Flashmate L-308B suitable for working with the FS100?
  171. FS100 + Cineroid Enhanced? Any one using? Anyone fried one yet?
  172. C/Y Adapter Recommendations?
  173. Custom FS100 Top Handle update- taking orders in a couple days.
  174. Monitoring nanoFlash with Zacuto EVF
  175. small / light slider?
  176. Micro 4/3 to Nex adapter
  177. FS100U Mounting Issue
  178. DIY top handle + Cineroid EVF
  179. Monopoly Short Film Shot with Sony FS100
  180. FS100 for Live streams?
  181. New Noctor 50mm f0.95 lens for e-mount
  182. Sony Alpha lenses on FS100
  183. 1st experience - advice please
  184. NEX-FS100u Lens Help
  185. Dead pixel
  186. If you own an FS 100....look at this
  187. White balance issue - seeing color shift between A/B switches and PRESET
  188. Training Video On the FS100...on Ebay...
  189. UPDATE: GlenColor picture profiles
  190. Smallest Jib?
  191. FS100 vs Nex 5N comparison, ungraded and graded clips
  192. Manfrotto 503HDV vs Manfrotto 504HD as carriage mounted video head on Atlas 10
  193. No audio with 60p??? (Premiere Pro)
  194. first fs100 video: shooting trap
  195. A few FS100 Edits
  196. FS100 and Lomo anamorphic
  197. Help me quick please....
  198. MTF EOS adaptor for FS100
  199. pivoted HDMI plug?
  200. Does the Manfrotto 325n bowl adapter have a leveller?
  201. Options for external recording at 1080p 60 ?
  202. KNEE settings for filming people who have sweat on their foreheads
  203. sensor issue, can't remove spec
  204. FCP log and transfer - clips not converting
  205. Got any spare cash?
  206. a trivial problem:)
  207. Web Video: Costa Sunglasses - "Born on the Water"
  208. Low light screen shots - amazing
  209. Looking for a Follow Focus Gear Ring for the stock Sony 18-200 lens
  210. Talking about the kit lens and low light
  211. Wireless HDMI monitor.....
  212. Kit Lens and ND solution!?
  213. Any thoughts?
  214. What is a good format to downconvert to?
  215. FS100 + Canon FD lens example
  216. Sony FS100 footage on TV
  217. fs100u sensor
  218. The Kit Lens Shines
  219. Sony FS100 autofocus with other lenses
  220. Manfrotto 509HD head with Manfrotto 535 Legs
  221. New Tripod - I ask your advices
  222. How do I film a strobe light without rolling shutter artifacts?
  223. Sony or Nikon lenses?
  224. FS100 and BMD Hyperdeck - real production reports?
  225. Project of mine! PP Help!
  226. FS100 for docs. Yes or no?
  227. Moire, ah man.
  228. 16 pancake
  229. shout out: fs100 shooters in metro nyc?
  231. XLR plug release problems???
  232. Content Management Utility help?
  233. Downloading Footage to a Apple Laptop problems
  234. Can FS100 be used with lenses from 1957 Canon VT deluxe camera, rangefinder lenses?
  235. More FS-100 video.....
  236. FS100 + 561 monopod = amazing
  237. doco lenses?
  238. FS100 & 50p
  239. Adlon Berlin imagefilm
  240. FS100 grading help
  241. FS100 vs. AF100
  242. FS100 vs Ex3
  243. Camera, adapter, lens combo
  244. Custom fs100 top handle is anodized and shipping out monday
  245. Atomos ninja and super white
  246. Order went off to BH yesterday
  247. Hypothetical Situation.... 10k to spend. What should I get?
  248. Custom fs100 top handle in stock- first photos here
  249. How does the sensor compare to the Sony PMW-F3?
  250. FS100 ugly edges! what is that?