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  1. Sony PMW-F3
  2. Sony's S35 entry
  3. PMW-F3 Footage
  4. Oh Hello... F3!
  5. F3 Footage - Jason Wingrove Australia
  6. Sony PMW F3 Camera Test by Stargate Studios
  7. Hands on preview of PMW-F3
  8. Sony F3 street price.
  9. F3 Raw footage and frame grabs
  10. F3 doesn't quite have a film look - why?
  11. Sony and Cooke 50mm test on F3
  12. Painter - F3 short
  13. PMW-F3 S.Log 4:4:4 software upgrade won't be free
  14. We are excited about our official pre-order for the Sony F3
  15. Nikon to F-3
  16. Surprisingly poor sample video of the F3 - update- was cell phone video, not F3
  17. Game On - Sony F3
  18. Low by The Earlybirds - shot on Sony F3 - CREWS.TV
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  20. S-Log to Ki Pro Mini on the F3
  21. F-3 Camera Tests Ungraded - with a twist
  22. Pre order for Nikon to F3 mount from MTF
  23. Pre-order PMW-F3 with E.C. Professional Video, Inc.
  24. Great pic F-3 pimped out with Hotrod Viewfinder.
  25. Anamorphic lens on an F3?
  26. What depth of field adapter would be best for Sony F-3?
  27. PMW-F3 test footage from Spain
  28. Stardust Nathalie: Philip Bloom playing with F3
  29. Sony F3 green cast
  30. F3 signal to noise ratio, better than you think!
  31. Sony F3 - Coke commercial
  32. Eos to PL on the F3
  33. Birger and F3
  34. Sony F3 vs Panasonic AF-101 Field of View comparison (Philip Bloom)
  35. Sony F3 vs Canon 5D MkII (artifact test)
  36. Will the F3 cause the RED to collect dust on shelves?
  37. SONY F3 vs Varicam AJ-HDC27HP ???
  38. Sony F3 vs. the world....
  39. New F3 Clips thread
  40. Budget lens been for F3
  41. Lens Options for Sony F3 (Abelcine)
  42. Splitting the HDMI for the F3 - options?
  43. Sony PMW-F3 Review: First and lasting impressions (Creative Video, UK)
  44. Later shipping date for the F3
  45. Had too much time on my hands tonight, F-3 Shoulder set-up.
  46. BandPro Los Angeles F3 OpenHouse on the 21st
  47. New Sony F3 questions
  48. Overview of F3 by Sony's Peter Crithary (Rule Boston Camera)
  49. Thoughts from the BandPro F3 Open House
  50. When is 4k really 4k. On Bayer Sensors and resolution (Alister Chapman)
  51. New TV Logic 5.6" Monitor Special Pricing for DVXUser Members
  52. Sony F3 being shown at a SMPTE New England event (January 19th)
  53. Question on the LUT's
  54. S-Log for dummies?
  55. Sony F3 Special Report (Film & Digital Times Magazine, January 24th)
  56. good summary of what we know so far about the F3 (notes on video)
  57. Sony F3 lens options (by Matthew Duclos)
  58. Zeiss lens presentation (Rule Boston Camera Learning Lab)
  59. Sony official brochure for the PMW F3 (just released)
  60. F3: 3.36 megapixel 'effective' resolution. Enough for free-aliasing 1000TV lines 444?
  61. Any word on release date?
  62. Lenses & Accessories for the Sony PMW-F3 (Abel Cine)
  63. Can the F3 shoot 1080p slow-mo?
  64. Sony F3 versus EPIC-s
  65. HDMI and SDI at the same time?
  66. The pre-order impatiently waiting list :)
  67. 3.36 mpix and +1000 TVL specs disappeareed
  68. MTF Nikon Adapters Shipping from UK
  69. IIF ACES workflow used on FX show Justified
  70. F3 and Angenieux DP Rouge
  71. Sony F3 vs Canon 5D MkII
  72. The official Sony PMW-F3 User Manual
  73. Nikon Zoom Lenses
  74. Is anyone renting an F3 in the LA or OC, CA area this weekend?
  75. When is 4:4:4 not really 4:4:4 (Alister Chapman)
  76. PMW-F3 and RED
  77. MTF Adapter & FF Motors
  78. Has anyone done a proper F3 resolution test yet?
  79. F3 arrived? Post it up here!
  80. Dual Link 4:4:4 enabled on Production Models now?
  81. F3 or else
  82. A DIT's Take on the F3.
  83. PMW-F3 test from Stockholm
  84. IR in Blacks
  85. Rental in LA on Monday the 28th?
  86. HoodMan sxs adapter and Sandisk extreme class 6 not working on F3 current model
  87. A small look at the BandPro F3 show in NYC and some gear reviews
  88. Xrays and the F3
  89. Sony PVW-R1
  90. PMW F3 test with the Sony Primes
  91. Great Accessory if you've ordered an F3..
  92. Battery advice?
  93. This is what happens when you point the F3 at tight detail
  94. F3 Shipping in the UK?
  95. What does your eye say? F3 and the D7000
  96. Is this for real?!
  97. Ninja for F3?
  98. Composite out, but what is it exactly?
  99. 95w battery to power cam and kipro?
  100. What is the Sony 35mm prime lens in 35mm stills terms?
  101. The great camera shoot out. Do they have an F3?
  102. 60p reslolution hit?
  103. this cam is scary
  104. Pelican, Storm? How are you carrying your F3?
  105. The F3 is already obsolete
  106. New F3 Firmware Upgrade for Dual Link RGB, S-Log......
  107. Will the TOKINA 11-16mm F/2.8 DX Nikon mount lens work?
  108. Sony's NAB Announcement Train Has Rolled out of the Station
  109. Baby F3 aka NXCAM S35
  110. Alister Chapman: "The F3 is not all roses, it suffers from aliasing"
  111. F3 + Zacuto + Genuus, anybody?
  112. On the fence...
  113. Early F3 Candlelight Test
  114. Zeiss ZE manual lenses up to the job?
  115. Does the F3 Have 5X the Light Gathering Ability of the RED EPIC?
  116. F3 daylight test done by Hello World
  117. Cvp File Editor Picture Profile Software for PMW-F3
  118. Sony F3 - What Else?
  119. 2 Sony PL mount Zoom lenses and Cooke i/data
  120. F3 Dynamic range tests?
  121. new trailer for documentary shoot with f-3
  122. Sony F3 CMOS skew?
  123. All alone with F3 menus.
  124. Cooke/i and Arri lens data?
  125. Does anyone know of a F3 that's in stock to buy?
  126. SDI and HDMI
  127. The first of many tests done with my F3
  128. Comparing F3 vs AF-101 vs 5D Mark II (Dennis Ersöz)
  129. Which accessories work on 8 pin remote connector ?
  130. Nxcam (pictures of the camera)
  131. camera comparison F3 - ALEXA - RED MX
  132. Relative Cost of the F3 to the EX line
  133. Link to updated info on F3 feature film shoot in Africa
  134. F3 scenes of NYC from across the river (Chuck Fishbein)
  135. Hi - will be running some tests on SOny F3 next week
  136. Sony PMW-F3 and NXCAM Super 35mm Event NYC - March 31st, 2011
  137. Lomos on F3?
  138. Why F3 over Red One ?
  139. Share your picture profile
  140. F3 Unboxing Video and First Impressions
  141. F3 Hot Mirror - Infrared issues - Maroon/Black issue - Tiffen IR ND Filter ?
  142. af100 vs f3 test
  143. Gemini 4:4:4 Recorder
  144. F-3 warnings and tips?
  145. Another very interesting test of F3 and Af-100 with some suprising findings
  146. In Retrospect what were the essential bits for actual F3 owners
  147. F3K vs EX1R (Dennis Ersöz)
  148. Anyone in or near nigeria with Sony sxs cards? help!
  149. Gemini 4:4:4 recorder details
  150. NXCAM Details...The countdown
  151. F3 Recorded to SxS: Is it same format as EX1/3?
  152. 4:4:4 upgrade price
  153. Sony NEX-FS100E
  154. F3 lowlight test from Germany
  155. F3 & fs100
  156. FS100 - Charts included
  157. Potential issue with timecode in HDMI stream for external recorder?
  158. This guys stuff is just wow with the F3!!
  159. F3 Sharp edges
  160. What's everyone doing about hand grips?
  161. Sony F3 XDCAM 35MB/s and ProRes 422 220MB/s Comparison (Matthew Allard)
  162. FS100 up at B&H
  163. Welcome to the FS100 board
  164. F3 Test: The Sunshine Coast (by Linton Vivian)
  165. F3 BBC report
  166. Another "Thumbs Up" for F3
  167. Sony F3 shots from Portugal
  168. Sony PMW-F3 CAMERA P00RN (work safe!)
  169. Sony and Panasonic DARK KNIGHT
  170. Schneider Xenar Lenses
  171. Red Glass
  172. SD & HD simultaneous output?
  173. Recommend Me a Mattebox :)
  174. BNCR adapter?
  175. 'THIS IS ENGLAND 88' shooting on RED and F3...
  176. How to disconnect PL mount on F3 to place MTF adapter ...
  177. Cooke iPanchro Examination and thoughts: ( all shot on F3)
  178. The F3 sensor and a hypothetical camera
  179. Great News: HD-SDI EVF from Cineroid
  180. New F3 Video Review at HD Warrior -- "jaw dropping" night footage
  181. EVF CENTRAL (present and future)
  182. Where to Buy F3 and whem...?
  183. Canon USA Introduces Two PL-Mount Digital Cine Zoom Lenses With Full 4K Image Form
  184. WOW, Up to 11 stops of ND might be needed
  185. MTF - Nikon to PL lens adapter
  186. Need a MTF Nikon to Sony F3 PL Adapter
  187. Has anyone seen these issues?
  188. odd issue with BPAV folder copying
  189. Looks like Alexa not affected by heat
  190. sd recorder
  191. F3 Firmware Update News
  192. f3 with evf handle removed?
  193. New LCD VF Tube for the F3
  194. Difference between 4.2.2 and 4.4.4 for a VFX heavy movie
  195. New Uncompressed Recorder HD-SDI 10bit 4:2:2 for $349!
  196. 1080p YouTube video of footage I shot in Africa
  197. F3 test: low light, gain, and internal vs AJA KiPro recording
  198. NAB firstlook zoom lenses
  199. New F3 Toys and NAB 2011 Observations (Part 1)
  200. Lens cleaning and service?
  201. Facebook group for F3 owners in and near NYC.
  202. Considering some Schneider Cine-Xenar lenses... anyone use them?
  203. Preview of Vortex Media's PMW-F3 Training DVD
  204. Possible to use Voigtländer lenses on a F3?
  205. Watch the First Sony F3 S-Log Footage!!
  206. BIRGER adapter for F3, when?
  207. Is Gemini the only deck able to record 4:2:2 60P?
  208. F3 test shots around Memphis (Matt Fremstad)
  209. diffusion filters for F3?
  210. Sony f3 FFD (sony f mount)
  211. Turning Camera Vertical for a Shoot
  212. F3 viewfinder problem.
  213. Full 1080p video of full length (5mins) teaser
  214. B4/PL adapter
  215. Need DP and F3 camera in Germany may31 to june 6th
  216. about to take the F3 plunge
  217. Feature Shooting on F3 in San Francisco
  218. f3 hdsdi not outputting timecode
  219. WTB Sony PMW-F3
  220. Sony FS100 and F3 compared (Alister Chapman)
  221. Any word on the new Sony Viewfinder Tube for the F3?
  222. LUTs for S-Log footage for real Log grading in REC709, or Film etc...
  223. Flare on Nikon 17-35mm (with F3)
  224. Single Chip Camera Evaluation (link)
  225. Nikon 14-24 with MTF?
  226. Anyone see the LCDEVF at NAB?
  227. Anyone see the LCDEVF at NAB?
  228. What is your ISO at 18dB gain??
  229. 'Shooting using available light' poll
  230. 422 and S-log
  231. ND Filter
  232. New Pic of the SR-R1
  233. From EX3 to F3
  234. my tests on f3 sharpness - concur with Alister Chapman's findings
  235. Highest ISO?
  236. Sony politic & F3 S-log... 3200$ for a firmware upgrade, what to think about?
  237. Are there any PMW-F3L cameras in stock anywhere?
  238. The Swit/IDX battery and D-tap solution on the F3.
  239. Truelight Light S-LOG plugin
  240. Anamorphic on F3 - Would you use it?
  241. Free Firmware for F3 with SDI & HDMI simultaneous output and ...
  242. SONY S-Log White paper and iinfo on LUT ...
  243. Info on LUT ... Wjite paper ... sorry ... PDF too big ?
  244. Deprecitation, Selling EX1 ? Buy F3 ,FS100
  245. Dead F3
  246. Best ever telephoto lens for the F3
  247. MTF Adapter and Lenses
  248. 3g instead of dual link
  249. Doug Jenson's NAB seminar put on-line by Sony...
  250. Picture Profiles