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  1. 5D / 7D - Full Frame vs. 1.6x - Pros and Cons
  2. Breakup and moire in 7d pans
  3. 5D2 vs 7D Depth of Field
  4. Thinking about selling my EX1 for a 7D
  5. 7d vs 5dmkII article
  6. About 7D And GH1...
  7. 5D II vs 7D
  8. Sensor Size 7d vs. Pentax K-x
  9. 7D vs. 5D footage - you be the judge
  10. Something that suprised me 7d v. 5d
  11. Owners: ISO reports, please.
  12. 5D vs. 7D Tests
  13. 7D Quick Video Review
  14. Side by side (7d and the 5d Mark 2)
  15. Camera Test: 7D & GH1 skew comparison
  16. Rolling Shutter Comparison (7D & 5D mkII)
  17. 7D vs. K-x
  18. Why the 7D is the better video camera than the 5D...
  19. Has the 7D exceeded, matched or fallen short of one's expectations ?
  20. Still vs Video IQ - Canon is still not video IQ
  21. Canon 7D, meet the 4K MegaTrumpets res chart
  22. 7D vs MKII low light performance
  23. Canon 7D, meet the Billups VFX and ToNi charts (dynamic range)
  24. Canon 7D, meet the Stanley 16 oz. Jacketed Fiberglass Hammer
  25. Canon 7D, meet - some peers
  26. Canon 7D, meet - the Canon 7D
  27. 7D vs 5DMk2 - How much worse is the 7D?
  28. quick first impressions
  29. 7D vs 5D Mk ii - Now they've both got 24P/25P
  30. Canon 7D, meet the Stouffer 4110C dynamic range test
  31. Stu Maschwitz on the 7D
  32. Please post all test/tech only discussions here
  33. Canon 7D Moire meet the Dutch Angle
  34. The .10 Saranwrap moire reduction method
  35. Thoughts on the 7d on a narrative shoot
  36. How to increase Canon 7D dynamic range
  37. 7D with 5D, GH1 & RED side by side
  38. ISO primer
  39. 7D vs GH1 (+ 5D and RED ONE) test on Vimeo
  40. Vs EX1 and stills
  41. Firmware update problem
  42. resolution tests vs mtf tests
  43. Got my 5d Back
  44. 7D setup for car
  45. FaderND in My Backyard
  46. Will it be possible to record more then 12 minutes?
  47. 7D Red-ish Purple Tint
  48. Light Meter Phobia
  49. Noise/ISO comparison
  50. 7D Memory Card Data Rates - Whats the bare minimum for video?
  51. Redrock Micro Eyespy Deluxe with 7D - worth it?
  52. IMAGE STABILIZER (IS) for video mode on 7d
  53. Canon EF-S 17-55mm f/2.8 IS USM some advise
  54. What causes video tearing
  55. Engadget Hands-On 7D Review - With Videos!
  56. Histogram in AE Gaps
  57. Canon 7D Test Footage: Billiards
  58. Quick Shootout: Sigma 28mm f1.8 Macro vs Canon 50mm f.18 II
  59. superflat test(Please)
  60. Ruminations on Kurosawa and the 7D
  61. M42 Bayonet lenses with the 7D?
  62. What do you love about the 7D?
  63. 24p (23.976)
  64. LCD Computer Monitors
  65. Caprock 2.0 / 7D
  66. Which lens gear is most used for the canon lenses?
  67. More Telling Test Results
  68. 7D resolution
  69. Warning: Overheating
  70. SlowMo question
  71. How does the 7D gets the 16:9 aspect?
  72. Canon 7d codec question
  73. mixing Superflat with Neutral
  74. 7d calculating depth of field
  75. 7d hdmi output
  76. live histogram?
  77. Locking exposure in M mode
  78. Faithful vs. neutral
  79. Mixing different BRAND lenses?????
  80. Canon 16 to 35mm II USM Lens vx Canon 17 to 55mm IS USM Lens?
  81. My Canon 7D review
  82. noise reduction smoothing?
  83. 7d color bars to a monitor?
  84. Help! gotta fly tonite. Can I carryon a tripod?
  85. Flash bars on the 7D
  86. 7D Jump rope and kung fu
  87. is vibrating normal the verticals line when panning??
  88. 7D drawbacks vs HVX/Redrock Encore setup
  89. Best 7D Post Workflow? - ProRes Advice
  90. zoom H2 H4 plural eyes and 24p
  91. Is it any nikon mount or 7D that can control aperture?
  92. any way to get 120 FPS on the 7D?
  93. 7D going Snowboarding...
  94. Is the Automatic Gain Control Any Good?
  95. Disappearing Picture Styles
  96. 7D and green screen work
  97. 7D, 5D Mark 2 Africa blog
  98. 7D Compact Flash
  99. err 01
  100. Handheld rigs? Whats everyone using? Reiviews?
  101. Firmware update 1.1.0
  102. 7D Newbie questions
  103. footage match well with Canon HF-S10?
  104. Vertical black lines recorded on 7D
  105. H.264 conversion
  106. Pulled the Trigger - 7D from B&H...
  107. Shoot video in 3:2 aspect ratio - use 7D's full sensor.
  108. Codec other than Prores?
  109. High ISO speed noise reduction
  110. Canon 7D audio suggestion
  111. yellow horizontal bars showing up
  112. Color compatibility
  113. 7D Unknown Artifacts
  114. Blotchy footage after rendering
  115. T2i Quick out of the box test
  116. 7D transcoding issue! PC user
  117. Overheating 550D / 7D
  118. Battery problems
  119. mixing 60p with 24p test
  120. Any final word on the HDMI output?
  121. Less rolling shutter in 720p50 1/60
  122. How bad is the aliasing and the rolling shutter on the 7D?
  123. Film Grain
  124. conform 60p to 24p?
  125. FOVCF??!! Confused....
  126. H4n + 2 mics
  127. shutter speed options for 1080p/720p 24p/60p shooting modes??
  128. Battery care
  129. Mounting 7d with mattebox to glidecam?
  130. Best setting for color correcting - T2i
  131. 7D picture styles and auto exposure
  132. Controlled Zoom Setup 7D
  133. Anyone use Transcend CF for 7d?
  134. X-finder
  135. New filtering method to minimize aliasing and moire
  136. Any one know what is the minimal speed memory card for 7d video?
  137. 4gb's = twelve minutes of footage...?
  138. 7D Battery Life
  139. General error while exporting to H.264
  140. ISO effects on HD Recording
  141. 550D Timers
  142. After Effects Plugin Reduces Aliasing
  143. 7D and color bars revisted
  144. 7D and Recording Lengths
  145. 7D kit lens - crappy?
  146. 7D green screen project - tips
  147. Shotgun Mic and the t2i
  148. 7D memory card adapter?
  149. Really weird problem!! Help please!
  150. 7D vs 550D HD image quality
  151. 7D playback problems on comp
  152. Help needed on footage noise
  153. Slow Motion 50p / 60p to 25fps
  154. 29' 59" or How I Learned About The Hundredth Monkey Effect
  155. Firmware File wont transfer to Memory Card
  156. technical questions for shoot this weekend
  157. HELP! Mpeg clipstream
  159. Canon EOS utilities
  160. can someone help me with a computer ?
  161. Letterbox
  162. High Iso grain and deail resolution
  163. Which Canon Model would you suggest me?
  164. Which compact flash / size for 7D?
  165. 7d Shutter speeds for video
  166. Minimum system requirements?
  167. 7d auto setup match for manual possible??
  168. Help with DV Timeline in FCP 6
  169. FCP project with 50i footage and 7D 25p footage
  170. 7d scroll wheel stuck?
  171. Problens with original batteries
  172. Codec breaks on 7D
  173. Help! 7D footage becoming darker after ProRes Conversion
  174. Lilliput 619AH HDMI monitor problem - Help!
  175. 7d Video Playback is Jerking Back and Forth!
  176. 3rd party battery / 550D
  177. Can you Hide pictures/video on the 7D
  178. 7d footage to apple pro res 4444 or apple pro res 422hq
  179. Canon 7d On-Camera Playback is funky?
  180. Extreme II 16GB SD
  181. PC-i7 / H-264 / CS-4
  182. Controlling moire on the 7D
  183. How to Convert 7D footage into FCP DVCPro timeline
  184. T2I questions- settings, etc.
  185. Just Another 7D test - Low light
  186. lens not usable with followfocus - help
  187. 7D shutter blade melted when filming sun??
  188. Canon Grip
  189. canon 7d -can i disable the agc? is there firware for that
  190. skip frame-staccato motion
  191. Wide range videos with canon 7d
  192. 2 questions on the 7D
  193. 7D 60p quality issues
  194. Over heating question - 7D
  195. Question regarding the 7D and my HPX170 729 24pn footage..
  196. T2i Motion Problems
  197. Aaaarrrrggg!!! I've been hit!
  198. Metering with manual lenses in movie mode
  199. 7d not connecting to computer
  200. 550D Magic Lantern installation
  201. 14 bit or 8 bit?
  202. Noise at low ISOs
  203. Issue with 7d audio sync!!!!!!!!!!!!
  204. live view canon eos 7d on laptop
  205. Shooting a plasma screen without flicker
  206. What software to deflicker time lapse?
  207. How much sharppening ?
  208. Help Formatting CF Card
  209. Can my machine handle it??
  210. Canon 7d Flat setting for Visual Effects work
  211. A resolution experiment someone should try...
  212. 7d to HDFury2
  213. how do Canon 7D and 60D handle complex motion like water, trees?
  214. 7d Best settings for low light shooting?
  215. 7D test with homemade dolly system
  216. 7D, using 2 monitors. SD and HDMI ??????help?
  217. Calling for certain test
  218. Best Picture settings for 1080p24 movie mode on 7D???
  219. Editing H-264 Offline
  220. Overheating / Cooling
  221. Virus / 550D
  222. What FCP settings do you use to export a 7D project for the highest quality DVD burn?
  223. uploading 7d into final cut pro
  224. Processor? Or Video Card?
  225. effect?
  226. T2i-Some general help
  227. P-Tap configuration
  228. Could someone send me a file like....?
  229. 15 MB/s SD Card
  230. 7D and on-camera lights
  231. Canon T2i sound package advice
  232. 7D Export Settings with Adobe Premiere
  233. Possible to fix aperture on 7D video?
  234. 7D footage being 'squashed'
  235. The ability to tweak the H.264 codec IN camera
  236. Which to HDSLR to buy?
  237. Needing backup body - another 7D or a 60D?
  238. 180 degree rule, ND filters and 24p
  239. In camera noise reduction and when to use it?
  240. Please help, would benefit all users - moire and resolution.
  241. New to the T2i.. Here a helpfull video
  242. Mysterious Canon 7d dot/spot
  243. Rig System with matte box and follow focus
  244. 7D firmware upgrade
  245. Shooting with DVX100A and 7D
  246. Should I still get a 7D?
  247. 63 Canon "Custom Picture Styles" Tested Part I/II/III
  248. I have a huge problem CF CARD...need help
  249. Is it worth to buy a canon 16-35/2.8 for video?
  250. External Audio / 60D