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  1. Question about in camera grouping of files
  2. Image Stabilization Problem
  3. Any 7D users in NW London? (Harrow/Ruislip area)
  4. Fotodiox Nikon-EOS Adapter stuck on lens
  5. ONE lens to buy
  6. 7d help
  7. Remote capture via Onlocation
  8. T2i my T2i cage + rails + focus puller
  9. T2i Resolution opinions????
  10. Anyone using light meters?
  11. follow focus question
  12. Zoom H4n or H1???
  13. What's your fav. picture style?
  14. Good HIGH SPEED HD options to blend w/7d???
  15. Which Picture Profile to use in T2i?
  16. The EOS 60D has been announced
  17. Close to buying a 7D.. BUT!
  18. Help with Shopping list
  19. Color balance in an odd room
  20. T2i external monitor
  21. 7D Canon 7d HDMI out
  22. Is it possible to remotely trigger T2i in video mode wirelessly?
  23. Canon t2i color problem
  24. 7D "Dead Batteries", Overheating? and Generic Batteries Oh My!!
  25. Vendors
  26. Shooting with the 7D & HVX???
  27. Is this even possible?
  28. T2i - chances of getting dead pixels "out of box"
  29. T2i Would you consider this low-light banding & noise normal?
  30. T2i New Rig for T2i/7D
  31. T2i Exposure at high ISO
  32. Shooting with disco strobe light + 7D
  33. multi mount bracket for 7d? 4 audio/lights which leave flash shoe free?
  34. Green Screen Shoot out: T2i vs 7D vs HPX-170 vs EX-3
  35. Best Zeiss Lens ?
  36. T2i/5/7d live capture to laptop
  37. 7d vs new 60d
  38. T2i IS and resolution
  39. How do you handle 1088p footage?
  40. How reliable is the 7d metering for exposure for video
  41. Simple tripod?
  42. New Music Video shot on 7D
  43. T2i Fixing jello?
  44. Should I consider the Canon 7D?
  45. T2i steadicam merlin locating pin
  46. Silly Question about Canon 7D and B4 lenses
  47. Car Mount on airplane
  48. 50 People 1 Question, Denver ---- short film critique
  49. LCD Viewfinders NO Good for 7D ??
  50. T2i Music Video - Nikon glass... my first.
  51. Anyone have luck with inputting Zoom H4n into mic jack on the 7D?
  52. Highest ISO for Television Production w/7D ??
  53. Canon 7D and white background
  54. 100 Yen: The Japanese Arcade Experience
  55. 7D on the fence about buying the steadicam merlin w/ arm and vest
  56. T2i Shorting Footage
  57. Sigma Vs Canon Glass
  58. After The Reign (WWII Film on 7D)
  59. T2i letterboxing.
  60. What do I convert T2i footage with and what format to edit/color grade with?
  61. T2i rig i been building up.
  62. I'm so tempted....
  63. T2i Latitude Test
  64. Remove noise from video
  65. Cheap and/or Old glass
  66. Time Remaining
  67. should i buy this lens?
  68. rig weight question
  69. T2i Won't turn on?
  70. Lensrentals (Check this out)
  71. 7D VS $329 HD170 Action Camera
  72. Anyone shot a 2 cam setup w/ Zi8 and T2i?
  73. Avoiding noise with correct exposure.
  74. T2i Graded In Apple Color. What Do You Think?
  75. Some close up shots with supertakumar 50mm
  76. Screw is stuck in bottom of camera
  77. 20 ways to smoke a cigarette
  78. Can I shoot on a T1i at 20fps but playback at 24fps?
  79. T2i test footage 'Graffiti Alley'
  80. GH1 user needs help with T2i
  81. New short film "Abandoned" shot on 7D
  82. Side By Side Lens Comparisons
  83. Tamron SP 28-105 f 2.8
  84. My First Canon L-Lens
  85. Do you have cookbook settings for a 7d w/ batt + merlin + tamron 17-50 vc?
  86. Leica R Lenses
  87. About to make my first DSLR purchase... would appreciate analysis.
  88. T2i/550d replaceable accessories?
  89. 7D vs XHA1 Query
  90. What f stop do you guys like to keep your lenses at?
  91. T2i Adding film grain to footage, what do you use?
  92. Talent + 550D + VFX = This
  93. T2i T2i Dtap Power switronix to dr-e8
  94. Fashion Editorial in Motion
  95. T2i Matching with HVX200a
  96. Canon 550D video output
  97. t2i or 7d under streetlight conditions ??
  98. Advice needed RE: loud engines, vibrations
  99. 7D short film, feedback appreciated.
  100. T2i question with iPhoto
  101. Canon 7D Sync Problems
  102. Need Experienced Advice On A Night Shoot
  103. T2i Magic Lantern + Rode Videomic - Gain vs No Gain
  104. 7D 1000fps
  105. Editing Canon 7d footage in Final Cut EXPRESS
  106. Anyone using this Follow Focus
  107. Filmmakers on twitter
  108. Editing h.264 natively in Premiere CS5
  109. HDR filming on 7D / T2i
  110. Another Fashion Editorial
  111. 7D + XF300 edit
  112. Picking Up this 17-55 2.8 IS Tomorrow
  113. T2i Slow Motion
  114. Had my T2i for a few days, made a Music Video! Critiques welcome..
  115. Filming image from a projector
  116. T2i Magic Lantern can brick your camera?
  117. 1080p footage on a theatre screen
  118. CF Cards-where you guys buying them?
  119. Fair Price For Sigma 30 1.4?
  120. Premiere CS5 + Cineform = Butter
  121. T2i Canon T2i EOS 550D - Morning in Downtown Sacramento
  122. Critique Please.
  123. 7D Unwanted Exposure Shift in Full Manual Mode - Can anyone help?
  124. Wierd Exposure probs and metering
  125. Rail and follow focus for 7d
  127. T2i DSLR 640 vs DVX
  128. Alien caught on teh Canon T2i.
  129. My first music video - feedback
  130. First 7D/5DII Infomercial?
  131. LP-E6 aftermarket battery won't eject? Help!
  132. Music Video...would like feedback
  133. 139 Essex, NYC: Andrew Kennelly's Art Museum
  134. What are you using to attach your T2i to your professional video tripod?
  135. Better tripod or shoulder rig?
  136. anyone use this? PROAIM 4ft Camera slider
  137. My T2i package, help!
  138. Filter
  139. Good Light Stands aroudn $80 or less?
  140. Canon 60d Recording Time
  141. I want to try something new...
  142. T2i Monitoring with AJA HDMI to HD SDI mini converter
  143. T2i Rubber grip is peeling off
  144. Lower Cost B-Camera for the 7D
  145. T2i Is my sensor broken?
  146. Creature effects test with the Canon T2i
  147. 7D Weird Problem With My 7D
  148. T2i Teleportation!
  149. T2i vs Canon XL2
  150. General we need to add 60d
  151. 550D stops recording after about 20 seconds for fast shutter speed
  152. T2i Rode VideoMic worth buying?
  153. 7d footage problem.
  154. T2i Next Canon T2i Firmware Update???
  155. T2i to 60D: Worth Upgrading?
  156. T2i When I turn my cam on it clean sensor
  157. General canon 60D
  158. just purchased 7d/lens advice
  159. 60D HD Video Out During Recording?
  160. Does 550D have the exact same codec as 5D?
  161. Tokina 11-16?
  162. 60D instock at Best Buy save 10%
  163. Creating Light Streaks
  164. Canon 60D low light footage
  165. General Canon 60D Weddings
  166. 7D HDMI out put display issues
  167. 60D exposure problem
  168. This is why I love my 7d
  169. How to know if it's a grey market Canon (urgent... buying soon)
  170. Cheapest...and decent Fish-Eye for Canon 7D/T2i ??
  171. Any interest in renting a PL Mount 7D?
  172. 60D audio compared to consumer camcorder audio
  173. Good Photog Board/Forum
  174. 60D and the Redrock DSLR Baseplate
  175. Questions About Lenses...
  176. General Visual Effects on DSLR
  177. Shooting a rain scene need help
  178. Renting out your equipment
  179. Do you recommend buying a battery grip for 7d video shooting?
  180. Having a Hard time deciding now....5DM2 or 7D for lowlight shots.
  181. Canon 60D vs. Nikon D7000 vs Panasonic GH2
  182. Better Resale Value
  183. Canon 60D Behind the Scenes Look
  184. Capture T2i to Laptop?
  185. T2i did I make a mistake over the GH1?
  186. Canon T2i Experimental Short...
  187. how does 7D handle complex motion?
  188. AGC disabler
  189. General DSLR Cage Prototype
  190. 60D Unable to Turn On/ Overheat Issue or Simple Problem?
  191. T2i Need help buying lenses
  192. 7D Our first full length show!
  193. T2i I made a tutorial for installing Magic Lantern firmware.
  194. T2i Help Choosing between 2 Wide Primes
  195. T2i Blown up image doesn't look great
  196. Exposure fluctuations in full manual???
  197. Do all 5D lenses fit 550D and 7D without adapter?
  198. Music concert shot on 9 7Ds all handheld
  199. 2nds b4 disaster
  200. Picked Up my 60D Today
  201. General Canon 60D if I have Nikon lenses?
  202. Screw on filter at all times?
  203. 7D HAS ANY 1 USED THE 7D, ZEISS ZF LENS, CapRock and Panasonic Anamorphic Adapter combo?
  204. Why 720 vs 1080
  205. Audio Technica Pro 88w
  206. 7D Guide Me Please !
  207. 60d for sound
  208. Ap
  209. FPS/Shutter/Aperture for video
  210. 7D with 18-135mm stock lens...focusing problem
  211. This may be the best t2i deal I've ever seen...
  212. General thoughts on the tamron af17-50mm
  213. 24p to 25p
  214. Hipsters documentary shot mostly on Canon 7D/5D's
  215. Tips on shooting short interview/docu style video
  216. How is the HV20 with a Rode VideoMic as a audio source when shooting with a T2i
  217. OEM batteries for T2i
  218. T2i Why can't I ever get the blue of the sky right?
  219. T2i Should I update the firmware?
  220. 7D: is it possible to see histogram or exposure meter while dialing ISO manually???
  221. General What rig do you think was used in this video?
  222. Fundemental differences between GH1/2 & Canon 550/60D
  223. T2i Can't use my external mic
  224. Help with Motion blur in video.
  225. Redrock 15mm lowriser for 60D?
  226. LCD Hood
  227. Indiesystem Ultracompact Rig vs Jag35 Fieldrunner
  228. Anyone able to balance 7D and tokina 11/16 with z finder/manfotto394 steadicam merlin
  229. 1 Large filter or many smaller ones
  230. Super Impressed With 7d Picture Styles
  231. 7D MUISC VIDEO, 7D, Zeiss ZF Lenses "REALITY CHECK".
  232. how does 60D compare to 7D in low light???
  233. Looking for a mic for T2i
  234. Help, can't get reverse adapter off 60d !!!
  235. 24p footage seems jerky to me/ not talking about CMOS jello
  236. Wedding with t2i?
  237. Robert Rodriguez talks about using a DSLR in Machete
  238. T2i [eos 550d + 50mm f/1.4 nikkor] Only4u (short)
  239. Canon t2i = Price Drop
  240. 70-200mm f/4 IS in Low Light
  241. CF Cards take *FOREVER* to download to computer
  242. Cavision MB385PW Wide 3x3 Matte Box
  243. do you prefer a shoulder mount or cage with handles for handheld?
  244. filters for 7d
  245. T2i Merlin type stabilizer only way to get decently steady footage while walking?
  246. T2i or 7d (i know...I know...) and a few other questions
  247. mov repair tool?
  248. New 2X and 4X battery chargers for LP-E6 batteries
  249. Corded battery charger for Canon 60d ?
  250. Are T2i Batteries Compatible with the 60D?