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  1. GH13 body bricked?
  2. Need decent low bitrate
  3. GH13 card crashing and need some hack info clarification
  4. Long duration configuration
  5. 132 Bin
  6. GH2 Hacked body firmware
  7. How stable are the EOSHD 50mbit MJPEG settings
  8. Highest quality, most stabile GH1 MJPEG 720p30 4:2:2 Settings
  9. GH2 Hack A-J
  10. New GH1 GOP 3 patch
  11. Stable patch for GH1 720 footage?
  12. In honor of Halloween: "Hallow Avenue", a video I shot last Halloween on the GH13.
  13. Clarification on adding new patch
  14. 1080p30?
  15. Question about different GH2 hacks
  16. Best PAL patches
  17. Need Help - No Playback on Driftwood 176Mb hack
  18. some questions (fps, artefacts, ...)
  19. Spanning Question....HELP??
  20. Will Pay Someone to Perform GH2 Hack - NYC ASAP.
  21. Mpeg bitrate adjusts, AVCHD does not? GF1.
  22. GF2 Hack FTW
  23. anyone working on battery limitation of GH2?
  24. Writing Problem
  25. gh1 help please important project soon!!!
  26. New generation cards and GH1(3)
  27. Help:GH1 shooting PAL format alarm,no additional selections can be made
  28. GH13 & Sony Vegas Pro 11
  29. What current patch offers the least amount of noise and video mud with native 24p?
  30. did 176Mbps hack also fix few corrupt frames that occurred in previous hacks???
  31. Pancake lens 20mm f/1.7 old firmware
  32. GH1 - Body firmware 1.6 Help
  33. GH2: Hack to increase dynamic range?
  34. GH2 hack settings
  35. gh2 hack patches
  36. Intra?
  37. "C" Settings Download?
  38. AVCHD vs MJPEG: Which is better?
  39. Best reasonable patch for low light filming.
  40. Any way of increasing the still photo frame rate in the GH13 hack?
  41. GH2 Hack Recap
  42. Gh2 hack help Pleas!!
  43. Need GH2 V10 firmware
  44. Please turn camera off and on again error - What do I do?
  45. This area of the gh1(3) not gh2!
  46. Is there any way to shoot with a GH1 in low/no light and NOT GET MUD.
  47. Is it at any way possible...
  48. Cannot get to GH2__V11 at Panasonic site: Help, or Other Sources?
  49. GH1 & ISO LIMIT Patch?
  50. GH1 mud problem - suggestions
  51. Best 50mbps hack?
  52. A Newbie Question! How to put Bitrate Values in pTool?
  53. GH2 100Mbps Flow Motion Patch v1.0 with 50Mbps File-Spanning
  54. How to Hack the GH2: my experience
  55. 176mbps hack on Gh1?
  56. Best patch for spanning 720/60p? - SDHC - Class 10 - 30MB/s
  57. ETC function is causing crashes in 720p mode
  58. FZ150 hack - sorry...
  59. Which Gh2 Hack best for shooting low light
  60. NEW GH1 24p 110 MBs Gop 1 patch
  61. Quantum X v2
  62. Ultimate beginners guide to setting up a stable Hack
  63. Still Thoroughly Confused Re the GH2 Hacks
  64. 100Mbps Flow Motion v1.11 Failsafe Patch with HBR 25p & 50p
  65. GH2 100Mbps Flow Motion v1.11 Failsafe Patch with HBR 25p support
  66. 3 new driftwoods today and personal-view site down
  67. Optimal hack / medium for stable HQ well lit studio greenscreen work
  68. ptools 3.64d? need help
  69. gh13 sdhc cards
  70. Driftwood Quantum Series: **New Releases** Orion, Rocket and β Pictoris
  71. GH Camera Hacks for Dummies (List)
  72. Reliable Pal Settings for 720 50p
  73. GH vs NEX color correction
  74. Pana what you see is what you get hack?
  75. Canīt load Firmware any more
  76. Most Reliable GH1(3)- native 1080/24P hack? + buying a 2nd charger/battery
  77. Different "maybe idiot" question about the GH13......
  78. GH1 shows body firmware version "Ver.F.3"
  79. Which hack for Sandisk Extreme 30MB/s card?
  80. Fixing A Bricked GH1
  81. Manual Movie Mode broken on GH1
  83. Highest bitrate 720p stable hack?
  84. orion v4b--3 hours on 32gb card?
  85. GF2 so far the best and 100% stable patch
  86. Whats the best Hack to use for a feature film as of 3.26.12
  87. Sanity Hack - Is this the best 60p out there?
  88. OT: Panasonic Lumix LX5 - Hacks available?
  89. GH1 Best Options for Doc Interview Situations--Long Takes, Reliable and Stable Hack?
  90. GH2 1080p30 - Is it possible, reliable, and syncable?
  91. GH-2 remote start
  92. GH1 Max ISO Limit Removal Fixed!
  93. GH1 footage to Youtube
  94. New Forum Member - Please Help
  95. DC coupler problems
  96. Live A/V or HDMI out during recording?
  97. Panasonic G2 low bitrate on AVCHD.
  98. Audio Monitoring on Panasonic GH1?
  99. unable to get 144Mbps constant bit rate after uploading Driftwood's Quantum X hack
  100. Why hack a GH2?
  101. High quality 25p with spanning aka Help a confused Swede
  102. Driftwood VY Canis Majoris Series GH2 settings launched
  103. Gh1 Patch for low light handheld gig
  104. Sanity 5 - First Test footage
  105. Best All-Purpose GH2 hack settings - Upgrading from GH1
  106. Gh1 can't use 64 g sandisk extreme pro
  107. Hacked GH1, needs a warranty repair, any experiences?
  108. Wide Angle GH1
  109. GH2 100Mbps Flow Motion v2 Patch - Banding & Blocking Be Gone!
  110. Having trouble applying GH2 hack
  111. GH2 Hack version up'd very quickly
  112. SD Card for Orion V4b
  113. Need help hacking gh2 in Oregon
  114. Using a GH2 as a B Camera Advice
  115. Hack to work on GF1 enabling 60fps video?
  116. New user - GH2 Hack help please
  117. Which GH2 hacks are best?
  118. Best overall / universal GH1 hack settings?
  119. Need Advice on upgrading hacked used gh1
  120. Trying to hack gh2 on mac?
  121. Going back to panasonic firmware
  122. Best 25P hack? Is 25P bitrate inferior? Is 25P native or wrapped in 50i???
  123. 6am - Gh2 Hack Test (Driftwood Cluster V6)
  124. Sandisk Extreme 45mb/s + flowmotion question
  125. Quick question on GH2/ETC mode and HDMI out
  126. My hacked gh2 nightmare
  127. All available GH1 hacks
  128. How does this make sense?
  129. ptool and sd card questions
  130. hacked or not ?
  131. Is the hack worth i?
  132. Hack Suggestions for best motion...
  133. Write error salvage?
  134. Why can't Panasonic offer it's own high bitrate firmware update?
  135. GH1 hack always fails
  136. Did My Hack "Take"?
  137. SanDisk write protect problem
  138. Transcend 85MB/s UHS-I cards - OK with AN.
  139. Good 1080/60i hack to match a AG-HMC80
  140. Panasonic G3 hack
  141. Gh2 Hack absolutely no audio Premiere cs6 - Flowmotion 2.2 - Help
  142. GH2 Hack and "version increment" in ptool
  143. Driftwood Intravenus variation 2
  144. Bebob Foxi Follow Focus on GH2 / GH3?
  145. GH1 Hack & Slow Shutter - MJPEG HD for > 40 minutes
  146. Mixing 1080 24 fps with 720 60 fps footage
  147. A Quick Hack test with Sanity 5.1, Nebula v7, DREWnet v9 BOOM and Stock
  148. AVC-Intra: Does it help editing, and what's the best GH2 AVC-Intra hack?
  149. Question about hacking GH2
  150. Interesting little problem...
  151. *Motion capture canceled on GH13?
  152. GH2 hack 30min record time limit
  153. GH1 hack. What does it do?
  154. Odd snow-like compression artifacts on hacked GH2 (lpowell flow motion)
  155. Guide to the Hacks
  156. 60mbs bitrate with 15mb class 4 sandisk ultra? could somebody explain this?
  157. four questions regarding the hacks (should be FAQ)
  158. GH1 ISO Increments help! hack?
  159. Personal-view website is down and I need to download ptools! Can anyone help?
  160. Jumping into hacks
  161. SANITY X - High Bitrate Versiion of Sanity
  162. GH2 Hack - Start me out gently
  163. Checking hack firmware in camera?
  164. A little confused on increment levels
  165. Best reliable GF2 patch ? or any patch for that matter
  166. GH1 - Do modern (2014) SD cards affect quality?
  167. P.U.C (Pop Up Concert) Micah " Black Velvet " acoustic cover
  168. Focus peoking & zebra. Possible for GH2 through firmware add-on ?
  169. Best patch/settings for Panasonic GF3 hack?