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  1. nikon adapter quality - are some better than others?
  2. Matte box suggestions for Canon 7D?
  3. Deals on CF cards
  4. Sigma 30mm f1.4
  5. Hoodman HoodLoupe VS Zacuto Z-Finder
  6. H4n or Rode video mic
  7. Help a newbie with lens, 3 choices?
  8. 50mm f/1.8
  9. Which UDMA cards are you getting?
  10. mini hdmi cables
  11. RIGS! RIGS! (Not Murtaugh)
  12. Just bought the Zacuto Marksman Gunstock for the 7D
  13. Lens Hoods
  14. Your plans for stabilizition on the 7D?
  15. Declicking
  16. Zooms vs Fixed Lens
  17. Fader ND ( Neutral Density ) : Questions
  18. Suggested Small Dolly for the 7D
  19. Zoom vs. Primes (and suggestions)
  20. What Rig do you Intend to Get
  21. Choosing the right Tripod for 7D
  22. Spiderbrace
  23. Is there only one Tamron 17-50mm
  24. Tamron 17-50mm vs. Sigma 18-50mm
  25. ND questions
  26. What's a good ND filter to use with fast lenses in bright daylight?
  27. Yet another damn lens thread (Nikkor and cheap manuals)
  28. Plz explain Matte box usage?
  29. Z-Finders now back ordered until November 7
  30. I use a Matte Box Because......
  31. Cheap mini-HDMI cable
  32. Questions about Redrock gear for 7D
  33. 'Standard' Loupe/Viewfinder magnifier?
  34. Zeiss does matter?
  35. Sigma 28/1.8 Macro
  36. zoom h4n
  37. UK marshall monitor
  38. Any word on the new switronix DSLR shoulder supports?
  39. Threads that need to be moved:
  40. Understanding CF Cards... Enlightening needed.
  41. Why the indirailspro mp seems to be an ideal rig...
  42. Long Form Shooting with 7D...like weddings
  43. Proposal: Pentax category
  44. Buying faster lenses vs. more light
  45. Nikon D3s 24p
  46. Redrock follow focus flip..... awesome company
  47. Aliasing - from Daniel Browning
  48. I vote for DVSLR or DVSC. EDIT -forget that, it's HDSLR
  49. Uninformed Camera Store Employee syndrome
  50. Juicedlink Mixer- Anyone using it?
  51. H4n Zoom Best Price
  52. Have $2k, I refuse to spend!
  53. Is the Zoom H4n the best route for audio
  54. Anyone try the DVRig Junior?
  55. Manfrotto 503HDV + 351MVB2
  56. anyone use the Manfrotto 585 ModoSteady steadycam?
  57. New Canon 1D MK4 Video Revealed Tonight?
  58. Official 1D Mk IV info on Canon's site now.
  59. The Cinematographer Market Research Poll
  60. AKG SE300B dB/Hz Switch
  61. Cavision Viewfinder, anyone using it?
  62. Zoom H4 for $100
  63. Are these lights decent (ver photo lights for $65)
  64. first eos 1d Mark IV video
  65. Lenses for 1D Mark IV?
  66. Found cheaper alternative to Vari ND
  67. Anyone going to Photo Plus Expo?
  68. MatteBoxes - yay or nay?
  69. Are DSLRs for Real?
  70. 1d HDMI output
  71. Anyone know how to move the gear on a Chrosziel 206-01?
  72. Tracking shots
  73. Please may I have opinions on Redrock's Captain Stubling
  74. Japanese Review of Cavision Shoulder Mount + Eyepiece + Follow Focus
  75. Inexpensive Options for Shoulder/Handgrip Rigs
  76. Inexpensive Options for DSLR Follow Focus
  77. Step down rings and vignetting
  78. New Canon Digital Rebel 1080 24/30p
  79. Why are brands scared?
  80. Full frame lenses - which to clear out?
  81. HSM vs. Non-HSM?
  82. Is it a good idea to sell old gear you don't use?
  83. Using a Polarizer instead of a Mattebox
  84. EVF options for DSLR's
  85. 1D info
  86. Compact Flash Readers?
  87. Festivals with DSLR footage
  88. Anyone using a manfrotto 562b monopod
  89. Is this a cheap alternative to a MatteBox
  90. Is the 24-70 f2.8 a good lens for video?
  91. Copyrighted sound tracks on Vimeo - will they crack down?
  92. Some dorks
  93. Steadicam JR vs. Glidecam HD2000
  94. Zacuto Tactical Shooter vs Redrock Captain Stubling for Handheld work
  95. PCMCIA CF offload maxes out CPU?!
  96. Pentax KX- Premiere CS3
  97. HDSLR Documentary Lighting
  98. Steadicam cheap option
  99. DSLR for network work
  100. HD Marshall Monitor Experience
  102. Anybody using this for stabilisation?
  103. Strange Lens Flare
  104. Too good to be true deal on H4N
  105. Canon LCD screens already protected?
  106. Any Australians ordered from indiFOCUS?
  107. Any NEW Indifocus Pro reviews?
  108. Camera rig for travels
  109. Fader ND Filter Vignetting (77mm)
  110. Rode video mic. Looking to purchase, have some questions first.
  111. Please recommend a camera bag
  112. Cokin P Series Filter Holder System with ND Filters
  113. Zacuto Z-Finder Question
  114. My Equipment List- Add to it
  115. RIG-a-nitis: how to put stuff together
  116. 18mm film lenses
  117. 1D Mark IV - How Much Video
  118. Doritos Commercials and DSLRSwww
  119. Spiderbrace
  120. Ntsc & pal / 1 shoot 2 markets
  121. General uses for different focal lengths
  122. HiTech 85mm Resin Neutral Density Filters for Cokin P Series Holder
  124. 5-9" LCD camera monitor solutions
  125. Less heat: Nikon or Canon?
  126. Cartoni Focus Head --- Need a link to Manual or help w/ Setup
  127. Filters
  128. Primes vs Zooms
  129. Flycam Stabalizers with DSLRs
  130. Cokin Filter and Fader ND Educational Thread
  131. Anyone heard of this for cheap gear (car mounts, steadicam, etc)
  132. Cheap Steadicam Merlin Alternative- thoughts?
  133. Building a Captain Stubling on the Cheap
  134. Any cheap regulator/resistors to patch a 14v V-mount to 7.2v?
  135. What's the difference in these two Kingston x133 cards
  136. Interesting Product - Liveview remote
  137. Zoom h4n + wireless mic combo
  138. Stu Maschwitz on "Best CF Cards for 5D, 7D Movies"
  139. D90 or HV20
  140. Matte box & Monitor for 5DMK II questions
  141. Tamron VC vs. No VC
  142. Is there a DSLR camera that can record video and take a snapshot at the same time?
  143. Best Slider (Linear tracking system)
  144. Nikon 35mm f1.8 AF-S DX Nikkor lens
  145. Need help with Shoot rig purchase
  146. Lee Filters P105 Lens Hood
  147. Buying a refurbished lens???? Thoughts?
  148. Buying a refurbished lens???? Thoughts?
  149. Sigma 20mm f1.8
  150. Red/7D/5Dll footage
  151. DSLRs May Be Cheap, But Talent Is Priceless
  152. zip gears?
  153. Lcdvf
  154. How do you control the levels going into the 5D from a Zoom H4N?
  155. Best focus monitor?
  156. Could some one give me a quick suggestion a CF card reader
  157. Great Idea to find the best viewfinder for you cam
  158. Improving my craft with a DSLR?
  159. Glasstron alternatives
  160. Another 5D MkII Shoulder Rig
  161. CHEAPEST/BEST External LCD Monitor
  162. DIY wireless tether solution
  163. HDMI output during recording?
  164. What about the Rebel? Why isn't anyone talking about it?
  165. $200 dslr?
  166. Scarlet 30nov
  167. Scarlet S35
  168. Pro Aim follow focus on ebay
  169. Anyone using a Steadicam JR w/ their 7d
  170. IS/VC - Do they help reduce rolling shutter/skew?
  171. Which lenses breathe the least?
  172. what do i need to use my laptop as a monitor
  173. recommend a reader?
  174. Its go time (zoom lens recommendations?)
  175. Finding z-finder hard
  176. Samsung NX10 will be released on December 10... k-rumors says
  177. DV City Z-American arm imitation - Any good?
  178. Gini Rig - Anybody added counter-weights?
  179. EOS T1i with Leica lenses
  180. 5DMKII to shoot 60P?
  181. Which lenses brand for HDSLR
  182. Cavision dslr rig
  183. Nikon to Canon Lens adapter with AF Confirm
  184. Some thoughts about aliasing
  185. Genus vs vocas MB250 matte box
  186. Snap in or Magnetic Circular Filters?
  187. Good, Cheap Tripod + Fluid Head for 7D
  188. Please recommend me a wide angle lens
  189. ZaZa Slider - Anyone willing to build and sell?
  190. Need Help!!!
  191. Semi-DIY Custom fit 3x Hood Loupe for DSLRs
  192. indiflex gears vs zacuto zip gears
  193. is DVcity.com Legit
  194. Help me with my zoom H4N
  195. XLR cable in the H4n by zoom
  196. Do you find your DSLR Sampling Rate Poor ?
  197. Aputure Gigtube for video?
  198. DV Multirig Pro
  199. How important is follow focus w/ stabilization?
  200. Compatibility: Cokin ND+my Matte Box
  201. dslr baseplates (does the RR connect to a tripod)
  202. using the h4n in a dinner dialogue scene???
  203. New Juicedlink AGC disabler
  204. Pre-Release Shoulder Rig for DSLR from IndiSystems
  205. How to mount 7 inch Monitor to rails
  206. Redrock mattebox, follow focus v2, and micro arm review
  207. tripod legs?
  208. Nice little camera comparison by stillmotion
  209. Cheap rod support for Red Rock shoulder mount
  210. f1.4+1/60+ISO100+Bright sunny day=What ND?
  211. best 500D/rebel T1i video you've seen?
  212. 2k CinemaScope from next gen DSLRs?
  213. Pro-View Wireless Live View
  214. ProAim FF V2 + Rod Support or Rail System
  215. Great Web Resource For All Of Us!
  216. Follow Focus on shoulder mount
  217. indifocus gear help
  218. Nikon D3s has undocumented manual control in video mode
  219. Looking for microphones to accompany Zoom H4n
  220. Redrock Micro Follow Focus V2
  221. What are you doing for a bag/case?
  222. Sennheiser MKE2 on Zoom H4
  223. New Handheld video cameras coming out?
  224. Indi Matte Box, FaderND, Cokin: Opinions and alternatives
  225. Manfrotto 503HDV vs. Vinten Pro-6HDV
  226. $10 FF or less, not sure to laugh or cry...enjoy!
  227. Wanted: Cheap Lens Gears
  228. Fader ND - Thoughts/Opinions
  229. Glidetrack Shooter vs Kessler Pocked Dolly
  230. Why use a Zoom H4N on the camera?
  231. Shoulder Mount Or Merlin arm & vest
  232. Canon 1D - shoulder mount & Follow Focus?
  233. Recommend an on-camera light
  234. Perspective Killer
  235. Need advice
  236. Z-Finder makes it harder - am I nuts?
  237. F2.8 and lowlight...
  238. Macro Lens Adapters for primes - Any suggestions?
  239. Own Both HVX and DVX. Thinking About Replacing DVX w/ DSLR. Recommendations?
  240. RED Scarlet at CES
  241. What lenses should I buy?
  242. Camera Bag Suggestion?
  243. loupe vs. video camera viewfinders
  244. sachtler fsb4 vs dv6
  245. Recording time on 32GB SD card?
  246. Custom built Nikkor prime!
  247. Follow Focus Noise While Filming?
  248. Help!! PAL to NTSC advice needed...
  249. Idc Photography Follow Focus
  250. Help me pick out the monitor arm for my 7d