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  1. Getting started with T2i
  2. Sigma AF 70-200mm f/2.8 APO EX DG Macro HSM II
  3. T2i Audio on ML 550d.
  4. why would i buy this canon over the tokina
  5. How to approach Slow-motion...
  6. Replacement cable for t2i charger?
  7. 60D Understanding Exposure/Lighting Issues
  8. Canon 60D - Final Cut 6 export - Youtube?
  9. Tips for first time shoot with T2i
  10. Continous lighting for Stills
  11. For Those Who Have Used The AC or DC Adapters for Canon DSLR's
  12. Possible solution to moire problems :))
  13. 7D NINA - Full Superhero Short Film
  14. Canon T2i Back Up Batteries?
  15. Help with Canon FL lenses
  16. Stabilizing sailing videos
  17. Re: Continuous Recording - Magic Lantern
  18. ISO 101: Is noise acceptable/noticeable at 160?
  19. Canon T3i with Magic Lantern
  20. Re: LANC Control
  21. Shallow depth of field annoying when overused as in the movie RUBBER.
  22. T2i Exclusive T2i Test Shots 2011
  23. Shoulderig for you guys on an EXTREME budget....$11
  24. T3i Manual Video Mode AE Lock?
  25. 7D Black Magic Hyperdeck Shuttle and 7D
  26. T2i Audio Tips for T2i
  27. Locking the T3i video mode to 1920 x 1080 24fps
  28. having some t2i issues
  29. Trying to achieve this look ( Music Video )
  30. custom video setting on 60D?
  31. avoiding sensor burn on 7d/ideas for lighting set-up
  32. How do pro 7D users cope without ML for video?
  33. General Canon 24-70mm f2.8 Parts Lens
  34. Turning off the .log creation on ML for 550d?
  35. General Give Back Please
  36. hand held Stabilizer
  37. Shortcut for 3x Zoom mode on 600D Magic lantern.
  38. Think desert island, only with equipment :)
  39. Cineform and 60D question
  40. Re: magiclantern.fir - T2i
  41. Firmware version of recently bought Canon T3i
  42. Re: T2i, Magic Lantern - IntervalMeter = On, Wait
  43. "Best" focal length for stabilizer?
  44. Can Red Focus Squares Be Used on LCD??
  45. 7D Custom Color and Custom Functions
  46. 7D 24fps RAW theory
  47. What kind of Matte Box are you using for your DSLR??
  48. Re: Magic Lantern - "Erase All Images"
  49. 7D The Moment Of Truth (Feature)
  50. General Focus Levers, Do They Work??
  51. Searching for a real Internet connected HDTV
  52. Re: Magic Lantern - Weird bug or unknown feature?
  53. Why does T2i look good on close ups?
  54. Canon 60d and Zoom H2
  55. T2i Galaxy Timelapse
  56. Some Hometown IL Timelapses
  57. Custom Function II High ISO Noise Reduction on 7D
  58. ufo and canon 7d
  59. T2i What kind of SD Card Reader are you using??
  60. Transcoding different size clips with mpeg streamclip...
  61. Trying to get 25p Slowmo to work at 25p Regular speed???
  62. AF[Quick] in video mode when lens is set to MF
  63. Horizontal lines running down the image in underexposed areas
  64. T2i Canon EOS 550D (LOW LIGHTS TEST 2011)
  65. General What's the advantage of recording from an h4n into your DSLR? vs just the h4n
  66. Canon 60D with Canon EF-S 18-135mm Lens
  67. 7D Music video: Canon 7D w/50mm f/1.8. Slow mo, cloning, image masking
  68. t3i manual audio problem
  69. Audio Question: Anyone using JuicedLink or similar with your Canon?
  70. Is the Zoom H4 worth it over the H4N?
  71. Canon T3i (600D) shutter life
  72. Trailer for 7D feature LIKE CRAZY released
  73. Hardware for editing Canon footage
  74. HDMI to SDI? How are people converting
  75. GH2 second thought (coming back to my aps-c)
  76. Canon 600D T3i - 50mm f1.8 OR 35mm f2.0 for FILMMAKING
  77. T2i/550D true video representation
  78. juicedLink CX231 vs h4n which is better for getting clean audio
  79. General Canon 60D questions about hardware, software, and lenses
  80. Canon 600D T3i - Full HD file size per 1 second
  81. Simultaneous Transfer SDHC Card Reader
  82. 600D video smoothness issues
  83. Physically crop sensor
  84. Need 60D 1.0.9 Firmware!
  85. Setting the white balance for a bright lighted, multi-color, stage
  86. What happens when the battery dies in the middle of a shot?
  87. 60D / 50mm - bikini model shoot
  88. Marquette Timelapses//First Week
  89. 7 D battery questions
  90. 720/60p aliasing help
  91. T3i Magic Lantern bleeding edge kelvin shortcut?
  92. Best B-cam to t2i
  93. Low light capabilities of the 7D
  94. Why do you continue to shoot video ( off topic )
  95. Curious 19 minute single shot on 7D
  96. Easom Optics Top Handle
  97. canon 7d vs. 60d
  98. Anyone use this Follow Focus and Rig off Ebay?
  99. Cheap Lens bag?
  100. Split Diopter Help
  101. Question about the USB cable
  102. Re: Updating ML Software on SDCARD
  103. 7d & Sandisk Extreme 60MB/s Problems
  104. Dumbest product ever? or is it just me?
  105. Do we transcode only to replace the footage at the end?!? (T2i)(Premiere)(DNxHD)
  106. Hot Rod 7Dand deluxe kit for sale
  107. Canon F1.8 50mm Lens and T3i
  108. Glidecam 2000 or the 4000 with the Canon T2i?
  109. T2i Commercial Shot With A T2i
  110. 501HDV or 701HDV Head? What legs to get Help?
  111. 600D + cinestyle = vertical streaking???
  112. Using Tamron 70-200 2.8 or Sigma 70-200 2.8 for video work
  113. Focus Error
  114. Shooting without a lens...
  115. From 5D forum - a moiree and aliasing filter that works!!
  116. 600D 3x crop mode for 720p?
  117. Annoyed with noga rms and 1/4 20 threads
  118. Lighting issue (wavy lines)
  119. 60D picture time lapse flicker
  120. canon 7d iso 1250 usable??
  121. Canon 50mm 1.8 vs SMC Takumar 55mm 1.4
  122. Cheap eBay Matte Box
  123. Which one should I buy?
  124. t3i not formatting transcend 32gb class 10
  125. 60D destroying half my clips! Please help!
  126. Weird translucent black bars going up 60D footage.
  127. How Can I Avoid the "Recording Has Been Stopped" Message? (T2i)
  128. 550d 1080 verses 720 and aliasing etc..
  129. T2i grid burn in on the T2i?
  130. Using a generic AC adapter with T2i - low amperage?
  131. CANON 600D (T3i) - Battery lasting (VIDEO)
  132. Zeiss Planar T* 50mm 1.7 - C/Y Adapter With or Without AF Confirmation
  133. Getting back into the DSLR ring!
  134. Need Help!
  135. Loch Arbour Beach - 8/27/11
  136. 7D 7D Dark Areas Problem. How to get a decent black background wiithout noise
  137. How to get the "Everything Looks Miniature" effect???
  138. F Stop ?
  139. Golfing with 60D and FCP X baked in CrumplePop
  140. Preparing My Camera to shoot in 2:55:1 WideScreen Mode?
  141. General CANON 600D T3i - NEED HELP with Magic Lantern AGC
  142. Glidecam help
  143. 60D/Magic Lantern Issue
  144. Any links to articles on - Shutter Speeds / F Stop / Fame rates
  145. Canon 60D - colors are too saturated on LCD TV
  146. What's the best way to setup your 60D menu settings?
  147. "Soft" but not soft look. How is this achieved?
  148. Laptop died, need new PC for T2i work and Adobe production suite 5.5
  149. 7D Should I buy the Canon 17-40 f4.0?
  150. General Unsharp Mask - Best Settings
  151. 650mm f2 @ $1000. Too good to be true?
  152. n00b question.
  153. T2i Shooting an Interview / Mixing w Sony 1000u
  154. Short film shot in Juarez México with the 7D.
  155. General DSLR 24/1080p to Broadcast workflow/convert ???
  156. 60D : settings for steadicam Merlin?
  157. General CINEMA Picture Style...any good?
  158. 7D Sankor 16f vs 16d Anamprphic lens with Canon 7D and 50 mm 1.4 lens
  159. Canon T2i Anamorphic effect?
  160. LCW ND Filter Fader
  161. Canon 18 - 55mm sticks...
  162. Gini Rig Question
  163. Needing an SD card?
  164. 7D 7D Shooters Needed
  165. Attempted to install Magic Lantern on 60D - Help!
  166. Magic Lantern permanent instill on camera?
  167. T3i unable to install picture styles...
  168. Canon's first DigicV production cameras (no DSLR yet)
  169. Cokin filters...
  170. Adventures in the PSE
  171. Could I get some feedback on my cinematography reel? 99% shot on T2i
  172. 7D How bad Vignetting Tunnel Effect?? .45X 52mm Wide Angle Lens converters worth a try??
  173. Shot this Music Video with / 60d / 50mm
  174. Hot Pixel on 60D
  175. Reducing Canon DSLR audio noise using the FiiO E3 or E5
  176. Instructional Bike Video - T2i Rebel
  177. Red Epic vs Canon T2i Raw Frame Faceoff
  178. General EOS utility won't start with Windows 7 ??
  179. Suggestions & Critiques for my lighting (vids)
  180. RED EPIC's HDRx on Canon DSLR's??
  181. Digital Video Expo - Pasadena CA - 21 Sept 2011
  182. Canon 60D Run and Gun Setup...
  183. New Kingston Flash cards? are they any good
  184. 60D & Pocket HD
  185. Teaser
  186. 60D - SmallHD DP6 vs. Marhsall V-LCD70XP, et al.
  187. new sensor
  188. Teaser
  189. A Strange Confession
  190. gaps in restarting recording 60D with Magic Lantern-gap size related to card speed?
  191. T2i T2i Film Test
  192. 60d clip length well over 12 minutes
  193. Canon 60D Short Film/Music Video Hybrid
  194. HDMI output
  195. Cheap Wireless HD / HDMI Transmitter for DSLR / 7D?
  196. 50D enabled Video recording function
  197. D'Focus to adjust zoom on 7D
  198. Just Bought A Canon 7D!!!!
  199. Selling my 7D for.. + Which lens is better
  200. T2i ProAim DSLR Kit-3 From Cinecity....
  201. Good Video Lens for T2i?
  202. How to verify how old a canon is based on the serial number
  203. Canon Warranty
  204. General Magic Lantern...shooting at 60fps and high shutter speeds...error?
  205. 60d horribly noisy/artifacts?
  206. Canon 50mm 1.4 and Sankor 16f Anamorphic Lens
  207. Sankor 16f Anamorphic lens equivelent used on Canon 50mm 1.4
  208. Rail system for Canon 60D and DFocus Follow Focus v3
  209. D'Focus Follow Focus v3 cheaper alternative for gears.
  210. Need advice - Shooting under Halogen lights
  211. matching hpx170 and canon 7d-picture profile settings?
  212. cheap manual wide lens?
  213. What's your thoughts on this rig
  214. First camera T3i or T2i? Long..
  215. Canon 60D Price Drop?
  216. Mini Shootout 2011 Canon 5D, 7D, T2i, GH1, EX1, GoPro
  217. How do you guys mount your camera WITH a grip to your FF?
  218. Canon EF lens mount lifecycle
  219. Are PAL and NTSC interchangeable for web usage?
  220. Rig w/battery grip
  221. looking for posted videos of 7d footage combined w/hvx200/hpx170 in same piece
  222. How to setup my 7D for a Green Screen Music Video Project?
  223. How to read camera setting details from a MOV File?
  224. Editing and Culture
  225. first 7d shoot on sunday-what do i need to know?
  226. Choosing The Canon Right camera digital
  227. T2i BelleWoodstock 2011 - 1st Place Winners Interview
  228. What are color bars and why doesn't my camera have them?
  229. Cannon T3i and Zoom H4n
  230. Thinking of selling my 60d for a 5d Mark II = Thoughts?
  231. General EOS Utility - Technicolor Issues
  232. T2i T2i Rode VideoMic Setting's...
  233. 720P aliasing / moire work arounds?
  234. 60D - how important is the monitor?
  235. Music Video - 60D / Kit Lens / 50mm
  236. FCP? for the canon guys - Youtube Export 360??
  237. Banding on footage after color correct
  238. Noob question - auto settings?
  239. Is there a way to have external LCD (HDMI) and camera LCD on simultaneously?
  240. Ravens vs Cardinals Photoshoot
  241. Used Lenses store in Los Angeles and Burbank CA
  242. Rig Weight?
  243. Anamorphic question with a 50mm lens
  244. 7D Someone tell me about skew
  245. Anamorphic look without lens
  246. T2i Canon T3i - 70-300mm f4-5.6 and 50mm f/1.8 II - what lens to use for various shots
  247. Diopter, 50mm, Anamorphic lens
  248. Step Ring for Sankor 16D
  249. Thoughts on where future Magic Lantern updates for the T3i are going?
  250. t2i and 77mm lightcraft nd filter