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  1. Cheap Batteries from Ebay?
  2. General Which follow focii support 4:1 gearing ratio
  3. Follow focus DOF adapter for T2i ?
  4. getting the best sound
  5. Getting pixellated image at 1920x1080
  6. T2i vintage lens adaptors?
  7. T2i Effective noise reduction for external mic
  8. First 7D test shoot - too many questions!
  9. getting Magic Bullet Grinder using all cores to maximum
  10. 7D 'The Rat King'
  11. Star Timelapse
  12. T2i the right choice?
  13. Houstonians: Want to help with a project?
  14. General Shutter Speed
  15. viewfinder help
  16. outdoor sound
  17. I can edit full 7d HD in primeire with no lag
  18. best converter for me
  19. 7D okay i just bought the 7D.... and im regretting that maybe GH1 is actually better...
  20. T2i Loup or Monitor?
  21. T2i Canon T2i Test
  22. General What was Miley Cyrus's music video "Party in the USA" shot on??
  23. HVX200 or 7D
  24. 1.4x and 2x Extender compatability.
  25. Putting your camera inside a refrigerator?
  26. T2i my diy shoulder rig /// 550d
  27. The best computers for editing Canon DSLR video
  28. Motorolas "Droid X as Canon 7D Monitor??
  29. Need real fast help on deciding on a rig
  30. Flicker in t2i video?
  31. Macro Tubes
  32. Short shot on two 7Ds
  33. Time Lapse with Canon EOS 7D
  34. 7D Firmware hack progress?
  35. Use LCD monitor as studio monitor
  36. 7D 'Invalid Public Movie Atom' on Sandisk 60mb/s CF card
  37. Cleaning 5D/7D/T2i Footage
  38. 5:1 Macro
  39. General Which One?
  40. Canon 17-55 f2.8 Aliasing Vs. Tamron 17-50 f2.8 VC
  41. Deciding-- opinions/expertise, please...
  42. T2i Kiss X4 550D Rebel T2i
  43. New 7D Firmware 1.2.2
  44. T2i Transcoding troubles with premiere CS5 and Vegas 9
  45. 7D Would this card (60MB/s) be much more than enough for 7D's Video capabilities?
  46. help me canon 550D and ,,swiming" colors
  47. Canon 7D Courses in NYC?
  48. T2i 4GB = ? minutes
  49. h.264 Compression Card
  50. T2i a letter to Mr. Yuichi Ishizuka, VP of Canon Imaging re: the T2i
  51. T2i Matte box? LCD monitor?
  52. Matte Box
  53. T2i T2i and glidecam
  54. Applying Super-Flat after you've already shot the video?
  55. T2i and Nikon SB-24
  56. 7D EOS Utility - Live view monitoring/recording
  57. Advice on shooting explosion?
  58. 7D Swap Nikon for Canon Lens?
  59. Camera Strap with a SteadyTracker
  60. Next Gen?
  61. Kiss X4?
  62. Attaching Zoom H4N to Canon 550D?
  63. 7D Could a battery cause corrupt files?
  64. T2i Weird compression?
  65. General Work around the 12 min time limit movie mode
  66. General MUSIC VIDEO shot on Canon 550D & 5D mark ii
  67. Matching T2i with XH-A1
  68. T2i Which stabilizer has prevailed for the tiny t2i?
  69. White dot on my T2i...
  70. T2i My first gig - a small concert: Need advice from you guys!
  71. After much research, finally bought a loupe/viewfinder for my 7D
  72. Need some advice for an HBO-"hardknocks" type show
  73. How to upload T2i Picture Styles With EOS Utility?
  74. Question regarding the 7D and my HPX170 720 24pn footage..
  75. OCZ 16GB Class 6 SDHC
  76. 550d: cheapest lens for shallow d.o.f.?
  77. Fader ND green shift
  78. Primes Vs Zoom
  79. 7D Footage Export Problem
  80. T2i Trancend SDHC 32gb class 6
  81. T2i Time Lapse Video
  82. 7D short film made Vimeo's Top 5 for Chapter 6!
  83. SD Card will not Read! Please help!!
  84. 7D 1.2.2 Firmware Update / EF 28-135mm f/3.5-5.6 IS USM
  85. canon 50mm 1.8 or 1.4?
  86. H.264 Or ProRes LT?
  87. Cheaper alternative to Captain Stubling
  88. Tamron 17-50 VC focus ring suddenly sticking
  89. Need help with getting the right Macro
  90. Heads up on Battery Grip seller
  91. Bing Cashback - Last Day (7/30) - Dell 20% cashback.
  92. `550D viewfinder
  93. Canon 60D confirmed for November
  94. T2i/550d LCD Viewfinder Loupe w/ Hotshoe mount arm, Rubber Eyecup
  95. t2i continuous recording?!?!?!
  96. 7D Batteries, anyone ?
  97. Could these problems exist?
  98. Auto Exposure even when set to manual mode?
  99. post production with adobe premiere pro cs4
  100. T2i Video Out Question?
  101. BOX on LCD Panel - Why ??
  102. T2i Magic Lantern for 550D in progress!
  104. Help: Canon 7D or panny hmc40
  105. sync sound
  106. 7D Philip Bloom settings
  107. 7D --- Best Stabilizer for 7D ---
  108. Need some input... just cannot decide.
  109. What gear is essential for dslr filmmaking?
  110. first shoot with T2i - need advice
  111. Should I still be using Cineform?
  112. audio for canon eos550d / t2i
  113. 7D Short feature-shown at the BBC
  114. CB Folding-S for hand held... folks aware of this?
  115. hoodeye
  116. edit software
  117. Heads up on 550D Camera Grip seller
  118. Getting a Caon 7D, what should I get for this money?
  119. Using EOS Utility Software For Timelapse
  120. CPM 10% off Entire Order
  121. Cts vs. Cto
  122. T2i vs 7D .. A stills and video question..
  123. Video with 'IS' vs. non-'IS' Lens
  124. 7D Why "two" files for video clips ??
  125. T2i Settings for exporting out of Final Cut?
  126. On/off switch for 7d video ??
  127. General Review of Express35.com rig
  128. 7D Most Popural Custom Picture Styles Comparison Test
  129. Wow! Finally compared my new Canon T2i (550D) to my Canon HV20 Camcorders! Holy Crap!
  130. New and Eager T2i owner
  131. What acc should I get for $400 ?
  132. T2i Shooting Stock Footage, what picture style?
  133. Which lenses should I use to create this look? Music Video Link Inside
  134. Shutter Sound...
  135. NEW WEDDING HIGHLIGHT - feedback
  136. Wide angle lens recommendations???
  137. cheaper extension tube for macro on canon???
  138. 7D yellow line
  139. T2i Equipment Recommendations.
  140. T2i Suggested settings for action video with t2i and kit lens...
  141. T2i Custom picture styles, nothing happens!
  142. T2i Recommended settings? (T2i noob)
  143. EDITING H-264 easier
  144. General 5D/T2i lens'
  145. T2i To sharpen or not to sharpen?
  146. 7D 7D Grading Settings
  147. ND filters for 7D
  148. General Old or bad lenses?
  149. My first T2i video
  150. How to Edit DSLR Footage in Premiere Pro CS4 without NeoScene
  151. 5D Mark II vs T2i for Image Noise?
  152. T2i DP1x or DP-SLR smallHD external monitor?
  153. audio
  154. 7D "NO MORE TEARS" - Short for Ridley Scott/Philips Contest
  155. "Professional" SDHC Card Reader?
  156. "Professional" SDHC Card Reader?
  157. Best "practice" camera to buy NOW
  158. Renting Lenses ?? Anyone do that..or just buy? But...
  159. 7D RED ONE (non MX) and 7D Mixed in short Film -- Have at it
  160. 550d resolution /sharness
  161. lenses with no IS
  162. T2i How long can you record at 720p?
  163. Vintage Nikkor lens Test, lens coatings.
  164. Haiti trip
  165. T2i Viewfinder & Monitor?
  166. Different Lens tests
  167. Glidetrack shooter or indislidermini???
  168. What was the Intervalometer Called?
  169. Anyone use Nikon lenses on the T2i, 7D or 550D?
  170. Intuitfocus HF-IF1 enables 'handsfree' follow-focus on DSLRs
  171. 7D Best Run & Gun Audio for 7D
  172. 7D 7D & Magic Bullet Looks (Settings included)
  173. field ready & profitable 7D rig?
  174. First time DSLR Shooter - Things to know
  175. Where do you keep your Zoom H4N when shooting?
  176. HPX user, Just got my T2i in TODAY!! Now for some newjack questions...
  177. Cheap DSLR rig - Habbycam
  178. Leaked pics of Canon 60D.
  179. 7D Football scene shot with a 7D
  180. T2i + Sigma 18-250mm + XH-A1 Lens Hood
  181. CPM Filmtooks dslr shoulder mount with offset
  182. New 7d Competition
  183. Is there a list of lenses that can be adapted to the 7D?
  184. Inexpensive lens for indie film makers?
  185. $6000 for lenses
  186. T2i With Steady Cam
  187. General Underwater Shooting
  188. Perseids Meteor Shower
  189. Bought some lights indoor lighting for my T2i...Did I get the right kind?
  190. Trying to understand how Shutter Speed relates to handheld vs Tripod ?
  191. igus WS-10-40 + T2i
  192. T2i sound help/advice
  193. A really inspiring movie shot on canon DSLR
  194. 7D Keanu Reeves is Fresh Prince of Bel-Air
  195. New Hague Steadicam for DSLRs. Should I take the risk?
  196. Video Review - Rig for T2i / 7D
  197. Mixing Lens Brands
  198. low budget. Need help
  199. IS - worth it?
  200. Going to Brazil with 7D. How to insure my gear for 3 weeks?
  201. Glidecam 4000 hd or Glidecam 2000 hd
  202. T2i Handheld with a non IS lens?
  203. Canon T2i and Sigma 8-16nn Lens test
  204. Going Pawn Shop hopping, what lenses should I be looking for..?
  205. 7D Hot or Not Short-film
  206. Azden SMX-10
  207. shooting in a cemetary with T2i, got questions..
  208. The never-ending search for right 7D import/export settings
  209. Where's the beef (24-105 f2.8L IS)?
  210. T2i Mamiya 55mm f1.4 - Low light test
  211. Lilliput Monitor Question
  212. T2i What did I do wrong?!
  213. FC Express
  214. Wedding Question!?
  215. Fader ND mk.II vs Vari ND Pt.2
  216. Does brand new 7D have a sealed package?
  217. Thoughts on this PC Setup?
  218. Using the 7D for coporate IMAG
  219. T2i + Zoom H4n...?
  220. Another reason to buy 7D and not t2i
  221. Testing the IndiFocusMini and IndiSliderMini
  222. Should i get a light meter or just change some settings?
  223. Is the T2i viewed as a professional camera?
  224. Making a BluRay, export settings
  225. Tokina 11-16mm
  226. help with low-light shooting...
  227. Do 550D, 7D record 4:2:2 colorspace?
  228. vari nd question
  229. Panning
  230. Anyone else getting malware warning at Cinema5d?
  231. Need a 7D cameraman for B camera NYC 28th
  232. Zoom H1?
  233. Mixing Black and White and Pleasantville Effect Picture Style
  234. 7D affordable rig for 7D
  235. superflat settings but different results!!!
  236. new 7D rig for food show
  237. T2i Family Video
  238. Canon 7D vs. Nikon D3100 for "VIDEO" ?
  239. Basic NLE for 1080/24p?
  240. 7D on the open water, any advice.
  241. Old European Village Scene w/7D
  242. Err 80
  243. Err 40
  244. Check out this short please
  245. loss of sound
  246. 7D Premiere Pro 2 workflow
  247. Shoulder mount or gunstock for 7D?
  248. T2i / 550D Overheat Test
  249. How to get slomotion movement, real time speaking..
  250. My First DSLR Wedding Experience