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  1. Where's a fella to get a variable ND filter these days?
  2. Canon 7D question please help!
  3. Expensive Lenses and Video... Do They REALLY matter?
  4. shutter speed and ASA questions
  5. Retro Arri Matte Box
  6. 7D Dumb Question about the 7D.....
  7. Nominated for Best of the Bay
  8. How to Control Aperture on Tokina 11-16mm Nikon
  9. Weird Rolling Black Bars in LCD
  10. Made in China batteries
  11. .THMBs, safe to delete?
  12. How to deal with file size? .Mov, Pro Ress, etc.
  13. Just bought the 7D...
  14. Chromatic Aberration, Hot Pixels and other noobtastic questions.
  15. Best lens T2i for low lighting
  16. 7D and First Light.
  17. Canon's push focus ...or everything else?
  18. Canon 7D minimalist kit
  19. T2i Best Lens for T2i
  20. Where to order D|Focus V2 and LCDVF?
  21. Tamron 17-50mm Non-VC for video
  22. Alternatives to redrock offset kit
  23. Best HD video for DOF backup Camcorder: 7D or T1i?
  24. Music Video: AMAZING low light capability of 7D
  25. T2i SD Card tests
  26. LCDVF for 550d
  27. Tokina 11-16mm UW Available
  28. New to Lenses
  29. Timelapse with RAW
  30. 7d and Projected Images
  31. Stabilizing your shots
  32. Recomendation for Attaching a Monitor
  33. Do I need neoscene?
  34. Minolta Lens EOS Mount
  35. NEWS on iso 160 or marvelcine or ARGB?
  36. Follow focus issues with Canon 17-55mm 2.8 IS?
  37. Hot pixels: What is the best way to find them?
  38. Time Lapse while panning at nighttime with T2i... any tips?
  39. Z-finder
  40. Very simple and dirt cheap focus lever
  41. 7D + old flash?
  42. getting bigger dof?!
  43. Need H4n with 7D advice
  44. My 7d battery solution.
  45. Blurred image every 2 frames
  46. Acessories for your T2i
  47. Play native files in real time
  48. Documentary gear solution...
  49. UV Filters...
  50. T2i + H4n Run-n-gun solution
  51. Telephoto Zoom Lens for T2i
  52. Thread size on T2i?
  53. 'Film Look' the return thread.
  54. 550D/T2i Registered picture style not in video mode
  55. M42 Lenses
  56. Focussing with the T2i / 550d LCD
  57. "A Game Of Pool" (Short Film with Canon T2i)
  58. New to the forum, and to the camera
  59. Ikan VX
  60. Shooting entirely in 50fps; converting to 25fps in Cinema Tools.
  61. T2i Live View malfunctioning?
  62. T2i movie mode automatically stops
  63. 7D vs hpx170: pros and cons
  64. Slow Motion using the 7D
  65. 7D 7D Movie Mode Shooting Standby Question
  66. Looking for the Tokina 11-16?
  67. General Warm Card app for iPhone/iPods
  68. Question about converting h.264 60p footage.
  69. Mounting options
  70. Future of big sensors
  71. A stupid CF card purchase?
  72. IS lenses
  73. 7D Vimeo problem , it convert my film to 4x3
  74. T2i, problem viewing LCD in the SUN, any options?
  75. 7D on youtube. Pixelated HD footage
  76. Best Overall Prime for shooting Run & Gun
  77. 7D + Minolta adapter
  78. Fader ND with 28-135 kit lens
  79. T2i PROBLEMS w/ SD 16gb Class 10
  80. Opinions T2i vs GH1?
  81. Best way to use my XLR microphone?
  82. Telephoto lens supports... worth buying?
  83. My 7d rig finally fully setup...
  84. verifying dropped frames
  85. Preview for my feature film shot on a 7D
  86. Nikon manual lenses overexposing stills
  87. New Firmware for 7D?
  88. Same Day Edit - Wedding Highlight
  89. General What picture style on 5D,7D or T2i is the easiest to perform color grading on?
  90. lens care in the Tropics and general storage?
  91. 7D Soundproblem.
  92. Can you edit 7D/550D footage on a Pentium4?
  93. stills overexposing w/Nikon manual lenses
  94. T2i Where to find a T2i?
  95. Native Editing of Canon Footage in CS5
  96. 7D & Zoom H4N
  97. Shoulder Rig Questions
  98. Damaged Lens?
  99. Filming objects through windows, glass, etc?
  100. Premiere CS5 Anyone?
  101. Velcro-like Noise When Zooming Kit Lens
  102. Recommend a lens for me.
  103. What do the downloaded files look like? Proprietary wrapper?
  104. 7d as a webcam? possible? yes / no
  105. Calibrating color on your T2i/7D
  106. 1st Feature Film shot on T2I
  107. Collaboration on with 7d Houston
  108. Moby Gratis
  109. quick first edit.
  110. How to create Time lapse?
  111. 550d/T2i lens compatibility help?
  112. 7D workflow?
  113. Travel bag for t2i +Lens
  114. Ebay H4N packages
  115. Choppy T2i footage
  116. "Live" or "Live-to-Tape" with multiple 7D's..is it possible??
  117. which mini slider to get
  118. Telephoto lenses on shoulder rig... how stable?
  119. Kick-Ass Viral clips shoot with the 7D
  120. T2i How to find shot settings information?
  121. EOS 7D Firmware Update Version 1.2.1
  122. Blackmagic Intensity Shuttle (Possible solution to the record to harddisk issue)
  123. Software for 7D Post Production?
  124. Mini-Review for CPM Film Tool purchase for my 7D
  125. worldwide video... finish to which fps?
  126. Beginner T2i user.
  127. 7D Movie mode question
  128. T2i Durability... HA
  129. Big time stuttering / dropping frames on playback
  130. DSLR Audio/ Juiced link/NAB
  131. Pluraleyes for CS5!
  132. T2i Panning: Is there a formula for good results?
  133. Gh1 Battery For Sale , Brand New Condition
  134. Replica battery charger?
  135. How are you attaching Loupe to 550d/T2i LCD?
  136. Manfrotto 577 Quick Release Plate Question
  137. Shotgun Mic for Canon T2i?
  138. 7D Approaching Slow-mo and Fast-mo from both ends
  139. Fader ND is killing my sharpness
  140. 7D Picture setting better than superflat?
  141. 7D Grid Pattern Noise in boke midtones/shadows
  142. Best Macro Lenses for 7D
  143. Technical Qs? T2i
  144. T2i with Final Cut
  145. T2i Monitors
  146. Canon 7d turning on issue?
  147. Patriot 16gb Class 10 LX Series SDHC card
  148. T2i Shooting in the rain & underwater
  149. Canon T2i brightness shifting
  150. D.E. t2i Battery 7.97
  151. First person Lens, which wide angle lens would work?
  152. signs of the time--job opporunities
  153. T2i Lightweight tripod head for backpacking T2i
  154. Running EOS utility on Android/iphone a possibility?
  155. 7D 1.2.1 firmware-wow?
  156. T2i High ISO speed noise reduct'n
  157. BeachTek DXA-2S
  158. LA tonight.. Meet Celebrities, and Shoot with My 7d
  159. Are cheaper LCD monitors really usable?
  160. T2i Audio
  161. Help mounting my external monitor
  162. Viewing raw files in media player
  163. T2i Slo mo check
  164. What happened to the big Lilliput thread in the Marketplace?
  165. hdmi out put just stopped working.
  166. interiors with Tokina 11-16. Which filter for protection?
  167. T2i D+ Next to Battery Meter
  168. Exporting for DVD
  169. Is the Steadepod any good?
  170. fashion film with the 7D
  171. metering modes in movie mode
  172. T2i/550D Video Test
  173. noise on T2i compared to 7D
  174. Canon 7D and RING LIGHT setup - tutorial
  175. So many different types of polorizer filters to choose from.. which one?!
  176. 16gb Memory card for 550d
  177. Stopmotion with 7D
  178. Question for 7d event shooters
  179. playing finalized footage on a big screen
  180. Zoom H4N question
  181. PLZ HELP, import canon 550D file in CS3
  182. What Cards Are You Using?
  183. 7D and PPCs3 users HELP
  184. Big CF card problem
  185. Metal CF Cards?
  186. Phottix Hector / Hero HD - New external monitor alternatives?
  187. 7D 7d with the red one
  188. T2i Prime Lens
  189. Trouble Conforming 60p to 24p
  190. T2i viewfinder sensor?
  191. Advice please on syncing this live band shoot
  192. import T2I footage in FCP7
  193. 60FPS T2i, Superflat + CC
  194. Mic out for live digital projection
  195. Lessons from wedding field
  196. Shutter Setting causing rolling lines
  197. 7D 7D mounted to an R/C helicopter
  198. Do IS Lenses help resolve rolling shutter and mud horrors?
  199. Free Windows/Linux Image Program
  200. Shooting this in May
  201. FCP setting problems.
  202. Understanding shutter speed?
  203. 550D to IKAN monitor
  204. Noise in 550D video
  205. How much in camera and how much in post?
  206. Please help, suggestions = Nighttime wide angle lens?
  207. 7D for Broadcast Infomercial?
  208. Color Profile -- Adobe RGB or S RGB
  209. Shutter speed for 720 60p??
  210. Best tripod for HDSLR?
  211. Low light filming with Canon EOS D550
  212. Who went from the DVX to a DSLR?
  213. T2i My new dead 550D/T2i
  214. DSLR Timelapse settings (with light changes)
  215. General If we had 1080p 60fps...
  216. May be shooting film in July on 7d..have a question
  217. Computer doesnt recognize 7D
  218. Help I am enjoying my DSLR
  219. cropping video inside premiere pro, border doesnt match video
  220. H4N/7D workflow
  221. 7D BKS music video Trailer
  222. T2i T2i & Vegas: 32 v. 64 or i3 v. Quad?
  223. T2i Stop Motion - Shooting an 'explosion'
  224. EOS Utility Resolution over USB
  225. T2i sd cards crashing ?
  226. "Rolling strobing" or something.
  227. Zoom H4N Left Channel seems louder?
  228. 7D Addiction Series Art Show - DC
  229. Field video mic: Rode VideoMic vs. Sennheiser MKE 400?
  230. Horrible Grinding Noise when shooting Video 550D
  231. Anyone try the new Z-Finder mount system? LCDVF mounting?
  232. Buying Online?
  233. Anyone else waiting for the 60d?
  234. Canon 7D quicktime question
  235. 7D Reduser Banned 7D word
  236. T2i T2i audio mod: $114
  237. Canon 550D stock battery
  238. DSLR has leg up on RED, here's why/how
  239. 4 questions for users of generic batteries
  240. Web Short Shot on 7D Black and White, Lambo/Phantom
  241. General Is it allowed to show brands in an indy? without permission
  242. Nikon to EOS Lens Adapter
  243. Help! T2i says it "cannot playback video".
  244. Canon 7D Firmware
  245. 7d on a kesslercrane
  246. Page 620 in 7D Manual
  247. T2i with BeachTek DXA-SLR
  248. Low light with the T2i: Highest ISO recommended?
  249. T2i Using external Mic...confusion
  250. Impact of Changing Shutter Speed On Video / Shallow DOF