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  1. Canon 7D
  2. 7D has manual control 1080p 24/25/30p and 720p 50/60p
  3. Canon 7D Press Release
  4. OFFICIAL/NO LEAK: Canon 7D Official US Press Release
  5. 7D Preview
  6. Aliasing still there
  7. Jello in 7D looks ... kind of the same
  8. 7D's H.264 VS XDCAM EX
  9. 7d - buy ?
  10. 7d clips
  11. 20% off preorder possible @ Tiger Direct
  12. What comes with the 7D?
  13. Live video out?
  14. Cinemas lenses on the 7d?
  15. Little hands on video of 7D controls
  16. Is there a mirror in the 7D? or is it mirrorless like GH1?
  17. More 7D clips and review stuff
  18. AGC yeh you know me ...
  19. Mixing 720p and 1080p
  20. Canon Canon -7D to shoulder mount body would be cool!
  21. Official pre-order / ship time thread
  22. 7d Accoutrements
  23. Recording audio with 7D?
  24. Any reason an indie film maker shouldn't buy it?
  25. 7D - more aliasing in 720p?
  26. Where's the articulated LCD on the 7D?
  27. New 7D section....
  28. 7D Pre-Order With 5% Cash Back Stlil Available
  29. 7d lens options
  30. Canon 7D killed my scarlet dreams!
  31. Director/Client monitoring with 7/5D
  32. ntsc and pal in same cam
  33. Pre-order stress
  34. Road testing the Canon 7d
  35. blooms got a 7d
  36. UK prices...ever get the feeling u r being conned?
  37. 7D Compression better than HDV ?
  38. can you cancel a preorder?
  39. The one lens to rule them all?
  40. Memory cards?
  41. Must See Hitler and the 7D
  42. 7D is a major rip-off in Australia...
  43. First Philip Bloom footage with 7D
  44. Has anyone else noticed this with the 7D (or 5D for that matter)
  45. 12 min clip equals to ____GB?
  46. lenses...starting from scratch.
  47. Hacking the 7D: IN the literal sense
  48. User guide now online
  49. Lets compare clips to be realistic.
  50. SDHC to CF card adapter?
  51. Canon 7D - Instruction Manual
  52. Official clip request thread
  53. God I love the Japanese...
  54. 7D's Audio Capabilities
  55. Budget fisheye?
  56. 7D user manual: IQ "can degrade" during long rec session?
  57. Angle Finder C as a possible solution?
  58. Now...I've seen everything!
  59. So I talked to the Canon rep at IFA in Berlin...
  60. Panasonic BTLH80 monitor and the 7D
  61. I'm a bit nervous...
  62. 7d dynamic range against the 5d
  63. EOS Utility 2.7
  64. Is the 17-55mm f/2.8 a good starter lens for the 7D?
  65. Good, Cheap Lens for 7D
  66. Just DL'd Phillip's Dublin video and imported into Premiere. - Amazing!
  67. Differences between Canon 5D + 7D - IQ and look
  68. Horizontal Lines
  69. Would you buy this DSLR baseplate
  70. Eyepieces and external monitors
  71. Canon 7D editing machine - hackintosh $900 = $2500 mac pro
  72. Should I replace my HVX?
  73. LOL at the disclaimer in the 7D user manual:
  74. Keep my MF Nikon AI's or Get Canon MF?
  75. how is the 7d on battery life for shooting video?
  76. Mid Range Zoom
  77. Film look ? Grade or grain
  78. 7D Forum - 60,000+ views!!!
  79. Canon 7D - Editing in Avid Media Composer - Best VDSLR editing solution.
  80. Cheap Wide Primes
  81. 7d and Convergent Designs
  82. Pulling focus around
  83. Does the 7D Have Cinemode/Cinegamma For A More Film Like Look?
  84. Best deal?
  85. What lens/aperture to achieve same DOF as my HMC?
  86. Kit lens?
  87. Canon announcement 9-29-09 "one of the most important launches in company's history"
  88. 7D + magic lantern + juicebox= journalist dream
  89. I'm not sure the camera guys get it!
  90. I'm not sure these video guys get it!
  91. when shooting video on the 7d
  92. My design for a DSLR - video cam hybrid
  93. Hoodman z-finder for cheap
  94. Fast affordable 28mm/35mm prime?
  95. DVRig Pro HD for 7d?
  96. If we had a full HD HDMI out we could use...
  97. Moire at 720p
  98. 7D Review Video Note
  99. Canon 7D with 50mm f/1.2 in low light and shallow DOF
  100. Canon should resurrect the Pro1 camera
  101. Building a Rig
  102. FILM-some thoughts
  103. Canon EF 28mm f1.8 vs Canon EF 50mm f1.4
  104. another clueless Canon owner...
  105. Use with mixer?
  106. Here is the first official release date for the 7D
  107. 7D Camera Stabilization Options (e.g. Glidecam, Flowpod)
  108. The catastrophy we dont want to happen with the firmware!!
  109. Funny thing happned on my way to the 7D
  110. Perfect Color correcting monitor for the 7D 24"dell $599
  111. Canon 35mm f/1.4 - photo request
  112. Using a monitor with the 7d MUCH better than 5dmkII
  113. 7D and Smoking
  114. Tripods
  115. PL Mount
  116. Funny video about 7D vs 5DmkII
  117. 7D for Interviews
  118. Deep Shots...by Canon 7D
  119. 7D for Run and Gun?
  120. 7D wedding video
  121. 7D Workflow
  122. Something I am not getting about lenses/getting enough light.
  123. Naturfokus 7D beta field report
  124. syncing audio from a Zoom H4 Handy Recorder
  125. Longer Minolta MD and Canon FD lenses on EOS
  126. Record Length
  127. Using one h4n zoom with two wireless receivers?
  128. 52mm to 77mm Step-Up Adapter Question
  129. Nikon/Zeiss Lens on 7D
  130. Will Zeiss ZFs meter on 7D?
  131. Understanding Lenses
  132. Noob question..
  133. Monitor Needed with the 7D
  134. Japanese 7D - menus locked to Japanese only?
  135. Cheap 7D Rig Setups?
  136. Adorama rep: "we receive 7D on October 1st."
  137. Boneheads ?
  138. Gasp! (Interesting Canon 5D & 7D rumor)
  139. 7D Lens suggestion needed
  140. Interesting Canon 5D & 7D rumor!
  141. 77mm UV filter
  142. building a Rig
  143. Shotgun Mic For 7D
  144. A Step by Step Guide to Audio
  145. How long until you can turn 7d back on after shutdown
  146. Getting Lenses to match 28mm, 50mm, and 135mm
  147. Batteries
  148. Will TC 80N3 timer work on 7D
  149. Wireless Mic Question
  150. 14mm
  151. Sigma 18-50 2.8?
  152. Inexpensive Light Meters
  153. New Questions
  154. Car charger CBC-E6, wall too?
  155. Street Date
  156. Canon 7D: Canada ?
  157. 60 frame recording
  158. BeachCamera
  159. Missing Flip-out (articulating) LCD
  160. 7D "Scene Files"?
  161. Camera Dolly for DSLRs?
  162. talked to NewEgg rep today
  163. Questions about using lenses w both 7D & GH1 ...
  164. Will my DXA-5D work with a 7D
  165. AA batteries For The Win
  166. Eos Utility and remote live view
  167. PhotoCraft.com pre-orders!
  168. Frame rate and jello
  169. Waiting for the 7D, I decided to shoot with a T1i instead of HVX+LEX
  170. Shutter durability rating -- I must be missing something
  171. Canon 7D Footage on the Big Screen, Opinions Wanted
  172. Some basic questions about the 7d
  173. 7D vs 16mm Kodak vision 3
  174. 7D for chroma Keying??? or 5D or get another brand for this
  175. Confused - EF-S & 1.6 APS-C Sensor
  176. Fader ND & Vari ND
  177. Noob question (What does f/2.8 mean?)
  178. Tripod Recommendations?
  179. underwater housing for 7d
  180. Hey, something a little different...camera bag for 7D?
  181. 7D now available on UK high street
  182. How to correctly expose everytime?
  183. More T1i shots from a music video
  184. Whats the distance from base to center of lens on 7D?
  185. Picking up 7D tomorrow.
  186. If you ordered early in September and paid with paypal...
  187. UDMA cards for 7D?
  188. from Bloom
  189. Mixing 7D footage with the other cameras
  190. 7d lens adapters
  191. Getting 7D tomorrow & can't decide between 2 lenses
  192. h264 profile
  193. 7D and the H4n
  194. Mr. Bloom's footage from Zacuto HQ
  195. Shueido Camera
  196. First imressions 5D vs 7D moire
  197. What exactly does the Zoom H4n do?
  198. My 7D pre-order arrives on Tuesday. Does anyone want my spot?
  199. Hard Drive Help Please
  200. Night sky 7d timelapse experiment in Dungeness
  201. Any info on B&H regarding 7D?
  202. 7D in my house
  203. 7d lenses
  204. lens speed
  205. 7D seems very shaky
  206. 7D all rigged up for ENG
  207. Audio and Lens for the 7D--beginner?
  208. Amazon order gone wrong, where to buy 7d now??
  209. suggestion for canon guy for 7D update
  210. Got my 7d
  211. Canon 7D Native ISO
  212. Ghetto 7D Rig
  213. mixing 7d & HVX200 footage in FCP?
  214. 7d and deep DOF
  215. 7D in STOCK at ABT.com
  216. My startup Video Lens
  217. Tiger Direct Getting 400 on the 1st!!
  218. Low light grain
  219. Saturday Night Live shoot with 7d
  220. Wireless follow focus
  221. Dead set or just dead?
  222. Abes of Main- 7D in Stock! Ships in 2-3 days!
  223. Canon warranty for US products and CAN
  224. 3 more available at Precision Camera
  225. Adorama shipping 7D!
  226. ServicePhoto.com (Service Photo)
  227. 7D Purchased in Oregon!!
  228. Calumet has the 7D
  229. Bel Air Camera in LA -- 11 Left
  230. ••Just Called Amazon...900+ Pre Orders...only one for sale•••
  231. Any raw footage from the 7D? Torrents? Please
  232. Local shop rocks the house! Got my 7D
  233. Question about lenses w/stabilisation built in - USM etc
  234. Amazon shipment
  235. PL mount for Canon EOS DSLR
  236. Maybe combine availability threads?
  237. Crutchfield is Shipping
  238. JR Music World!
  239. 7D Native File at 60p...
  240. 7D Availability News (POST ANY AND ALL UPDATES HERE ONLY)
  241. Got to play w/a 7D today!
  242. Important info about quicktime codec
  243. Your 7D video settings and editing software
  244. 7D - First impressions
  245. Using two Polarizers to make a variable ND
  246. Question about editing 7D native--FCP or Avid?
  247. What can I gain from the 7d over my Letus
  248. San Francisco 7D Quick Test
  249. Using Letus Rod Support with a 7d
  250. 7D Footage viewed on my TV