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  1. 25mm Lens Comparison
  2. GH13 - lowlight footage 5DtoRGB conversion
  3. FIU Pizza Bowl Victory
  4. Sunset in Florence
  5. GH13 with panasonic 14-45mm lens
  6. "The Discovery" - a mini short
  7. GH13 on assignment!
  8. Van Bro Brewing Co New Year's Eve Brew! (GH2 + 20mm 1.7)
  9. My newest music vid (GH13).
  10. Wake Run: Thriller shot on GH13
  11. Winter at Manassas
  12. Lake of Memories
  13. GH13 + Sigma EX 10-20 1:4-5.6 DC HSM wide angle lens with Ef to MFT adapter
  14. HILLS GREEN teaser trailer (GH13 feature film)
  15. Puppies GOP 2!
  16. Chicago & The GH13
  17. Brand new music video! (GH13)
  18. Short fashion store promo shot on gh13 (stills)
  19. Nice Shot!
  20. testing my pancake...
  21. TVP Studio: TVP TVP [Music Video]
  22. 7D and GH13 videos at Sundance - Life in a Day
  23. Jiu Jitsu Web Commercial
  24. Short Shot on GH13
  25. Miami South Beach
  26. Basketball Action in low light at 60fps progressive and 35Mbps
  27. Ghosting from lightbulbs on GH13 - video example included
  28. Screenshots on a short I've just start
  29. Beer Bottle Barbecue
  30. 'Ye Olde Netflix' Contest Spot
  31. Inertia - Twixtor experiment at the beach
  32. Nasty Banding
  33. GH2 vs. Canon Camcorder
  34. LA7200 Anamorphic + 14mm f2.5 Pancake + GF13
  35. Synergy promo, shot on GH1 (60mbs)
  36. The Fisherman's Dream - Gh1 promo film
  37. Musakui
  38. Z
  39. A sunny day in winter
  40. Music Video entirely shot with GH13 @40Mb 1080p and s16 prime
  41. Feel_Barcelona
  42. Glass Blowing - Shot on the GH13
  43. Eye Dissection
  44. GH13 Reverse Footage/Sound Experiment
  45. CANDLE (test footage with GH13 at 24P)
  46. Vertical music video
  47. Brief Test Shots for WWII Normandy Short
  48. Super Moon GH-13
  49. GH13 Street Hooker music video
  50. GH13 Hiphop video in Toronto with Hummer and few dancers
  51. Konova slider with 25mm 0.95 + GH2
  52. GH13 Music Video (Bach) intercut with Vixia HF10s
  53. GH13 in action... for MTB video
  54. Sci Fi short with Fujia 35mm F1.7 lens
  55. GH13 Film "17 Moments of Spring" remake.
  56. Epic Massive Battle - Barcelona Pillow Fight 2011
  57. Mr M's Bath @ Grandpa's GH13 with Pancake
  58. Sunset on GH13
  59. GH1 with iso 3200 clean image.
  60. GH13 - 75 Mbps patch 24p - springtime
  61. On Spec - short film using GH13 with pentax 25mm/1.4 c-mount lens
  62. Winner of "Looking Closer" Video Project
  63. Innocent Smoothies - Advert Shoot
  64. Montana Medical Marijuana - News Story shot on GH13
  65. Skiing at Copper Mountain, Colorado
  66. La Solana del Benicadell (Castle ruins @Spain)
  67. Party Video Shot On GH13
  68. Pseudo-HDR, Wiggle 3D, Stop motion, GH13 Music Video
  69. Forest Shot with gh13 c settings with native 24p
  70. "under construction"
  71. 200 Words, a short film
  72. Overland Track + GH13 with Peak Performance Patch
  73. Openspan - Web short/commercial (2.55 Crop)
  74. GH13 (lpowell's 40Mbps Patch ) at 1080 60i Pulldown Removed to 24p using Neoscene
  75. GF1 short test
  76. GH13 + Canon Fd Lenses (1920 x 804 for 2.39:1 Aspect ratio for Cinemascop Anamorphic)
  77. WITE teaser-GH13 short film (shoestring budget)
  78. Virtualdub Workflow test
  79. GH13 short commercial Video for a Swiss Company [unofficial]
  80. web commercials demonstrating new voice-activated in-car device
  81. 2011 Wireless Innovation Project
  82. GH13 - Mountain Bike Edit
  83. Low light last minute disaster music video turning out ok after all
  84. Shot In Low Light Condition GH13 + settings to reduce FPN didn't used any Denoiser
  85. New music video shot with Gh13 and af101 ... lots of after effects too
  86. Music video all ungraded GH13
  87. Flood (Blackout-Powell 25p)
  88. GH13 Footage Handheld shot from Chopper over Fiji
  89. Easter weekend holiday grabs
  90. GH13 with DIY Gyro stabilizer shot from jet ski
  91. GH13 from Hot Air Balloon
  92. Gh13+hmc40 bmx edit
  93. Geochaching with the GH13 75mb patch
  94. The sounds of early mourning (Gh13 100mbps testing)
  95. Roman Site Shot at 25p with GH13 New Hack 100Mbps i also produced the Soundtrack
  96. GH13 and Voigtländer Nokton 25mm f/0.95
  97. Testing the 100Mbps hack with the Century Optics 16:9 anamorphic adapter
  98. The Old City of Geneva Shot at 1080/24p With Gh13 using the great 100Mbps patch
  99. First GH17 footage with Native 24p Patch
  100. Boxing club promo
  101. Rode NTG-2 straight into GH2
  102. Total eclipse with GH1
  103. GH1 LOW LIGHT(FPN): 100Mbps Patch + 40Mbps High Reliability Patch
  104. New GH13 Music vid for awesome female vocalist
  105. GH13 on a Glidecam V-25with some additional weight =)
  106. GH1 Music Video in low light condition with 100MBbps Hack!
  107. Another Music Video shot with Gh1.I Need Feedbacks on Angles!
  108. first grabs with gh17
  109. Anime Overload 2011 + Zombie Fashion Show
  110. On the air
  111. 2x Anamorphic Zoom for GH1 Prototype
  112. GH1 with 9-18mm Olympus lens
  113. Guistachio The Guitarist
  114. GH1 100MBPS Hack + Canon FD Lenses
  115. a musical documentary of sorts
  116. The Streets of India
  117. Short film of Landscape GV's from Jersey, Channel Isles.
  118. 1st music vid. hacked gh1 20mm 1.7
  119. Dog Day
  120. My first GH13 Video: Dana Point beach, California
  121. Dublin Zombie Walk 2011 (GH13 with 14-42 kit lens + FCP X)
  122. GH13+ Canon Fd Lenses 100MBps The Olympic Museum in Switzerland
  123. Local Aussie Junior Football Club Highlights - GH13 and F3
  124. "Challenge Accepted" Webseries (Shot with a GH13 and an HVX200)
  125. GH13 - Trials bike riding in a beautiful hungarian city
  126. X-Roads Screen Grabs
  127. My first filming of fireworks by GH13
  128. La Paz
  129. SEEING GREEN - A short piece shot with anamorphic lens Sankor 16c + Helios 44-2
  130. GH13 trailer: Rainbow Train
  131. HAcked Panasonic GH13 Bowl Skating Competition
  132. Recuerdo de infancia (Spanish)
  133. LEICA LUMIX 45mm DG MACRO & GH17
  134. Film Festival Submission - String Theory [ Trailer ]
  135. Battle for babies - Weisscam HS2 + GH13
  136. GH2 110mbps (GOP 3) Slow Motion Helicopter Test
  137. Gh1 plus lens Falcon 85 1.4 footage "summer afternoon"
  138. Abuse Your Friends
  139. GH13 + 20mm + LED600 + stock motion graphics = recipe for PAID commercial work!
  140. GH1 & Trapcode fun.
  141. GH13 and Handycam Footage
  142. GH2 Canon 50/f1.4 rainy night test
  143. GH1 at night
  144. I did this commercial video for a Gym/sports Club with a GH1, 100mbps Hack
  145. Nighttime Action Short Film Gh13 + Canon FD 28mm
  146. Ligurian Summer
  147. Testing the Panasonic 14mm 2.5 pancake on the Gh2 with 88mbps hack
  148. Impressed with commercial lighting conditions...
  149. Trailer for No Budget feature shot on the Panasonic GH1
  150. GH13 44mbs Twixtor Skating
  151. 2011 Zero Budget Demo Reel - GH13 over the years
  152. A GH13, a 50mm Nikon, and a Arri 1K in B&W = Room 222
  153. Remote Control Death Car (Fake Grindhouse Trailer)
  154. PSA - A Short
  155. Mr. Excitable
  156. Driftwood's TerraQuake patch versus the Aquamotion V2 patch
  157. Video from the Purcell Project
  158. Demo Reel 2011
  159. New Commercial Shot on Two Hacked GH1's (GH13, GH17).
  160. Jeet Kune Do
  161. Avalanche documentary
  162. NEW MUSIC VIDEO Shot with GH1, GH13, 100mbps, canon fd lenses, pancake
  163. Biking the Soca
  164. Rock Climbing
  165. Baecula Battle on GH13/ GH2!! :)
  166. GH13 Making-off (Videoclip style)!
  167. BTS with GH13/Hyperprime12/1.6/Leica 45/2.8
  168. First Music Video shot on the GH13.
  169. Jones Soda Co.
  170. "Lucky Bird" - Music video featuring Bekah Kelso
  171. Short woods clip.
  172. "How to apply vegemite" - GH2 / 20mm pancake bokeh maker / 44mbs patch
  173. Gh2 and cheap lens 14-42 / 45-200 Review
  174. Incidental Rock Music video on a GH1 + 20mm
  175. Love is on the verge of fantasy.
  176. 30 second on air promo wih Sedna
  177. Sculptures by the Sea - 20mm pancake , 44 mbs, Vari ND
  178. barn, 44 mbs
  179. Micro Documentary - GH1 - Max Latitude patch
  180. Behind The Pen - Flow Motion & Panny 25mm 1.4
  181. "The Ultimate Betrayal" - Short Film
  182. GH13 for slow motion on music video - Great looking footy
  183. Sci-Fi short shot on GH2 (Sedna AQ1) anamorphic.
  184. Music video on GH13 hack mistaken for gh2 hack
  185. Red Rock Canyon, Valley of Fire with Driftwood's Sedna B
  186. alpaca-leppardllama
  187. "Within The Institute" - Storm In The Orphanage (Official Video) -- Shot with GH1
  188. Some Big Toys, Shot entirely on GH13
  189. Cairo
  190. GH2 on Cinestar over CineGear Expo
  191. The Jump (short movie for Tropfest)
  192. Stewart Falls
  193. Gh2 hack 150mbits - official music video
  194. Time Lapse Shot with GH2 Flow Motion v2.02
  195. GH13 Contest video, Please vote for me, $10k prize
  196. "Stars in California" GH2 w/ Sedna AQ1 and Canon 60D Music Video
  197. Screengrabs from Hunger Games parody I shot today
  198. Color Correction Opinions/Critique
  199. Unofficial Music Video Shot With GH2!
  200. GH13 Glide Gear Test
  201. Music Video shot with the Gh2 and Canon t2i
  202. Space Weeds (Mock Trailer) GH13 still makes a lot of fun
  203. Mouthful
  204. When Harry Met Genie - short film shot on hacked GH2 for the Toronto 48hr Film Projec
  205. Gh13 in 30 seconds of terror.
  206. Basque Language Documentary Series Trailer -with GH13-
  207. GH17 145mbps hack with HMC 150 contest audition video
  208. File storage for uncompressed clips
  209. GH1 - Super Low Light - Live Music
  210. Harvest Home_ Amphoe San Pa Tong, Chiang Mai, Thailand / GH2 and 60D
  211. Flicker/grain removal
  212. Engage
  213. GH3 Italy test shoot
  214. GH1 first try in movie making! Feedback very much appreciated!
  215. GH3 + Slider Footage Beach
  216. GH2, GH3, GM1 Slack Key
  217. Anywhere, but here
  218. GH4 Footage
  219. GH2: A couple wedding videos
  220. Gh2 1950's
  221. GH4+Speedbooster SUPER MOON
  222. Doritos commercal
  223. The Emerald City
  224. Events in Sao Miguel, Azores. June 2015
  225. World Naked Bike Ride 2015 Boston Edition (NSFW)
  226. MUSIC VIDEO: Shot on Panasonic LX100
  227. Parade I shot in Sao Miguel, Azores, Portugal yesterday.
  228. St Patrick's Day Parade 60p