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  1. GH4 (GH5) Any reviews on the audio adapter? How are the preamps?
  2. GH4 GH5: How / Where do we submit direct feedback to Panasonic?
  3. GH4 GH5: Difference between C4K 10bit 150M 24p MP4 (LPCM) and MOV?
  4. GH4 GH5 beats a7S, a7R II, GH4, E-M1 II, X-T2 & X-T20 in Low-light / hi-ISO test
  5. GH4 Questions regarding the GH5 Audio Adaptor?
  6. GH4 GH5 MetaBones Booster XL + Canon 8-15 Problem
  7. GH4 Delete
  8. GH4 Do you need a gimbal stabilizer when the GH5 or similar camera has IBIS and IOS lens?
  9. GH4 GH5 AF+MF Setting Not Working?
  10. GH4 Gh5 bug? TV output in progress - menu lockout
  11. GH4 GH5 AF: request for a test (for checking accuracy, speed, smoothness and hunting)
  12. GH13 GH5 vs GH4 screen sharpness?
  13. GH4 GH5: High ISO Vlog = disaster (motion artifacts, etc)
  14. GH4 GH5: Rain & The GH5
  15. GH4 Top gimbal choices for the GH5...
  16. GH4 GH5 180FPS Workflow Question
  17. GH4 GH5 ISO values to avoid?
  18. GH4 GH5 Film Look Test Speedbooster
  19. GH4 My new copy of VLOG says "for GH4" on box is this OK for use on GH5?
  20. GH4 GH5: Am I missing something, or can zebras no longer be set to 100%?
  21. GH4 Gh5 vs sony a7sii lowlight
  22. GH4 GH5: Working with 10-bit footage (monitor requirements)
  23. GH4 Metabones firmware update adds GH5 compatibility
  24. GH4 GH5 , how can I use 6K photo mode without electronic shutter?
  25. GH4 Atomos Ninja 2
  26. GH4 gh5 filter help
  27. GH4 GH5 V LOG Proper Exposure
  28. GH4 GH5 VS Sony A7Sii Slowmotion
  29. GH4 GH5 Convert Any LUT to VLUT
  30. GH4 Official LUMIX GH5 Video AF Autofocus Statement from Panasonic
  31. GH4 GH5 VS Sony A7Sii Dynamic Range Downloadable footage
  32. GH4 GH5 - Smooth Aperture changes when in Shutter Priority?
  33. GH4 GH5 4K 60 FPS w/ Downloadable Footage
  34. GH4 GH5 - Is there a chance for a quick release of some different variants?
  35. GH4 GH4 and UHS-II
  36. GH4 GH5 VS Sony A7Sii Lowlight Car Scene
  37. GH4 GH5 Final Results of Max Yuryev and PhotoJoesephs cooperative autofocus tests
  38. GH4 PARIS ✘ LYON w/GH4 & GH5
  39. GH4 GH5 Settings and Tools for beginners
  40. GH4 GH5 Audio and LED Test
  41. GH4 GH5 VS Sony A7Sii Dynamic Range Part 2
  42. GH4 Which EF to M43 adaptor works on GH5 - Active,Smart,Dumb,Focal Reducer,Speed Booster?
  43. GH4 Panasonic 8-18mm thoughts?
  44. GH4 GH5 LCD Sunhood options?
  45. GH4 GH5 users, hold off on today's Adobe CC update
  46. GH4 GH5 w/ MB Speedbooster + Sigma 18-35 vs A7sii w/ Canon 35mm 1.4 Lowlight
  47. GH4 Remote trigger locks camera settings
  48. GH4 GH5 - Image App not connecting to Geotagging
  49. GH4 GH5 Autofocus Fixed Here
  50. GH4 Which Sigma 18-35 f/1.8 for the GH5?
  51. GH4 GH5 VS Sony A7Sii Bokeh!!
  52. GH4 GH5 Testing out IBIS.
  53. GH4 cheapest 4k 10bit recorder 2017?
  54. GH4 GH5 180 FPS Upres to 4K HD
  55. GH4 Weird splotchy image offset problem in the GH4 -Please help
  56. GH4 GH5: SOOOO... when are we a [GH5] Prefix?
  57. GH4 Firmware Update Released
  58. GH4 GH5: Wide angle recommendation for GH5 + speedbooster XL
  59. GH4 GH5 4k 10 Bit not supported Davinci Resolve 14
  60. GH4 Any Gray Market Lens Firmware Update Issues?
  61. GH4 GH5 Battery Life a huge step backward from GH4
  62. GH4 GH5 and Panasonic Leica 12-60mm
  63. GH4 GH5 VS Sony A7Sii My Verdict and Winner
  64. GH4 (GH5) When it asks for focal lenght do I use the native or the 35mm standard?
  65. GH4 GH5's On-screen Video Functions Touch-tab
  66. GH4 Re: IBIS Footage // OM-D EM1 Mark II // Pretty GOOD!!!
  67. GH4 Best quality bitrate when shooting 60fps
  68. GH4 (GH5) Can I change the color of the focus peakin in GH5 just like in GH4?
  69. GH4 Or GH5 4:3 footage anyone?
  70. GH4 GH5 and YONGNUO YN600EX-RT?
  71. GH4 ULTIMATE GH5 Battery Grip in Development
  72. GH4 Gh5 pros and cons after a month by first time panazonic user
  73. GH4 GH5: Hidden benefit
  74. GH4 (GH5) Is it me or the GH5 image is softer?
  75. GH4 (GH5) E-Stabilizer stuttering when panning. Is that normal?
  76. GH4 GH5 Auto Focus/Face Recognition and Tracking Concerns
  77. GH4 GH5 - Microphone level control possible via custom functions?
  78. GH4 GH5 + SB w/ SIGMA 18-35mm Autofocus test
  79. GH4 (GH5) Is the V-log without external recorder issue gone in GH5?
  80. GH4 GH5 File Name Setting: User Setting problems
  81. GH4 GH5: Anyone have experience with the GH1 kit lens (14-140mm) performance on the GH5?
  82. GH4 GH5: Native or Metabones?
  83. GH4 GH5 ALL-Intra vs AVC-Intra Varicam
  84. GH4 (GH5) Photo questions with Lightroom
  85. GH4 GH5 Really Impressing Me So Far
  86. GH4 GH5 VS Canon Full Frame Stills Photography
  87. GH5 Custom White Balance Options
  88. GH5 Gh5 stabilization
  89. GH5 How to match GH5 natural with GH4 natural?
  90. GH5 ef to mft speedbooster
  91. GH2 New GH2 owner
  92. GH5 LCD Sunhood from Smallrig
  93. GH5 vs Micro Cinema Camera
  94. GH5 Does Firmware update reset all user settings?
  95. GH5 First Commercial with GH5
  96. GH5 vs Micro Cinema Camera Night Car Interior
  97. GH5 Which Metabones adapter support for Smallrig GH5 cage?
  98. GH5 Panasonic GH5 6K Video upscaled to 8K YouTube frame
  99. GH5 Autofocus for stills with EF lenses?
  100. GH4 24 Vs 59.94
  101. GH5 If I installed V log on GH5 can I put the same card into GH4 and install vlog on that
  102. GH5 Excessive peaking on my new GH5
  103. GH5 vs Micro Cinema Camera Skin tone Test
  104. GH5 Switching between LUTs or selecting a particular LUT for V-Log L
  105. GH5 Panasonic GH5 V-Log L Dynamic Range Test
  106. GH5 Best sources for learning VlogL grading?
  107. GH5 GH5 XLR Unit - can't select 48khz/24 bit
  108. GH5 Starting April 1st 2017 : Triple Your Panasonic Warranty Bonus Offer on New Gear
  109. GH5 Auto ISO on GH5
  110. GH5 Lcd screen stopped working!! Any help??
  111. GH5 Transcode GH5 10-bit Video Formats with the Free Sony Catalyst Browse App (Mac/Win)
  112. GH5 In V-log auto iso shows right exposure but iso 400 shows overexposure.
  113. GH5 vs Canon 6d Autofocus Speed
  114. GH5 GH5 Issue - Auto Cut Off / Record Stop - Help Graciously Appreciated
  115. GH5 ND IR Pollution with and without UV IR Cut Filter
  116. GH5 speed booster sigma problems
  117. GH4 gh4 wide angle focal lengths
  118. GH5 Iphone as a field monitor-anyone tried this?
  119. GH5 Slow Motion - best frame rates?
  120. GH2 Recommend Me The Ideal Power Source, Battery Pack for my DC Coupler to GH2
  121. GH5 vs Micro Cinema Camera Low Light Brugge Downloadable
  122. GH5 First Anamorphic in Daylight
  123. GH5 GH5 sensor read-out
  124. GH5 2nd Anamorphic Shot at night Brugge Belgium 8K
  125. GH5 GH5 4K 10-bit Max Bit-rate = 180 Mbps ?
  126. GH5 vs Micro Cinema Camera Bokeh Downloadable
  127. GH4 Audio capture to Pana GH4 vs Zoom H4n via Sennheiser EV-100
  128. GH5 Fluid Dynamics
  129. GH5 Panasonic EVA1 New Cinema Camera from Panasonic
  130. GH5 Slow motion test 180fps - V-Log L
  131. GH5 Two very contrasting looks using the same clip in V-Log L.
  132. GH4 Can You Remove That 3x Peak Mode?
  133. GH5 vs Micro Cinema Camera Skin tone Test Under shade with fill light
  134. GH5 Help! Gh5 sensor - Bad pixel row?
  135. GH5 GH5 and Rode Stereo VideoMic Pro (Rycote Mount) for ambient sound in nature.
  136. GH5 panasonic photo app + G7 VERY easy to set-up-BIG THUMBS UP ;-)
  137. GH5 GH5 Battery Run-Down Tests...
  138. GH5 Please help with Sigman 18-35 with GH5 and Speedbooster.
  139. GH5 Metabones Speed Booster XL and wide angle lenses
  140. GH5 Timecode I/O on GH5? YAGH?
  141. GH5 Lumix 12-35 vs Leica 12-60
  142. GH4 Connecting Feelworld monitor to GH4: hdmi port less than micro.
  143. GH5 GH6 and the future of M43
  144. GH5 Olympus 75mm f/1.8 Worth It?
  145. GH5 Took the GH5 + anamorphic in some abandon building today.
  146. GH5 No audio in the first frames of every recording
  147. GH5 External GH5 recording limitations?
  148. GH5 Keeping noise under control at higher FPS?
  149. GH5 FHD and 4K downsampled from 6K sensor? Slo Mo too?
  150. GH5 Premier Pro fix for GH5 10 bit to be released "very shortly."
  151. GH5 Recommanded long range zoom lens(s) for GH5
  152. GH5 GH4&5 External power affects audio hiss?
  153. GH5 GH5 XLR Microphone Adapter LINE-IN question
  154. GH5 Short film (<1 min) shot with the GH5 & heavy grading.
  155. GH5 B-Camera for GH5 with full sensor readout in 4k, no crop
  156. GH5 Panasonic GH5/GH4 Speedbooster Combo
  157. GH5 Neat Video Presets?
  158. GH5 GH5 Timelapse stuck at 2" shutter max (not longer) and Electronic deactivated?
  159. GH5 GH5 Footage
  160. GH5 GH5 native support NOW in Davinci Resolve Studio 12.5.6 !
  161. GH5 Small noise test for the GH5 using the V-Log L profile
  162. GH5 Question Re: Grading VLOG
  163. GH5 Some GH5 footage
  164. GH5 10-bit footage needed for CS6 test
  165. GH5 GH5/GH4 external battery solution?
  166. GH5 2880p 5K video firmware upgrade ?
  167. GH4 Variable ND filter size for panasonic 12-35mm and 35-100mm lenses?
  168. GH5 Continuous File Numbering on GH5?
  169. GH5 Help with Metabones Speedbooster Tripod Plate Solution
  170. GH5 How visible in peaking with Vlog?
  171. GH5 Question about Dual IS
  172. GH5 Experiment: Compromise White Balance
  173. GH5 GH5 Bluetooth + Pana Image App
  174. GH5 VS URSA MINI 4.6K Downloadable RAW and Vlog
  175. GH5 Lens kits at B&H now but
  176. GH5 The Beautiful Ones - A concept trailer
  177. GH5 Panasonic Lumix gh5 - Lens Suggestions...
  178. GH5 Best Panasonic GH or G series 1080p since GH2.
  179. GH5 DIY Large eyecup for GH4/GH5
  180. GH5 Weird white balance issues today
  181. GH5 Time lapse: Mechanical vs. Electronic Shutter Questions
  182. GH5 Any Insight what this is
  183. GH5 Question about Contrast-Detect AutoFocus
  184. GH5 GH5 footage using V-Log
  185. GH5 4320p 8K youtube setting in 6K Photo mode !
  186. GH5 Little action teaser we shot over weekend.
  187. GH5 Sigma 18-35 Art Canon mount for GH5 with Metabones Speedbooster Ultra
  188. GH5 Where is the summer update???
  189. GH1 What is the chepest Panasonic mini-DSLR with manual video settings?
  190. GH5 4:3 anamorphic - Rokinon Cine DS and Sigma 18-35/50-100 with Aivascope 1.75x
  191. GH4 Can you set the ISO on a GH4 lower than 200?
  192. GH4 GH4 Feature Film
  193. GH5 This might be stupid question but how do I export the 10bit MP4 in Premiere Pro?
  194. GH5 Out-of-Helicopter shots using shoulder mount w/IBIS Only, Dual IS vs Gimbal
  195. GH5 vs Ursa Mini 4.6k Venice Italy
  196. GH4 Odd experience using GH3 and GH4 for multicam shoot
  197. GH5 vs Ursa Mini 4.6k
  198. GH5 GH5 issues on Ronin M
  199. GH2 GH2 - exposure meter ?
  200. GH4 Balancing Gh4 & Devin Graham Glidecam
  201. GH5 IBIS / Dual IS on a gimbal?
  202. GH4 Nature Close-ups
  203. GH5 No audio for first seven frames of each clip?
  204. GH5 GH5 Feature requests - where to send?
  205. GH4 Panasonic 12-35 Lens Problems
  206. GH4 Natural color profile advice?
  207. GH4 B&H Photo : 4 Day Panasonic GX85 and GH4 Sale
  208. GH4 12-60mm 3.5-5.6 "click" between 12 and 18mm
  209. GH5 MFT or EF lenses for gimbal use; which do you prefer, and why?...
  210. GH5 Another Commercial
  211. GH5 Stripped Down Movcam GH5 Cage
  212. GH5 Leica Nocitron 42.5: $1100 international VS $1600 US
  213. GH5 Two camera shoot with GH5
  214. GH5 Recording stops when changing lens?
  215. GH5 Apparel Promo shot on GH5
  216. GH5 IBIS: Wide Angle Jello?
  217. GH5 GH5 vs. GH4+external 10bit recorder
  218. GH5 4 months in: GH5 ideal picture settings
  219. GH5 Vlog color shifts with variable fader ND?
  220. GH5 Auto iso - can you turn it off?
  221. GH5 4k 60p slow motion or 4k 24p corporate video?
  222. GH5 Sharpness Setting
  223. GH5 Thoughts on new Laowa 7.5mm f/2 ?
  224. GH5 GH5 SD File Error During Playback on Mac
  225. GH4 GH4: rack focus pull in APP?
  226. GH5 iphone 7 as monitor
  227. GH5 GH5 Display Cooler than what external monitor / computers show
  228. GH5 Panasonic Lumix gh5 and the Terrible External Monitor lag
  229. GH5 with Zhiyun Crane Speedbooster and Canon 24mm
  230. GH5 GH5 and Speedbooster compared to 5d3
  231. GH5 Panasonic GH5 Anamorphic Edinburgh
  232. GH5 A7sii -> GH5?
  233. GH5 GH5 and Zhyium Crane V2
  234. GH5 GH5 Trouble: Autofocus not working ONLY in 24P. 30P, 60P all work great
  235. GH5 Science of IR-Cut, and practical implication? [Barry? Thomas? Mitch?]
  236. GH5 Firmware 1.2 Summer Release
  237. GH5 Panasonic Lumix GH5 Monitor Luminance Setting Issue
  238. GH5 GH5 Anamorphic Lens Set up Beginner guide
  239. GH5 Fuji MK Low Cost T2.9 Cine Zooms Can Be Adapted to Micro 4/3 Mount
  240. GH5 Battery: Panasonic vs. Wasabi vs. Watson
  241. GH5 is the GH5 in 10 bit internal mode considered High dynamic mode of UHD?
  242. GH5 Panasonic Lumix GH5 Focus Changing Issue on a rack focus
  243. GH5 footage, Exotics on Cannery Row
  244. GH5 What shutter speed setting for VFR slow motion on GH5?
  245. GH5 GH5 Moire
  246. GH5 4k 30p vs 4k 60p
  247. GH5 Zhiyun Crane Speedbooster Canon 24mm 2.8 Lyon France
  248. GH4 Panasonic DMW-BLF19 battery cover?
  249. GH4 Bit rate vs. Compression method
  250. GH5 MAGIX Vegas Pro 15 Released Today : Has GH5 10-bit Support