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  1. GH3 mt friend made this awesome video while visiting
  2. GH2 Dealing Manual Focus On The Lumix 20mm
  3. GH2 Building a weight plate for GH2 and Glidecam
  4. GH3 GH4; 4k SD card requirements?
  5. GH3 SLR Magic 17mm vs Rokinon 16mm
  6. GH3 VIDEO: Panasonic Lumix GX7 kills my GH3....INSANE VIDEO PERFORMANCE!!!
  7. GH3 solution to use monitor and microphone
  8. GH3 rode videomic
  9. GH4 Checking out the GH4...and questions?
  10. GH4 GH4 DMW-YAGH Request to Panasonic ! Please redesign the module before release !
  11. GH2 What GH2 lens setup should I go with?
  12. GH3 Tiffen Black Pro-Mist 1/8
  13. GH4 GH4 at 96 FPS in 1080P ?
  14. GH4 Moving from larger sesnor format to an m4/3 environment...considerations?
  15. GH3 My GH3 surfvid racks up 9000 hits in 2 days
  16. GH4 Manual shutter, manual aperture, auto iso
  17. GH4 Incredible: GH4 test withour cat
  18. GH4 Sigh. Disappearing screen info is here to stay.
  19. GH1 What size does GH export out to for Posters?
  20. GH2 Cross post from jobs -- hoping some fella Gh users can help
  21. GH3 Long Exposure Delays
  22. GH3 GH3 dead AUSTIN shout out
  23. GH4 GH Stills Quality
  24. GH2 GH2 failed at recording 60P.
  25. GH3 Intro video/live music recording shot on GH3
  26. GH4 Panasonic GH4 & 4K Interface Pricing Texas Media Systems
  27. GH2 Panny 20mm or Olympus 25mm
  28. GH4 Secret Appearance of the GH4 at SXSW Tomorrow
  29. GH2 Dead pixel? Help!!!
  30. GH4 interface unit in LA??
  31. GH4 interface unit in LA??
  32. GH2 GH2 sound problem
  33. GH3 Anyone willing to make a GH3 measurement for me?
  34. GH3 Converting MOV files into Pro Res 422 HQ
  35. GH2 Cross post from marketplace for you GHusers
  36. GH4 GH 4 continuous auto focus for video
  37. GH4 GH4 SD Cards
  38. GH3 How do you like to push the histogram to the right?
  39. GH4 Monitoring through HDMI when recording GH4 4K internally?
  40. GH4 What are the specifications of the new GH4?
  41. GH4 Bits and Bytes - which is it on the GH4 specs
  42. GH3 speedbooster
  43. GH3 Olympus 4/3 mount vs Micro 4/3 mount?
  44. GH2 O.I.S.
  45. GH3 Remotely control shutter button gh3
  46. GH3 Buying Lenses from Japan?
  47. GH3 Best method to shoot a day to sunset time lapse?
  48. GH4 GH4 recording 4K with DMW-YAGH Interface Unit - monitor in HD when recording 4K?
  49. GH4 New footage
  50. GH3 When to buy Metabones Speedbooster Nikon G to m4/3
  51. GH4 Newsshooter interview: GH4 feature breakdown with Hotrod Camera's Illya Friedman
  52. GH3 Is bit rate the main difference between AVCHD (24mbps) and MOV (50 mbps)?
  53. GH3 ISO on GH series ?
  54. GH4 24fps for architectural documentary footage?
  55. GH3 GX7 + 28$ Variable ND + ROKINON 16mm 2.0 TEST
  56. GH4 Recording 1 hour continuously to external recorder
  57. GH3 Help, external monitor receives 'no signal' from the GH3...
  58. GH4 Panasonic GH4 Hands-On Field Test by The Camera Store TV
  59. GH4 CONFIRMED: You CAN get 4K 10bit 4:2:2 directly from Micro HDMI!
  60. GH4 First Look at the Panasonic Lumix GH4 with Zacuto
  61. GH2 Latest music video/short film of mine
  62. GH3 cage
  63. GH3 Why is my best lens not perfectly sharp at long distance / infinity focus?
  64. GH3 Problem with focus assist on Hdmi monitor
  65. GH3 Dropped Frames at 60 FPS?
  66. GH3 Can I use Canon 17-55 2.8 with GH3?
  67. GH3 Took my GH3 to Hawaii
  68. GH4 New 4K editing PC
  69. GH2 Stills quality - GH2, GH3, GH4
  70. GH3 Panasonic Lumix DMC-G6, W/ Samyang 16mm T2.2 Test
  71. GH3 crack gh3 monitor
  72. GH3 GH users - I have a video focus question
  73. GH4 Re: Remote Control Unit?
  74. GH3 Re: Wifi Control
  75. GH4 Question about GH3/4 lens options: native panasonic vs adapter lenses
  76. GH4 April Fools Prank: Panasonic Abandons M43?
  77. GH3 GH4 With Shape DSLR cage
  78. GH2 LCD/EVF Auto Switch broken?
  79. GH3 : Audio Levels remain visible!
  80. GH3 Gh3 with ninja blade
  81. GH4 Best Cage for the GH4 with locking device for it's HDMI connector.
  82. GH4 Cinelike D Comparison
  83. GH4 Yet another GX7 clip
  84. GH3 GH3 or GX7
  85. GH4 Why you should be excited about the Panasonic GH4
  86. GH4 Looking the Gift Horse in the Mouth
  87. GH4 : Convert 4K 8bit to 1080p 10bit?
  88. GH3 GH3 shortfilm
  89. GH4 Announcing Atomos Shogun – first 4K HDMI recorder compatible with the GH4
  90. GH3 Need cooperation on troubleshoot
  91. GH4 Advice For A Novice's First Rig with the GH4
  92. GH4 atomos ninja star recorder
  93. GH3 GH3 recording limit
  94. GH4 How to get the best out a new GH4...
  95. GH4 12-35 with variable ND?
  96. Is G6 banned here or...?
  97. GH3 Trying to get C1/C2/C3 to work with Manual Exposure
  98. GH3 The Moon at 1008mm
  99. GH4 What speed cards do I need to capture 1920 x 1080p / 23.98 fps (200Mbps)
  100. GH4 Pre-orders in Australia?
  101. GH4 Best Light Weight Swing-Away Matte Box For the GH3 & GH4
  102. GH4 GH4 wedding video: wich set-up is best for 1080p recording?
  103. GH3 Panasonic GH3 & 12-35mm Price Reductions. Texas Media Systems
  104. GH3 Brokenman Trailer
  105. GH4 Lens Options for the Panasonic GH4
  106. GH4 magnets and cameras. Bad idea?
  107. GH4 Convince me: A7s, GH4 with Nikon Speedbooster, or FS100 with Canon Speedbooster?
  108. GH3 SLR Magic anamorphot voightlander 17,5mm
  109. GH4 GH4 shipping in the US now!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  110. GH4 GH4, GH3, 5DIII, C100, and 7D Shootout. Can you tell the GH4?
  111. GH4 Audio
  112. GH4 gh4 4k footage pan and scanned into SD
  113. GH4 gh4, gh3, 5d3 iso comparison test
  114. GH4 Offline/Online Workflows For Editing 4K
  115. GH4 Fast telephoto lens?
  116. GH4 Is the GH4 manual available online for download anywhere?
  117. GH2 Lumix 14-140 lens repair
  118. GH4 DCI 4k
  119. GH4 GH4 User Manual now available for download
  120. GH2 Setting exposure in GH2
  121. GH4 cropping to 2.39:1?
  122. GH3 Re-Center the GH3/GH4 Battery Grip Tripod Mount
  123. GH4 Our Lumix GH4 Journey
  124. GH4 4K Workflow For Edit Systems Like FCP-7
  125. GH4 Two questions for the GH4 early adopters who had a GH3 before
  126. GH4 gh4 replace gh2?
  127. GH4 Zacuto EVF and Cheap Monitor issue
  128. GH4 Cinelike D & V in what menu?
  129. GH4 GH4 favorite shooting settings?
  130. GH4 4 methods of contrast control!
  131. GH4 C-Mount lens on GH4
  132. GH4 Setting up the GH4
  133. GH4 Crop Factor Comparison: GH4, GH3, and GH2
  134. GH4 Lots of tests with the new GH4
  135. GH4 Upgrading to the GH4, selling GH3 and DP4 evf worth it for it?
  136. GH4 C-Mount lens on GH4 Group
  137. GH4 External monitor question
  138. GH4 What is the equivalent to the C100's WDR for the GH4?
  139. GH4 WOW..Check out this GH4 video. Brilliant!!
  140. GH4 RAW support for GH4 RAW still files….
  141. GH4 i.Dynamic
  142. GH4 Anyone transcoded GH4 4k to 1080P Cineform yet?
  143. GH4 4k is grayed out
  144. GH3 is the GH3 love over
  145. GH4 C4K vs 4K - 24.00 vs 23.976
  146. GH4 A Little Trouble Shooting 96 fps Today
  147. GH4 What is this purple halo???
  148. GH4 BMCC Speedbooster & GH4
  149. GH4 Great Day To Fly A Kite. GH4 96fps CINELIKE D Ungraded
  150. GH4 4K>ProRes 1080p Path
  151. GH4 GH4 can't autofocus in 96fps mode?
  152. GH4 The Best Way to Convert 4K to 1080
  153. GH2 How do you like to set exposure
  154. GH4 Gh4 Scene File Suggestion
  155. GH4 : Anyone using PL to MFT adapter?
  156. GH4 Hosa XVM-101F & Audio-Technica AT875R working!
  157. GH3 Sigma 18-35 alternatives
  158. GH4 Best setup for video
  159. GH4 Wow! The GH4 replacement is already here!
  160. GH4 Nick Driftwood's GH4 4K Short : Written and Shot in 2 Days
  161. GH4 Codec Storage Space Required
  162. GH4 Panning & Zoom in 4K Clips in 1080 Timeline with Premiere Pro
  163. GH4 Good comparison Video -- GH4,BMPC and 5dM3
  164. GH4 B Cam for GH4. Hacked GH2 or GH3?
  165. GH4 The GH4 Sleeps with the Fishes... :-)
  166. GH4 GH4 vs BMPCC vs 5D MarkIII Shootout
  167. GH4 4K 10 Bit 4:2:2 Footage - And it's Glorious!!!
  168. GH3 Glidecam HD 1000 vs 2000 for GH3/GH4?
  169. GH4 4K workflow in Premiere/AfterEffects
  170. GH3 Remote Zoom and Camera Control
  171. GH4 How is the rolling shutter on the GH4?
  172. GH2 600D is better than G6
  173. GH4 GH4 Interface Unit necessary?
  174. GH4 Flash cards?
  175. GH4 Quality of GH4's 1080P modes vs. GH2 and GH3?
  176. GH4 GH4 LCD brightness changes
  177. GH4 gh4 questions
  178. GH4 How to make the autofocus bracket disappear in MF mode?
  179. GH1 GH1 Hack - Update for external monitors??
  180. GH4 ALL-Intra -- What is its value?
  181. GH4 A better LCD Hood.
  182. GH4 Likely stupid question re: 2K vs 4K FOV
  183. GH4 Audio for interview out in the field
  184. GH4 HDMI OUT to External Recorder
  185. GH4 XLR audio solution for the GH4
  186. GH4 Opportunity for real-world test
  187. GH4 Make display stay during recording
  188. GH4 Where to buy the GH4 now?
  189. GH4 Cannot find 4K Cinema Mode (4096 x 2160)
  190. GH4 Micro HDMI Cables
  191. GH4 GH4 Luminance level setting
  192. GH4 First day with my GH4 fail
  193. GH4 GH4 vs. Canon 5D Mk3 RAW
  194. GH4 Panasonic GH4 Demand Outpaces Supply
  195. GH4 Anyone in the UK received theirs yet?
  196. GH4 GH4 Out Resolves the 5K RED Epic MX!
  197. GH4 Moiré Tests: GH4, GH3, and a Hacked GH2
  198. GH4 Interested in how the GH4 handles "green screen" in 4k & HD...
  199. GH4 My Thoughts On My New Panasonic GH4 So Far (Test Footage Included)
  200. GH4 audio bug discovered
  201. GH4 Down and Dirty Promo Shoot With GH4
  202. GH4 gh4 kit?
  203. GH4 Closest S-Log2 Setting in the GH4?
  204. GH4 : File Naming Glitch
  205. GH4 Totally unscientific test between GH4 and Epic
  206. GH4 rolling shutter test
  207. GH4 Shape Cage
  208. GH4 GH4 Battery Life for Video Recording (Weddings) and other GH4 Questions
  209. GH2 GH2 No Live view for photography?
  210. GH4 modified honu cage setup (trying to get an af100 like setup
  211. GH4 GH4 footage Plays Choppy in FCP7
  212. GH4 looking for GH4 10bit 422 chromakey footage
  213. GH4 Stills comparison of the GH5 and 1DC
  214. GH4 I have a thought about fish-eye lens and 4k
  215. GH2 Loose Contax Speedbooster? Issues with my G6 and Zeiss Primes.
  216. GH4 GH4 Custom Setups
  217. GH4 gh4 playback: best free software, hook to HDMI ?
  218. GH4 Head up on Mitakon Lens Turbo Focal Reducer Adapter Nikon Ai-s to m43 MFT for GH4
  219. GH4 Using an External Monitor to Judge Picture Settings
  220. GH4 GH4 color correction workflow in FCPX
  221. GH2 Flowmotion hack on GH2, and Final Cut X
  222. GH4 GH4 Random Newbie Questions...
  223. GH4 Preference? Cinema 4k vs Consumer 4K
  224. GH4 Interesting Discovery about GH4 Luminance Settings
  225. GH4 Getting the right U3 SDXC card...
  226. GH4 GH4 diglloyd tech analysis
  227. GH4 Aerial 4K Footage from the GH4
  228. GH4 Recording Audio Internally With The GH4 and RODE Lavalier
  229. GH4 Making a 60 Inch Print from a GH4 4K Video Frame
  230. GH4 It's Awesome!!! GH4 + Kowa 6mm 1.8 = wow!
  231. GH4 Discussion : GH4, "is this the best camera ever?"
  232. GH4 Does the YAGH Have Better Preamps?
  233. GH4 Purchasing dilemma: Should I get the YAGH as well? Who is buying it?
  234. GH4 Question about wifi capabilities
  235. GH4 Where to buy the Gh4 in New York city ?
  236. GH4 review & aerial test – “Belief”
  237. GH4 $1,700 to spend: GH4 or AC90?
  238. GH4 GH4 in the Bahamas
  239. GH4 Schneider Variogon 10-100 f/1.8 Test
  240. GH4 Where is the AC Adapter Input Port?
  241. GH4 GH4 night video for noobs? lens sharp vs iso?
  242. GH4 Computer system requirements for 4k editing?
  243. GH4 ND Filters
  244. GH4 First Lens Choice.
  245. GH4 Electronic viewfinder - Zebra pattern / Focus peaking
  246. GH4 slowmotion: maximum frame rates recording via HDMI
  247. GH4 MP4 vs MOV
  248. GH4 4k Monitors? post up
  249. GH4 Olympus 25 1.8 - is this strange behavior? (sort of) "rattlesnaking"
  250. GH4 Sony A7S will be $2500 body only