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  1. Korea launch video
  2. some Sony F3 informal tests from Japan
  3. :) double people Woot !
  4. Sony PMW F3 18 db
  5. New PMW-F3 footage and small review
  6. FC with the PMW f3
  7. F3 LAX Camera Test
  8. Short Parody Piece Shot on PMW-F3 with Zeiss ZF lenses
  9. 6400 ISO, low light interior test
  10. Cooke Varotal, Interesting little... well no, Big lens.
  11. 6400 iso frame grab
  12. Musee Des Beaux Arts - F3 NYC color and run and gun test
  13. Filter samples with Cooke Varotal
  14. Sony F3 at 18 db & T1.4
  15. Screen grabs of footage from new feature film I am DPing in Africa
  16. F3 + Various PL lens write up.
  17. Sermon on the Mound
  18. The F3, Cookes, and some damn talented people...
  19. Two Way Traffic
  20. F3 in the desert with Zeiss CP.2's
  21. A Request... Red lens on a F3
  22. S log footage in the Garden
  23. S log commercial with F3
  24. F3's internal codec in available light
  25. F3 Side by Side with a Red One
  26. Sexy Log - a Sony F3 Log Film
  27. New Swisse TVC in XDCAM codec
  28. Daphne Guiness - shot on F3
  29. Stills from s log shoot - narrative work - look at those crushed blacks
  30. F3 Green Screen and some other spots.
  31. F3 under artificial light... EPK for an Artist
  32. 1st F3 gear test
  33. Music Video - Ashley MacIsaac - F3
  34. sLog, Cooke 18-100 T3 - Narrative film stills - WHY you need sLog.
  35. Sony F3 sunset time lapse over lake
  36. Frame grabs / Music Video beach shoot with sexy girl
  37. Teaser for my new feature The Awakened
  38. meeeh commercial shot on slog F3
  39. F3 TV Spot
  40. F3 Packers Green Screen
  41. My Doritos submission
  42. Stills from Feature Film "Turning Points", F3 sLOG, Cooke 18-100 / Panchros.
  43. "Plan 9 from Outer Space" - Shot on an early release F3 camera, winter/spring 2011
  44. music video for Julia Rae
  45. New Teaser
  46. Few shots of jewelry
  47. F3 TV Spot for Hospital
  48. Stills from BBC doc, interview
  49. New F3 Spots for Cricket Fans
  50. Steadicam and F3, a deadly combination
  51. SOL Beer - Australian TVC
  52. Desert Sessions
  53. Messing with S-Log (this is not a test)
  54. Commercial shot on F3
  55. Spot shot using PIX240
  56. Indian Village
  57. A few more shots from the F3 at the ATP finals
  58. Clip Numbers Display
  59. Trojan Magnum Spec Spot Shot w/ Sony F3 + KiPro Mini
  60. Dole Banana - The Lost Footage (Sony F3 + KiPro Mini)
  61. Sample shots from F3 and Varicam
  62. ISO Range and Gamma curves
  63. F3 Spot Shot in Sunny California
  64. 7 Miles to Paradise
  65. "Haiti Letter" -Director's Cut. Shot on F3, XDCAMEX, Abel "Range" Profile
  66. Alligator in swamp shot with Slog
  67. More Slog footage from Lake Martin-Louisiana Swamp
  68. S-Log to SxS Music Video
  69. S-Log interview with model Dree Hemingway
  70. New Music Video shot on F3!
  71. News Promo all shot qt 12db at night
  72. New Music Video on F3 - Pat Robitaille - We Won't Change
  73. Goldsmith Shoot
  74. Teaser for "Pot Zombies 2: More Pot Less Plot."
  75. S-Log Spot
  76. Internet Promo
  77. New feature "Safety Not Guaranteed"
  78. Hospital spot shot with S-Log
  79. First "outing" with the F3
  80. Casting foa commercial?
  81. S-Log Test +/- 6 f-stops LUT & Color
  82. F3 SLog abused with polarizer, plus GH2, Canon 2Ti and iPhone footage combined
  83. Sony F3 with S-log for Comedy Central's "Key & Peele"
  84. Graded & Not Graded Test for Downloads
  85. Flicker- Really great looking short on F3
  86. Anthem - the film
  87. GARMIN Commercial Shot on F3 and C300
  88. Downey Commerical - F3 with Zeiss ZF lenses + Slog
  89. "BB-Guns & Dirt Bikes" - The White Buffalo
  90. S-Log in NYC
  91. Fluid Morph efx in AVID Sympony 6, F-3 no S-Log
  92. F3 Green Screen Packers
  93. Mothers Cake Music Video - Slog
  94. Frazee Paint Commercial
  95. Tbilisi Georgia -short advocacy doc
  96. Shooting handheld with Sony F3
  97. Short climbing film, sony F3 and slog
  98. Taller de cine y tv
  99. A Little Taste of S Log at South Beach
  100. South Beach at Night S-Log
  101. Tim Toishi / Japanese artist / music video
  102. Portraits for TV spot shot with Alura 18-80mm on PMW-F3, non graded clips
  103. Puerto Rico Commercial on F3
  104. Garmin Moments
  105. Political Advertising for Congressman David Rivera
  106. Trail Running - And Glass Pouring... mostly on F3, Samurai
  107. Dream within a Dream
  108. "Ghost of Goodnight Lane" Teaser
  109. Some screengrabs by F3...
  110. Autumnal Colours in Belfairs woods..
  111. Green Bay Blue Screen
  112. F3: Samyang 14 and 24 on the F3
  113. F3: Just a little music video type thing I shot for a friend..
  114. F3: "Memo" Music Video Screengrabs
  115. F3: F3 Before and After
  116. F3: My F3 is still kicking
  117. F3: F3 Slog still a breeze... Garmin - The mountain
  118. F3: Intro preview to Swahili music video
  119. F3: Short snowboard gear commercials
  120. F3: What we did this December ..
  121. F3: I'm sticking with my F3
  122. F3: The Jealous Sound "A Gentle Reminder"
  123. F3: TVC packshot (F3 and Tokina 28-80)
  124. F3: Dallas Sunset Timelapse
  125. F3: Torsdag (Thursday) short film
  126. F3: "No Violence" / Swahili Rap video
  127. F3: F3 s-log test -Glow
  128. F3: PR for Ford Motor Co.
  129. F3: Wine TVC packshot
  130. F3: F3 skin tones demo
  131. F3: Sony F3 TV Spots
  132. F3: S-LOG on F3 and other issues..URGENT HELP!!
  133. F3: "Defending Gideon" -just released 30 min doc, all F3
  134. F3: Kissmark field test clip codename "Bigfoot"
  135. F3: Acura "Flight" Spec :30
  136. F3: Who said this job was easy ;-)
  137. F3: Some S-Log F3 Footage
  138. F55: A few F55 shots
  139. F55: New Film with F55
  140. F55: F55 vs F3 most unscientific comparison ever... still...
  141. F3: Alcro TVC
  142. F3: Dog Tags directed by/starring Jim Parrack
  143. F55: test shot High Contrast
  144. F3: Promo Ford
  145. F55: Took the 55 out for the scout
  146. F3: Two new F3 spots
  147. F3: Craftsman Web Videos
  148. F3: Sony F3 - Jim Beam
  149. F3: MATURE CONTENT: Loving a Monarque
  150. F55: Film look with the F55 on "Uncommon Enemies" film
  151. F55: 2 new spots
  152. F3: Nice little school piece shot using the old F3
  153. F3: Another nice little docu feature with the F3
  154. F3: Scene samples from a feature
  155. F55: "day for night" frame grab - short war film
  156. F55: First, virgin images, from my new F55.
  157. F3: Actress Demo Reel
  158. F55: Hansaton Café Commercial
  159. F3: Just when I found the F3's sweet spot Im Selling it.
  160. F55: a day in London
  161. F3: Music Video
  162. F5: Short film wins Best Comedy at the 2013 Mosquers Film Festival
  163. F55: Steinmayr&Co Commercial
  164. F3: Feature trailer
  165. F55: Frame Grabs, various women's skin tones
  166. F55: 4K short. Mt Wilson Observatory, Southern California
  167. F55: CLEAR/ESPN Tony Gonzales - Sony F55
  168. F55: Lexus "Drift Roulette"
  169. F55: Short film shot on F55
  170. F55: Commercial with US Skiteam and Bode Miller
  171. F3: Sports commercial
  172. F3: SYFH Spanish Music Video
  173. F3: "I will Love" Episode 3 has now been released.
  174. F3: Sex scene
  175. F55: 240 fps test footage
  176. F3: Adventure in New Zealand
  177. F55: Ritz-Carlton "Memories"
  178. F3: Manu Delago - Manuscripts
  179. F3: Star Trek Continues
  180. F3: Giant Eagle Grocery Store PSAs
  181. F3: The NEW PMW-F3 s-log footage collection
  182. F3: 2013 Narrative Reel (mostly F3)
  183. F55: The Presidents Table
  184. F5: Recommend any good picture profile setting for F5 usng HG's
  185. F5: Human Resources Recruitment Video
  186. F3: Untitled documentary project
  187. F5: F5 slog3 180fps test with a yoga sequence
  188. F55: "Release your wild" campaign for Archery
  189. F55: NBC Dateline airs tomorrow shot on F55 and F3
  190. F5: HGTV - Web series
  191. F55: F55 Commercial
  192. F5: Boxing and Exercise Product Video
  193. F55: New segment on NBC's Meet the Press aired this morning.
  194. F5: Fun Project shot on the F5. Axion Jackson - Out of the Bucket
  195. F3: Music video shoot, F3, Sigma, s-log to sd cards
  196. F5: Nice Sony F5 footage from recent shoot in Hong Kong
  197. F3: Barbie
  198. F3: "Where's the Love?" tv movie trailer
  199. F3: Episode 4 "I Will Love" a psychological drama
  200. F55: ABC's TV Show "Trophy Wife" XAVC codec
  201. F55: A Million Ways to Die in the West : Feature Film Trailer
  202. F3: Very first screen grab on my F3
  203. F3: Way back play back: Paralyzed by Specyal T - Music Video
  204. F3: Industrial ad "The Lifter"
  205. F55: Ghana Hiphop video
  206. F3: Black and White Ad reminiscent of Twilight Zone for Brainwavz earphones
  207. F55: F55 and true 2x anamorphic
  208. F3: Baseball TV spot
  209. F3: Silicasonisphere - Interactive Installation Documentation
  210. F3: Video Demo
  211. F3: "Comeback Dad" feature
  212. F3: Bad Mouse
  213. F3: Office
  214. F3: Laundromat Spot - First one with my F3
  215. F55: Steinamyr&Co Commercial Color Version
  216. F55: F55 music video
  217. F55: Mother's Cake - Off the Beaten Track Music Project
  218. F3: Music Video
  219. F55: Can't We All Just Get Along - Red Epic Dragon + Sony F55 + Blackmagic 4k + Go Pro
  220. F5: Couple of F5 frame grabs from current shoot in Saudi Arabia
  221. F3: Mbody kickstarter video
  222. F5: Yummy yummy skintones
  223. F5: “At Last” Sneak Peak
  224. F3: "The Good Wild Man" Short Film
  225. F3: Up coming feature
  226. F3: 'Giving Time' - from We Inspire
  227. F5: Doritos 'Crash the Super Bowl' Commercial
  228. F55: Go Behind the Scenes of the #Instabuilt Lexus RC F
  229. F5: Some footage from a recent shoot in SHanghai
  230. F3: Poet
  231. F3: Salt of Kanawha / Short Doc
  232. F5: New Music Clip for Moroccan Knights
  233. FS7: image sample with problems
  234. FS7: Nashville Tennessee Skyline
  235. FS7: Nashville skyline - second pass
  236. FS7: Potter
  237. FS7: Storm
  238. FS7: Whirlpool / Hunter Hayes Spot on REC709:STD5
  239. F55: Detego Imagefilm
  240. F5: Brown Brothers Winery 'Conversations'
  241. FS7: SLOG 3 with ImpulZ Luts 4K
  242. FS7: Corporate
  243. FS7: Ice Racing
  244. F5: Idents for TV2 Bliss Norway. RAW, 2K, 240fps, Green screen
  245. F3: Commercial/Explainer Video for Clarity.fm
  246. F3: Blind Courage - Short Film
  247. F3: "Mr. Right" feature film
  248. FS7: Odyssey /FS7 Resolve Workflow and LUTs
  249. F3: Music video - first assignment with the F3
  250. FS7: Spring Ski Edit