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  1. DVX fools them again for 35mm.
  2. 3D Camcorder using 2 DVX100's now Released
  3. PERA Trade Show Vancouver
  4. Moved: LOYALTY - gangster movie shot on DVX
  5. Conquest of America filmed with many DVX's
  6. New 5000mah Batteries
  7. February 2005 DVXfest Short Film Festival - LINKS
  8. Panasonic New Zealand bundles DVX Book/DVD
  9. Convention & Expo Information
  10. DVX *on latest Flaming Lips vid
  11. Moved: Walter Graff Custom Lighting Gear
  12. The Entertainer Show (with Wayne Newton) on E!!!
  13. Anonymity Screening at Bradford film festival UK..
  14. Moved: DVX100A for $3079?  -$300 = $2779 WOW!
  15. Documentary Filmed with DVX
  16. What TV Shows Use the DVX100?
  17. DVX filter tests DVD available to DVXuser members
  18. 2004 DV Film Festival
  20. a new camera?
  21. Barry in STUDIO!!!
  22. January DVXfest Links
  23. Murderball =American Documentary Audience Award
  24. Pansonic DVX100a Serious Bundle...where is it?
  25. Panasonic Ad
  26. Buscemi shoots Tyler on DVX
  27. DVX Rules at Sundance
  28. The DVX Book and DVD included with AG-DVX100A
  29. DVX on new U2 vid
  30. At least 3 films at Sundance done with DVX100A
  31. DVX on ESPN
  34. Black Dahlia, HD/SD 24p (Varicam/DVX)
  35. Panasonic 5400mA Vs Jarreds 5000Mah Batteries
  36. Whats the deal w/ barry's book package deal?
  37. Number of DVX-100's in the world?
  38. Shari Belafonte uses DVX100A
  39. Moved: Toronto User Group a success
  40. my show premiers TOMORROW!
  41. DVRack Contest Results
  42. Dvx film school
  43. New book features DVX-100A
  44. 3rd Update:Toronto DVX Meet, Important Info
  45. Japanese Indie Film "Vibrator" on DVX100
  46. What are you shooting?
  47. DVX used to shoot Kool & the Gang In Concert
  48. DVX Seattle film trailer
  49. interesting article
  50. studio monthly magazine
  51. DVX100 used in behind the scenes - AWESOME!
  52. Realty Show
  53. 2nd UPDATE:Tor DVX Usr Meet: Jan 13, 05
  54. how to approximate DVX100a stretch with DVX?
  55. DVX in Computer Graphics World articles
  57. Wanted: Rent a DVX in Wash. DC area
  58. December 2004 DVXFest Short Film Contest - Links
  59. is the end in sight for the DVX ???
  60. Museum Preview DVD (encoded on web)
  61. EVS - not so good
  62. DVX Short at Sundance on 35mm
  63. Sony HVR-Z1U HD 3CCD MiniDV Camcorder
  65. Moved: Audio monitoring/playback issue with DVX100A
  66. Moved: Any DVX users in Japan
  67. Hip, Hip, Hooray, To Jarred
  68. Review: (sort of) Safeware Insurance.
  69. Brand New DVX Fault Checklist?
  70. What shows shot with DVX-100 / 100a?
  71. Screen Skins 16x9 framing overlay
  72. I got my first review!!!
  73. New York Times Article!!!
  74. Hd 24p cam
  75. Articles?
  76. Taking improvisation to fresh and exciting levels
  77. Toronto DVX Users Group
  78. DVX being used in Blade 3
  79. This weekend, DVX100a on screen @ MiniDV Festival
  80. DVX/SDX Demo DVDs at DV Expo 12/8-12/10
  81. LochNess Mystery solved!
  82. 3D camera based on DVX100A
  83. Must read link - ASC mag - DVX
  84. Moved: What microphone should I buy? HELP!
  85. Your favorite DVX feature
  86. Help! Trying to make a buying decision
  87. DVRack last date to buy
  88. MVP Audio Video
  89. Our DVX100A Feature Production
  90. Movies Shot with DVX 100 or 100A?
  91. Great Guerilla Filmmaking Guides for FREE!
  92. Moved: Why not a DVX emblem?
  93. Panasonic DVX100A at COSTCO
  94. Anamorphic Adapter Guide now available!
  95. Panasonic DVX 100A DVCam *- to be used in Eur
  96. DVD Burners will also burn the label
  97. Great resource for DV
  98. Blue in Green - L.A. Sneak Preview - Trailer
  99. Barry Green, a question
  100. Panasonic HD - cinagamma software
  101. Moved: 'Sideways'....you gotta see it
  102. DVX100a feature shot in New Zealand
  103. Panny's HDV Camera?
  104. DVX100AE?
  105. New 100a in the future?
  106. Moved: NEW HERE!
  107. Moved: Anti-gravity Machine!
  108. Moved: :) laptop recording!
  109. November Contest?
  110. 2000fps camera tests... check this out
  111. Ghost Hunters......
  112. Price Drop on DVX?
  113. Barry's book shipping international?
  114. What you don't like in the DVX?
  115. Central Arkansas DVX group
  116. New show uses DVX in studio and in field
  117. Area 51 Question (DVX200HD)
  118. Pioneer crams 510GB onto 'DVD'
  119. CBC Series shot on DVX
  120. dvx used for "a scanner darkly"
  121. DVX at Miss America Pagent
  122. Chicago area User Group
  123. Anthony Dod Mantle - Master Class in Berlin
  124. Extras with DVX100
  125. Moved: Film Look
  126. Moved: You already have an HD DVX100/A!
  127. "Shades" is top 3 finalist in MTV film contest
  128. DVX100A makes cover of magazine....
  130. DVX User EVS Discount?
  131. Bookpool discount
  132. Moved: Is it wise to get on the DVX bandwagon...
  133. HOME MADE HD CAM better than Viper
  134. Moved: Anamorphic Adaptor issues
  135. DVX and XL2 dual rig shoot side by side video
  136. Family Bonds (FYI)
  137. I am a semi-finalist in the MTV Film Contest
  138. Tanner on Tanner [on Sundance Ch.]
  139. User groups
  140. SheerVideo Lossless Codec
  141. Moved: Help us pick a title for our feature film.
  142. Hey Jarred...
  143. Grain remover application
  144. A User owned and operated bittorrent TV Network?
  145. Wim Wenders DVX Movie
  146. ARRI To Ship New Ceramic Lights
  147. Mark "American Movie" Borchardt uses DVX!
  148. MovieTube
  149. Moved: DVX-POD 7-inch portable 16:9 video player
  150. Moved: Should I buy this Camera?
  151. New Panasonic HD camera
  152. Moved: Educated Guesses
  153. Moved: Going better
  154. The Limb Salesman, 35mm film shot on DVX100
  155. 100 Terabyte 3.5 in Disk Storage
  156. The Insurance Topic
  157. evs
  158. Where's that Dolly
  159. DV Rack by Serious Magic == Member Discount
  160. Moved: DVX100 or SONY 1080i HDR-FX1
  161. Pinnacle Liquid Edition 6.0 announced
  162. Blu-ray launches with more than 70 companies
  163. MARLON BRANDO movie on DVX100A
  164. My review of the B&S Masterseries of Filmmakin
  165. DVX in Film Schools says Videomaker
  166. DVX + $13,000 other stuff Stolen :(
  167. A Detailed Pre-look at the Sony FX1
  168. Moved: Any DVX'ers in the Boston Area?
  169. Moved: DVX v. HX1
  170. A Letter From Tom Hanks... OMG!!!
  171. Panasonic Introduces PRO HIGH SPEED SD Memory
  172. Device For Viewing HD On DVI Monitors
  173. Moved: Converting the FX1 frames to 24P
  174. My Short takes First Place in 24 hour film festiva
  175. Moved: How about a Sony HDV forum...
  176. Some good news for me
  177. Atlantis 2 is finally here
  178. Board Crawling
  179. DVX 24p (25p) motion blur
  180. Sony HDR-FX1 Ginza Seminar Report
  181. Dvx100AE Vs. XL2E  Vs. HDR-FX1E
  182. USB VTR Deck Control Cables For Mac
  183. Genesis camera from Sony/Panavision
  184. Moved: Is Panasonic soon to release new DVX Cam?
  185. Sony HDV PAL Footage inside
  186. New HD camera from Panasonic AJ-HDX400
  187. Is HDV a serious medium for moviemaking?
  188. No way to Quickstream 2.0 Review?
  189. Sony HDV Pro
  190. Photokina
  191. Moved: Music Video HELP
  192. DVX insurance in Germany
  193. Panasonic HD
  194. Moved: Panasonic Cleaning Center
  195. New Sony HDV images
  196. MQ Tape shortage hits EVS
  197. Moved: Where to buy a DVX100A in germany
  198. Videomaker review of DVX100A
  199. "The Limb Salesman" Debuts at Toronto Fi
  200. New Sony HDV Cam
  201. Moved: firewire recording device
  203. DVXuser Kitty passed away this morning
  204. Free Magic Bullet with DVX100A purchase
  205. DVC60 is posted...
  206. So what's todays HDV news?
  207. Focussing with Anamorphic Adapter
  208. Stills from "The Reunion", in Clips & Grabs
  209. So what is the dvx102AE?
  210. My Short Is Selected by The LA short film fest!
  211. Shooting in Korea w/a DVX100A (Not North)
  212. Penal Colony Music Vid Shot with DVX-100A in 24PA
  213. Moved: help!!!!!!!!
  214. DVC 30 Reviews
  215. dvc30 or dvx100a
  216. Do you know what get's me upset about the PAL DVX?
  217. Any good books on DVX100A?
  218. Introduction and Question
  219. Your vote is needed please!
  220. A FEW new Panasonic cams of interest
  221. Stolen DVX? Possible lead on eBay
  222. 24P vs. 60i for Broadcast and DVD
  223. DVX100 & DVX100A mixed shoot
  224. New DVC60
  225. New link on Panasonic.com to DVXUser.com
  226. DVExpo East 2004
  227. HDV, The Good and Ugly
  228. links from articles don't work :(
  229. New Panasonic cam
  230. Panasonic's Widescreen adapter reviewed in DV mag
  231. Moved: Century Optics widescreen eyepiece
  232. Moved: Home Built DVX Zoom Controllers for sale
  233. Moved: XL2user.com and family values
  234. Moved: XL2 is here
  235. A new DVX model?
  236. Moved: Canon XL2 out of the bag
  237. New TV show shot with DVX100
  238. Moved: Safe to use Sony Tapes?
  239. Spotted DVX on CNN
  240. Moved: Tripods
  241. Moved: Quick Color Correction Example
  242. New Users Check it out!
  243. H.264
  244. Interesting listing for DVX
  245. "UNIVERSITY HEIGHTS" premiere a success!
  246. Konfabulator
  247. Moved: hot spots
  248. Any UK DVX users
  249. DVX100A ripped off!
  250. Latest news on my film...