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  1. Ptool for beginners / Ptool FAQ
  2. MJPEG high bit rate footage-stills & comparisons.
  3. GH1 Firmware Help
  4. AVCHD high bitrate tests- MUD FREE footage
  5. MJPEG 70mbits+ 1080p settings
  6. SD cards for high bitrate footage, discussion
  7. PTools patch settings database online!
  8. Emotions, crazy requests, donation messages go HERE
  9. So Have you patched your GH1?
  10. GF1 testing and footage goes HERE
  11. Stable MJPEG and AVCHD settings
  12. Website for hosting
  13. MJPEG 422 test footage, green screen, etc
  14. GH1 and T2i which is the one, no flame here
  15. Controlled side by side comparisons of before / after footage
  16. SD cards for the Hack
  17. Applying filters--GLITCHES
  18. The PTool Manual (WIP)
  19. GH1 with 720p Hack 80mbps, Handheld, Fast pans, no rolling shutter.
  20. 1080p footage ("D" bitrate settings)
  21. Is there a Video Tutorial for the GH1 Hack yet?
  22. Does GH1 hack help with lowlight? Is it possible?
  23. Settings. Do not post, read only
  24. Who has used the version compare tool?
  25. GF1 stuck in japanese after first firmwar ptool update
  26. How to fill in the first two boxes in Ptool
  27. how do I know?
  28. Testing chart or clip idea. Your thoughts.
  29. PTool 3.36 OK for GH1K?
  30. Who added the FHD(Full HD) ICON to MJPEG?
  31. Can we get a GH1 hacked or GH13 Video only or Video test thread?
  32. Forget mjpeg, for now!
  33. Anyone having card speed issues, please try again without native 24p
  34. 1080P MJPEG VS 1080P AVCHD Stills**
  35. GF13 thread?
  36. GF1 hack
  37. Solution for pulsing I-frames?
  38. The Hack. A reality check.
  39. SD Card peformance with GH13 Hacks
  40. Maximum clip lenght with Gh-13?
  41. PAL Users - whats the advantage of the native 25p hack
  42. MB/sec Question
  43. GOP Minium lenght in PAL FHD 25p...
  44. question for shooters who use gh1 for work
  45. Anyone Tried 2048x1080 (AKA 2k)
  46. PTool 3.36 issue
  47. Improving color gradients and static noise!
  48. Strange firmware update from panasonic
  49. Hack observations, Myth or Fact
  50. Winebottler problems with ptool
  51. Help!
  52. Will the hack work on a G1?
  53. asking for help
  54. Best setting for Mjpeg and Class 6 Card
  55. does the improved bitrate fix the jello effect at 1080?
  56. 2 New AVCHD Test Videos
  57. Field dominance in progressive footage
  58. Monitor output - how possible?
  60. Why is slant-o-vision worse when zoomed in?
  61. Battery life with hack
  62. Data rate unchanged after patch update
  63. Gh1 stock shutter restrictions
  64. GH13 Hack, FCP, 24p, Upper Field?
  65. How to measure bitrate changes
  66. What's the GOP settings for?
  67. In camera crop?
  68. Mini flash memory tutorial
  69. Who is Rich Hibner?
  70. Improvement suggestion: modifying the manual focus zooming for better ergonomy!
  71. Feature request: AE lock in movie mode
  72. firmware updated but where are the options inside camera?
  73. Pulses, or spikes in AVCHD 24pN mode
  74. Please help with tester13 hack!
  75. native 24p
  76. firmware hack loaded byt GH1 says I have version 0.0
  77. Importance of working MJPEG for OSS workflow
  78. Standards & Guidelines for testing
  79. best SDHC card for GH1???
  80. best Mac program to determine Mbit rate???
  81. Help ¿¿¿ 13,8 MB/sec ???
  82. Systematic testing nano-tutorial
  83. HELP ptool3.37d Imported as 2560x1080
  84. PTool 3.37D - Where???
  85. Why am I getting "NO Valid Picture to Play" after trying to install Firmware?
  86. Mjpeg vs avchd codec tests- the good, the bad and ugly
  87. this motion image cannot be played
  88. 24p/25p Native Patch - is 23.971 fps a problem?
  89. please explain settings b, or c?
  90. GH13 features
  91. Banding
  92. 3.37dc- Everything works except 720p SH
  93. AVCHD RGB video leves
  94. where do I download ptool 3.7d
  95. ALC/AGC Disable... Where are we?
  96. Where do I download the "C" settings firmware patch?
  97. Third-party battery doesnt work with hack?
  98. Save Settings
  99. Puzzled by AVCHD vs MJPEG (Screen Shots)
  100. unable to record even 1 sec of Mjpeg with Class 10 32MB Sandisk???
  101. Hacked GH1 for live events?
  102. migrate to new ptool question
  103. GF1 firmware - can not find the FHD settings
  104. Two Questions - 1) 24p and 2) Color Sampling
  105. GF1 100mb/s footage acheived!!!
  106. Supersample sensor then crop to Super16 @ 1080P?
  107. "rmotion picture was cancelled due to limit of writing speed of card"???
  108. GH1 freezing when trying to install new firmware
  109. testing methods
  110. best stable settings for SanDisk 32GB Class 10?
  111. Strobing/ Lack of Blur on pans?
  112. PLEASE HELP! How do I go back to the GH1__132.bin firmware?!!
  113. Pixelated Mpeg file from footage shot with "D" settings firmware hack?
  114. GOP vs. Bitrate
  115. In Camera Old Video Playback Issue
  116. Fixed-rate 30Mbps MJPEG with in-camera playback
  117. which one to check
  118. "C" Settings with Native 24p NOT CHECKED- still can't play back!
  119. Geez, do you have to be a rocket scientist to work this firmware thing out?
  120. Premiere CS4 24p Native Footage Problems
  121. ptool migration again
  122. shooting "native 24P" vs. not with it???
  123. Star chart test
  124. highest mjpeg settings for camera playback
  125. Problem recording HD Mpeg w/ GF1
  126. Does a higher class card really matter? This guy says "no"!
  127. Can different lenses help/hurt with the GH13 Hack?
  128. Considering all the variables when testing / reporting tests.
  129. JELLO question???
  130. Highest Bit Rate Settings for 1080 24p in 60i?
  131. Does the GH13 firmware hack affect the sensor?
  132. Do high Overall Bitrate settings do anything?
  133. Native 24P/25p settings/problems discussion
  134. Can someone please explain what each bit rate setting does?
  135. Has anyone tested their hack settings at night in low light?
  136. Exposure bracketing expansion - 0,-3EV,+3EV anyone?
  137. Firmware hack for the G2?
  138. "C" Settings, wait a minute...
  139. Vitaliy - Any news on HDMI out?
  140. If the firmware needs to be restored
  141. Anyone else exploring mjpeg @ 48fps?
  142. Restoring firmware & error codes?
  143. GH1 > GH13 MJpeg 24p 100MBit
  144. Load virgin GH1__1.32 each time?
  145. H & L Video Bitrate
  146. PTool settings sharing thread
  147. GH1 and GF1 firmware hack for dummies
  148. Bitrate Simplified Question
  149. Better SLOW MO, and using FHD, HD, H & L settings as presets
  150. Stable 35Mbps low-light MJPEG patch with in-camera playback
  151. Are these cards ok for the new hack?
  152. Quick questions, want to load firmware, yes read the FAQs.
  153. Are the AVCHD adn MJPEG setting independent?
  154. True SD card speeds
  155. ptools .zip does not work
  156. GH13 freezing after 6-8 seconds of recording fire...
  157. GH1 smooth transition in Shutter Priority mode Manual lens
  158. Test about 1080 60i and 24p
  159. Anyone using multiple hacks/settings?
  160. A little bug
  161. anybody done the GH1 hack in Cape Town?
  162. what kind of scene/motion is too much for 720p60?
  163. 100% Quality Factor MJpeg Settings (very low compression - class 10 required!)
  164. GH13 AVCHD FHD & FCP Log & Transfer issues
  165. have patience please
  166. will hack affect the normal still camera usage?
  167. Best Settings for PAL Broadcast? 1080 or 720?
  168. running the ptool on MAC winebottler problems
  169. Space requirements for GH13
  170. anyone tested VIDEO BITRATE L ?
  171. My avc files have similar timestamps?
  172. New GF1 v1.24 and GH1 v1.34 firmware hack problems
  173. Best way to setup 60 fps with GH1?
  174. GF1 bitrate H & L settings
  175. Can we get more presets just like lpowell did?
  176. OIS hack suggestion
  177. Ptool download page is Missing
  178. The 'perfect' project
  179. Has anyone tried the NTSC -> PAL?
  180. 1080p MJPEG is not 1080p - Proof inside
  181. HELP! Scared & confused, but hopeful...
  182. A question of NoiseReduction with Video and Stills
  183. Stable settings for Class 6 Cards
  184. Does shooting in native 24p get rid of the jello?
  185. Have you noticed?
  186. I can't hack my Japanese GF1
  187. Progresive does look better!
  188. Can we have an area for the GF1 only?
  189. Question on the stability of playback of 24P
  190. 60Mbps MJPEG Class 6 SD Card Patch
  191. Reformatting card over and over
  192. Framerate New VLC
  193. cant get ptool 3.40d runnung
  194. need help as i might be a noob...
  195. Made in Japan or made in China?
  196. Hack and file size? 1080p 60i not that great... Any tips for taking video also?blur
  197. Ptool Advisory
  198. Halving your FPS and eating it too
  199. MJPEG video turns into a still photo
  200. Under AVCHD Size, '1080p24/25>720p24/25' < What does it do?
  201. Ptool 3.40d
  202. How do you get rid of aliasing?!
  203. Best shooting strategy: GH1 and GF1
  204. Am I going to have problems jumping from 3.36 to 3.40d Ptools?
  205. Land of the Lost with GH1 Firmware hack
  206. Using A, B, C, etc settings in PTool_Mac
  207. Low-light mud
  208. Am getting more than 100 mbps
  209. New PTool?
  210. Settings to use for sports
  211. Don´t know what to read and where anymore
  212. The new GH2 and the Hack
  213. Video Tutorial
  214. How many kinds of write error.
  215. sold my GH1 should I buy another?
  216. what if GH2 cannot be hacked
  217. PHOTOfunStudio Replacement
  218. 720p50 with 4:2:2 ?
  219. ipowell updates?
  220. GH-1 Bracketing options
  221. Pal 25p and 50p settings. Let's share!
  222. Stupid question on NTSC/PAL Firmware & 24p/25p/50p
  223. Playback on a mac
  224. How do I tell what the bitrate is...??
  225. Could the Hack reduce Fixed Pattern Noise?
  226. a stable setting for a Mjpeg 50mbs but in 720 ?
  227. more light = failure?
  228. ••• ok so it's MUD free but what good is it if the VBR still remain low? •••
  229. Where did I go wrong? Hack problems
  230. 25p native over 25i: "real world" advantages?
  231. Is the GH1 too sharp? Result of hack?
  232. WOW! GF1 Manual Video Settings. Thanks Vitaliy and Crew.
  233. Link on how to put the Gh13 back to stock settings?
  234. AVCHD implementation in the GH1.
  235. The Hack and the cards
  236. 4Gb limit in SH mode
  237. Suggesting a hack for intentional mis-focus
  238. 3+ stops underexposed back in Color
  239. GH13 does cam display firmware version?
  240. Write error with class 10 card and suggested settings, help me out
  241. Help me find settings
  242. How do you get high bitrate MJPEG playback?
  243. Online conference proposal
  244. Suggestions for 3rd party battery GH1
  245. hack in PAL land
  246. PAL GH1: unlimited recording with the hack?
  247. Unable to use hack FAQ
  248. MJPEG settings
  249. For newbs trying to do the GH1 hack
  250. How do you check the serial number for date codes?