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  1. Panasonic AG-AF100 announced
  2. Ag AF100 & jello or skew correction
  3. Bare AF100 Kit To Shoot Out of the Box - What Lenses and Adapters
  4. AF100 release date or any other info?
  5. Barry or Jan - Can Someone Confirm the AF100 is now priced under $10k?
  6. AF100 pics
  7. Panasonic AF100 HD-SDI?
  8. AF-100 at IBC
  9. AF100 / AF101 - initial report
  10. AF100 vs DSLR
  11. Let's talk glass: Lenses for the AF100!
  12. AF100 use the same batteries as HMC150/40?
  13. Crop Factor: Very Simply Explained
  14. NanoFlash, Ninja or the AJA Ki Pro MINI?
  15. AF-100 is on the B&H website
  16. AF100 and HPG 20
  17. Is AVCCAM of AF100 4:2:2?
  18. Outdated Panasonic Palmcorder questions
  19. AG-AF100 now listed on B&H site
  20. bayer filter and resolution?
  21. Where can we download AF 100/1 clips ?
  22. Would an AF100 benefit from an external HD-SDI recorder?
  23. So How's Everyone Financing the AF100?
  24. AF100/micro Four Thirds: Birger electronic mount for Canon EOS lenses
  25. Dynamic Range Stretch
  26. Barry Green 8-min. video demo of AF100 at IBC
  27. Has USA Price Been Set?
  28. Is Canon planning to release a competitor for the AF-100???
  29. AF-100 Post
  30. AF100 Ugly? Not at all....
  31. Panasonic AF100 / AF101 - The movie
  32. b4 lens on af100
  33. Jan Livingston Talks AF100 at IBC 2010 Video
  34. What was the Shoulder Mount in that IBC video?
  35. AF100 vs. full sized camera
  36. Will this lens work?
  37. AF-100 - best indie film maker can get for $6000? Not always.
  38. AF105 and Lens workability? // fotodiox for DX lenses?
  39. footage af101
  40. AF-100 Another DSLR $9,000 4:2:0 is a solution?
  41. AF-100 Confirmed List Price: $4,995
  42. Difference between the AF100 Battery Chargers?
  43. Official GH2 info starting to be released.
  44. Panasonic PASS Press Release - AF100
  45. Lottery for Release Date
  46. Hot Rod PL Adapter
  47. AF-100 Pictures
  48. 3D sync for AF100
  49. AF-101 'on the set': some pics
  50. Which combo with the AF100 makes most sense?
  51. The Target Market For The AF-100/101
  52. Creatasphere 2010 - NYC AF100 hands on thoughts.
  53. Is it possible to take photos with AF100?
  54. 3MOS vs 3CCD & CMOS
  55. Remote F/I...
  56. How will you customize your AF-100?
  57. Supersonic wave filter?
  58. Panasonic AF100 Australia - Price info added
  59. Will lack of lens hood effect Sales?
  60. About AG-AF100 video recording formats
  61. VFR in 1080
  62. AF100 for 3D Stereo VFX Applications
  63. Non-telescopic zoom lens for general shooting?
  64. Dual recording option on the af-100
  65. AF 100 and AF 101E : What is the difference?
  66. Monitor through hdmi while recording via hdsdi?
  67. swapping lenses: continuos recording?
  68. Using Ki pro mini with AF100 and power
  69. Canon's 4k Multipurpose Camera ???
  70. AF100/nanoflash
  71. Why are M4/3 lenses so slow?
  72. Motion to have a chart created to finally explain the fov differences between sensors
  73. SDHC card speed
  74. Lens adapter 4:3 to micro 4:3
  75. B-cams...
  76. DV-EXPO, Photos and Other Items...
  77. what can i get with $50,000
  78. Probably Not for Event Videographers
  79. Micro 4/3rds explained???
  80. Where can I order one?
  81. AF100 Viewfinder
  82. timelapse on the af100?
  83. RedRock LiveLens: "No plans" for M4/3
  84. Almost, but not quite, pleased
  85. Rig / FollowFocus / Matte for AF100
  86. Questions about AF100's native frame rates
  87. Lens adapters for AF100
  88. White Balance on the AF100
  89. What 3rd party accessories would you like to see for the AF100?
  90. Data Rates When Overcranking
  91. Panasonic Rep at the Atlanta Videographers Association
  92. Electronic aperture and focus control
  93. How many GBs per minute out of the HD-SDI?
  94. AF100: ISO or GAIN?
  95. Canon lens adapter for AF101
  96. Any recommendations for a backpack for the AF100:
  97. Canadian price: $4999.
  98. Update on the AF100
  99. Jan, Anyone, When Can We See AF-100 Footage?
  100. AF-100 $4795 from B&H
  101. Are Anamorphic & wide angle lenses attachnets the solution?
  102. Canon/Sony/JVC Responses?
  103. AF 100 imager details
  104. •• Micro 4/3 lack of good zoom lens options? ••
  105. Tokina 7-14 Aperture Control?
  106. Tokina 11-16 Aperture Control?
  107. lenses for af 101
  108. Best mounts for AF100
  109. A brief af101 visit
  110. HD-SDI dynamic range question for Barry
  111. Jellotastic reduction on AF100
  112. File Protection
  113. will you be able to use XLR and Internal mic simultaneously?
  114. AF100 preview from CREWS.TV
  115. handle zoom?
  116. Batteries? 8-bit/10-bit?
  117. Native ASA of AF100?
  118. Any Chance of an HMC-150 Style (fixed lens) AF-100?
  119. Panasonic AG-AF100 NEWBIE GUIDE and FAQ
  120. Onboard Stabilisation... Why none?
  121. Shipping Date for AF-100 Is December 27th - Just Announced
  122. AF100 with Green Screen
  123. Dual Recording a Must
  124. AF Bootcamp?
  125. Can live with 8-bit output
  126. Thoughts on the EXTRA tele conversion feature
  127. Just to be clear... The AF100 can do 60fps slow-mo at 1080?
  128. Distortion correction with Micro 4/3 lenses
  129. Affordable Fast Primes
  130. Will Gain/ISO be adjustable in VFR
  131. What the AF-100 should look like kitted out
  132. In the interest of fairness...
  133. ••Hotrod and MTF PL to Micro 4/3 Adaptor...what are the differences?••
  134. AF-100 and rolling shutter?
  135. True cost of Ki Pro Mini
  136. Top Lenses
  137. Atomos Ninja prores field recorder, ideal for AF100 over nano or promini?
  138. What's the Difference Between the Panasonic VW-VBG6PPK 5400mAh and 5800mAh batteries?
  139. Shall I get a GH1 to practice lenses for the AF100?
  140. AF-100 for ENG?
  141. Reservation, Dealer gets direct from Panny or through a Distributor?
  142. AF100 or EX3?
  143. HDMI vs HD-SDI
  144. Can someone recommend some good rain gear for the AF100?
  145. Matrox MXO2 Rack for Audio and HDMI capture?
  146. mainconcept dvcprohd converter
  147. "Cinemized" by Zacuto
  148. external recorder?
  149. Anamorphic lens adaptor the missing link
  150. Model confusion
  151. AF100 vs. RED
  152. Interview Lens
  153. Panasonic lens focus direction?
  154. Panasonic Announces AF100 price and release date
  155. 4/3 lens and future upgrade to Scarlet S35.
  156. Canon XF300 Panasonic AF100 Sony EX1R
  157. AVCHD vs AVCintra out of the AF 100 article by Crewstv
  158. AVC Codec Curveball
  159. Moire
  160. AF100 Zeiss Ultra Vs Compact
  161. Birger Mount
  162. Is it too late
  163. AF100 Carry-On Bag?
  164. Starting lens kit when you buy this camera
  165. Finally Bloom's review!
  166. Af-100 post production on an imac?
  167. Wide angle reality check
  168. Enough complaints
  169. Lens Noob Zone - Simply Questions and Answers
  170. Does AF100 have sensor cleaning?
  171. LCD | EVF Resolution
  172. Am I nuts for wanting to shoot sports with the AF-100?
  173. A Plea for Focus Magnification
  174. Wish List
  175. Image feel - not entirely satisfied
  176. Would this lens work on the af100
  177. 4K camera with high speed prime lenses for under $9K!!!!!
  178. AF100 & Tyler Nose Mount?
  179. FlightLine Films at the NM SpacePort - with an AF100 along!
  180. AF100 footage download?
  181. Any suggestions on stabilizers?
  182. What Else Should We Buy?
  183. a refreshing change of topic
  184. Your future AF100 set-up
  185. camera controls, etc.
  186. AVC Codec - Can someone ask Graeme Nattress
  187. 14-140 or 24-105 ?
  188. Af100 Auto focus?
  189. 13x Servo ZOOM lens for AF100 for only $3K?!?!
  190. AF100 Crop Factor: 35mm Motion Picture film and Micro 4/3s
  191. AF100 and use of standard bridge plates
  192. Wide angle solution? How about a Century WA video conversion lens?
  193. DVuser review of the AF100
  194. Anyone Staying with DSLR's?
  195. Anyone Considering the Panasonic 8mm f/3.5 ED Fisheye Lens?
  196. Future of Panasonic and RED cameras
  197. Shooting a feature: SONY EX1 or PANASONIC EX3?
  198. Nov 1 Update from Birger
  199. AF100's sound recording
  200. December 18th for a ship date now!
  201. Barry Green, you were right.
  202. Let's lead ...
  203. 60p at 1080? What's the truth?
  204. FD Lenses
  205. Where are some US shops that I can pre-order from?
  206. Abel Cine taking deposits on AF100
  207. Relative Focal Length, Angle of View, and CCF Chart
  208. Tokina 11-16 Manual Focus Question
  209. Matte Boxes: worth it OR waste of $$$
  210. Full-Frame vs. S35 : Which one is the Future?
  211. "Irrational Exuberence" for the AF100?
  212. Two crazy ideas! Rear mount anamorphic adapter? Use a Letus on an AF100 for WA?
  213. Sony PMW EX35... anybody got $17.5k lying around?
  214. Tired of the unnecessary AF100 vs. DSLR polemic.
  215. Does the Vectorscope have X2 Gain?
  216. highest capacity battery
  217. Cine style zooms for AF100
  218. Lens reccomendation
  219. Freelensing with the AF-100?
  220. Good Match for AF100?
  221. Broadcast Quality - Who decides?
  222. AVCHD Torture Tests
  223. I got to play with one today
  224. Lumix 14-140 on an AF100 compared to an HVX
  225. Jan at Birns and Sawyer NOW any questions for her?
  226. Tokina 11-16+ Canon 16-35L II or Lumix 7-14+ Nikon 14-24? Thoughts? Oly 14-35 even?
  227. What's the highest "acceptable" ISO?
  228. Any AF-100 Seminar in the NYC area?
  229. Latest Moviemaker magazine specs AF-100 with 10 bit 4:2:2
  230. Who has pre-ordered? What did you get with your camera?
  231. Impressive lens on AF-100...
  232. AF100 and APSC lens + VC???
  233. the AF 101 killer ?
  234. Panasonic AF100 @ Createasphere Expo
  235. universal lens?
  236. AF100 Back focus. Adjustable?
  237. Shoulder rigs and tripod mounting
  238. AF-100 Dynamic Range Compared to HMC-150
  239. Interesting times we live in. Looks like Canon might be a bit sooner to the game...
  240. Is my zoom controller going to work?
  241. ND, Internal to external, quality hit?
  242. Let's talk batteries for the AF100...
  243. Shot Transition Feature
  244. Some footage...please!
  245. Dedicated Black and White Mode?
  246. What about low light with 14-140 lens and af100?
  247. Why are specs so hard to come by?
  248. AF100 and manual lenses
  249. Will old FD or M42 lenses give enough resolution?
  250. News on Hot Rod PL base plate for AF100