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  1. Art Direction/Production Design Forum Interest?
  2. Resources for art/production design?
  3. Online Tutorials
  4. Distressing Question
  5. DIY Green Screen
  6. I'm Looking for a Ski Mask
  7. Not sure where to begin??? Help please
  8. Sandy Dirty Look
  9. Vietnam Dirty look
  10. Residential Locations
  11. Where can I get felliniesque costumes?
  12. practical smoke?
  13. fair use of character images?
  14. Paint question
  15. Question! How to create a spacesuit leak
  16. Location Scout Tips?
  17. What's Wrong?
  18. Fake Gasoline Smell?
  19. shooting bus or subway?
  20. How best to work with illustrators/animators?
  21. Biohazard hood
  22. How do you find a location?
  23. External monitors?
  24. No ideas for a specific location
  25. Storyboards
  26. Prop software
  27. Lynch one
  28. All white mental institute room and 1 single bedroom set design ?
  29. make-up venting
  30. bricks
  31. Tips on finding locations please!
  32. newspaper
  33. Aging The Set
  34. Behind The Scenes video - Cursed - Spooky Abandoned House
  35. a movie mural...do it for real OR do it in post?
  36. Airsoft & Prop gun safety and the realistic use of prop weapons & replica firearms
  37. Behind the scenes with set builder and set designer of 'The Killing Strain'
  38. CAVE SET. What do I use
  39. Question about character placement.
  40. What not to wear
  41. Morgue Set
  42. Need props - "fake" candy
  43. Looking for location in L.A.
  44. Tutorials on how production design on youtube!
  45. Insulation board "walls" info needed
  46. Rpg-7
  47. Making clothes look very aged / rotten.
  48. Making someone look pregnant
  49. Prop shotgun?
  50. Green Screen Material
  51. Create a patient room in a hospital!
  52. Sticky for Frequently asked Dangerous Questions.
  53. basic powder makeup
  54. How would I...
  55. Convincing fake snow/ice on clothing/person
  56. French Quarter Lamp Post
  57. Alien Designs
  58. Aging a metal chain & raw skin
  59. Giving a set the look of old machinery (painting tips)
  60. What color and material for curtains as backdrop.
  61. Matching the Apple Commercials
  62. Late 60s military fatigues/apparel
  63. Skull material
  64. Metal Sparks
  65. Making music videos differently
  66. Laboratory set
  67. Problem painting PVC pipe
  68. Where to find a storyboard artist
  69. Steel box, bolted to the floor
  70. Jail or detention center cell location
  71. Colour Palette help please
  72. Free storyboard Software?
  73. Making several houses look like one location?
  74. Designing a large creature
  75. Building an Ocean out of Cardboard
  76. Sheriff/deputy patches
  77. How to make it rain on set?
  78. Taking the Cubicles Out to Pasture!?
  79. Easy to put on black make up
  80. Books?
  81. How to get green screen into TVs?
  82. Art Directors, Set Designers and Production Designers needed for small indie film.
  83. Copyrighted costumes?
  84. Old Spice Superbowl commercial
  85. Beer Cans
  86. More copyright questions
  87. Set Designers
  88. Jail/Prison Cell in Los Angeles or nearby
  89. Exploding a Car for FX!!
  90. UK - How to find locations?
  91. making references to other movies?
  92. Fake cash bundles for shoot
  93. Need Help Building a set / Green Screen
  94. physical gun effects
  95. building a prison set
  96. Last minute shoot tomorrow - need advise asap please
  97. My first Post and first set design
  99. ISS Set
  100. edible raw meat
  101. 18th Century Pistol...
  102. Need a makeup effects artist...
  103. ambulances
  104. Would you do with $300.000
  105. What kind of studio setup do I need to find to get this?
  106. Cough Syrup Solution
  107. $10k to 15k setup
  108. Video Mixer experince
  109. vampire fangs
  110. Production Design Commentary/DVD?
  111. Character Busts and Headdress Design
  112. A question for horror fans
  113. Need To Find Period-Style Costumes
  114. making a gun producing noize
  115. Crowd Sourcing Location Scouting
  116. Music Video Concept..
  117. Running someone over with a car?
  118. Crime Scene
  119. What is the purpose of an 8 point garbage matte? - soft edges
  120. Where to Start?
  121. First production (music video) - have I missed anything in planning?
  122. I need German WWII outfits
  123. Default Graphic Designer In Adelaide Wanted $100 in it To Make a motion comic.
  124. How difficult/Expensive Would This Set Cost To Build?
  125. Body parts props store in NYC
  126. It is starting to come together
  127. I need a live sea lion...
  128. Difference between these two shots?
  129. props, copyright -- (use of books in short film)
  130. Entrails. I know I love them.
  131. Isolation/water chamber or any kind of human chamber
  132. Logo Copyright Question...
  133. Tips on contrasty, dark nature scene?
  134. Copyright on Action figures.
  135. Um... This slimy black liquid...?
  136. Futuristic / Ghostbustes type rifle
  137. Where can I download more videos like this?
  138. Designer Residuals
  139. Darth Vader - Please search your feelings and tell me if it's true
  140. Los Angeles - Looking for Interrogation Room to Rent
  141. Prop Pig
  142. Shooting fast?
  143. Choosing a car
  144. Buying prop replica guns in Canada
  145. Special effects question?
  146. Looking for the best storyboard application?
  147. Period pieces
  148. Help making a film reel
  149. Bokken to use as prop katana
  150. wall color for interiors
  151. Tips for "blending" locations
  152. Swamp Monster Costumes q&a
  153. Fake Rock
  154. Making something look charred...
  155. Eminem Greenscreen?
  156. Soecial Effects and Transitions Pack?
  157. Toylike Effect
  158. Making a tunnel
  159. Southern Cali Location Recommendations?
  160. painting a prison cell
  161. Making objects move by themselves
  162. Facial prosthetics?
  163. Desert locations in So Cal
  164. Fake Gauges
  165. Difference between setting and location?
  166. Set decorator or Art Director?
  167. Production design advice for a newbie.
  168. Creating hallucinations?
  169. how to create an interrogation room
  170. Where to buy realistic looking fake birds in southern California?
  171. Late 40's Style Film
  172. What is this effect? (Music Video)
  173. Art of the Title Sequence
  174. Looking for more "Sound Effects Loops/beds"?
  175. HDR video
  176. Color Correction
  177. Warehouse/Studio NJ/NY
  178. inside softdrink bottle!
  179. What makes a location "good"?
  180. White Walls :-(
  181. Grungy Wall Look
  182. How to gain approval for public area shooting
  183. Ice cream truck rental
  184. poor man's fake driving rain?
  185. Can someone help me animate?
  186. Building a webcast studio set
  187. Custom-made cereal box
  188. I need a Concept Artist/Illustrator for a Sci-Fi Web Series
  189. Fort Worth-Dallas film/video crew wanted for short projects in exchange 4 future help
  190. Using Canon brand camera as prop?
  191. Makeup Mirror
  192. Presidential Pressroom (and seal?)
  193. making shower steam
  194. Great New Studio In the Las Vegas Area,
  195. Need a flea or tick costume - URGENT!
  196. replacing an arm with a CGI weapon
  197. Looking for movies to highlight for my publication
  198. Need idea's for a Product / Tutorial project
  199. not quite smoke/fog
  200. How to make someone look albino and how to make realistic scars?
  201. Zombies
  202. Corporate webcast - set design
  203. Ideas for Scoring a Residential House to Shoot In
  204. Resources for sets, wardrobes and props
  205. Industry Standard Storyboard Software
  206. Stage Backdrop for Music Video - Need Help
  207. Latex Burn Wound
  208. Touch to color effect ***
  209. need to rent a warehouse/office standing set in los angeles for a day
  210. Copyright/fair use issues with set decoration
  211. Making Fall look like Summer?
  212. Logistics and Set Decoration in the High Arctic.
  213. Nerf Gun transformed into weapon
  214. how to safely create foaming at the mouth?
  215. Legitimate Production Directories
  216. Building My First Set - To Scale?
  217. Fake terrorist bomb.......
  218. How can I get a film look?
  219. Secret Agent Movies
  220. film director role in art direction work
  221. How do you do an underwater shot..
  222. Best way to achieve shiny sweat look, similar to Gatorade commercials among others?
  223. military map
  224. books for aspiring film production designer
  225. Music Video :: Concept
  226. How can I cheaply get (or fake) big mirrors?
  227. How to fake rain?
  228. Best makeup books ?
  229. Nosebleed
  230. How much (use of the color palette you choose) is too much?
  231. Plain white room?
  232. wardrobe colors
  233. Controled Burn of Car
  234. How to tell the story of a subculture?
  235. Filming in a church?
  236. Desert type place in Southern California?
  237. Mask or Face Paint
  238. Oh... my location looks similar to a Hollywood film.
  239. Sensory Perception of the look of a "movie"
  240. Which location?
  241. Can I duplicate this torch video?
  242. Superimposing location
  243. Miniature to real footage
  244. Another question
  245. Ceiling Fan (In a set)
  246. How do i put together a sketchbook for production design?
  247. Film Budget Breakdowns
  248. Location Scout
  249. How to make a street rundown?
  250. Help me do some set decoration