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  1. Optimum shutter speed at 24P?
  2. DXA-5D and 7D
  3. Best way to match 7D with HV40 in CS4
  4. 7D Letterbox too transparent?
  5. New stereo mic
  6. Anyone shot anything IR Photography style yet?
  7. An Educational Thread on CF Cards
  8. Spot on Sensor
  9. Battery life heads-up
  10. Convert your H264 to P2 MXF in CS4
  11. Shallowest Cheapest Depth of Field
  12. 72mm to 77mm step up ring, is it Ok?
  13. worthy upgrade from D90?
  14. Converting 720p50/60 and 1080p25/30 to 50/60i ...
  15. Intergrating 7D footage with HVX200
  16. Anyone splitting the composite for two monitors? or...?
  17. Zoom lens suggestions?
  18. Is there a way to monitor audio level on the 7D? Looking for 3rd party products!
  19. Over & Under Cranking with the 7D?
  20. Why is it so hard to calibrate my monitor w/ 7D
  21. More new Canon Rebates
  22. A question for 7D/Macbook owners
  23. Aspect for music vids?
  24. LED Light Strobing
  25. Is Vimeo the Way?
  26. Nikon Lens to Canon mount adapter for 7D ?
  27. External Monitor...
  28. Slow-mo Shutter speed Effect
  29. 7D kit + accessories I'm buying - opinions?
  30. Anyplace w/ a 7d Deal???
  31. Weather proofing - what are the limits?
  32. 7D Mono Audio Needs Rendering in FCP?
  33. Manual White Balance
  34. Manual or AF lenses?
  35. 28mm prime
  36. Auto Lighting Optimizer?
  37. 7D best fisheye for the money
  38. Recording limit
  39. 60FPS comparison
  40. Canon 7D ISO Test and Latitude Test
  41. Audio opinios
  42. New firmware (coming soon)
  43. Hey- New Firmware announcement not 1.9
  44. Phillip Bloom's 7d DVD (for students)
  45. 7D as lil bro to RedOne
  46. Canon service note issued for 7D!!
  47. Anyone in LA area want to compare their 7D to a 5D mk II?
  48. 3 ccd vs. 1 cmos
  49. Crutchfield Camera Order
  50. Flash card
  51. Editing in Final Cut
  52. Light Meter even needed with 7D?
  53. 7D vs. 5D Mark II - all about the glass
  54. Is there anything I can do to prevent jerky Vimeo playback on my Macs?
  55. Live View / LCD Problem (Camera Defect?)
  56. Canon 7d versus Nikon D300s ISO Test by pb
  57. Is this IR pollution?
  58. my first feature with 7D
  59. shot a short film on my new 7D
  60. Bought a 7D!
  61. 7D with good kit or 5DMII with stock lens?
  62. Custom Picture Profile
  63. What would it cost?
  64. the importance of 24p
  65. Recording times on CF cards
  66. Settings for Timelapse
  67. General shutter speeds?
  68. the 7d at Sears
  69. to Rent the 7D or to Buy the Pentax K-x
  70. 7d + Adobe Premiere CS3 + Neoscene (v. help w/ settings!)
  71. New Canon 7D Short
  72. Cinevate's Cyclops is coming
  73. does OLPF for 7d exist
  74. New film shot on the 7D with explanation of how it was done.
  75. OEM batteries
  76. Arrested Development Music Video Shot on Canon 7D
  77. rec start stop with a pc possible?
  78. 7d + glidecam2000hd
  79. Bloom training DVD - worth it?
  80. canon 7d - can't seem to open cr2 files in photoshop cs4
  81. 7D and Adobe Premiere CS4 workflow in detail
  82. Gorilla Pod and no I.S.?
  83. 7D + Tokina 16-50mm /2.8 Problems
  84. Picture settings...
  85. canon FD lenses on the 7d
  86. Bad 7D Copies?
  87. Canon 7D test & unboxing with 18-55mm
  88. 7 or 5
  89. 7D vs 5D vs 1D vs 16mm
  90. Please Help/Anormal lights & Bugging/Neoscene and Render.
  91. The best shot music video with the 7D IMO
  92. My New Short Shot with a 7d
  93. What case/bag are you using?
  94. HDMI Splitter
  95. DSLR Cams that Shoot 24fps
  96. More affirming words about Indifocus.com
  97. Tips on shooting in the dark
  98. Magic Lantern brewed
  99. uncompressed?
  100. Thoughts on Bloom's 7d DVD
  101. 7D Accessory List (sans audio)
  102. Does 7D really have custom shutter speeds ?
  103. How to? 7d with Shoulder Mount and Follow Focus?
  104. How to lock exposure ?
  105. Has anyone used Cineform's Neoscene?
  106. Magenta reds... dcraw does it right.
  107. Best lens to get to start with the 7D?
  108. 7d new Firmware (Version 1.1.0)
  109. Which Mermory Card?
  110. Canon WFT-E5A Wireless File Transmitter for Canon 7D
  111. is B&H going to check the shutter counter on my returned 7d?
  112. Shooting a feature with the EOS 7D?
  113. Best Rod Support System for 7D?
  114. shooting above ISO1600
  115. Magnified viewfinder and audio
  116. HTP (Highlight Tone Priority) Please someone explain???
  117. Editing with 7D
  118. IS or Prime lenses?
  119. 7D Focusing
  120. Cheap steadicam for the 7D
  121. Canon 7D remote for time lapse
  122. Anyone else get faulty cameras?
  123. 7d + Adobe Premiere CS3 + Neoscene (v. help w/ settings!)
  124. 720 over 1080
  125. In depth review over at dpreview
  126. Red or 7D?
  127. Did I get a pre-used 7D?
  128. 7D material projected in cinema
  129. Questions about audio (h4n etc)
  130. 7D Mishap
  131. Eos utility 7d, help a fellow filmmaker :D
  132. Shooting at a specific f-Stop
  133. Which camera to rent to match the 7D
  134. New Firmware 1.10 fixes 'residual image' problem
  135. Uncompressed 7D footage LOOKS UNBELIEVABLE, so HOW DID THEY DO IT?
  136. recording sound from the HPX500 to the 7d
  137. Canon 7D iris problem
  138. Just ordered my 7D and Accessories
  139. 7d overheating warning
  140. My mic. setup vs. the Zoom H2n. Is this good enough?
  141. Beachtek for 7D yes or No
  142. Balboa Park Shoot
  143. Lowest light for f2.8?
  144. Shoulder Mounts, Follow Focus, Pistol Grips Etc.
  145. vivitar auto thyristor 225 flash
  146. Waiting on RED, then onto a 7d
  147. Best microphone in the $150 range for 7D?
  148. Sandisk Ultra 2 for 7D Video?
  149. 7D - what do I need to know?
  150. 7D Decisions
  151. ProVideo Coalition DSLR Shootout
  152. Is my 7D defective?
  153. Cheap base plate that accepts 15mm Rods?
  154. Camera rig and tripod for travels
  155. 7d clicks off. why?
  156. 5D/7D for a CG commercial
  157. If you were only going to buy one lens, what would it be?
  158. Pentax K-X vs. Nikon D5000 vs. Canon 7d
  159. Canon 7D Fixed Pattern Noise
  160. Ideal CF Cards
  161. Need to rent a lens for car interior shot.
  162. 300mm usable for filming (on a travel tripod)?
  163. using larger fluid head on smaller Tripod legs?
  164. Anyway to monitor audio with headphones on 7D?
  165. Convert to Prores in PC not Mac HELP???
  166. Canon 7D - The Brazil Field Report
  167. Another 7D on Premiere ProCS4 thread
  168. Does the 7D feature a "focus assist" function?
  169. help wit the correct frame rate for fiming a talk show ..
  170. Best On Camera Shotgun
  171. 7D documentary kit update
  172. Letting the Nikon D90 go
  173. Cleanest Iso's to shoot with??
  174. Is my camera faulty?
  175. mechanical noise
  176. Glidecam 2000 with the Canon 7D
  177. Canon 7D video BIG banding found
  178. question about rode videomic + 7d
  179. Good Cheapest Hdmi monitor I could find any others??
  180. 7D or 5D's manual controls??
  181. Lets talk Timelapse
  182. cleaning LCD screen? LCD covers?
  183. How bad is AGC?
  184. 7d Profile Settings. What to do?
  185. Canon 7D - increasing recording time?
  186. 7D to replace dvx100b.. video..photo..?!?
  187. Focusing question
  188. Sony IS joining the HDSLR game...
  189. Sharpness Setting - Your Opinion
  190. FD lenses + FD to EOS adapter to 7D question :)
  191. 5d2 7d 1d4 - future speculations
  192. Shooting HDR Stills?
  193. Highlight Tone Priority: To Enable or Disable?
  194. A Suggestion...
  195. Histogram and Metering options in 7D?
  196. What media player for 7D footage?
  197. Two newb questions
  198. Help..stuttering footage
  199. Tamron 17-50mm VC take the place of Canon 17-55 EF-S
  200. Musings about 7D image compression
  201. basic lighting kit for my 7D. Is this any good?
  202. A Close Look at the Gradability of H264
  203. Aperture versus Lightrom
  204. Buying Refurbished lenses?
  205. Over expose problem
  206. To get rid of the 12min/4GB cap...
  207. Canon 7D major differences with HPX170+DOF adapter
  208. Canon 7D Showreel scene
  209. In stock 7D Kit?
  210. Noga Arm suggestions?
  211. 7D FCP editing and HD projection outputting
  212. 7D impressions...
  213. Possible hack: Use CF as RAM -> USB HDD?
  214. Raw 7D video to Pro Res via MPEG Streamclip filesizes
  215. glue tools DSLR tool for FCP ever coming out!?
  216. ND filter and Depth of field question.
  217. Contrast different on camera screen and computer monitor
  218. Settings to match 7D with HV40?
  219. LCD Image Color
  220. will any manual Nikon AIS lens work?
  221. Where can i buy a 7d today - Las Vegas area.
  222. IQ - older Manual Nikon VS. modern Canon EF (non-L)
  223. Crutchfield
  224. Uncompressed HD file
  225. Cheap screw-on wide angle??
  226. EF 16-35mm f/2.8L II USM Autofocus Lens
  227. Flickers when zooming in and out.
  228. Shot a spec commerical with the 7d
  229. Footage from feature film with 7D
  230. 7D external audio.
  231. Modelling Competition shot on 7Ds in low light
  232. Sigma 30mm 1.4 vs. L Series Canon 35mm 1.4
  233. Proud owner of new 7d - question about external power
  234. "A slightly cautionary tale" or, "Don't do what I did"
  235. 7d IS shake...
  236. How to do slow mo?
  237. Shooting procedure - manual
  238. SDI Monitoring
  239. KEH for Lenses?
  240. 7D Setuo and Encoding
  241. 7D / Prosumer Shoulder Mount Tutorial
  242. Cinevate or fotodiox Nikon Adapter
  243. Minimum start up kit for 7D
  244. 7D vs. JVC GY-HM100U
  245. Arc Studio's Model Photoshoot
  246. Trusted UK Ebay sellers
  247. why someone would choose the 7d for a feature film?
  248. Lav Mic
  249. Marvel Cine Gamma 7D picture profile
  250. How is the "jello" issue on the 7D?