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  1. Lens moves during focus pull. Any suggestions?
  2. Making a Time Lapse Video
  3. 7D Vari/Fader ND for the Tokina 11-16mm ??
  4. Convert 7D video file to Divx
  5. WWII Film (Shooting on Canon 7D)
  6. Hoodman HD-300 , will it work with Canon T2i?
  7. Loud noise
  8. T2i AV monitor out different than HDMI out?
  9. T2i best video settings for T2i
  10. Banding when looking at levels of video 7D
  11. Recommend adapter for Nikon lenses?
  12. T2i Timelapse?
  13. Why shoot at 50 shutter at 24fps?
  14. Nikon lenses on the 7D - Quick Question
  15. General Vegas Pro 8 and 7D/T2i footage
  16. HDMI Cable for Canon T2i ?
  17. 7D What picture profile?
  18. T2i A couple questions before purchase
  19. Best guess when T2i body-only will be released?
  20. Recording stopping early on T2i?
  21. 7D RAW once again?
  22. sRAWs much darker on Mac than LCD
  23. Canon 7d Chromakey Test
  24. 720p 60fps question? ( Canon T2i)
  25. T2i-B&H Out of Stock
  26. Night sky shooting
  27. 7d, Z-finder with glidecam hd2000 advice
  28. RAW Settings for 7D
  29. Jag35 Monitor Review?
  30. Successful shoot today = Minus some problems
  31. Please... Help!
  32. Faster workflow with Canon T2i??
  33. 7D Does filter size affect quality of the lens?
  34. T2i Should I sell my GH1 for the T2i??
  35. Maybe a stupid question
  36. Strange vertical lines stuttering on Canon 550D
  37. 7D Loading, Importing, and Clearing CF cards.
  38. canon t2i first tests
  39. Camera Advice
  40. General 7D or T2i for Video
  41. Rodney Charters (24) 5d rig
  42. Getting Music video file under 500mb?
  43. T2i Warranty Service or Quick Fix?
  44. Canon 7d battery grip
  45. Follow Focus Help
  46. T2i Short Battery Life - Buy 10?
  47. So with the T2i having a crop factor...
  48. T2i LCD protection
  49. T2i New short doc shot entirely on 550D
  50. Fader ND - a few questions
  51. 7D FedEx Viral Video Contest
  52. Issues With Mpeg streamclip. Any Alternatives?
  53. Portland, Oregon 7D filmers...
  54. Laggy video
  55. RCA viewfinder... Would it be good for the 7D?
  56. 7D Hot Pixel, need advice...
  57. FCE - worth buying?
  58. 7D Aspect Ratios.
  59. Movie Crop Function for 7D?
  60. Audio controls : will there be a 7D firmware update?
  61. Weird Issue When Plugging Mic Into 7D (no preamp) Is This Normal??
  62. Long, Long, Time Ago (2 minute T2i short)
  63. Has the sudden spike in HDSLR's been the death toll for 35mm adapters
  64. Indifocus MiniSlider - Thoughts / Opinions?
  65. Tokina 11-16 and strong moray pattern
  66. record time confusion of 16gb vs 32 gb cf card
  67. APS-C - Red Dot / White Dot
  68. ND filter for Nikon 50mm f1.4?
  69. Price drops on Philip Bloom's 5D and 7D Training videos
  70. flimsy mini HDMI port.
  71. Dallas World Aquarium (4 Short Films) -- Canon 550D / T2i
  72. T2i Cracked T2i LCD Screen...
  73. 7d/72i/gh1 my concerns for these and which one suits me?
  74. 7D where to Buy or Rent Prop-guns
  75. Canon EF-S 10-22mm
  76. T2i - Possible to monitor with or record to computer via USB?
  77. B&H "Bill Me Later"
  78. Maybe one day soon.. but is it the answer?
  79. Dolly and jib performance?
  80. Fast motion in post
  81. 7D $100 off
  82. Feature film shot with 7d?
  83. 7D Lens Help! Big purchase time.
  84. T2i Are Class 4 SDHC cards adequate?
  85. Best lenses for the T2i on the cheap...
  86. 7D Program for converting h.264 to prores?
  87. Poor man's steadycam
  88. Steadicam Vest system for 7D
  89. 7D - best way to clean a lens
  90. CALLING all t2i owners/users
  91. CF Cards, a 133x or 400x?? view finder?
  92. DVFilm Epic I - Realtime DSLR editing in Vegas 9 Pro
  93. First Project with my t2i!
  94. T2i & Green Screen
  95. LCDVF and handheld shots
  96. 7D Noise to ISO test.
  97. Tripod mount question
  98. How hot can it get before your 7D starts overheating?
  99. T2i new user dumb question
  100. New to DSLR - Building piece by piece.
  101. Camera stopped taking pic/vid
  102. Follow Focus Gears...interchangeable?
  103. General Newegg.com customer service
  104. Bought Cavision Shoulder Mount, 7D Is Too Close, Help!
  105. T2i Wide angle lenses
  106. T2i Wired remote for T21 video?
  107. T2i live view limit?
  108. Best 8"-9" Monitor for T2i?
  109. First time editing t2i footage..too much frame dropping
  110. 2010 vampire short
  111. T2i Any Thoughts On this Setup?
  112. T2i screen protector for T2i screen
  113. 7D Being a stock photographer and a starting filmmaker?
  114. Flying the 7D
  115. EOS MOVIE Plugin-E1 for Final Cut Pro Quick Start Guide
  116. Picking out a filter for my lenses? Fader ND?
  117. Z-Finder and Glasses
  118. Just picked up my t2i today!
  119. Anyone Order T2i from J&R
  120. T2i Zoom lens vs. prime lens --- DOF question???
  121. 7D Pictures of 7d
  122. Fader ND from www.faderfilters.com??? Reputable??
  123. Downloading CF card footage in 3rd world Internet Cafes?
  124. canon 7D Vs 5d MkII resolution overall quality
  125. Canon TC80N3 Timer Remote Control: Canon 7D
  126. 7D Streaking and noise in sky and "solids"
  127. 7D Filming flat, and sharpening in post
  128. One more DIY Fader ND question
  129. Nikkor to Canon convertor advice please
  130. T2i 550D footage in low light
  131. workflow question - Premiere Pro
  132. T2i Low Light Test
  133. T2i Live Capture to Mac or PC
  134. Canon 7D or HMC40?
  135. Crew of 1 with the 7D !
  136. T2i - 1st impressions
  137. Flying the 7D cont.
  138. Another Adaptor Question
  139. Anyone using Matte Box or Follow Focus from Redrock?
  140. Tripods for the Canon 7d?
  141. T2i slowmo testvid.
  142. 7D 5d vs 7d Action Sports Videographer
  143. t2i in San Francisco
  144. Cineform VS Avid SDxHD, Which Is Better? Look For Yourself, Video Comparison!
  145. Canon 7D for making film, which lense?
  146. General 4x4 ND filters
  147. Question about 7d and Zeiss Compact Primes
  148. 550d + gear, is this the right kit?
  149. Diy z-finder
  150. General Are you using a 720 or 1080 timeline fcp?
  151. 7D The new "Tonight Show" intro sequence filmed with 7D
  152. T2i Want to order TODAY!!
  153. Mount/connect Marshall monitor on/to a 7D
  154. image stabilization on 7D and 5D??
  155. pal gh-1 or 7d
  156. 7D National Geographic piece shot with 7D
  157. Any way to get around the 4GB limit for the T2i?
  158. Which is the better Canon zoom to go with these three fixed primes?
  159. T2i A Good Monitor
  160. Which LCD monitor hooks directly to Canon 7d?
  161. T2i: How to gett Large DOF
  162. 7D My 7D Doggystyle!
  163. How much would a set up camera weigh?
  164. Lets talk high shutter speeds
  165. General Tutorials on grading Superflat in 'Color'?
  166. Wedding Highlight
  167. Mpeg streamclip - DnxHD - premiere pro cs3 audio problem
  168. 7D Best Memory card for 7d?
  169. Marshall Monitor...does the focus assist really work?
  170. T2i Test-edit. Including timelapses
  171. Best lens for shooting in tight places? Aka cars, small rooms, etc.
  172. setting ISO quickly?
  173. Zoom vs Prime question?
  174. Is 28mm wide enough?
  175. Importing Compact Flash Speeds
  176. The shootout - DSLR vs. Film
  177. steadicam for 7D
  178. T2i batteries without paypal?
  179. 7D unwanted exposure adjustment
  180. Any Recommended Steadicams for T2i?
  181. New short film shot with 7D
  182. First film completed on the 7D....
  183. 7D wireless Mic?
  184. 7D good fluid head for 7D?
  185. Need to shoot portrait, how to do it, on a budget?
  186. Need Help For A Tripod...
  187. 7D Just pulled the trigger!
  188. Full DSLR video control form an iPhone
  189. Good Lookin Couple - Running w/ Glidecam 2000HD
  190. Anyone know if it is pop up shade will work??
  191. Best Settings for Skin Tones on 7D?
  192. mounting canon 7D on glidecam 4000 w/ quick release?
  193. T2i will IndieFocus20 work with Canon T2i + Lenses?
  194. 7D sound out of synch with video?
  195. T2i Unfortunately must return: OVERHEATING
  196. Photo drive for offloading
  197. DIY Rod Rails & Baseplate
  198. Anamorphic Adapter T2i
  199. Fast Lens Question
  200. Is 7D 24p real 24p or do u have to remove pulldown?
  201. Vari-Nd - Thin vs Standard?
  202. color trace weirdness on 7D & t2i
  203. 7D automatically stops recording
  204. 7D music video, question, backwards?!
  205. 7D Issues with compression artifacts
  206. Best 3 tone grey card to get for 7D?
  207. 7D Overheating = permanent damage?
  208. FS 180 Flips Trick Tip (Filmed with Canon T2i)
  209. T2i Cheap adapter?
  210. 7D and Shutter Speed
  211. Weird lines in 7D footage
  212. Can someone make a list of excellent Nikon manual lenses which work well with the 7D
  213. T2i recommended monitor for T2i?
  214. Home built 7d body rig.
  215. how to remember?
  216. Milky hazy picture from T2i.
  217. A bunch of skateboarding on the T2i
  218. 7D losing sound sync when burning to DVD
  219. Does t2i have built in light meter? iso question.
  220. Sandisk names WTF
  221. Firmware for 7D? Or won't Canon do that?
  222. Canon EOS MOVIE Plugin-E1 - Trouble
  223. Photoshop CS4 Raw Codec
  224. Indie Feature on the 7D
  225. New Anamorphic Adapter
  226. 7D Fast Motion Dolly Shot - Camera Settings??
  227. T2i White balance (dslr noob)
  228. Cutting 7D Footage with GoPro HD Hero?
  229. Down and dirty 7d footage
  230. 7D I don't want seperate sound
  231. Help with shooting video
  232. Using iscorama 36 with 7D
  233. Thoughts on tripod kit
  234. Astrophotography Filters
  235. Where do I buy my T2i?
  236. Shooting from a real helicopter (not RC)
  237. T2i Overwhelmed by lenses
  238. Suggested Lenses..?
  239. T2i Horizontal lines on T2i
  240. 550D w/Nikon frame grab, or, "holy crap"
  241. T2i affordable shotgun mic
  242. Raw Canon say P Bloom
  243. Exclusive: Canon DSLR video goes RAW!!
  244. Legal problems with video from Canon SLRs?
  245. How is everyone nailing exposure w/ your 7d/T2i?
  246. Flying 7D part 2
  247. Premiere CS4 Choppy video after exporting to H.624 HDTV 23.97
  248. T2i Lens not holding focus through zoom range
  249. Canon 7D/T2i AGC Bypass Trick OMG duh!
  250. General FD to EF Lens Mount Adapter -- not sure how to use