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  1. GH4 GH4 which LCD EVF
  2. GH3 Found a replacement eye-cup for the GH3(OEM)
  3. GH4 Gh4 without a lens left exposed!
  4. GH4 New longer-form film (not another rough test or slo-mo demo), with notes
  5. GH4 DSLR Filmmaker on a Budget
  6. GH4 ETC mode - How useable is the displayed image on the LCD/EVF for judging focus?
  7. GH4 GH4 - HDMI output
  8. GH4 New video
  9. GH4 James Miller's Camera Settings for Best Dynamic Range
  10. GH4 How to Enable Flash
  11. GH4 Off-the-cuff documentary (Lenses, 4K, etc...)
  12. GH4 : Adam Wilts's review
  13. GH4 GH4 : Post your rig /
  14. GH4 Alternative to a MOVI rig?
  15. GH2 Looking for a Nikon to M4/3 adapter that has zero play
  16. GH4 GH4 best bang for the buck
  17. GH4 First promo shot on GH4 - 4K downsampled to 1080p - heavily graded
  18. GH4 GH4 and Atomos Ninja not working in 50Hz/25p/PAL
  19. GH4 Tokina 11-16mm or comparable for wide angle on GH3, GH4, AF100 still a good option?
  20. GH4 anyone test digital 2x 4x zoom yet?
  21. GH4 GH4 in Yosemite
  22. GH4 GH4 4K screening at Hot Rod Cameras / Blacklist last night
  23. GH4 Camera Settings or Metadata. Is It Readable?
  24. GH4 GX7-shot music video
  25. GH4 Does This Work with the GH4 ? : 256 GB SDXC Card for $120
  26. GH4 B&H Photo Live GH4 Event : Tuesday, May 27, 2014 at 1:00pm EDT
  27. GH4 Can you disable the shutter record?
  28. GH4 I purchased a GH4 after realizing that the FF advantage is a myth
  29. GH4 More monitor woes with the GH4
  30. GH4 Timelapse Help
  31. GH4 Can't use Leica 42.5 with standard tripod plate
  32. GH4 GH4 HDMI output i or p ?
  33. GH4 Best Settings/Mode for Astro Photography?
  34. GH4 Nice GH4 Camera Rigging
  35. GH2 G6: First impressions
  36. GH4 Your favorite/go to stabilization gear for GH sized cameras?
  37. GH4 Help! Metabones stuck on GH4
  38. GH3 Little 'play' on my Speed Booster...
  39. GH4 Autofocus with ND filter
  40. GH4 Best way to handle AF for moving subjects with GH4?
  41. GH4 2fps: 24p or 30p source doesn't matter, right?
  42. GH4 What cage would you recommend?
  43. GH4 GH4 HDMI output problems
  44. GH4 Motion Mount for M43?
  45. GH4 UWA for GH4?
  46. GH4 gh4 sold out?!
  47. GH4 Power the GH4 from 12V V-Mount Battery
  48. GH2 Short - Number One Girl
  49. GH4 How much delay on HDMI output of the GH4?
  50. GH2 in transit slow motion
  51. GH4 HSS on the GH4?
  52. GH4 unscienctific GH4 Sharp tests: 4K and 96fps HD
  53. GH4 Gx7 4k hack!
  54. GH4 Time Lapse Export?
  55. GH4 Strange strobe und jerking in GH4 pans with Lumix 12-35. Did anyone else notice this?
  56. GH4 GH4 Timelapse to in Camera Video Help
  57. GH2 Western short film, shot with GH2 and Flowmotion hack
  58. GH4 any way to display battery time in minutes or % on GH4???
  59. GH4 GH4 Retro look in video?
  60. GH4 External Monitor for GH4
  61. GH4 Futur firware update for GH4 and what the 10bit uncompressed output could bring to us
  62. GH4 YAGH Problems when connecting to the GH4.
  63. GH4 First short documentary in 4K with GH4
  64. GH4 Recording only 30min in European models?
  65. GH4 External Microphone Solutions for the GH4 (avoiding the buzz)
  66. GH4 GH4 4K Green Screen cut with FS700
  67. GH4 Testing slow mo. Youtube footage included.
  68. GH4 Camera + Laptop Backpack
  69. GH4 recording limit time
  70. GH4 Just Asking - Lumix AF
  71. GH4 Can't turn flash on
  72. GH4 4:4:4 10bit HD from 4K help.
  73. GH4 Shooting raw with a GH4
  74. GH4 GH4 vs. 5DIII RAW vs. Canon C100
  75. GH4 GH4's at Glazer's, Seattle
  76. GH3 Is my Speed Booster to blame for this? Or the lens?
  77. GH4 help me with anamorphic logic in a 4k world
  78. GH4 Our Lumix GH4 Review
  79. GH4 need some help with timelapse with custom controller
  80. GH4 GH4's in stock at The Camera Store in Calgary
  81. GH2 Frame Rate Import Question - help is super appreciated!
  82. GH4 Workflow advice: 4K Premiere sequence settings w GH4 footage if outputting to 1080p?
  83. GH4 Eyecup suggestions?
  84. GH4 optimum Cinelike D levels in terms of Sharpness, Saturation, Hue???
  85. GH4 ND filter for 7.5mm Fish
  86. GH4 REASONABLE requests for future firmware
  87. GH4 Getting great footage with these settings
  88. GH3 Need Advice on GH3
  89. GH4 So, 4k to card then to 1080p or 1080p 4:2:2 with recorder? Help!
  90. GH3 Pana GX7 - Always in Electronic Shutter...Help
  91. GH4 GH4 4K convert to ProRes 422HQ Test
  92. GH4 GH4 image issue
  93. GH4 Timelapse questions
  94. GH3 Looking for 2nd shooters in the San Francisco Bay Area
  95. GH4 the "Derrick Threatt" GH4 HDR settings for best Dynamic Range
  96. GH4 Sigma 18-35mm is brighter at 35mm... Normal?
  97. GH2 60p Slowmow to 24p - Need some help here!
  98. GH4 Best settings for timelapse in movie mode - 2fps
  99. GH4 Mixed footage from D5300 and GH4 - can you tell which is which?
  100. GH4 Gorlliapod SLR-Zoom or Focus?
  101. GH4 Timelapse & Image App help
  102. GH4 gh4 accessories?
  103. GH4 Finally Picked up a AF lens..but need help
  104. GH4 Does YAGH downconvert UHD or 4K in-camera record to 1080 via SDI?
  105. GH4 Atomos gets a GH4 today from Panasonic
  106. GH4 GH4 Slow Motion Test Video 96fps
  107. GH2 More jello?
  108. GH4 focus distance display?
  109. GH4 GH4 and MOVI messing around at Cinegear. I have a question.
  110. GH4 GH4 Test
  111. GH4 SHogun won't do 4096 C4K??? @!$#%! Now what??
  112. GH4 GH4 + SMall HD DP6 Issue?
  113. GH4 B-Cam for GH4? 4k under $1k= Lumix FZ1000
  114. GH4 Different GH4 settings, beware of Highlight and Shadow
  115. GH4 FS:Nikon 5.5mm Servo Zoom lens parfocal, f1.7, 9x zoom, covers 4K DCI and UHD on GH4.
  116. GH4 Just announced New 4K DSLR for $898 includes lens
  117. GH4 Best Pro Director Monitor with HDMI llop thru for GH4?
  118. GH4 SEEKING ADVICE: 4770k or 4930k better for GH4 4K footage?
  119. GH4 What size ND filter to buy and how to avoid vignetting on 12-35?
  120. GH4 GH4 with Sound Devices Preamp (+multilayer 4K green screen)
  121. GH4 GH4 For Sale
  122. GH4 Macro lens for the GH4?
  123. GH4 Some questions "during" recording
  124. GH2 Is G6 good enough for taking pictures? Well...
  125. GH4 DMW-YAGHE for the GH4
  126. GH4 4K for Talking Heads, etc
  127. GH4 GH4 Slowmo
  128. GH4 .mdt file errors while recording a wedding
  129. GH4 Pullingl up the blacks?
  130. GH4 Panasonic FZ1000 limited to 4G file size during 4K recording?
  131. GH4 GH4 at 6400 ISO in Monochrome trick...
  132. GH4 GH4 4K does Super 8 anamorphic
  133. GH4 Grading GH4 with ImpulZ LUT
  134. GH4 1/16000 shutter in movie mode?
  135. GH4 Whacky GH4 vs Blackmagic Production Camera Comparison
  136. GH4 GH3 and GH4 matching
  137. GH4 does the gh3 eyecup = gh4 eyecup?
  138. GH4 GH4K on 4k TV looks great!
  139. GH4 Matching The GH4 To The C100
  140. GH4 Suggestions for upcoming aerial shoot in Helicopter with GH4
  141. GH4 Resolve Workflow Questions
  142. GH4 Zhongyi "Lens Turbo" EOS - M43 quick sloppy review
  143. GH4 GH4 - Blackmagic pocket comparison
  144. GH4 Latest Gh4 Experiments and the Myth of iDynamic
  145. GH4 U3 Cards
  146. GH4 Dynamic range test with a chart.
  147. GH4 Focus magnification in MF?
  148. GH4 Can someone kindly give me a few video clips (original format, non edited)
  149. GH4 Gh4 Gx7 comparison
  150. GH4 GH4 + 12-35 for sale in B&S
  151. GH3 Next step
  152. GH4 Low light short
  153. GH4 GH4 High ISO Weirdness. Anybody else experience this?
  154. GH4 Film Convert GH4 profile available now.
  155. GH4 Speed Booster and "Onion" Bokeh
  156. GH4 Can't view 24p on external monitor
  157. GH4 Would Gamma Log improve noise?
  158. GH4 GH4 60fps ALL-I 200Mbps vs 60fps VFR 100Mbps
  159. GH4 Magnification on the GH4 for focusing?
  160. GH4 GH4 WiFi Remote Shooting & View "Connection Failed"
  161. GH4 The big "What settings do you like best when shooting the GH4" thread
  162. GH4 Shooting at 59.94Hz
  163. GH4 Mount Whitney with a GH4
  164. GH3 Panasonic GH with meters
  165. GH4 GH4 must have setup!
  166. GH4 Eleven days with GH4 4K Super 8 anamorphic
  167. GH4 Active universal EF > MFT Speedbooster on its way?
  168. GH4 New Panasonic 15mm F1.7 H-X015K Lens Has Started Shipping: Texas Media Systems
  169. GH4 Thoughts on Sigma 18-35mm Nikon w/ Speedbooster on GH4?
  170. GH4 Panasonic GH4 video review
  171. GH4 GH4 autofocus problem
  172. GH4 Cleaning the GH4 sensor
  173. GH4 paypal? question
  174. GH4 Should I leave out 1080p 96fps footage when exporting 4K?
  175. GH4 Flicker occurs when panning or fast-moving images?
  176. GH4 Important new GH4 firmware update released 7-1-14
  177. GH4 ProFoto B1 and GH4
  178. GH4 VisionColor discount code for DVXUSER members only.
  179. GH4 Think this will work as a field monitor for my gimbal
  180. GH13 You see this Panasonic FZ1000?
  181. GH4 GH4 Firmware v1.1 now Available!
  182. GH4 GH4 in 4K records blacks of files
  183. GH4 GH4 Night Shoot/A Friends Short. Amazing!!!
  184. GH4 Recording 96fps via HDMI?
  185. GH3 GH3 (Custom) Profile settings
  186. GH4 GH4 vs A7s
  187. GH4 GX7 + TAKUMAR 55mm 2.0 Bleach Film Look
  188. GH4 Low light picture profile settings.
  189. GH4 GH4 (and GH3) Ultra-slow Shutter Speeds - for effect or speed boost.
  190. GH2 Sci-Fi short 'Auroras' - Shot on Hacked GH2
  191. GH4 Atomos Blade and Panasonic GH4 Setup Guide
  192. GH4 10bit 1080p at 30p/25p to an external recorder not possible, say Atomos
  193. GH4 Has anyone else noticed this?
  194. GH4 GH4 + Sigma 18-35mm + BMCC Speedbooster
  195. GH3 GH-3 settings
  196. GH4 HDMI Rec Output 4K Down Convert to 1080P?
  197. GH4 GH4 slowmo 96fps recording problem with Hi Speed UHS-I U3 SD card!
  198. GH4 Pin out for shutter release cable.
  199. GH4 GH4 Capture Time Limit
  200. GH4 24hz 1080p HDMI to AV for aerial work
  201. GH4 "video-like" vs "film-like" cameras
  202. GH4 Random Stabilization Question
  203. GH4 Wide Lens for GH4 on Glidecam
  204. GH4 GX7 motion cadence test
  205. GH4 HDMI Cable clamp for the Varavon Cage
  206. GH4 Panasonic discovered a fix for the audio buzz!
  207. GH4 HDMI Lag
  208. GH4 GH4 availability ?
  209. GH4 USB Power?
  210. GH4 Retrofitting the GH3
  211. GH4 Profile Recipe List
  212. GH4 Windows Media Player can't play 4K files
  213. GH4 The YAGH - powering and external recording
  214. GH4 GH4 - Obvious Errors!
  215. GH4 Moire at UHD - How is it possible?
  216. GH4 @ 1080, 200Mbps...what are you getting for all those bit's?
  217. GH3 Thinking about selling all the gh3 gear...what price to ask?
  218. GH4 SDI out of Shogun
  219. GH4 Adam Wilt GH4 DR test
  220. GH4 Commercial: Summer Angels 2014
  221. GH4 EXIF data on video clips?
  222. GH4 Question regarding GH4 - where to start?
  223. GH3 GH3 vs G6
  224. GH4 10 bit HDMI 4K recorder vs 8bit internal 4K?
  225. GH4 who's shooting C4K? who's shooting UHD?
  226. GH4 After Effects Render 4K files
  227. GH4 4K with FS700 and 3D VFX
  228. GH4 Nailing Exposure Quickly on the GH4
  229. GH4 Timecode Glitch
  230. GH4 Lumix 12-35mm Out of Stock?
  231. GH4 photographers - how to auto focus with the GH4?
  232. GH4 Gx7 + 7$ lens
  233. GH4 Trimming 4K video
  234. GH4 Can I Edit 4K With My Retina?
  235. GH4 Turning off the HUD in the GH4 for streaming?
  236. GH2 Selling Panasonic GH2 + Canon FD 50mm f 1.4 SSC + Extras $470
  237. GH4 SD Card for GH4?
  238. GH4 GH4 hack 10bit internal possible?
  239. GH4 Anyone use a GH4/YAGH during Live Production?
  240. GH4 Monitors Recommendations For 4K Editing
  241. GH4 Wedding shot with James Miller's settings.
  242. GH3 Brokenman trailer(final)
  243. GH4 Rumored Log profile
  244. GH4 3 Axis Gimbal or Stick with Glidecam
  245. GH4 GH4 and Sony F5 SLog3, an easy match?
  246. GH4 Did a review of the GH4 and found it to be amazing but with a few major bugs...
  247. GH4 Dump Nikon Gear for Panasonic
  248. GH4 Best way to achieve sooth, very slow pans?
  249. GH4 Testing GH4 in 60fps-Variable Frame Rate
  250. GH4 electronic vs mechanical shutter any issues to be aware of? with speed booster?