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  1. 420 to 422 colour....
  2. GH1 and GF1 valid serial range
  3. LCD Monitoring
  4. buying hackable gh1 off ebay
  5. VIMEO doesn't accept MJPEG vids?
  6. How to know it worked??
  7. Video walk-through explanation for first-time GH1 hack.
  8. GF1 FHD AVCHD Menu Option
  9. Anyone wanter to answer some noob questions?
  10. Has anyone solved the pulsing issue with 24p native?
  11. Version Increment & Prevent Version Compare
  12. How do I get my body firmware back to 0.0?
  13. 2 Quick Questions
  14. Frustrated by Crashes
  15. Patriot LX Series 16 GB Class 10
  16. Where to buy a new GF1 for the hack?
  17. GF1: newest Ptool3 lost manual mode
  18. What's the best card for GH13?
  19. Gh13, PAL camera... 60p?
  20. Not upgrading hacked firmware anymore
  21. New spinning version of my codec test chart for motion testing
  22. gh13 moire
  23. Best Gop numbers for FHD/SH PAL
  24. idea for getting new firmware from panny
  25. Compression bit rate hack entry question
  26. monitor via the external viewfinder port on the GF1?
  27. Link to main 3D thread (download,development and donation)
  28. What happened with the G2 hack attempt?
  29. Is Vitaliy trying to hack the new firmware...
  30. hack succefuly but stay at 17mbps
  31. GH1 hacked examples + problems
  32. Manual focus with pancake lens
  33. 40Mbps AVCHD High Reliability Patch
  34. Limiting bitrate adjustment
  35. 1080P MJPEG 422 Settings Vs. AVCHD "C" Settings
  36. GH1 menu language change with hack?
  37. Lens not attached error, hack related?
  38. Native Freeze on GH1 (buttons on camera don't respond)
  39. Hacked error clips and DTV software
  40. Help!
  41. Ptools 3.40d: Stuck in NTSC-land??
  42. stable settings for avchd 1080p
  43. Some issues
  44. Noise?
  45. Is it possible to tell if a GH1 has been hacked
  46. Class 4 Settings?
  47. line in frame when tilting/panning
  48. 25p for GF1
  49. 'H' Mode now 60FPS after hack!?
  50. Hack for Mac
  51. Hack status
  52. AVCHD hacking problem
  53. total noob question
  54. Editing GH13 footage
  55. Class 10 16GB cards: Transcend versus SanDisk
  56. FW 1.4 - what are the hurdles?
  57. live video out on GF1
  58. Hack "C" Setting
  59. Hack settings sorted by memory card make, model and class
  60. where to buy gh13 ?
  61. When inquiring about firmware #'s...
  62. iMovie
  63. Where can i find panasonic firmware v1.32?
  64. PTool settings? I am confused about the hack.
  65. Screen turns dark in Manual Mode
  66. Shooting with hack on a very tight budget
  67. Firmware 1.33 do I already have the hack?
  68. Version display post hack
  69. Question about FAQ
  70. Gh13 premiere pro cs5 settings
  71. japanese model donīt save settings after hack
  72. Trouble with hack
  73. Uh Oh - Version Setting Reads 0.0
  74. stable mpeg 1080 settings
  75. GH1 Stereoscopic Rig Collaboration
  76. Cannot Create Folder errors
  77. Card for the Hack?
  78. MJPEG playable on camera?
  79. Selecting PAL/NTSC
  80. What is the use of preset bitrate exactly?
  81. Alternative site to download 1.32 firmware
  82. 30$ lenses on GH1, hacked or not, that is the question...
  83. Flickering screen in PAL mode - GF1
  84. Request: 24p / 60i switchable in camera menu
  85. New Panasonic SDHC Cards
  86. My Amazing Camera
  87. New GH1s from JR Not Hackable..Keep?
  88. Best 24p native solution with hack
  89. Extreme AVCHD settings on Sandisk class10
  90. PAL 25p Native wrapper with SanDisk Class 10
  91. to 24 or not 24
  92. ptool "A", "B" etc settings buttons?
  93. GH 1 Nerd needs help in hacking in Paris, France.
  94. Many Thanks
  95. Bitrate question
  96. still gettings a low bitrate
  97. Failure Patterns
  98. Has anyone else observed SH pulsing?
  99. Best quality 720p MJPEG 4:2:2 settings for GF1?
  100. Help, Stuck in German(from japanese model)
  101. Required Card Speed for Hack at "C" settings
  102. New Fastest Toshiba SDHC - 80mb/s!
  103. Getting These Flickers on GH13 (Video Enclosed) Need an explanation, Please
  104. GH1 bucking recording on FHD 720p and 1028i
  105. Converting hacked .mts to .mov files on G5 Mac
  106. Native 24p Mode
  107. Noob Question: How Do I Know It's Hacked?
  108. NYC meetup group
  109. download original gh1 firmware that can be hacked
  110. Should there be a vote on what hack feature Vitaly and the others should concentrate?
  111. Photokina 2010, anyone?
  112. 50Mbps AVCHD Fast Action 3-Frame GOP Patch
  113. MJPEG mode sound quality issue
  114. SD card "in use" after applying Hack upgrade
  115. Upscaling test (low light, high iso)
  116. Matching Hacked GH1 and GF1
  117. GH1 Hackers in Wash. DC area
  118. Gallery for GH13 stills
  119. Filmmaking...
  120. REAL liveview hack?
  121. Does the bitrate hack adjust 720p60 bitrate as well?
  122. GH1 panning problem...
  123. Formatting with Japanese Language Model
  124. Fast Action 3-Frame GOP Patch now works on GF1 and PAL cameras!
  125. Am I doing something wrong?
  126. Blank pictures: A flaw in the hack or...?
  127. what if the hack doesn't work? can reset?
  128. PNY class 10 verses Tanscend class 10
  129. FH Mode GOP rates for 50/60fps
  130. idea: hack below 100 iso, who needs ND filters
  131. GH1 Hack question
  132. Problem with GF1 Hack forcing flash in PASM modes
  133. Extremely Low Bitrates in 720P mode after Hack
  134. EOS adapter... glass element?
  135. Fantastic new gh2
  136. install new firmware without battery full
  137. what is the real frame-rate for...
  138. Voltaic with Hacked GH1 Settings?
  139. What, I only get one hack? Serious Problem!
  140. Cleanest film settings
  141. Embedded SO
  142. How to shoot 720/60p? with hack.
  143. Searching for engineers and Japanese speaking users
  144. Redrock micro evf, $600!
  145. Need help with Japanese version GH-1 Hack
  146. What's with this footage?
  147. What am I missing,
  148. EPIC LPowell GH1 settings, show your appreciation and vote
  149. Longest record time with gh1 hack possible
  150. firmware version 1.1 hack
  151. So how do i get 1080p?
  152. Frame rate confusion
  153. Codec breaking?
  154. New version of Hack 3.50d
  155. Auto ISO is broken in Shutter Priority mode
  156. A warning about the hack
  157. Help: My Gh1 no longer recognizes firmware updates
  158. Strobing in Flat/Underexposed Areas
  159. How to solve "Mac OS Error -50" while using Toast 10 to convert 720/60p MTS?
  160. gh1 hack newbie question
  161. Be careful using tripods. The GH1's ( and GH13's) Achilles heel!
  162. Screwed up the hack
  163. Anamorphic Cinemascope in Native 1920x810 MJPEG Mode
  164. Test Shoot: GH13 vs 35mm Film
  165. Observations regarding empty P-frames in 24N mode
  166. Befuddled Noob seeks advice
  167. Native 21:9 AVC with GH13 possible?
  168. StreamParser V 2.0 available
  169. Sandisk Super Duper Card or Lexar LX series Class 10
  170. GH1 button freeze
  171. GH1 hacked (13) possibilities for high rate mjeg at 24p?
  172. Red GH1s hackable?
  173. Unable to hack GH1 second time, Firmware Version 1.B ??
  174. Limit on Firmware Flashes?
  175. List of various patch settings and experiences
  176. Newest firmware PERMANENTLY unhackable?
  177. Will the 1.34 ever be hacked?
  178. So many settings.. Most reliable 1080p @ 24fps without playback?
  179. Has anyone seen this? 86Mbit AVCHD
  180. Best 29.97 Recording Settings
  181. Some amateur conclusions
  182. GH13 Hack Finished???
  183. Please help with used hackable GH1
  184. gh13 stable 48Mbps FHD native avchd and true time record display
  185. Blocky image problems with GH13 and slow shutter
  186. low bitrate stable 24pn
  187. likelihood of LIVE HDMI OUT?
  188. constant for 1080p test
  189. Where can I get the hackable v1.32? (lost my original & afraid to go to Panny)
  190. Are all Gold GH1's hackable?
  191. Does a hacked GH1 accurately estimate remaining recording time?
  192. Trying to revert back to original firmware
  193. Options for getting the hack for newer GH1s, GF1s, G2, G10, and the GH2.
  194. Earlier versions of ptool
  195. help with Lpowell 35mbps mjpeg skipping...
  196. PNY class 10 cards?
  197. Just bought new hackable GH1 from Amazon
  198. Need some help, please!
  199. Hacked GF1 - manual control of exposure in Video mode
  200. Hackable ISO?
  201. Lpowell 40mbps w/ FCP prores proxy? Help!
  202. GH1 24fps 1080p stable settings
  203. GF1 update problem, need hlep!
  204. Regrettable GH1 Purchase
  205. Hacked GF1. Need help with manual setting in video.
  206. low avchd bitrates after hack?
  207. Howto remove flash-bands on hacked gh1?
  208. Anamorphic MPEG, slow shutter speed
  209. Audio in / headphone out?
  210. Please help with hack install on mac
  211. Please post your Highest stable AVCHD 720p 60fps settings
  212. how to view mts datarate?
  213. GF1 Question: True 60p possible?
  214. Just a little question...
  215. New G2 Firmware - Release the Hounds!
  216. What type of AVCHD does a GH13 use?
  217. Firmware 1.3 be hacked?
  218. What's your highest stable 720/60p bitrate?
  219. Low Light AVCHD option for 25P
  220. Improving detalization in hacked GF1
  221. Important request to G2 owners
  222. switch btw NTSC / PAL
  223. The Perfect PTool Settings
  224. Check Bitrate
  225. GF1 - 720p59,94 -> 29,97fps option
  226. GH13 and RED
  227. Disable Mechanical Shutter
  228. Need GF1 1080p Settings for Class 10 Card
  229. Stuck at 9Mbps
  230. SDHC class Recommendation for the GH1
  231. GH13 Known issues
  232. Is the GF13 still alive and kicking?
  233. Potentially the best settings I've found. Thoughts?
  234. G2 Users Settings and Experience
  235. Comfirmation Help needed for GF1 "VIDEO" Hack... Appreciated. thank you.
  236. GH13, AVCHD, Final Cut Pro
  237. Installation Help
  238. A confused PAL User
  239. Couldn't find "Manual Movie modes" in "Movie Related Restrictions"
  240. Is it possible? Native 720p crop from centre frame to enable good use of 1/2" lenses
  241. What's the end?Can someone plz give me a nice setting?
  242. mjpeg 422 chroma key
  243. Change Focus by Wire
  244. Can you update to 1.32 without ptool and still use the hack?
  245. Tried to hack GH1, now it won't work
  246. Gh1 ntsc model to a real pal?
  247. Need help with a, b, c settings hack and camera settings (I'm reading a lot on here!)
  248. Video is noisy after hack (Got a problem plz help!)
  249. Brand new to gh1 and gh13 hack...
  250. GH13 pal and 1/25 shutter